6 Best Floor Plan Apps for Android

Best Floor Plan Apps for Android

Designing and constructing your dream house floor plan has never been an easy job, even professionals need several hours to create one. Lucky for you! With the best floor plan apps on your smartphone, everything is possible at your fingertips.

Turn your imagination into reality with the help of the application you choose. It can save you time planning your home’s decor, repair, or building, as well as help you work within your budget. Likewise, it will help you communicate your ideas to architects and interior designers without hassles.

Best Floor Plan Apps for Android: Create Your Perfect Space

These apps combine Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 3D diagrams to create and visualize your designs in real-time by inputting measurements. They are intuitive and do not require any technical knowledge, so anyone can handle the apps nimbly. Use the list below to guide you in selecting the one that fits your own taste. Let’s delve right in!

1. Kitchen Design: 3D Planner

Kitchen Design: 3D Planner

The first app to start the list of the best floor plan apps is the Kitchen Design app. This app will help you plan, change or remodel your kitchen and dining room. Whether you need an interior designer in the future or not, you should give this app a try to see what your proper decision is.

The Kitchen Design app is equipped with an image gallery that contains many references to kitchen and dining room design ideas. In essence, you can design a kitchen in 3D and place furniture immediately from the IKEA catalog.

This favorable feature will make your plans simpler so that you just come up with ideas, depict them, choose the right colors and materials, and create your realistic sketches.

In this regard, you’ll get the look of the kitchen and dining room that suits your wishes without the fear of buying the wrong furniture. If this is one of the many best free floor plan apps, then what will I get after downloading it?

Key Features

The main features that you will get in the Kitchen Design app include:

  • Design Visualization. This allows you to visualize your kitchen and dining room design imagination and then you will get the best photorealistic snapshots.
  • The flexibility of Change. You may change anything in your design drawings and floor plan as much as you want. Experiment with the color of the walls, various decorative elements, and furniture arrangements by viewing from different points.
  • Linked to IKEA Products. You are free to choose any furniture from this world-famous brand. Choose a product that suits your design and needs, then shop at the nearest offline store.

The Kitchen Design app has several options to start with. The free version of this floor plan design app only provides 3 realistic room images and over 100 pieces of furniture. Regardless, you have hundreds of kitchen floor plans and designs that are ready to be adopted. Otherwise, you may build your own design from scratch.

You can switch to the Basic or Pro version to get more complete facilities. For example, precise room measurements, diverse furniture recommendations, realistic photos with much better resolution, and cost estimates.

If you don’t need all of these features, go ahead and pay for one, which can be anywhere from $3 to $350 per item. You need to note, the free version contains a lot of ads that might annoy you.

Download on Google Play

2. Room Planner: Home Interior 3D

Room Planner: Home Interior 3D

Moving on to the second app in the list of the best floor plan apps, especially the Room Planner app. This app contains a suite of tools for creating floor plans, including a number of different designs, from minimalist modern to vintage.

You can experiment with colors, materials, textures, and dimensions for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and other rooms in your home. Furthermore, there are several choices of furniture from the IKEA catalog, that you can immediately simulate in the app.

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The 3D virtual reality tour feature is like taking you inside the final result of the room you designed. So you can check how your home will look–all of which you can efficiently change and arrange.

Key Features

The following are the main features of the Room Planner app:

  • Online and Offline Modes. This application can work well with and without an internet connection.
  • Furniture from Famous Brands. Room Planner app links with a complete furniture catalog (5000+ products), e.g. IKEA and other famous brands.
  • Sharing Options. It also brings sharing options for you. This feature is applicable when you want to share your house design or floor plan with others, which includes professionals for asking their opinion.
  • Simple Display. It presents a straightforward interface, so you don’t need in-depth learning or special skills to operate it.

No wonder Room Planner is entered in the best floor plan apps list and is ranked third in the grossing house and home category on Google Play. If you’re not keen to have design ideas and just want to construct a floor plan for your house, of course, you can do it with this app.

The build process is easy as pie, although you won’t find a room scanner option here. Moreover, creating a floor plan with many items often raises various troubles.

Room Planner has a premium version, which gives you access to more comprehensive features. It will cost you around $15 per month, or in-app purchases between $1 and $350 per item.

Download on Google Play

3. Smart Home Design

Smart Home Design

Smart Home Design is an intelligent tool to create realistic 3D floor plans. It offers you the possibility to actualize floor plans with minimal effort. For example, making a 3D model, enriching the room interior with furniture, and adding some attractive decorations.

The system is simple, so it’s easy for anyone to follow. Moreover, architecture students or architecture enthusiasts are using it to support their learning process. You only need to input your house measurements and it will automatically create a 3D model for you.

Don’t worry, you can still change all the details. On the other hand, your 3D model will be rendered to a high-resolution (HD) image to make it suitable for professional usage.

