11 Best Stickman Games for Android

Best Stickman Games

Stickman is a fictional character that has been adapted in many games from various genres. Often described as funny, silly, yet brave, these characteristics make stickman games ideal for every situation. Are you looking for the best stickman games for Android?

There are different types of stickman games to find on the market from stickman fighting games to zombie and adventure. Every game has its excitement and gameplay so you can pick out an app based on your personal preferences.

Best Stickman Games for Android

Stickman games are abundant on Google Play Store. Don’t waste your time scouring through pages, instead take a closer look at the following list to find the top collection of stickman games for Android. From Stickman Party to Stickman Dragon fight, here are the best apps for you.

1. Stickman Party

Stickman Party

Stickman Party is the most flexible option to play stickman. This is a collection of single player and multiplayer games, containing different games for one to 4 players. Whether you are alone or with friends, you can have fun with it.

Supporting online and offline mode, Stickman Party highlights several features. It comes loaded with 45 different games such as stickman run, football, paint the colors, and stickman clash. You can also enjoy rally racing with a mini car.

How to use this best stickman game is completely simple. With one-touch operation, you can play the game without too much effort. On top of that, the team constantly adds mini games for more excitement. Challenge your spouse, friend, or family to play crazy tasks and see how far they can go. 

Stickman Party is free to play but it provides in-app purchases for extra items. With over 100M downloads, this is one of the most widely used stickman games.

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2. Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy

Looking for a top-rated stickman game with hundred million users worldwide? Stick War: Legacy should be on your top list. This is a fun and challenging game featuring a stickman figure that keeps you stay for hours. Thanks to fascinating gameplay and amazing graphics.

In this game, you have to control a stickman army and accomplish several missions such as building units, mining gold, and destroying the enemy statue. New levels are released weekly so you won’t lose interest on this app—enjoy different difficulty levels and unlock crowns.

Stick War: Legacy has a number of new game types ranging from Win before Sunset to Deathmatch and Forward Statue. You can also try Classic Campaign which comes packed with 6 bonus levels, and Tournament mode to battle with AI challengers.

This best stickman game offers different skins for all characters so you can make your characters look more appealing. It also gives you the option to unlock powerful weapons as you progress.

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3. Stickman Hero Fight

Stickman Hero Fight

Stickman Hero Fight is the best free stickman game for every player who needs a fighting game. Playing the role of heroes, you have to fight against villains from around the globe. Use buttons to jump, move, and attack your enemies and win the game.

Featuring simple gameplay, this app promises excellent graphics effects combined with vivid sound effects. It also has an extensive collection of super stickman warriors with fascinating and powerful skills. As you progress, you can unlock new heroes by completing challenges.

Stickman Hero Fight has four different modes to play including Story mode that offers a cool storyline; Versus mode in which your stickman heroes fight in a 1-by-1 battle; Tournament mode that features 16 best heroes; and Training mode to improve your skills and prepare yourself.

Additional features are available, such as a free lucky wheel that allows you to get rewards. It also has daily quests you can complete to earn more rewards. Best of all, it comes with free gifts that are available anytime.

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4. Stickman Legends Offline Games

Stickman Legends Offline Games

Combining RPG and PvP games in one, Stickman Legends is one of the best stickman games to try out. It brings you to an epic fantasy of war in which you have to join a heroic shadow battle and fight against villains, monsters, and cruel bosses.

Choose from different shadow fight warriors that you like the most, such as Legendary Shadow Warrior, Elite Archer Hunter, Lion-Hearted Swordsman, and more. Train your powerful stickman shadow fighters with martial arts so they can beat the monster in the battlefield.

On top of that, Stickman Legends allows you to customize multiple upgrades for the shadow warrior. Powerful weapon upgrades are also available to defeat dangerous monsters. Once you win the battle, you can lead the shadow warrior and rank up on the leaderboards.

Stickman Legends pairs excellent graphics and fascinating sound effects, providing an immersive experience during your game time. Best of all, this offline game can be played anywhere anytime without internet connection.

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5. Shadow of Death

Shadow of Death

Shadow of Death is another stickman battle app that allows you to enjoy fantasy adventure game on the go. Featuring offline mode, it comes in handy to play the game anytime. Select your soul knights and choose gameplay styles and game mode to conquer the dark world.

This game app highlights an intuitive touch screen interface that provides various options to combat your enemies. It also offers special battle system that meets the needs of hardcore RPG enthusiasts, yet keeping it accessible to all players.

Additionally, Shadow of Death comes with a boast of all-new graphics engine and animation system so you can enjoy amazing visuals. The interface is optimized for mobile gaming, making it one of the best stickman games with immersive display.

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6. Stickman Archer

Stickman Archer

The archery-themed stickman game can be a refreshing option if you already have enough fights and battle. Stickman Archer is an online player versus player (PvP) game in which you can challenge other stickmen to use bows and arrows. Show your skills and win the duels.

