15 Best Wishlist Apps for Android

Best Wishlist Apps

If your holiday gift list is complicated, you should try these best wishlist apps below. Most of the time, making bookmarks in your favorite browser sounds like a genius step. 

However, it makes the process of getting the right gifts even more complicated. So, instead of running in circles to find the best gifts for your people, why don’t you try using apps for whishlists?

Best Wishlist Apps for Android You Should Install

Using a wishlist app is a thoughtful idea. It allows you to gather the possible items for gifts and compare the price from one shop to another. All apps mentioned below are available on the Play Store so you better try each one to find an app that supports your needs the most.

1. Cadeau


Do you often struggle when it comes to making a perfect gift to a person who means a lot to you? If so, Cadeau would be the best online wishlist you are looking for. This app will help you to find gifts for your loved ones effortlessly.

All you need to do is to make an account and then arrange the list of items you plan to buy for later. Cadeau also asks you to make an interesting profile. It contains your interests and hobbies along with a profile picture too. 

But what if your friends have made a group wishlist? Well, this app allows you to copy lists from your friends too. More than anything, this app is customizable and editable. Making a wishlist has never been this easy before Cadeau.

Download on Google Play

2. Ultimate Wish List

Ultimate Wish List

If you are looking for the best wishlist android apps, Ultimate Wish List should be on your list for sure. This app allows you to pick items available on the market on your list and make it as customizable as you like.

Exploring online shops will be much more effortless with the Ultimate Wish List, especially if you like to share your list on social media. Other than that, you can highlight information on the app, such as:

  • Pictures of the product
  • A link that directs you to the store
  • Price of the item
  • Give a mark on items if you purchased them already.

Other than that, the Ultimate Wish List app comes with a straightforward UI design – it is so familiar for those who have used a Google account. So, this one might be what you are looking for too.

Download on Google Play

3. Elfster


Creating a list of gift ideas on your phone cannot be that easy without this wish list maker. Elfster accommodates your needs perfectly when it comes to creating and managing gift shopping ideas. 

This app also allows you to share the list with other people who use the same app. On the other hand, if you love your brother’s wish list then you can follow and save it too.

Elfster comes up with a list of popular items in a specific season or occasion – this one is even the best Christmas wish list app on Play Store. Thus, if you are looking for an app that gathers your ideas in one place and helps you on any occasion, Elfster is definitely it.

Download on Google Play

4. Gift List

Gift List

Have you ever felt annoyed by gifts from friends? Of course, finding a perfect gift is a daunting task for everyone – as well as for your friend. If this is the case, Gift List would be a perfect wishlist app download.

This app allows you to check each other’s lists effortlessly. In case you want to have a private chat with a friend, this app provides a chat room too.

Some interesting features from this app include:

  • Sharing lists with friends.
  • Adding items from various brands, links, writing descriptions on each item, and many more.
  • Keep track of items you’ve bought.
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More than anything, the Gift List app will ease the complexity of preparing Christmas gifts and any other seasons that await.

Download on Google Play

5. MyRegistry


MyRegistry is a perfect tool to make a universal wishlist, whether you want to go online or offline. From Christmas gifts to wedding favors, everything is possible with this app.

All you need to do is to take a picture of every item you want to buy and put some description details on it, such as where to buy the gift, how much it costs, and many more. 

Meanwhile, you can plan your honeymoon, new house, and many more by using the MyRegistry app. Isn’t it interesting? Go try this free app from Play Store.

Download on Google Play

6. Wishfinity


So, what to buy for your friend’s birthday? Is it complicated to guess what your friend wants on her birthday? If so, you can use Wishfinity to make your task a lot easier. 

As the best app for wishlists, Wishfinity allows you to list items you want to buy from various retailers and share them with friends. The app has tons of virtual shops. Once you’ve found something to buy, you can add it to the list. Also, this app is free.

Download on Google Play

7. WishSprout


WishSprout is exclusively made for couples. However, it doesn’t matter if you are single and want to use this app.

With a straightforward UI design yet useful features, this app allows all the users to customize their lists freely. Also, creating shopping lists for different purposes and occasions is possible – feel free to add descriptions on it too.

Meanwhile, WishSprout comes with a notification option so that you won’t forget to buy something. This app is worth trying for sure, especially if you are looking for the best free Christmas wish list apps.

