11 Best Cut and Paste Apps for Android

Best Cut and Paste Apps

Using your PC makes it possible to make seamless cuts and edits to your pictures. Meanwhile, if you are a smartphone person, you need these best cut and paste apps to produce unique photos.

The apps feature various tools that allow you to be creative in many possible ways. Other than cutting and pasting one picture to another background, you can add filters, special effects, and many more.

Thus, if you are looking for a decent cut and paste photo app to have fun with, you better read the list below thoroughly.

Best Cut and Paste Apps That Bring Your Creative Side

So, what are some good cut and paste apps on the Play Store? If you insert the keyword, you will find tons of names on the list. Of course, it will make you even more confused.

Generally, several best apps deliver great services for cutting and pasting one photo to another. Below, you can find the recommendations according to the users.

1. Adobe Photoshop Mix

Adobe Photoshop Mix

The first name on the list is Adobe Photoshop Mix. You might be familiar with Photoshop and its robust features. In the field of cutting and pasting photos, Photoshop Mix comes out way stronger and provides a lot more features you can enjoy.

Even though you cut and paste pictures to one another, the results are realistic and highly interesting in many ways. Enhancing your photo, experimenting with colors and mood, and doing other editing stuff are effortless.

Adobe Photoshop Mix is part of the best photo cutting apps you can find on the Play Store. And of course, you can have access to Adobe’s creative cloud for more powerful tools as well as integrating with Lightroom and Photoshop.

More than anything, if you are into photography and highly creative with your pictures, this app is worth a shot on many levels.

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2. Photo Background Change Editor

Photo Background Change Editor

As its name suggests, this app offers a robust service when it comes to changing backgrounds. Still, it is not the only thing this app can do for you.

This top cut and paste apps on the market, Photo Background Change Editor also comes up with a lot of stickers, effects, filters, and so on. This is why you can use this app as an editing tool as well.

The most popular feature of this app is its auto-crop background. Cutting your image to change the background will be much more effortless compared to most apps on this list. And in case you want a more traditional way, you can use the manual mode as well.

Photo Background Change Editor utilizes AI technology that identifies your face. This is why the results are always stunning and seamless – no one knows you use an editing app.

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3. Autocut


Talking about the good cut and paste apps, you cannot leave Autocut alone for sure. This app also utilizes technology that cuts your photos automatically and precisely. All you need is one tap and the system will do the trick for you.

Other than cutting and pasting pictures, you can erase the background manually and precisely. As a popular free app on the Play Store, Autocut comes with an effortless and intuitive UI design. You can also utilize various editing tools that come with this app.

Autocut accommodates your creative side on many levels and in various possible ways. Thus, if you are into photography and editing, this app is a must-have one. Combining your photos from the phone’s gallery is now effortless with Autocut.

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4. MagiCut


When it comes to cut and paste apps, Android seems like it has a lot of options compared to other operating systems. It makes users have a wider array of options, even though sometimes those options are confusing.

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If you are looking for the best cut and paste app for Android, you can rely on MagiCut for sure. This app comes up with various powerful tools to support your editing skill.

This app utilizes AI technology that identifies all elements in the picture. By that, you can remove unwanted objects effortlessly. In case you want to make something unique and artistic, you can recreate your pictures by using the tools provided.

All in all, MagiCut is such a powerful app that allows you to cut and paste one picture to another while coming up with tons of other interesting features.

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5. Auto Photo Cut Paste

Auto Photo Cut Paste

Is there any free cut and paste app for Android that provides an auto selection tool? Of course, there is – Auto Photo Cut Paste is definitely what you are looking for.

It comes with an auto-selection tool that allows you to cut your picture precisely and put it on a different background. Other than cut and paste, you can enjoy some other features, such as:

Deleting unwanted objects or items in the picture by using the auto-erase feature. Also, the erase is available in manual mode.

  • To erase various things in one area, you can use the lasso eraser as well.
  • In case you accidentally erase an object manually, the restore tool will help you.
  • Want to get an accurate result? Feel free to use zoom, undo, and redo tools.

Auto Photo Cut Paste is also an excellent app that delivers a realistic result when it comes to swapping faces. So, why don’t you give this app a try now?

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6. Cupace


On the other hand, if you are looking for a photo cut and paste app for Android that delivers excellent service, you should consider Cupace on your list.