On Stickman Archer, you can unlock new skills and upgrade archery equipment like bow, arrows, shield, and quiver. It also lets you unlock new bonus arrows that come with new effects. When it comes to characters, you can customize your stickman with accessories like hats, masks, and beards.

Find unique maps to enter a stickman world and discover unique things inside. Do your best to become the champion and show that you are a great archer.

This app highlights amazing graphics, fascinating animation, and realistic actions that give you immersive experience. It is also very easy to handle, making it accessible to every player. Stickman Archer is free to play with in-app purchases for extra items. 

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7. Draw a Stickman: Epic 2

Draw a Stickman: Epic 2

Unleash your imagination with Draw a Stickman game. Played more than 100 million times worldwide, this amazing stickman game allows you to join the adventure in a magical storybook land. Find unique creatures and bewildering riddles that can be solved only with imagination.

What’s interesting about this best stickman game is that you can use your creativity to make an original stickman and bring it to life before your eyes. Collect your drawings, unlock every secret, and let the whole world know your creation with share feature.

Did you think of having an ally? Not only can you create your own stickman, but you can also create a friend. Embark on a journey and fight epic battles with your friends. Be the hero of the magical worlds and save your drawings in a sketchbook.

New features have been added to this app, including a larger color palette with various pencil sizes and a share button to send your drawings. You can also unlock color buddies and enjoy new pencils for Eggs, Wire, and Ice.

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8. Anger of Stick 5: Zombie

Anger of Stick 5: Zombie

When the zombie apocalypse comes to your city, what would you do? Anger of Stick 5 is a zombie-themed stickman game in which people turn into zombie due to some experiments of strange enemies. It is your task to save innocent people and fight the enemies.

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Using level up system, this RPG game allows you to invite 6 reliable fellows to help you accomplish the mission. You can also request help to 3 players (max), buy weapons, and upgrade your arsenals to make it more powerful.

There are many other things you can do in this game such as buying powerful robots, unleashing firepower, and using helicopters or machine gun with tactical strategies. Thanks to realistic movements and marvelous effects that promise fascinating gaming experience.

If you’re concerned about phone memory, Anger of Stick 5 has got you covered. It only consumes around 30MB on your mobile device, making it a lightweight stickman game app for Android.

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9. Stickman The Flash

Stickman The Flash

The next is Stickman the Flash, adding to the list of the best stickman games for Android phones. This is a convenient stickman game that comes with special capabilities. Control your stickman to move like a ninja and defeat shadow warrior from the dark world.

How to control a stickman is completely easy. All you have to do is tap and swipe on the screen and see the stick figure jumps, runs, and flies like a ninja. This stickman flash game supports offline mode so you can play a legendary knight in the train station, on the bus, or anywhere.

Furthermore, Stickman the Flash offers a ton of weapons that you can use to defeat your enemies. Your arsenals include a sword, an axe, a bow and arrows, and more. Choose a weapon that suits your personality and use it to kill the bosses of the shadow warrior.

With more than 5M downloads, this app is free to play. But if you need to unlock some extra items, Stickman the Flash offers in-app purchases at various rates.

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10. One Gun: Stickman

One Gun: Stickman

Combining fighting and shooting games, One Gun is a great RPG action game featuring stickman figure. It takes you to an adventure world where you have to fight against zombies, monsters, and other enemies so you can show your fighting and shooting skills.

On this app, you play a role as a stickman warrior who has to conquer the dark world. Loaded with weapons, skills, and skins, this game is extremely exciting especially if you are an RPG action enthusiast—you’ll find yourself playing it for hours.

There are so many good things you can find on One Gun but it highlights awesome graphics. When combined with amazing sound effects, it creates a stunning gaming experience. Tons of upgrades are available, such as weapons, attack, and health.

This best stickman game makes your game session more challenging and interesting with leaderboards. You can take your stickman to rank up on the leaderboards by upgrading your skills. What’s great, it lets you compete with friends worldwide and show off your capability.

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11. Stickman Dragon Fight – Super

Stickman Dragon Fight – Super

Find a lot of fun experiences when playing this RPG game. Stickman Dragon Fight comes with a simple yet attractive gameplay that makes you stay in a prolonged session. You can jump, dodge, power up your ki, and perform advanced skills to transform into a powerful hero.

With Stickman Dragon Fight, you can get rewards by winning battles. Use these rewards to unlock hundreds of fighters. You can also try new characters and train your fighting skills in training mode. Choose between villains and protagonists to play during the game.

There are 3 different modes to choose from, allowing you to make the most out of this game. You can pick either story mode to discover a new world, versus more to fight with your enemy, and tournament mode to join a tournament. Team up with 2 heroes or simply play 1 vs 1 fights.

One interesting thing about Stickman Dragon Fight is that you can earn free gifts any time. Plus, you can complete abundant daily quests and milestones to get more rewards.

Download on Google Play

If you are one of those stickman enthusiasts, loading your Android phone with the best stickman games can make your day. Whether you are into adventure, fight and battle, or zombie situations, you can always find the best game on the go.

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