10 Best Word Game Apps for Android

Best Word Game Apps for Android

Word games have been around for decades. Crossword puzzles and scrabbles are among the most recognized games with millions of enthusiasts. And if you belong to this group of people, you should check out the list of the best word game apps for Android below.

Word games vary widely today, providing you with more apps to choose from. All game apps are made differently so you can consider several aspects before selecting one, such as duration, player count, and difficulty level.

Best Word Game Apps: Unleash Your Vocabulary

The following list contains the best picks for word games you may love to play on Android. From crosswords to word link and word spells, you can try them to improve your skills. If you’re ready, here are the top 10 game apps to download.

1. Words of Wonders: Crossword

Words of Wonders: Crossword

Words of Wonders is an amazing crossword game to enhance your vocab and spelling skills. It takes you on a travel around the globe to discover the secrets of the world’s seven wonders. The game starts easy and the difficulty level increases as you progress.

On WOW, your task is to write and create new words from scratch. Find the final crossword solution by connecting them. If you are a vocabulary master, Words of Wonders is surely a game to play on your Android. Solve as many problems as possible and improve your skills.

This app is brilliantly designed to test your vocabulary with challenging puzzles. Some crosswords come with hidden secrets and riddles you have to solve. Be careful of extra words that make crosswords more confusing.

What’s interesting, Words of Wonders lets you discover new places. Enjoy your quest around the globe and visit the 7 wonders of the world. Find unique monuments, learn new vocabulary, and improve your skills with just a single app.

Download on Google Play

2. English Crossword Puzzle

English Crossword Puzzle

Do you want to exercise your brain on a daily basis? English Crossword Puzzle is a great app to install on your Android. The game contains tons of crossword puzzles designed to enhance your English vocabulary, making it an ideal mobile app for all ages.

This free app comes packed with more than 100 levels you can access without internet connection. If you can’t figure out the answer, it provides you with unlimited hints that are completely free, including letter hints and word hints. Use these hints to solve the problem and learn new words.

English Crossword Puzzle is the best word game app for educational purposes. It has easy levels for beginners and the difficulty level will improve as you are learning new words. For the best user’s experience, adjust the grid size to your device.

If you are looking for a perfect app to kill time and improve your competence, English Crossword Puzzle has got you covered. It has been used by millions of people all over the world and this time may be your turn. Use this app for free or buy in-app purchases for additional items.

Download on Google Play

3. Crossword Quest

Crossword Quest

Test your vocabulary with Crossword Quest. The world’s top crossword app is a fun and relaxing word game to spend your free time in a positive way. Solve the puzzle and learn new words so you can bring your vocabulary to the next level.

Available in a word cross style format, it is specially designed for your smart brain. It has an addicting gameplay with a simple and intuitive interface so you accidentally spend more screen time than expected. Simply swipe the letters and find the hidden words to build your vocab.

Most of the best word game apps typically start with an easy puzzle and this app is no exception. You will find easy crosswords when you start but as you level up, the game gets harder so it demands more of your skills. Don’t claim yourself to be a master of vocabulary before beating the game.

Crossword Quest comes packed with a bunch of features. This beautifully designed game app lets you unlock custom themes with high-res graphic backgrounds. It also supports offline mode that allows you to play at anywhere anytime.

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When you play daily and find extra words, this app will give you rewards. It also provides you with daily challenges for more fun.

Download on Google Play

4. Word Crossword Search

Word Crossword Search

Word Crossword Search should be on your list of the best crossword puzzle games for Android. It comes in handy to train your brain and level up your vocabulary. If you are an avid enthusiast of word games, this app is made just for you.

English is your native language? There’s nothing to worry about. Word Crossword Search supports multiple languages other than English, such as German, French, Italian, and Arabic, and more. Use this app to help master vocabulary for you and the entire family.

There are so many features to find on this best free word game app. In addition to multiple languages, it comes packed with more than 3,000 levels so you won’t lose interest easily. The difficulty level also increases as you progress, making the game more challenging.

Word Crossword Search works online and offline, which means you don’t have to limit your play time. Plus, it has beautiful interfaces and stunning graphics that make your experience even better. Solve the puzzle and proof you are the best in mastering vocabulary.

Download on Google Play

5. Word Shatter: Word Block

Word Shatter: Word Block

Whenever you need to test your brain, Word Shatter is good to download. This word game app allows you to get word crush in your spare time, allowing you to upgrade your writing and vocabulary skills without extra effort. 

