11 Best Voicemail Apps for Android

Best Voicemail Apps

Voicemail offers a great way for improved communication. Using the best voicemail apps you can get a full overview of messages left to your voicemail system so it’s unlikely to miss important messages from phone callers. This app is especially useful when your phone is off or out of reach.

There’s a wide selection of apps to upgrade your voicemail experience. While some apps feature visual voicemail with which you can transcribe messages, others can serve as your personal assistant—even there’s an app that allows you to manage voicemails better.

Best Voicemail Apps for Android

Finding a voicemail app that meets your criteria can be daunting. With plenty of choices, you can easily get overwhelmed on the first try. Luckily, we’ve sifted through dozens of apps and provide you with the best voicemail applications below.

1. YouMail


Download on Google Play

YouMail is a leading voicemail app with abundant features. Millions of users have trusted this app to improve their voicemail experience, thanks to a wide range of functionalities it offers. Not only can you check on voicemail, but you can also enjoy high quality voice and clear transcription and save them.

YouMail is more than an ordinary voicemail app—it’s also a great call blocker, either spam call or robo call. The free call blocker enables you to block any phone number and find some peace of mind. This is a great way to keep your voicemail inbox spam-free.

What’s more, this voicemail app can serve as a call answering tool. Give your callers a unique, personalized greeting only for them. And whenever your phone is not on you, YouMail has an option to check your calls and voicemail from web browser or email.

2. Google Voice

Google Voice

Download on Google Play

Easily check voicemail, calls, and messages with Google Voice. The best free voicemail app is designed with convenience in mind, providing you with a full-featured and versatile app not only to transcribe voicemail and send it to your email but also sync across devices.

Google Voice gives you a new phone number with which you can make a call, send text messages, and enjoy voicemail service. It only works with Google Accounts, so you will want to create an account before using.

Additionally, this tool gives you more control with automatic spam filters and number blocker. Personalized settings are also available for text messages, voicemail, and forwarding calls, making it possible to manage your time in a better way. Currently, Google Voice is only available in the US.

3. Voxist


Download on Google Play

If you need an alternative to your carrier’s voicemail then Voxists can be the best bet. This smart voicemail app lets you customize greetings to delight your callers, transcribe voicemail messages for efficient reading, and easier access to your messages via email or phone.

Voxists is a free voicemail app with simple and user-friendly interface, providing easier navigation for all users. Only with a few taps, managing your business and personal voicemail made easy.

Using this app you can read messages in over 70 different languages with reliable transcription service. You can also receive voicemail audio and transcriptions in your email for easier access anywhere anytime.

What’s great about Voxists is that it offers unlimited storage capacity. This means you can continuously receive voicemails and save your messages forever unless you delete them. New voicemail notification is also featured so you won’t miss important messages.

4. Phone by Google

Phone by Google

Download on Google Play

This is an official phone calling app launched by Google. It is not specifically designed for managing voicemail but it supports a powerful voicemail feature for your ultimate convenience. In this platform you can easily check messages without calling your voicemail then view and play them.

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Just as with most visual voicemail apps, Phone transcribes your messages for easier and effective reading even if you’re on the train or public area. Once your message viewed and played, you can either delete or save them right from this app.

Phone is more than a voicemail app. It comes packed with a bunch of features such as spam protection to avoid spam callers, caller ID to tell you who’s calling and call recording to record phone calls so you don’t miss important information.

Designed with intuitive interface, it makes no surprise that Phone becomes one of people’s favorite. Even you can switch to dark mode for convenient use at night.

5. My Visual Voicemail

My Visual Voicemail

Download on Google Play

My Visual Voicemail comes packed with a set of features for enhanced voicemail experience. With this app you can listen to messages, respond in one tap, and manage inbox without even calling your voicemail. Not to mention it has the ability to update your contacts.

The best thing about My Visual Voicemail is that you don’t necessarily need to change voicemail number or reconfigure voicemail forwarding. It activates at the first launch without additional charge, making it possible to use the app after download.

Featuring a simple and clean interface, this Android voicemail app is extremely easy to use. It also includes a widget that lets you know if there are unread messages—simply long press on your home screen to add widgets. This app works on most Android devices with tiny download size.

6. Hullomail


Download on Google Play

Brought to you by Thumbtel Ltd, Hullomail is an award-winning visual voicemail app to manage your messages better. Using this tool you can do many things with your voicemail like reading, playing, and searching. Voicemail sharing is also possible in this platform.

