12 Best Apps for Teenage Girls

Best Apps for Teenage Girls

Teenagers and smartphones are inseparable these days. Teen boys and teen girls typically have different preferences when it comes to applications to install on their smartphone. And if you are a young girl who needs a reference for the best apps for teenage girls then you are on the right page.

There is a wide selection of apps to install on Android but not all of them are good for you—some are just scams that waste your phone’s memory. Before installing useless apps on your Android, let’s have a closer look at useful apps you may have on your smartphone.

12 Best Apps for Teenage Girls for Android

From music players to social media platforms and from photo editors to instant messaging apps, you have a lot of options to make screen time more worthwhile and fun. The following apps are shortlisted based on their functionality so you can make the most out of your smartphone.

1. Spotify


Teen girls love music so much and Spotify is the best music player that gives you access to millions of songs from various genres. Simply search for your favorite song by artist, title, or album and feel free to discover a vast collection of playlists for every mood.

What makes Spotify an app every girl should have? It comes loaded with features that not only let you listen to your favorite music but also share your playlists with friends or your crush. It also provides a unique daily mix that is personalized for you.

If you fear of missing out the hottest music, Spotify allows you to discover top and hits songs. You can also create your playlist with your favorite songs that suit your mood. Or if you like listening to podcasts then this app has got you covered.

What’s nice is that you can download music for offline jamming. Listen to your favorite songs anywhere anytime with Spotify!

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2. Duolingo


Duolingo is one of the best apps for teenage girls to improve screen time quality. Designed to help you learn and practice new languages, it transforms your smartphone into a personal tutor. Join hundreds of millions learners from all over the globe and prepare yourself for real conversations in other languages.

Featured in many countries, it supports more than 40 languages from English to Chinese, Italian, German, Spanish, and more. Whether you are pursuing scholarships abroad, preparing for your career, or simply planning a trip, learning with Duolingo is so much fun.

Duolingo becomes one of the good apps for girls for some reasons. One that makes sense is that it delivers game-like and bite-sized lessons to help you build language proficiency in different aspects. It also collaborates with language experts to produce an effective teaching methodology.

Furthermore, you can find fun characters with beautiful graphics that make language learning more fun and exciting. Plus it keeps you motivated with Leaderboards to check your position among the global community. 

Download on Google Play

3. Instagram


Who doesn’t know Instagram? Receiving more than 1B downloads on Google Play alone, this is one of the most widely used social platforms throughout the globe. Thanks to loads of feature supports and convenience that allow you to connect with anyone from your close friends to top celebrities.

Every girl nowadays has Instagram app on their mobile device and you should join the crowd. Using this app you can share precious moments, see what others are up to, and follow daily activities of your favorite celebrities.

Instagram highlights top features that you’d love, such as Story which disappears after 24 hours, Direct Message to start a conversation privately, and Feed that lets you post videos or photos. IGTV is another new feature recently added to the app, allowing you to check out longer videos from your favorite creators.

Instagram is also a great platform to discover your favorite brands and shop products. Though it is not the main highlight, it comes in handy to purchase items that meet your personal style.

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4. eBay


Whether you want to check out seasonal fashion, cute bags, or cool sneakers eBay is an app you should have. This is the best app for teenage girls from the shopping marketplace category, allowing you to buy products from your favorite brands such as Adidas, Nike, Apple, and more.

Having this app on your smartphone saves a lot of time and energy compared to shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. Search for items you want to buy while laying on your bed, click checkout, and make payment. The product will be shipped to the front of your door.

What’s more interesting is that you can find attractive deals and sales for top categories like fashion, tech, toys, and many more. Simply use these deals to shop your favorite items for less. Worry about the authenticity of the products? eBay offers authenticity guarantee for Adidas, Nike, Gucci, and other brands.

Shop with peace of mind because eBay features seamless payments with PayPal, Google Pay, and debit card. It promises not only safe transactions but also easy checkouts.

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5. Snapchat


Chatting with friends makes your days livelier. Snapchat is one of the best free apps for teenage girls that allows you to stay in touch with friends. Whether you want to share beautiful moments, send text messages, or make video call this app has got you covered.

It currently receives 1B+ downloads and is still counting, which means millions of people actively use this application to connect with friends. Thanks to a fast and exciting way to share moments and keep in touch with your loved ones.

When it comes to features, Snapchat highlights Story with which you can check out what your friends are up to. Chat functionality comes standard with text and video chat supports. You will also love its Spotlight feature that showcases the best Snaps.

This best app for teenage girls also comes packed with maps to share location, friendship profile to discover things in common with friends, and memories to save photos and videos.