Once your best floor plan design is complete, apps like these often provide a virtual tour feature and Smart Home Design does the same. Plus, it embeds camera flight mode and light effects, which make your 3D models look even more lifelike.

Use the First Person mode to see how your home project would look in the real world. Likewise, you can understand exactly what you need to improve or impair.

Key Features

These are the main features that you will get in the Smart Home Design app:

  • Extensive Furniture Library
  • 3D Viewer Mode, First Person Mode, and FlyCam Mode
  • HD Pictures
  • Skymap, Measurement, and Various Filter Options
  • Reality Effects with Shadow and Light

Some users have complained about the unavailability of a back option to clear minor errors. You can operate this app immediately after downloading it. Nonetheless, most of the features are only available in the paid version. You have to pay about $1 to $5 only to open locked items.

Download on Google Play

4. MagicPlan


A list of the best floor plan apps would not be complete without MagicPlan in it. It’s an app that lets you get work done concurrently in the field. Millions of people download it to create floor plans, log field reports, and estimate the cost of their projects.

Key Features

MagicPlan divides your tasks into three different types. Each task is equipped with tools with powerful capabilities, such as:

  • Measuring and Sketching. This app provides state-of-the-art technology but easy-to-use for you. Therefore, you can measure and sketch your house floor plan in 2D and 3D formats.
  • Reporting. You may add photos, 360-degree images, and markup to your designing or constructing reports. What’s more, there are custom forms and note spaces to keep your reports well organized and reduce the confusion risk.
  • Estimating. This app proves to be smart in its ability to combine take-off and estimate to estimate a budget during construction–the process automatically on your Android smartphone.
  • Sharing. Share your project data with your partners and clients simultaneously via the MagicPlan cloud. Then, print your report as a high-quality PDF.
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You may definitely use the free version of MagicPlan only, but some restrictions may apply. You are granted access to all features for merely two projects. There is no time limit. With that in mind, you should take this opportunity to further explore the features of the MagicPlan app.

If you find that this app seems to fit your job criteria, there are three subscription plan options you can take: Sketch Plan for $42/month, Report Plan for $125/month, and Estimate Plan for $375/month.

Download on Google Play

5. Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator

Downloaded more than 10 million times, this app, which is called the best floor plan maker, has succeeded in gaining many people’s trust. It plays an important role as a floor plan designer application that is fitted with detailed symbols just like the real world.

For example, doors, windows, electricity, fire, and furniture. While rendering your floor plan, you may also create a new one. Then, prove the accuracy through the imperial and metric measuring systems.

Key Features

These are the main features that you will surely find in the Floor Plan Creator app:

  • Multiple Floors
  • Symbol Library
  • Automatic Calculation
  • Metric and Imperial Measuring Systems
  • Supports S-Pen and Mouse
  • Cloud Synchronization

One of the most important things about this app is that you can export your floor plan as an image, PDF, SVG, DXF, and print to scale. It also lets you import your work into Blender or other rendering software for further processing.

Even though we can’t possibly explain all of its features one by one, in essence, this is one of the many best floor plan apps that you should try. What’s more, it’s very bug-free due to the customer service always listening to your opinion.

This app is only available for Android devices and websites. Of course, the free version has ads. Thus, to remove ads and unlock full features, we recommend upgrading to one of the paid plans; The Basic Plan costs $5 and the Pro Package costs $10.

Download on Google Play

6. House Sketcher

House Sketcher

The last application from the list of the best floor plan apps is the House Sketcher. This app gives you the opportunity to plan and draw your house floor plan in just a few minutes. It offers lots of great features to support your project work.

Key Features

As a consideration, these are some of the main features of the House Sketcher app:

  • Multiple 3D Floor Plans and Roof Models
  • 3D View Mode, Fly Camera Mode, and First Person Mode
  • Numerous Room Templates
  • Extensive Furniture Library
  • HD Images and Filters

Besides the features above, you still get other supporting features. For example, the light and shadow effects feature, or even the sky ambiance template. They make your 3D model look as realistic as possible.

For those of you, who are less creative, there are room design templates to help you out. This house layout app is designed for everyone, so the interface is pretty handy.

Furthermore, it can be downloaded and employed for free, but many features are in the paid version. Only by paying around $5, you can now enjoy various benefits, such as ad-free, full access to all tools, as well as the photo function and memory function being activated.

Even though it’s easy to use, in fact, some users still need an application demo, which is not available in this app. And if you don’t want to spend a bit of money, you have to prepare when it looks more empty than it belongs.

Download on Google Play

With abundant best floor plan apps, spotting one that meets your specific goal can be a bit daunting. All you have to do is locate the app on Google Play, install it, and draw your plans! Thanks for reading this article, and we hope the list above can help you to make wise decisions.

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