12 Best Walking Apps for Android

Best Walking Apps for Android

Technology has made most people less physically active nowadays. As a result, mild to severe health problems begin to attack your body. To overcome this problem, you should start low-intensity exercise with powerful health benefits: walking. Use our best walking apps to help you create your fitness journey.

Some apps are capable of tracking footsteps, showing routes, keeping progress logs, providing challenges, offering community, and connecting professional trainers to you. Meanwhile, some others embed accelerometers and GPS chips that plug into your fitness device. Then your physical activity statistics are accurately tracked.

Best Walking Apps for Android You Must Download

Walking is part of a holistic life, and it’s decent for everyone–no matter whether you are old or young. Read on to find out which app suits your needs and goals. Below is also a brief of information about each app, and direct links for quick downloads.

1. ActivityTracker Pedometer

ActivityTracker Pedometer

Fitness gadgets are very helpful for users in obtaining accuracy when exercising, but not everyone has one. Therefore, Bits&Coffee developed an application that can track all your daily activities without using a fitness gadget or GPS.

From counting steps to calories burned–you can do everything easily with the help of its clean and smooth interface. There are many features available in the first app on the best walking apps list, one of which is the import and export feature to other devices.

Based on some reviews, most users rarely encounter problems when using this app. Sometimes, inaccurate track steps and force stops become a problem for some users.

To overcome this situation, the development team has made improvements and provided comprehensive notifications, both on the Google Play Store and their official website. Later on, if you experience this problem, please open activirytrackerapp.com or see the help inside the app.

Download on Google Play

2. Step Counter

Step Counter

Step Counter is an editor’s choice of fitness apps on Google Play. What makes it so special? It offers some customizability, such as tracking steps, calories burned, distance, and time.

All the information you need is displayed in graphical form, such that you may evaluate your fitness goals progress readily. It also uses the default sensor instead of GPS, so it can greatly save your smartphone’s battery. This app is, without a doubt, one of the best walking apps on this list.

What’s more, you are not charged a penny to use all of its features. Also, you don’t need to do any registration because the Step Counter app never collects and shares your personal data with third parties.

Do you want to change devices but don’t want to lose your walking track? You can back up your data to Google Drive and restore it from there.

So far, there have been several complaints from a few users, that are pauses in the middle of the walk, insensitive, and deceitful ads. Hence, you should read the developer’s important notes before starting the application.

Download on Google Play

3. Pacer


This is a walking tracker app for entire health and weight loss programs. It authorizes you to sync your steps and calories with the MyFitnessPal and Fitbit apps.

The way it works is very easy, you just need to download, open, and run it. After it opens, you will be presented with four menus, which include Trends, Explore, Me, and Plan.

Pacer also doesn’t tell you to connect to fitness gadgets and sign up. With endless tools in it, you can build healthy habits and a proportional body. If you need support, one of the best walking apps has a community to fuel your spirits.

Unfortunately, some users still complain about inaccuracies in step counting. To avoid such incidents in the future, make sure you have read all the terms and conditions, as well as the developer’s notes to achieve a worthier experience.

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Download on Google Play

4. StepsApp


StepsApp can turn your smartphone into an easy-to-use step counter. Therefore, decide what your goals are and hit them using one of our best free walking apps. Not only that, you are permitted to modify your chart with six theme colors.

In the preference menu, there is an option that can accurately measure your walking distance. This feature will be suitable for those of you, who are attending certain training.

On the one hand, StepsApp can count your steps continuously even when your phone is locked and receiving calls. Still, on the other hand, the calculation of footsteps becomes invalid, as the numbers keep adding up while you are not walking.

Some users find it difficult to import data from old to new devices. However, this app belongs to the best walking apps you need to try. Over and above that, the customer service is sociable and solutive.

Download on Google Play

5. Walk with Map My Walk

Walk with Map My Walk

MapMyFitness, Inc. has launched a great walk-at-home app for fitness training that doesn’t require you to step out of your most comfortable place. Stay active wherever you are with a powerful tool at your fingertips.

Walk with Map My Walk can track and categorize all your sports activities. This can be done because the UI looks very neat and up-to-date–you will definitely like it. Next, there is a post-workout statistical report that will help you in evaluating your progress.

Don’t fret! One of the best walking apps is not limited to walking. There are more than 600 other activities you should try every day, such as running, yoga, cycling, swimming, and so on.

This app is simply beyond reason. You are free to do whatever you want and sync to any device. Yet, several users find irregularities in this app sometimes. For example, it doesn’t always save the activity, doesn’t provide clear data, and isn’t smooth to use.

Anyhow, those are not always experienced by users, and if you encounter even the slightest problem, contact the help center as soon as possible.

Download on Google Play

6. Step Tracker

Step Tracker

As one of the best walking apps, Step Tracker has an intuitive design and accurate tracking. Counting steps is, even more, battery efficient with the aid of the built-in sensor.

