12 Best Random Number Generator Apps for Android

Best Random Number Generator Apps

For whatever reason, you might want to generate a random number. Working with your Android smartphone can help you with the task, thanks to the best random number generator apps available on the market. Using these apps you can easily get a random number in a matter of seconds.

Random number generators are designed to generate a number in random order. You can decide how many digits the number will be or if you want a specific number should be on the front. These apps are super easy to use.

Best Random Number Generator Apps for Android

With so many choices out there, finding the best number generator can be bewildering. If you don’t want to end up downloading a scam app, use the following reference to help you out. Take a closer look at recommended number generator apps below.

1. Random Generator by Apps n Blue

Random Generator by Apps n Blue

Download on Google Play

Generating a random number for passwords, random teams, roulette, or other purposes made fun with Random Generator. This simple and easy application is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface for your best experience.

Developed by Apps and Blue, this random number app highlights the ability to repeat numbers as you want—you can generate up to 9 random numbers. It also provides you with full control over its content, whether you want to use small letters or capital letters, special characters, or even other options.

Furthermore, this application supports random dice generator with which you can generate up to 9 dices. Or if you need a random coin toss, it offers up to 9 random coin tosses at a time.

What’s interesting about this app is that you can save the player list and import it the next time you need them. To encourage a better user experience, it lets you choose a sound that will be played when you generate a random number.

2. Random Number Generator by UX Apps

Random Number Generator by UX Apps

Download on Google Play

Random Number Generator is a powerful randomizer that will help you generate a random number with just a tap. Featuring a simple and clean interface, using this application is completely easy. Not only does it work with number, but it also works well for names.

There are five different modes to choose from, including number, list, dice, coin, and cast lots. Either you want to get a random name, random list item, or random number, this application has got you covered.

Each functionality comes with capable features. For instance, random number generator supports a wide variety of numbers from very small, very big, even decimal numbers. Or if you need to pick an item, simply create your own list and let the app choose for you.

No more disputes with your friends or partners. Get this Random Number Generator on your Android and get surprised by the random choices.

3. Random Number Generator Plus

Random Number Generator Plus

Download on Google Play

If you’re looking for a free random number generator with a beautiful interface and easy-to-use tools then this app is made just for you. This best free random number generator app is designed to provide you with random numbers for various purposes.

This tool highlights random number generator with the ability to customize the amount of numbers. You can set to exclude specific numbers or sort the results in an order that you want—even it allows you to copy the numbers to your clipboard for easier sharing.

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Besides random number generator, this application features dice roller with which you can role dice even if you forget to bring one. Simply go to dice-rolling mode and get as many rolls as you want. There’s also coin flipper functionality.

Featuring dark mode, using this app in a low-light environment won’t hurt your eyes. Also, it supports shake detection that enables you to roll dice with a shake rather than clicking buttons.

4. Random Generator by PavelDev

Random Generator by PavelDev

Download on Google Play

Need to generate a random number? Can’t decide a player to play first? Random Generator is going to solve all your problem. This is a simple and functional random generator tool that allows you to generate random numbers, choose a random name, and even create a list.

Number generator is one of the main highlights with which you can choose a random number, either with repetition or without repetition. You can also use this tool to create random passwords consisting of numbers, small letters, capital letters, and even special characters.

If Yes or No answer makes you puzzled then this app makes everything simpler. You can also choose a random item from the list and enjoy a better daily life.

With more than 100,000+ downloads on Google Play Store, this is one of the best random number generator apps widely used for various purposes. In addition to a complete set of features, it also offers a fun and intuitive interface.

5. Random Number Generator by Muse Guy Productions

Random Number Generator by Muse Guy Productions

Download on Google Play

Next on the list, Muse Guy Productions released a random generator app with the ability to generate limitless random numbers. This feature comes packed with a number of customization that allows you to control how the number should be—start number, end number, number of lines, and more.

This tool is designed with dark theme that promises convenient use even in a low light area. With a simple interface, this tool is extremely easy to use. Not to mention it is a lightweight app that comes with a small download size.

Generating numbers made simple with Random Number Generator. Whether you need a random number for other purposes, this tool makes your tasks a lot easier.

6. Pretty Random 2

Pretty Random 2

Download on Google Play

Introducing Pretty Random 2, a simple random number generator app with convenient and easy-to-use tools. With just a few taps, you will be able to randomize or generate a number for a variety of purposes.

