10 Best Book Recommendation Apps for Android

Best Book Recommendation Apps

Did you just finish up a book and you can’t figure out what’s good to read next? The best book recommendation apps come in handy to help you find books that you might like based on your preferences. No more spending hours in front of the shelf and grabbing your books instantly.

Book suggestion apps work effectively to give you recommendation based on the books you just read. Whether you are more into romance, sci-fi, or fantasy, these apps will learn your behavior and allow you to find your next favorite authors, books, or series.

Best Book Recommendation Apps for Bibliophiles

Get your reading list with the right book recommendation tools. Most of these apps are features laden, which means they include a bunch of features. Not only can you get books, but also you can join clubs, track books, and more. Some apps come with more tools than others, so pick one that suits you best.

1. Goodreads


Find and share your favorite books on Goodreads. This is the largest site where more than 75M+ readers from around the globe can get book recommendations and add to their shelves. With over 2.2 billion books available, you will never run out of references.

Goodreads offers a free service to scan books, get recommendations, browse featured books, and even buy books with convenient links. You can also achieve a better social life by checking what your friends are currently reading.

Once you finished a book, feel free to rate and review the books in the catalog to help other users find a good read. Besides seeing what your friends are reading, it also lets you add status updates so your friends can check out any books you are reading.

Using this app, you can discuss books with groups through messages. Or if your friends need some recommendations, you can easily recommend books to them. Easily track books you want to read so you don’t skip the opportunity.

Challenge your adrenaline with the Reading Challenge feature. This is a fantastic tool that helps you read more books, especially if you lack motivation.

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2. StoryGraph


StoryGraph comes in handy to help you import Goodreads data, including currently-reading, to read, read, and not finished. These categories are separated in different shelves so you can quickly track and find them. Custom shelves are available for a custom tag.

Finding book recommendations made easy with StoryGraph. It allows you to discover books by mood, whether you are into something funny, romantic, or adventurous. Set the filters and get the perfect book for your idle time.

This program is powered by artificial intelligence that supports smart recommendations. It will learn your reading preferences and recommend the best book for you, thanks to insightful stats and simple tracking brought to your table.

You can do many other things with this best book recommendation app, such as join Reading Challenge, follow friends and their status, review books, create a reading journal, and set annual goals.

When it comes to reviewing a book, you can contribute to their Content Warning feature. You can tell if there is any content that might be inappropriate. This is how you can help other users to find a book that meets their personal preferences.

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3. BookSloth


BookSloth is more like a social platform for bibliophiles to follow their passion. Using this app, you can get personalized recommendations and discover your favorite books. It provides curated lists of any books that will come to your interests.

Before enjoying the features, you’ll want to build your profile. Get readers that match your reading preference, see books in common, and expand your connections. Once you are connected, you can discuss your favorite books with other readers through live chat.

Let your friends know what book you are currently reading with Reading Status. You can also track your progress and boost it when needed. Use your profile to track books you want to read, books you have read, and books you are reading.

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If you want to help other readers, write reviews about books you have finished. You can either give badges or stars or leave comments so that your friends can get more insights into the books. Or if they need some suggestions, quickly recommend any books that suit their preferences.

BookSloth is one of the best book recommendation apps that makes reading more fun. This free app received more than 10,000 downloads on Google Play Store and is still counting.

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4. Bookshelf


Bookshelf is basically designed as a virtual library but it works amazingly to help you discover books and share recommendations to your friends. This is not a reading app, and yet it comes packed with features to organize book collections on virtual shelves.

Using this program, you can find bestselling books in more than 100 categories. Let your social media friends know your favorite books with a built-in share feature. It also allows you to rate books and maintain a list of books to read.

Featuring a simple and intuitive interface, it is possible to create personal notes in your book collections with just a tap. You can also use filters to display books, track borrowed or lent books, and add more information about book purchase you’ve made.

What’s interesting, this best free book recommendation app gives you an option to track your reading progress. This is how you can easily log the number of pages you have read, when you started, or when you finished reading. It also provides you with a visual report about your statistics.

No need to worry about losing your data. Bookshelf stores your data in the cloud, allowing you to access books across devices.

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5. Inkitt


Inkitt gives you access to thousands of fiction books. Whether you are into sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, romance, or mystery, this app has got you covered. Thanks to a list of well-curated novels from indie authors that will make your days.

This free reading app lets you discover and read fiction books either online or offline. Download your favorite books to enjoy them without internet connections. Being one of the best book recommendation apps, it allows you to personalize reading recommendations.

