10 Best Daily Bible Verse Apps for Android

Best Daily Bible Verse Apps for Android

How do you deal with a tough life? Involving God in your everyday life is the best answer. Before you get drowned in daily hustle and bustle, reading God’s words can be motivational. Download the best daily Bible verse apps and figure out how it changes your life.

Every word in the Bible is meaningful, not to mention it can guide you to the right path. Whether you feel so lost in life or simply you need a virtue friend to remind you of goodness, Bible verse apps have got you covered. Feel free to share the verse with your friends or family so they can be enlightened.

Best Daily Bible Verse Apps: Stay Inspired

Android users can choose from a ton of Bible verse applications on the Google Play Store. Most apps are available for free but you can upgrade the content or features with in-app purchases. Can’t wait to make your life more peaceful with daily Bible verses? Here are the apps for you. 

1. YouVersion Bible App

YouVersion Bible App

YouVersion is a daily Bible reading app featured on over 100M devices around the globe. It allows people to read, listen to, and share the Bible for free. It supports multiple language interfaces that make it accessible to users of various languages.

On YouVersion, you can customize your Bible with bookmarks, highlights, and notes so you can learn more about it or share with friends. As a plus, it is possible to access the verses both online and offline. You can also enjoy discussions about faith in a trusted community.

This best daily Bible verse app is ideal for everyday reading or studying. Read with your friends and learn about the truth together. Interestingly, it also gives you options to share ideas, ask questions, and connect with friends.

YouVersion is highly customizable. You can create beautiful verses images before sharing with others. It is also possible to customize colors, add bookmarks to find your favorite verses, or sync via cloud. Adjust font style and text size for convenient reading.

Download on Google Play

2. Daily Bible Verse

Daily Bible Verse

Get the word of God delivered to your mobile phone on a daily basis with Daily Bible Verse. Featuring a simple and nice layout, it provides you with short yet meaningful bible verses to motivate and inspire you. Improve your life quality and stay on track with this app.

Downloading Daily Bible Verse gives you access to inspiring scriptures from the Holy Bible. You will receive daily notification with a user-defined schedule. Whether you are into KJV or NIV Bible, this app delivers spiritual guidance to inspire your life.

If you don’t want to keep it for yourself, this best daily Bible verse app comes with a share option. Share your favorite scripture to your friends or family and spread the inspiration to your surroundings. Besides, it is possible to share this app with your loved ones.

Daily Bible Verse is all you need to get nourishment from God. This application is completely easy to use so it is accessible to everyone. Whenever you need strength, guidance, or inspiration every day, this app has got it for you.

Download on Google Play

3. Bible-Daily Bible Verse

Bible-Daily Bible Verse

Bible is an app that comes in handy to deliver the Holy Bible verses daily. If you want to get closer to God but don’t know how to do it, downloading this application can be a good start. This simple and lightweight app is built to guide you through God’s words.

Get random daily Bible verses sent to your smartphone everyday with the Bible app. This is a fast tool to help you study, not to mention it can always remain you of God. Find your favorite verses and get enlightenment for a better life.

This free app is suitable for everyone who needs to stay connected with God. You’ll love its offline feature that supports access without internet connection. Whether you are on the bus, in a village, or any remote area, this is a free bible verse application on the go.

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Bible app comes with a user-friendly and modest design that makes it super easy to use. Enjoy basic features for free or buy in-app purchases for additional items. This best daily Bible verse app has been downloaded by thousands of people all over the world and you may be interested to join the crowd.

Download on Google Play

4. Bible Inspirations

Bible Inspirations

Bible Inspirations gets Bible verses delivered to your phone every day. This inspirational application comes in handy to remind you of God in every activity, helping you to stay on track and be enlightened. Read different verses that may be related to your problem and follow the guidance of God.

Bible Inspirations can be installed for free to your Android device. Once installed, you can access several features such as powerful verses from the Holy Bible, daily audio devotions, and daily prayers. You’ll find them useful to help you connect with God every day.

Additionally, this app is packed with brief devotions from various pools of writers to inspire you after reading. All the content found in Bible Inspirations are curated, which means they are 100 percent trustworthy. It also has a share button that lets you share verses with friends or family.

Another feature that makes it one of the best daily Bible verse apps is scheduling reminder. Feel free to get daily bread any time of your preferences by adjusting the schedule. Overall, this application is suitable for anyone including your teenagers and seniors. 

Download on Google Play

5. Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread

Make more time with your God with Our Daily Bread app. Downloaded by millions, it encourages you to get closer to God every day. With this app you can find religious readings on a daily basis and be a better person with an enlightened mind and soul.

Our Daily Bread gives you access to Christian community that provides you with a healthy environment to grow with Christ. The daily readings you get are available in multiple languages such as English, Chinese, German, Indonesian, and more. Not surprisingly, it has been featured by many people worldwide.