It will continue to count your steps, even if your smartphone screen is locked.  If in other applications there is only one tracking mode, in the Step Tracker app, you are given a choice of two tracking modes: GPS and sensor.

While this app is cost-free and log-in-free, you can still sync its data with Google Fit, Fitbit, Samsung Health, and MyFitnessPal. For this reason, this app is worth downloading to your smartphone. As a note, you must read the rules of use first to avoid application malfunctions.

Download on Google Play

7. Walking App

Walking App

As simple as it’s called, the Walking App, is a great app that can carry out your fitness plan in a professional way, especially when you want to lose weight. Later, your fat-burning process becomes much more effective because of the combination of walking exercises with the speed-up method.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you are sure to find exercises that suit your level. Since it tracks your route using a GPS, so it will drain your battery. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take up a lot of memory and is seldom an error.

Meanwhile, other features are automatic training progress, manual editing, daily reminders, music playback, diet tips, social shares, etc.

Download on Google Play

8. Adidas Running

Adidas Running

Let’s move to the other best walking apps. Downloaded more than 50 million times, the Adidas Running app is very popular all over the world. You can track more than 90 sports with it. Plus, it gives you multiple opportunities to sync across multiple devices.

Select → do → record → share, everything is a piece of cake. Keep yourself motivated by joining a nearby sports club or interacting with your favorite athlete. In essence, this app is an all-in-one app regarding health and fitness. It also offers a premium membership with fantastic benefits.

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Despite its success in the market, it still has some drawbacks, like lost GPS signal, late processing, too boxy redesign, and miscalculation. Even so, application developers are always actively improving performance by listening to all user opinions.

Download on Google Play

9. Footpath Route Planner

Footpath Route Planner

Even though not many people know about it, Footpath Route Planner is included in the list of the best walking apps based on its great quality. You can adventure along new routes, both near and far, every day. Moreover, there is a distance and elevation measuring feature that lets you know exactly how far and high your road is.

Do you want to take a look first? Sure. Browse your best activity route and save it for later. Otherwise, import GPX files from anywhere. If you are a professional who needs cutting-edge tools, please subscribe to Footpath Elite to unlock powerful features.

Based on user reviews, it doesn’t give an actual distance, is glitchy, doesn’t show any local footpath, is overpriced, and has slow improvement. Well, you should rather scrutiny the advantages and disadvantages to find a win-win solution.

Download on Google Play

10. Relive


Being one of the best walking apps, Relive supports your adventures for free. This app is more than just a route tracker and step counter app. You can share your various activities just like on social media. Then, share your 3D landscape route on ordinary social media.

Relive has a very pleasant UI to look at and use. Collaborate with other similar apps, such as Connect, Endomondo, Garmin, Suunto, Map My Walk, Polar, etc.

Regrettably, there are a few obstacles in certain sections. Take, for example, poor video quality, can’t zoom in and out of the map, and slow response. However, all of these problems are still at a reasonable stage.

Download on Google Play

11. Walk Tracker & Step Counter

Walk Tracker & Step Counter

The Walk Tracker & Step Counter app is made to record all your daily activities, including losing weight, building muscle, and improving your health. It provides a personalized workout plan based on your goals. From your daily activities target to the amount of water you should drink.

Furthermore, there is a daily performance report, which contains highly accurate calculations of calorie consumption, time, and distance. This app uses a built-in sensor instead of GPS to monitor all your activities, so it won’t drain your device’s battery.

Plus, you can start, pause and reset your step count. It distinguishes itself from other best walking apps. Then, look at your weekly, monthly, or yearly activity charts to evaluate your fitness plan. There are even custom settings for how your progress notifications or when you should drink are displayed, without opening the pedometer.

If you always make an effort to do these positive activities every day, then you’re just as likely to develop good habits. You can live a healthy and active life without reminders in the future. So far, users rarely overlook obstacles. You nonetheless have to pay attention to the terms and conditions before running it.

Download on Google Play

12. Walkmeter


Despite its given name, Walkmeter isn’t just for “walking”, but you can do much more than that. You are very likely to run a marathon or hike on even mild to strenuous trails. Furthermore, you also don’t need to rely on other tools or applications. Just using your smartphone, you can get great training like a pro.

This walking distance app already provides fairly accurate measurements and records your sports data at several levels–cadence, speed, altitude, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and more. However, distance measurement is often criticized by users because it is slightly below other best walking apps’ measurements.

Once you download Walkmeter and find a problem, you don’t need to worry. Because there is a customer service team that always has answers for all your problems. Walkmeter also allows you to record your workouts on a calendar and enjoy various data export-import options.

Download on Google Play

While it may seem like a basic exercise, walking has tremendous health benefits. From reducing your risk of chronic diseases to helping you live longer. We have listed the best walking apps for you. Hope you found this list helpful, thanks for reading!

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