11 Best Reminder Apps for Android

Best Reminder Apps

Did you miss so many things lately? With your days becoming so hectic, it is more likely to miss simple things like drinking water or even important ones like company meetings. To help you remember everything, download the best reminder apps on your Android, and problem solved.

Tons of choices are available when it comes to reminder applications. They remind you of literally anything, such as deadlines, hydration, medicine, and others. Most of them are packed with extra features, so you can get the most of them.

Best Reminder Apps for Android to Help You Remember Everything

From the renowned Google Keep to the useful MyTherapy Pill Reminder, you can pick a good reminder app that meets your needs. Use the following list and brief review as your references before making a decision. Check them out!

1. Google Keep

Here’s Google Keep, a decent reminder app that helps keep your thoughts. Simply add notes or record your voice memo and get a reminder whenever the tasks are due. If you can’t type for some reason, create a voice memo and the app will transcribe it for you.

Google Keep is not only about company, meeting, and professional purposes. It also works well to help you pick up groceries or run errands for your household. Set the reminder and you will never forget anything from now on.

Featuring attractive design, Google Keep allows you to use color and labels to code notes. Keep your to-do-list organized and no need to worry about missing important things. Even if you have a busy day, Google Keep makes sure everything is well-handled.

This best free reminder app is completely accessible across devices, thanks to the synchronization feature brought to the table. For optimal performance, permissions are required for your phone camera, contacts, location, storage, and microphone.

Download on Google Play

2. Taskeet


Taskeet is one of the best reminder apps that helps you focus on your life. This full-featured mobile application serves as a powerful reminder, calendar, and to-do-list at the same time. If you are looking for an app to make your life easier, Taskeet should be on the list.

Thousands of users take advantage of this app to improve their productivity and life in general. It can serve well as a deadline reminder, anniversary reminder, birthday reminder, bill reminder, and even medication reminder. Choose your category and let the app do the rest for you.

When it comes to features, Taskeet has plenty of them. Designed with an intuitive interface, it provides you with attractive task creation. It also gives you option to create recurrence reminder. Featuring color markers, it allows you to color up your tasks.

Do you need a reminder app that can be accessed across devices? Taskeet supports cloud synchronization, making it possible to access your tasks from smartphone or tablets. Enjoy multiple customizations to improve your experience.

Download on Google Play

3. TickTick


Built as a versatile to-do-list and task app, TickTick helps get your things done. This is a simple task manager that creates your schedule, reminds you of your deadlines, manages your time, and many more. It is like having a personal assistant at your fingertips.

TickTick is completely easy to use, thanks to personalized features and user-friendly design that make it accessible to anyone. You can add tasks in a matter of seconds and this app will remind you when the date comes so you can focus on other matters.

It highlights a sleek calendar that provides you with an overview of your schedule—you can either use weekly view or monthly view. What’s more, it can be integrated with third-party calendars like Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

For easier access, it supports a reminder widget. Use this widget so you can quickly access notes and tasks from your home screen. And whenever you need to collaborate, TickTick allows you to share lists with your workmate, friends, or family.

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Download on Google Play

4. Any.do


Stay organized and remember your schedules with Any.do. Created as a calendar and to-do-list application, adding your tasks, schedules, and plans made simple. Millions of people use this app to manage their calendar and you might be interested to join the stream.

 Any.do features an advanced calendar and daily planner so you can keep your events at hand. Use either daily view, 3-day view, or weekly view that fits you the most. With an intuitive interface, it promotes seamless task management experience.

This best reminder app offers flexibility to access your tasks, notes, or reminders using the sync feature. What you need to do is synchronize your device with others, so everything can be easily accessed across devices. It also supports to-do-list sharing for collaboration.

With more than 10M+ downloads, Any.do is completely free to use. But you can upgrade your experience with in-app purchases. Permissions for camera, contacts, media, and calendar are required.

Download on Google Play

4. Google Tasks

Google Tasks

If you are looking for an app to get things done then Google Tasks should be on your list. Managing your tasks is made simple, thanks to easy-to-use features and sync support that makes it accessible across devices. Best of all, it has a powerful reminder to keep your tasks accomplished.

To use this app, you will want to create your own to-do-list. Manage and edit your tasks from your device and don’t forget to add details including due dates. It lets you break down the tasks and add details so you won’t forget anything about it. Once created, view the tasks from your email.

When your due date is near, Google Tasks will send you notification reminders to make sure you don’t miss any important events. On top of that, this best reminder app allows you to arrange the tasks by date or priority.

Being part of G Suite, this application supports seamless connection with your team via Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Tasks, and many more.

Download on Google Play

5. Water Drink Reminder

Water Drink Reminder

It may sound quirky but you do need an app to remind you to drink water. Keeping yourself hydrated is an important key to staying healthy. This is why you need to download Water Drink Reminder, a unique water reminder app that sends notification reminder to drink sufficient water.