Furthermore, Inkitt gives you options to customize background colors and fonts. Find your favorite color combinations and fonts that meet your preferences. What’s more, it has a user-friendly and intuitive interface with which you can tap and hold to scroll automatically.

This app has more than 700,000 readers who enjoy new novels from indie authors. Once you download the app, you can find hand-picked books and novels from various genres.

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6. Google Play Books & Audiobooks

Google Play Books & Audiobooks

Google Play Books should be on your list when it comes to the best reading list app. With more than 1 million downloads, it is the one that you need to enjoy books, comics, manga, and audiobooks. Discover your favorite bestsellers and get recommendations for the next reading.

This app helps you find recommendations, new releases, and bestsellers from different authors. It will send you notifications or emails when your favorite authors release new books or when books in your wishlist are on sale. This is how you stay updated and get the latest books.

Google Play Books is not only the best book recommendation app, but it is also a great tool to get the best reading and listening experience. You can read e-book or listen to audiobooks even without an internet connection. Download any desired book and enjoy them offline.

What you rarely find in other apps is that Google Play Books allows you to customize your reading. Easily adjust text size, alignment, font types, and margins for convenient reading. It also gives you options to change brightness levels and background colors.

Make your virtual library more organized in their shelves. New shelves tab is also available to help you curate the library by genre or theme.

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7. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Book lovers must be familiar with Amazon Kindle. This app boasts practical and easy reading anywhere anytime. Featuring more than millions of books, comics, and manga, you can always find a good book from your favorite authors.

Kindle helps you find the next amazing reads and explore new releases. Whatever genres you are into, from sci-fi to romance and from children’s books to religion, this app allows you to discover great books that suit your personal preferences.

Reading books from your device is made simple with Amazon Kindle. For your convenience, it lets you customize text size, alignment, font type, and orientation. Read comfortably in various environments, thanks to adjustable background colors and brightness.

This best book recommendation app has an option to track your reading progress, with which you can figure out how many books you have read and how much time you need to finish a book based on your reading speed.

It comes packed with many other features, such as bookmark, page flip, and zoom. It is also possible to synchronize your books across devices.

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8. Epic


Are you looking for a book reading app for your kids? If your answer is yes, Epic should be on the top of your list. This top digital reading platform provides you with a fun and exciting reading experience through a bunch of features, making it loved by kids and parents.

Epic reading app offers 3 different types, including Basic, Unlimited, and School. Epic Basic is available for free with which you can enjoy 1 book a day for free. If you need access to the full library, Epic Unlimited lets you discover more than 40,000 books anywhere, anytime.

Epic School, on the other hand, is a free app for elementary school teachers and educators. They can use this app to boost reading and learning in the classroom. It contains tons of children’s books with various languages.

When you are using Epic Unlimited, you will get personalized recommendations based on your reading level and interests. It also has a built-in progress tracking and weekly progress email that will be sent to the parents. With online and offline access, this is a great app for reading on-the-go.

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9. Bookly


Bring your reading experience to the next level with Bookly. Mainly designed as a reading tracker, it allows you track reading in real time. Every time you read, start the timer and record your progress. You can set a goal and see how long you need to finish a book.

If you need some suggestions for the next read, it has a powerful Bookly Assistant that provides personalized reading suggestions and reminders. This is how you can get rid of the worst moment after finishing a book.

Additionally, this best book recommendation app allows you to set daily reminders with which you can keep motivated and achieve your goals faster. Don’t forget to set your monthly or yearly goals of pages and number of hours.

No need to worry about losing your data. Bookly app stores your books in the cloud so you can sync the data and access it across devices.

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10. Likewise


Likewise has everything you need to find the next favorite books. Using this app, you can explore things of your interest and get some great recommendations from other users. It combines real suggestions and smart technology that provides you with accurate recommendations.

For your ultimate experience, it lets you personalize your unique tastes. It learns your interests so it can suggest the best books for the next read. Find daily recommendations that are updated every day.

Likewise has a vast community that will help you discover the best suggestions. You can also find people with the same interests and join the conversation.

What’s interesting, Likewise works not only for books but also TV shows, movies, and podcasts. Discover your favorites in a bucket and make the most out of your idle time.

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Finding the next favorite read shouldn’t be daunting with the best book recommendation apps. Featuring AI technology and sophisticated tools, most of these apps learn what you like and provide you with the best book suggestions.

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