12 Best Auto Tune Apps for Android

best auto tune app

Voice tuning made simple with the best auto tune apps. Designed for improving your voice, these applications have helped millions of people to gain their singing confidence. So either you want to have fun with songs or pursue your passion, you’ll need to keep auto-tune apps at hand.

Just as with professional voice tuner, these mobile applications have the ability to modulate your voice and make it more enjoyable to listen to. The best part is that you can do it right from Android devices. Can’t wait for the list? Read on.

Best Auto Tune Apps for Android

You possibly need a good reference before making a decision. We have selected the best tuner apps with top ratings and easy-to-use features so you can give these apps a try.

1. Voloco


Download on Google Play

Voloco is basically a mobile recording studio that allows you to record voice with outstanding quality. Millions of musicians, singers, and even rappers use it for recording a variety of sounds including tracks, voice-overs, and demos.

With Voloco on your Android device, recording sound like a pro is brilliantly simple. You can instantly remove background noises and correct the pitch to keep your tune, not to mention it has a various presets and reverb effects. Now you can polish your voice with just one tap!

A vast collection of beat is available in Voloco’s free beat library. Choose from thousands of beats made by professional producers without additional charge. This application will automatically detect your key beat and make sure you’re in the right tune.

Want to check out tracks made by other users? This tool is featured with top tracks feature that allows you to find pro-quality tracks made by users with Voloco. On top of all, import and export functionalities are also available for ensuring a better experience.

2. AutoRap by Smule

AutoRap by Smule

Download on Google Play

Avid rappers will find that AutoRap is a great platform to record raps and rhymes. Only with this simple app you can cover your favorite albums and choose from 5000+ beats by popular artists like Eminem, Drake, and Cardi B.

Pitch correction and auto tune is among the main highlights of AutoRap. Simply sing into your phone’s microphone and it automatically turns your voice into a rap. Auto tune and pitch correction features keep your voice in tune, making it more familiar in your ears.

On top of that, it has a vast library of beats from classic to the hottest one. Or if you need some other references, check out unique beats made by users. New beats are constantly added each week so you always have new things to try out.

3. BandLab


Download on Google Play

BandLab is a tuner-featured sound recording app that helps you with music creation. Millions of singers and musicians from all over the globe are happy with this mobile application, thanks to a complete set of features. No matter your music background or skill level, it comes in handy to help you make music.

Tuner is one of the main highlights alongside with metronome. These basic audio tools enable you to produce modern music with the right beat and tune. Whether you are a rapper or singer of other genre, you will find how useful this feature can be.

Additionally, BandLab highlights Sampler Kit, a new tool that allows you to make custom instruments. All you have to do is record sounds around you or choose from pre-loaded sounds and customize it. More than 15,000 pre-loaded sounds are available in this application.

You will also love 16-track mix editor, a powerful multi-track DAW that is ready to use anywhere anytime. Plus, it has more than 330 virtual MIDI instruments for improving your music.

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4. Tune Me

Tune Me

Download on Google Play

Tune Me is one of the best free auto-tune apps for your ultimate experience. With the ability to record tracks with more than 500 free beats, it is undoubtedly a powerful recording studio in your pocket.

There are many things you can do with Tune Me, such as setting auto-pitch effect, record and editing sounds, as well as adjust volume for beats and vocals separately. Waveform display is also featured to visualize your audio while recording.

Clip light is a unique feature added to Tune Me. This tool will light up when you are singing too loud, helping you adjust the voice when singing. Calibration is also featured, with which you can automatically synchronize beats and vocals.

Tune Me is basically available for free. But you can upgrade to Pro version for added features, such as multi-track recording, new audio effects, and more selection of beats.

5. Voice Changer by SoulApps Studio

Voice Changer by SoulApps Studio

Download on Google Play

Enjoy a smart and fun way to record your voice with Voice Changer. This application comes packed with voice editor as well as attractive voice changers like messenger and super hero voice changer. Find plenty of characters such as male, female, child, and even alien.

Aside from voice changer, it highlights audio tune with which you can check out a variety of awesome sound scenes. Either you need to have fun with funny voice singing or prank your friends with voice changer, this versatile application has got you covered.

Happy with the result? Feel free to share your audio creation on TikTok. This application has been downloaded for more than 5 million times on Google Play Store. Whenever you need a fun auto-tune and audio effect app then Voice Changer deserves your thought.

6. Tuner & Metronome

Tuner and metronome

Download on Google Play

Musicians or singers looking for tuner and metronome can download this tool. It combines accurate tuner and easy to use metronome in a single app. Only with one tap you can turn on tuner and make sure your audio is in tune—metronome is also super easy to use with start / stop button.