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6. PicsArt

Most girls love to post beautiful pics on their social platforms. PicsArt is the key secret to amazing photos as it contains a bunch of features to enhance your pictures. It serves as a great photo and video editor that will transform your basic pics into stunning artwork.

PicsArt features cool photo effects and filters to make your photos one-of-a-kind. Background Eraser comes in handy to erase and replace existing backgrounds with the new ones. It also boasts Remove Object tool to get rid of unwanted objects.

Moreover, this teenage app is supported by AI technology which helps create blur background effects using smart selection tool. You can also make the photo look more festive by adding stickers—even if it lets you create your own stickers.

PicsArt supports many other functionalities such as video editor, collage maker, and drawing tool. Be sure to download this best app for teenage girls and have fun with your photos.

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7. Pinterest


Discover new ideas and inspirations on Pinterest. This useful app should be on every teen girl’s smartphone as it comes to provide tons of ideas for various categories from fashion to home décor, nail art, recipe, and many more. No more running out of ideas!

Millions of people use this application to explore inspirations and turn on their creativity. On Pinterest, you will find endless possibilities to revamp your room, create DIY paper projects, cook yummy foods from simple ingredients, and upgrade your backyard patio.

Pinterest has pin feature to save contents that inspire you the most. Pinned posts can be easily accessed from your account so you will never lose ideas. What’s more, this app lets you shop items based on your taste.

Whether you want to inspire others or find inspirations from Pinterest creators, this is the right app to achieve the goal. Download this application for free and discover things that inspire you.

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8. Girl Quotes

If you think you need inspirational quotes to make you feel better to start the day then Girl Quotes has got your back. Coming with tons collection of girl quotes, it keeps your motivation at a high level every day. You can even spread happiness, power, and spirit to your friends through social media.

On this app, each quote comes with high quality background images to boost your mood. If you feel a quote, simply add to your favorite lists so you can easily find it later. There are various categories to choose from, such as motivational quotes, girl mood quotes, attitude quotes, and many more.

This best app for teenage girls supports offline mode so you can access the quotes without internet connection. It also comes packed with a vast collection of wallpaper to make your quotes catchier.

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9. My Calendar – Period Tracker

My Calendar – Period Tracker

Teens often get problem with their period. Don’t go to school unprepared because you don’t know when your period comes. My Calendar is a great app that comes in handy to help you track cycle and periods so you know when to bring tampons.

This tracker is completely easy to use. Not only does it track your periods, but it also monitors your temperature, moods, weight, symptoms, and more. Your cycles, calendars, and setting can be backed up and restored so you don’t lose vital information.

If you’re concerned about privacy, it is good to know that My Calendar protects your private data. It also provides password locks to keep prying eyes away.

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10. Workout for Women

Workout for Women

Keep your body in good shape with Workout for Women. This girl app is designed with fitness in mind, making it reliable to help you burn belly fat, trim waistline, or tone butt. With just 7 minutes a day, you can get the perfect body you always dream of.

Workout for Women has a number of features, including weight loss progress tracker, burned calorie tracker, coach tips for every exercise, and virtual trainer. It also supports data synchronization with Google Fit so you can easily access the data anytime.

Designed with a user-friendly interface, this best app for teenage girls is suitable for beginners. Millions of people use Workout for Women to stay in shape and the number is still counting.

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11. Wattpad


Wattpad is a must-have app for teen book lovers. The storytelling platform allows you to read and write stories as well as get connected with millions of readers from all over the globe. Upon joining, you get access to connect with other readers and even passionate writers.

Wattpad brings a lot of features, including a vast library of books from various genres. With the support of multiple languages, you can easily read stories in any language you understand. Discover your favorite books and get notifications when new chapters are released.

On top of that, Wattpad lets you build a library containing your favorite books. Not to mention it supports offline mode to read books without the internet.

One amazing feature you can find on this app is that you can share your thoughts by leaving comments. Plus you can vote for your favorite books and support the authors.

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12. AppLock


Teen girls need their privacy and AppLock comes in handy to keep intruders away. This app works by locking and protecting applications using a password, PIN, or pattern, ensuring no one breaks into your applications. You can lock Instagram, Facebook, Gallery, or other apps.

In addition to the lock feature, this app blocks the notification of the locked apps. You can also find many lock options such as screen lock, fake lock, smart lock, and home screen lock.

On top of all, AppLock doesn’t slow down your smartphone. It has a small file size so installing this app won’t significantly affect your phone performance. With more than 50M downloads, you can join millions of users out there and protect your apps.

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Teenage girls want what they want. And when they get bored, smartphone comes to the rescue. This is why finding the best apps for teenage girls is essential to keep them entertained.

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