This daily verse app is completely easy to use, making it a great application for anyone. Things are getting better with offline support that allows you to read daily devotion without internet connection. If you don’t want to read, it comes packed with a built-in audio player that will play it for you.

Choose the time you want to listen to God’s word with daily reminder. Set your reminder and this app will deliver verses and devotions at preferred time. Share and bookmark your readings to improve your experience using this app.

Download on Google Play

6. Daily Bible for Women Offline

Daily Bible for Women Offline

Specially designed for ladies, this best daily Bible verse app will be your best companion every day. It comes with a simple and beautiful design, not to mention it is packed with a bunch of features. Obtain guidance from your pocket with the Daily Bible for Women.

This app delivers daily devotions in the morning or in the evening as your preference. The devotions are spoken by C.H. Spurgeon who has been an eminent preacher. As a plus, this app is loaded with Bible reading plans for 90 days, 180 days, or even 1 year.

How to use this application is so simple. Upon downloading, you will need to set notifications so it knows when to deliver you the verses and devotions. Once you get and read them, it is up to you to keep, copy, or share it with anyone.

More features are available on the Daily Bible for Women, including bookmarks, notes, and highlights that make your study easier. It is also equipped with a fast search feature to help you find verses simply by entering keywords or phrases.

Download on Google Play

7. Bible Verses: Daily Devotional

Bible Verses: Daily Devotional

Find inspiring verses and quotes from the Holy Bible on Bible Verses. Containing more than 1,000 best verses, it has everything you need to inspire and motivate you every single day. The verses and quotes will be delivered to your phone and you can use it as wallpaper or send it to friends or family.

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Designed with an amazing interface, this best free daily Bible verse app is so accessible and useful. Whether you are studying the Bible or simply you want to maintain connection with God, this app has got you covered. The simple app lets you find amazing verses that may change your life.

One interesting thing about Bible Verses is that every verse comes with beautiful photos. Either keep it for yourself or share with your loved ones to inspire them. There are also inspirational quotes about various categories such as life, salvation, love, and faith.

Furthermore, it gives you the option to browse verses by phrase or words for easier and faster search. Bible Verses is free to use with in-app purchases. Use this app to always remind you of God, especially during your busy days. 

Download on Google Play

8. Daily Bible Verses

Daily Bible Verses

If you are looking for the best daily Bible verse apps that provide you with attractive content, Daily Bible Verses is made just for you. This app is packed with Bible verses that are creatively made with pictures to make it more interesting to read.

This application delivers verses across categories such as friendship, love, comfort, peace, and many more. It also has a vast collection of pictures that will make your daily verses come amazing. Kindly share your daily verses with friends or family to spread inspiration and happiness.

Alternatively, you can save the picture to your phone and use it as wallpaper. Whenever you access your phone, you’ll quickly see motivational and inspirational quotes taken from Bible verses. Pick your favorite and let it enlighten your life.

Downloaded by many, Daily Bible Verses is free to download. Getting this app on your Android smartphone gives you access to tons of verses to improve your life quality.

Download on Google Play

9. Daily Bible Verse Online Bible

Daily Bible Verse Online Bible

This is one of the best daily Bible verse apps you can get when browsing through the Google Play Store. Getting closer to God is now easier with this application, thanks to Bible verses sent to your phone on a daily basis. Learn directly from the Holy Book to figure out the meaning of life.

Daily Bible Verse is fast and lightweight. Not only does it help you stay connected with God, but it also helps you study the Holy Bible. Enjoy the immersive experience of prayer with this app on your smartphone. On top of that, it comes with offline mode that allows you to access the app without internet connection.

This application is super easy to use. With just a swipe on your screen, you can locate the verse of the day. Read and share it with your loved ones via various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. You can also save it to the gallery for easier access in the future.

Daily Bible Verse is a great way to start your journey to be an obedient servant of God. Grow your good habit of praying and use this app as your companion. 

Download on Google Play

10. Inspiring Bible Verses Daily

Inspiring Bible Verses Daily

From the name, you know what this app is going to do. Designed to bring inspiration and motivation, Inspiring Bible Verses Daily is an application that you need to light up your spirit of life. It sends Bible verses to your phone every day so you can get immersed in your prayer.

This application is loaded with features. Aside from daily verses delivered to your device, it also provides you with daily devotion for your daily dose of inspiration. Heal your broken heart, encourage yourself, and strengthen your soul to reach your goals.

Inspiring Bible Verses Daily offers a lot of options when it comes to daily verses. Reminder scheduling is among the most convenient as it allows you to schedule a daily reminder based on your needs. It is also possible to adjust font size with the scrollbar.

Download on Google Play

Having the best daily Bible verse apps on your Android is like having your personal preacher. These apps are designed to deliver Bible verses as your daily bread. Motivate, inspire, and encourage yourself to face any problem with God’s word.

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