While tuner comes with 2 modes: chromatic tuner and pitch fork mode, metronome is available in three different modes including flash light, vibration, and visual mode. You will also like its black screen mode for energy saving or convenient night use.

This application is meticulously designed by musicians, for musicians. Featuring a simple interface, it provides you with over 4,000+ free music sheets inside. Select your rhythm patterns and record your sound without the hustle of buying traditional tuner.

What’s more to find in Tuner & Metronome? There is BPM detector, practice time tracker, and scales practices. These feature can help improve your music practice anywhere anytime.

7. Rapchat


Download on Google Play

As one of the best auto-tune apps for Android, Rapchat has been used by millions of music creators worldwide. Check out what it has and join the crowd.

This incredible tool has more than 100,000 free beats and instruments to improve your music. Featuring mobile recording, it helps transform your smartphone into a portable recording studio equipped with a large selection of vocal effects. Now everyone can be a social media artist!

What’s great about Rapchat is that it gives you access to exclusive contest and rap challenges. If you are a talented song maker then this is a great platform to show off and win prizes. And if you are lucky, you might be discovered by top music producers.

Music video sharing is one of the best features brought to your table. It has a built-in share button that allows you to share music creation via TikTok, Soundcloud, or Instagram.

8. Voice Changer by Ponica Media

Voice Changer by Ponica Media

Download on Google Play

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Try this auto tune app and play with sounds. Developed by Ponica Media, Voice Changer is a cool voice editor with abundant features. In addition to auto tune as its main highlights, it has a vast collection of attractive audio effects for different voices.

This voice editor comes with a boast of wide functionality. Not only can you record audio, but you can also reduce noise for crystal-clear sound. Change speed sound as needed and hone your music creativity without purchasing expensive tools.

Converting text to voice is a feature you cannot find elsewhere. Use this speech converter and synthesizer to help with your work. Plus, it has 18 filters to choose from, making it a versatile sound recording studio for your mobile device.

9. Rap Maker

Rap Maker

Download on Google Play

Rap Maker is among the best voice auto tune apps with a large collection of high quality beats. The powerful application lets you record your voice with different type of beats with just few taps. Easily share with your friends and show off your music talent.

Rap Maker transforms your Android smartphone into a multifunction recording studio. Find a total control to voice effects and make your best music creation coming from your heart. There’s nothing to worry about the beat collection for they are royalty-free.

Do you know? You can make a better performance by mixing your track. Rap Maker has a feature to tweak your performance with the stems that offer extensive control. Real-time audio effects are also featured to record your voice.

What’s more, it enables you to rap using exclusive content. This application is inspired by top artists from all over the globe with a unique collection of beats.

10. MicDroid


Download on Google Play

MicDroid has been an iPhone’s famous for a while and now Android users can try it out.  The simple yet versatile application has everything you need to sing in tune thanks to auto tune and pitch correction ability.

In this tool you can find abundant options for pitch correction, including automatic pitch correction for newbies. Creating enjoyable music with sound effects has never been this easy.

On top of that, MicDroid is a capable recording studio that enables you to record sounds around you. Either you want to send recordings or set it as ringtone, you can always find the right tool to help you out.

One of the best things about MicDroid is that you have options to disable or enable ads in this app. Go to settings and choose your preference.

11. Voice Tune for Rap

Voice Tune for Rap

Download on Google Play

Voice Tune for Rap makes sure your voice always in tune. Featuring voice changer, singing rap like a real rapper becomes a lot easier. Sing out loud without shame and record your songs so you can brag about your talent.

This application is equipped with audio editor that easily transforms your voice into a top singer’s voice. You can also find a wide variety of sound effects and use it for free to any sounds. Becoming a singing star is only a few clicks away.

Additionally, Voice Tune for Rap is equipped with a capable voice recorder. Sing into your phone’s built-in microphone and make it up with auto tuner or sound effects. Listen to the result and let the world find your singing talent.

12. Sound Tune

Sound Tune

Download on Google Play

Sound Tune offers a great way to improve your car audio. Once downloaded, you can get access to multiple audio options like vivid, natural, super bass, and others. It also supports super Todoroki sound to boost your sounds.

What’s more, it enables you to find live simulation and time alignment. With editing mode you can choose different settings for different parts of your car. Plus, it features a wide range of accessible settings, allowing all operations to be easily performed right from your smartphone.

The best part about Sound Tune is that it provides you with 13 bands and 31 bands options. Choose your settings and enjoy car sound system at its best.

Whether you are music creators, amateur singers, or musicians, the best auto tune apps come in handy to improve your sounds. Now that you know a good reference, choose an app that meets your criteria.

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