Featured in more than 30 countries, this application has much to offer. Among the main highlights is water tracker that reminds you to drink and how much water you need for the day. Customized cup units are available to choose from.

Upon signing up, you can set start time and end time to drink water. View your graph and logs so you can figure out how much water intake you’ve got. What’s more interesting, it is possible to sync your data with other fitness & health apps such as Google Fit and S Health.

If you worry about losing your data, Water Drink Reminder offers some peace of mind. The drink water app has an option to backup data and restore them whenever you need.

Download on Google Play

6. To-Do List

To-Do List

One of the best reminder apps for Android device is To-Do-List. Over 5M+ downloads are more than enough to show how amazing this app. Not only does it remind you of important things, but also it allows you to organize tasks.

Using To-Do-List app to manage your schedule is so much fun, thanks to easy-to-use interface and beautiful themes. Create multiple to-do-lists with just 2 simple steps and choose a theme that suits your mood today.

What’s more, this application supports homescreen widgets that let you check today’s tasks quickly from the homescreen. Calendar view comes in handy to check your schedule in weekly or monthly view.

To-Do-List supports seamless synchronization, which means you can access data across devices. It also allows you to backup tasks so you will never lose them. Take your time to track your daily planners and get things done without problem.

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Download on Google Play

7. To Do Reminder with Alarm

To Do Reminder with Alarm

To Do Reminder is a simple and easy-to-use app to help you remember important tasks, events, birthdays, and many more. Setting a task is just a matter of seconds but it promises increased productivity in the long term.

This best reminder app has a set of key features. Besides practical reminders, it supports a quick customization that lets you repeat tasks as you need. You can also set alerts before reminders and use them as an alarm.

Enjoy hands-free experience when creating your reminder with Speech-to-Text. Using this feature, you can easily make a reminder without typing, suitable for drivers or anyone whose hands aren’t free.

To Do Reminder automatically backup your data to Google Drive daily. It also comes packed with a restore feature that allows you to keep all reminders safe. For easier access from the homescreen, take benefits from the widget feature. 

Download on Google Play

9. BZ Reminder

BZ Reminder

Do you need an app to remember everything and improve your productivity? BZ Reminder should come to your consideration. This brilliant app is designed to help you control tasks and to-do-list so you will barely miss a thing.

Made for anyone who wants to manage tasks quickly and efficiently, BZ Reminder offers a set of key features. For instance, it allows you to handle recurring tasks such as anniversaries and birthdays. It also comes with a mark tool that lets you color the tasks for an attractive visual.

Write notes about the tasks if you want, so you won’t forget the details. Or if you want to see the reminders in calendar views, this app has a calendar feature with weekly and monthly views. It can serve as a pill reminder app because it lets you set a reminder every few hours.

With customizable widgets you can quickly access reminders from the homescreen. Those basic features are available in the free version. And if you want to unlock advanced features, you will want to buy in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

10. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is a powerful task manager with tons of functionalities. Not only does it handle your to-do-lists, but also it helps you create a shopping list, record collections, plan an event, and many more. With this app you can get your tasks done and improve productivity in an efficient way.

The task manager includes a To-Do-Widget with which you can add tasks and reminders from the homescreen. Feel free to personalize your daily organizer with colorful backgrounds to create visual attractions. You can also set due dates to one-time or recurring.

Being one of the best reminder apps, Microsoft To Do can serve as a daily planner. It lets you create to-do-lists from any device, anywhere and anytime. It also supports collaboration by sharing lists with your workmates, friends, or family.

This application can be integrated with Office 365. Synchronize reminders and tasks between Microsoft To Do and Outlook to organize your tasks. Enjoy all the features for free without in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

11. MyTherapy Pill Reminder

MyTherapy Pill Reminder

Just in case you need a medicine reminder app then MyTherapy Pill Reminder is just for you. Downloading this application in your mobile device is like having a homecare assistant for it helps remind you of all medications and their dosing schemes.

In addition to pill reminder, it highlights a pill tracker that includes a logbook. Use the book to track any confirmed intakes or skipped ones, if any. You can also track the dose, activities, and other activities related to your medication in your journal. Share the journal with your doctor for follow up.

On top of that, MyTherapy Pill Reminder has an option to personalize treatment tips to suit your needs. You will receive daily tips to optimize your treatment, promoting a speedy recovery. An extensive range of measurements for different conditions are also available.

If you’ve been taking meds for quite some time, you might need the motivation to take them every single day. MyTherapy Pill Reminder delivers daily motivation with beautiful pictures so you can take your medicine for successful treatments.

Download on Google Play

Crowded schedules and busy life shouldn’t be a reason to forget important things. Download the best reminder apps to help you remember everything, from business meetings to birthdays, and from drinking water to taking pills. Get your tasks done and productivity improved with those apps.

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