A beautiful interface ensures a better user’s experience. You won’t find a complex design and layout, instead, you will enjoy the modest and simple design with colorful backgrounds. All you have to do is tap a button or shake your device to randomize.

As one of the best random number generator apps, Pretty Random 2 is quite lightweight. Getting this app won’t cause a significant change in your phone performance, not to mention it works well on most Android devices.

7. Random Number Generator by Digital Offline Apps

Random Number Generator by Digital Offline Apps

Download on Google Play

Getting a random number always gets you puzzled? Do you need a generator app that is simple and convenient to use? This random app surely deserves your attention.

Using this tool you can not only search for random numbers, but also choose an interval. Only with a tap of a button, you will be able to get random numbers with different variants. All is available on a list so you can easily use it and save it.

This number generator app is highly customizable, which means you are free to choose the interval—numbers are generated in the interval you’ve selected. Unlike similar apps that generate number with repeat, this tool will not repeat the random numbers.

Best of all, this randomizer app works offline. Whether you’re out of range or you cannot find internet connection, you can get the job done. It might contain ads but you can disable the pesky ads by upgrading to the paid version.

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8. Random Number Generator by Blue Rock

Random Number Generator by Blue Rock

Download on Google Play

How many random numbers do you need? Brought to you by Blue Rock, this randomizer allows you to generate numbers up to 999. Use this app for anything you want.

How to use this application is super simple. Once downloaded, launch the app and input numbers into Min, Max, and Qty. You will also need to choose a sort type that ranges from small to large and even random. Next, check ‘Same’ if you want to generate some numbers.

When everything is set, let this app do the most difficult work—generating random numbers for you. You can use the generator as you want or copy it to the clipboard. 

What’s great about this app is its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools. Lightweight size and compatibility with the old Android version is another good thing to find in this app.

9. Randomizer


Download on Google Play

Randomizer is another random generator app that works for numbers, dates, colors, and letters. Using this tool you can generate random numbers by specifying Min and Max. You can also determine the number of results as well as repetition.

Do you ever get overwhelmed when picking a choice? Randomizer is designed to help you pick random elements you’ve created on the list. You can either split the choices or shuffle them as you want. If you’re done, save the results on your device or export the backup file.

What’s more, this best random number generator app supports flip coins that help you make a better decision. With just a tap, you can get either heads or tails randomly. It can also be used for rolling dice, just in case you are playing a board game with friends.

Randomizer supports dark theme for convenient use in a dark environment. Get this app on your Android and see how it makes your life easier.

10. Flip


Download on Google Play

Looking for a modest random generator app with a clean interface? Flip could be the best bet. This stylish random app is designed to deliver a smooth and fast performance, making it possible to save time in your daily decision-making.

Flip highlights dice roll with which you can roll a 6-sided dice using a smartphone. Just in case you want to flip a coin but you don’t have one, simply select coin flip mode and hit Flip to proceed. This app will do the job for you.

What’s more, picking a random item is much easier with Pick mode. Now you don’t need to get overwhelmed when choosing an item from a list.

11. Quantum Random Number Generator

Quantum Random Number Generator

Download on Google Play

Quantum is one of the best random number generator apps with a complete set of features. Not only does it support number generator with Min/Max and decimal options, it also works well for generating passwords—you can combine numbers and letters for a stronger password.

Furthermore, Quantum allows you to roll polyhedral dice that range from D3 to D1000. Only with a tap on the Roll button, you can skip the difficult part and get the results. Don’t forget to specify the number of roll and dice type before starting.

12. Random Number Generator by Michael Vij

Random Number Generator by Michael Vij

Download on Google Play

Last but not least, this is a random generator app that offers a fun and nice experience. Featuring seven screens, feel free to customize the screen as your preference.

The feature-rich random app allows you to do many things, from dice rolling and pin code generating. You can even customize the settings for the best results.

What’s interesting about this tool is that it gives you a lucky number that appears every time you launch the app. This is a unique feature you can’t find elsewhere.

Generating random numbers, picking an item from the list, and rolling dice made simple with the best random number generator apps. Mainly used for a lottery, lotto, dice rolling, and other purposes, these applications can make your daily life a lot easier.

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