Do you want to delight your callers with customized voicemail greetings? Hullomail has got you covered. It supports personalized greetings for any callers who deserve it. And it also features voicemail transcription that enables you to transcribe voicemails for easier reading in a crowded place.

If you want to get rid of specific numbers, Hullomail enables you to block callers. Thanks to message blocking, you can prevent unwanted callers from leaving voicemail in your inbox. Or if you want to read voicemail via email, this platform enables you to use your favorite email.

Hullomail is available for free but you can upgrade to Pro version. Hullomail Pro provides you with all voicemails transcription, unlimited cloud storage, and live chat support.

7. InstaVoice


Download on Google Play

InstaVoice is possibly the best tool to transform your Android device into a virtual assistant. With 24/7 availability, this best voicemail app helps manage your calls and voicemails in a beautiful interface. It also features missed call alert for any incoming calls when your phone is off.

There are so many things you can do with InstaVoice, from withdraw sent messages to customize voicemail greetings for your favorite callers. Voicemail transcription comes standard, allowing you to read important messages in a public area where listening to voicemail is not possible.

And if you’re sick of deleting messages to free up space, InstaVoice comes with a better solution. It offers unlimited cloud-based storage, which means you can keep receiving messages without deleting any of them.

This free voicemail app supports multiple numbers. Feel free to link up to 10 different numbers in your account and get unlimited voicemail.

8. Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber

Download on Google Play

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Cisco Jabber is a multifunction app for enhanced communication. This collaboration tool is not mainly focused on voicemail management but it has voicemail capabilities on your Android devices including phone, tablet, and Android wear.

It supports visual voicemail which helps transcribe your messages into text for easier reading. You can use this app to make high quality voice calls and video calls. Cisco Jabber is integrated to Cisco Webex Meetings for multi-party conference.

With over 1M+ downloads, Cisco Jabber becomes one of the most used apps for instant messaging, presence, cloud messaging, and voicemail. If you need more than a mere voicemail app then Cisco Jabber is surely for you.

9. KPN Voicemail

KPN Voicemail

Download on Google Play

Do you need an overview of your voicemail? Look no further. KPN Voicemail is a great app to handle any voicemail messages without tedious, automated phone menus. Whether you want to listen to a voicemail or give the caller a call back, everything is easy with this voicemail app.

You can do many other things with KPN. Get overview of all voicemail messages and choose a message to listen to first. You can also modify settings and share messages with anyone in your contacts. Customized voicemail greeting is also supported within this app.

There are times when you deleted a wrong voicemail in your inbox. No need to worry about it. Any deleted messages are still available in this app, allowing you to restore important messages back to the voicemail inbox. And if you choose to save messages to your phone, this app will help you out.

Overall, KPN Voicemail is a great app to handle your voicemail messages. Thousands of people have trusted their message management with this app and you might be interested to join the crowd.

10. VoMail Free Video Voicemail

VoMail Free Video Voicemail

Download on Google Play

VoMail is one of popular voicemail apps available on the market. Whether you want to leave a voice message or figure out who called you when your phone is off, this app has got you covered. It offers a brilliant solution to those problems, ensuring improved communication anywhere anytime.

This application uses your data plan so you will have to make sure you are connected to the internet. With VoMail you can easily listen to any voicemail messages left to your system or leave someone a voicemail. Even if they don’t have VoMail, the message will be sent as an SMS.

What’s great about this voicemail platform is that your messages are encrypted—even the developer cannot view and listen to your messages. This means only you and the recipient can view the messages. Besides, the server doesn’t save your data for your ultimate privacy.

11. Talkroute


Download on Google Play

Talkroute customers can take advantage of Talkroute to run their business. Using this app you can make outbound calls using Talkroute number and check call history to manage and return your business calls. Featuring a simple interface, using this app won’t waste your brain and energy.

Voicemail is one of key features within this platform. You can easily check voicemail messages and manage your inbox, aside from sending and receiving text messages that show your Talkroute caller ID. Feel free to switch between Talkroute numbers as featured in this app.

And if you want to check detailed information about each call or voicemail, this tool has got you covered. Aside from caller number, you can also find information about date and time, duration, and status.

One of interesting parts about this platform is that you can set push notifications for text and voicemail messages. It is unlikely to miss important messages from your customers or client. With this app, it is possible to look professional while keeping your phone number private.

The best voicemail apps are designed to enhance your communication, making it possible to manage voicemail messages left in your inbox. With some extra features like call blocker or spam filter, these apps are worth the thought.

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