Cupace is also one of the best face swap apps you can find on the Play Store. To make this app much more stand out in the crowd, you can enjoy various editing tools provided by the developers.

To cut the face precisely, you can use the magnifying tool. It allows you to zoom in the picture and create the cut area effortlessly – the results are awesome, for sure.

The app will also store every face you’ve cut in the app’s storage. Later, if you need the same face, you don’t need to redo the entire cutting thing in the first place.

Other than that, there are tons of emojis and stickers you can use to enhance your creations. This is why Cupace is such a popular app among photo editing enthusiasts.

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7. Photolayers


When it comes to the best photo cut and paste apps for Android smartphones, you should also consider Photolayers on the list. If all this time you try to erase the background in your picture to make it appear transparent, this app will do that kind of thing to you.

The best part is that Photolayers will detect the main image in your photo so that the background will appear transparent automatically – if you want to. Also, this app works similarly to Photoshop where you can use various layers in the first place.

This app is such a robust photo editing tool. You can enjoy various tools right after downloading the app.

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8. Cut Cut

Cut Cut

What is more fun than changing your photo background like you are in outer space or talking to a lion? Of course, you will need a professional tool to make a seamless cut, right?

Cut Cut, on the other hand, is part of the top cut and paste apps you can find on the Play Store. It is such the ultimate answer for those great pictures but some objects in them annoy you.

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All you need to do is to utilize the features from the app and get what you want in a photo. Since this app incorporates AI technology, you can delete the background in a photo through a tap. Later, you just need to insert another photo for the background.

Other than that, you can erase the background manually and put some stickers or emojis for a more unique result. This app is such a perfect place to let out your creative side. You will never go wrong with using Cut Cut to enhance your photos.

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9. Cut Paste Photos

Cut Paste Photos

More than anything, Cut Paste Photos is an excellent app when it comes to cutting and changing backgrounds. Other than that, you can use this app as a photo editing tool too. It has a series of tools that help to make your great shots more unique.

One of the most popular pictures is the motion effect. Just like any other image cut and paste apps on the Play Store, the Cut Paste Photos app comes with AI background erases. Of course, you can erase the background effortlessly – thanks to the technology.

This app is also p[owerful for face swap. You better give this app a try, considering this one is free.

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10. PicsArt


PicsArt has become one of the most popular photo editing apps on various platforms. It provides seamless and effortless editing processes while coming up with excellent results.

This app is also touted as the best cut copy and paste app with a bunch of other powerful editing tools. Other than cutting and putting your face to another picture, you can swap your face with others effortlessly.

It has an automatic tool that will help you to clean the background or delete an object in a picture. Well, other apps on this list might deliver a better job but PicsArt is still worth trying. If you love editing pictures, you have to try this app in the first place.

You can use this app for free but you have to deal with its compressed output quality. Of course, PicsArt offers a premium membership if you want to unlock all cool features without decreasing your picture quality.

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11. Cut Paste Photo Seamless Editor

Cut Paste Photo Seamless Editor

Back then, you had to go to websites that provide a photo cut and paste online tool. It was such a good option to try but not practical in many ways.

Today, you can enjoy those features in one app on your Android phone. The app is called Cut Paste Photo Seamless Editor.

As its name suggests, the features deliver seamless work. Through a few taps, you will get the look you always want by using a photo editing app.

Since it utilizes Neural Network algorithms, this app provides an automatic tool to help you cut and delete objects in a photo. Other than using other photos in your gallery, there are many options of backgrounds in the app’s library.

Just like any other photo editing apps, you can adjust various aspects of a photo, such as saturation, contrast, brightness, shadow, and many more. If you are looking for a cut and paste photos free app that comes with lots of cool features, Cut Paste Photo Seamless Editor is the ultimate answer.

But some advanced tools may only open if you upgrade your account in the first place. Still, this one is worth considering in many ways.

Download on Google Play

Taking pictures is just common now. You need something different to make your photos more refreshing and interesting, after all. The good news is that you have so many options for the images cut and paste apps on the Play Store.

For instance, standing in front of the Eiffel Tower and memorizing the view through a picture might be everybody’s dream but not everyone can do that. The presence of the cut and paste apps on the Play Store allows you to put your picture in front of the Eiffel Tower’s photo.

Even though it sounds conning, those apps help you bring out your creative side in the first place. So, which best cut and paste apps do you prefer? Have you tried all of them?

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