Download on Google Play

8. Wishworks


When it comes to the best free wishlist apps, Wishworks is always one of them. The app is quite phenomenal and accommodating. Other than picking items from almost all online shops in the world, this app is shareable.

Thus, you can share your list with friends or family, which is useful when you plan an event together. One of the best things about this app is that you can compare the price from one shop to another without leaving Wishworks in the first place. Other features may include:

  • Help you to stick with your budget.
  • The notification will remind you about events and occasions you’ve put on the calendar.
  • Multiple online shop platforms are available on this app.

If all you need is a versatile app that helps you with the shopping thing, Wishworks is definitely the one.

Download on Google Play

9. Wish Explorer

Wish Explorer

More than anything, working with your friends to find perfect gifts is a fun thing to do. Wish Explorer, on the other hand, is the wishlist app to share with friends you need.

This app allows you to skip all papery things considering everything is accessible through this app. Some notable features of Wish Explorer include:

  • A voice common option, in case you don’t feel like typing.
  • You will stay organized.
  • Sorting wishlists is easier with the drag and drop feature.
  • Available in both Android and PC.
  • Sharing your lists with friends, family, or loved ones is effortless.
  • The best part is that you can access the list even though you are offline. 

Download on Google Play

10. Wishr


Whether you are looking for a home wish list app or something more universal, Wish is always the right choice for you. You can share the list with friends, partners, family members, or loved ones effortlessly.

Despite its functionality, there is no need for you to register an account to use this app. On the other hand, you can set a list into a private or public list.

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This app works similarly to other wishlist apps; you can make a list, add descriptions on each item, and mark things that you purchased already. Wish is also free and you better give it a try.

Download on Google Play

11. Giftster


Giftster is surely part of the top wishlist apps on the Play Store. Other than allowing you to create a list of items, you can connect with loved ones on every occasion.

You can use this app for any event, which makes the idea of finding a perfect gift less complicated in the first place. An interesting part of this app is that you can create a private group so that only you and selected people can see the list and work on it.

Meanwhile, if you have too many options and it is quite complicated to pick one, you can ask the members to give five stars on each item. This feature also allows you to decide the most desired or needed items to buy.

Download on Google Play

12. Borsheims Gift Registry

Borsheims Gift Registry

Borsheims Gift Registry is one of the best apps for wishlists, especially when it comes to planning a wedding. This app allows you to share the list with your guests so that they know what you want for your wedding.

By that, even though your guest is somewhere on earth, they can send the gift you always wanted for the wedding in the first place. Also, Borsheims has various platforms so that everyone can pick the item from many stores without leaving the app at all.

Download on Google Play

13. Wish List

Wish List

The Wish List app is part of the newest addition to the wishlist apps in general. However, it already nails the task of being a reliable wishlist app.

It allows users to customize their wishlist, add descriptions on each item, and mark items that have been bought in the first place.

Wish List incorporates a basic interface design that promotes convenience on many levels. Other than being a wishlist for a specific occasion, this app is suitable for a grocery shopping helper too. 

This app, more than anything, is for those who prefer functionality better than creativity.

Download on Google Play

14. WishUpon


WishUpon is one of the best apps when it comes to creating a list of items to buy. You don’t need to take pictures on your own since you can pick items directly from the online shop you want.

The experience is like doing online shopping in the first place but all you do is explore many articles and put them on your list when you find something interesting.

There is no limitation of how many items you can fit into one list. When you need to review your list, you can check everything on the “my collections” tab. 

An interesting feature about WishUpon is that you will be notified if some items are on sale. Other than that, there is a section where you can check the most-wanted item on every occasion.

WishUpon is a perfect tool that combines functionality and creativity in one place. Also, this app allows you to pick items from various brands and online stores – whether it is big or small.

Download on Google Play

15. Wishmindr


If back then you had to go to a wishlist website, now you just need Wishmindr on your phone. This app helps you to create a list of items you want to buy and share it with friends later.

Wishmindr is easy to use and will help you to stay organized regardless of the season. The interface is very friendly while the features are a bunch. 

You need to create an account first to save the wishlist. However, you can use your Facebook account for instant registration. After that, you can pick items from various online stores, such as Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, and a lot more.

All in all, Wishmindr is worth a shot in many ways. The app is free, after all.

Download on Google Play

Sorting and picking items to buy for gifts is surely daunting. This is why you need the help of an assistant. However, instead of hiring an assistant for gift shopping, you better try the best wishlist apps mentioned above. All of them are free!

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