Word Shatter is loaded with tons of features. Easy operation with slide gesture makes it accessible to anyone. Simply slide the screen with your fingers to remove word blitz. Featuring offline mode, play anytime anywhere without internet connection, whether you are in a bus station or in the train.

This best word game app is designed for entertainment and educational purposes. It has tons of word crush and word blocks to sharpen your brain. As a bonus, it is packed with massive word blitz level with increasing difficulty—the game starts easy but you’ll find it difficult on the higher level.

How to use Word Shatter is super easy. Swipe the selected letters to create a new word. When the selected letters can come together with the word crush, it will disappear and the word block will fall. Overall, this is not a common word game you often find on the market.

Download on Google Play

6. Word Link

Word Link

With more than 50M downloads, Word Link is a fantastic word game to crush your brain. The offline game app is completely free to use, making it possible to play at any time. Plus, it provides daily rewards and bonus for your achievements.

This classic word game is designed with easy operation and simple gameplay. To enjoy the excitement, all you have to do is swipe on the screen and follow the rules. Without a time limit, you can take as much time as you want and adjust your pace to your ability.

There are many other things that make Word Link the best word game app for Android, such as difficulty share option and free hints. If you’re stuck, go to the previous level and share your difficult level with friends for help. It also gives you free hints and tips to win the game.

On Word Link, you can find more than 2,000 levels without repeat to help you master vocabulary faster. It is also possible to add more items and content with in-game purchases that you can buy with real money. Don’t skip this app if you’re a hardcore fan of word games.

Download on Google Play

7. Word Surf

Word Surf

Word Surf is an innovative word game to challenge your mind. Make sure you don’t waste your spare time on useless activities by having this app on your smartphone. Test your brain anytime anywhere by finding hidden words and swipe to crush them down.

Once a correct word is crushed, new hidden words will come out. Swipe again to reveal the words until you win the game. This free crossword puzzle is your daily dose of brain training. Invite your friends or family to play the game so you can double the fun.

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Chosen as one of the best word game apps, Word Surf offers hundreds of levels and tons of words. You can also fill the word bucket by collecting coins and find extra words. Puzzle will evolve once a word is crush to provide you with some challenge.

What’s more, Word Surf is equipped with shuffle and search buttons. This feature comes in handy to help you when you’re jammed. Press the button and the puzzle will shuffle, giving you a chance to solve the problem. Play this game for free and feel the addiction.

Download on Google Play

8. Word Spells: Word Puzzle Games

Word Spells: Word Puzzle Games

Word Spells is an attractive word puzzle game that you need to have fun with letters. Available for free on the Google Play Store, it allows you to make words from the letters provided in a circle. More than 5 million people have enjoyed this game and proven its quality.

On Word Spells, you can discover and solve more than 5,000 crosswords. The difficulty level increases as you progress to keep you entertained. Solve the crosswords and find new words so you can improve your vocabulary in a fun way.

On top of that, it takes you on an exploration to fun fairytale locations with high-quality graphics and intuitive interface. Not sure where your vocabulary level is? Word Spells help you evaluate your skills with guessing game so you can figure out your level of mastery.

If you’re not always connected to the internet, Word Spells keeps entertaining you with offline mode. Play the game offline and have fun on-the-go. Feel free to use this app to learn multiple languages such as English, Deutsch, Italian, and Spanish.

Download on Google Play

9. Wordscapes Search

Wordscapes Search

How about exercising your brain while keeping your body relaxed? Wordscapes is an addictive word game that allows you to connect letters and find new words to get through thousands of levels. Featuring breathtaking backgrounds, it gives you a sense of relaxation.

As the name suggests, this app lets you escape your daily routine and visit beautiful destinations. Train your brain with words and vocabulary that come in numerous levels. To keep your interest in this game, the developer constantly adds more levels.

This best word game app also gives you the option to earn power-ups that comes in handy to help you find words when you’re stuck. Plus, it lets you collect bonus points and earn rewards for your achievement. Don’t call yourself brainer before winning this app.

What’s interesting about Wordscapes is that you can find a quick trivia quiz. Learn more about languages and get to know trivia things you’ve never known before, such as the average of person’s vocabulary or how many words commonly used in the English language.

Download on Google Play

10. Word Wars

Word Wars

Word Wars is a spectacular word game to test and improve your language skills. Whether you want to compete with your friends or simply you are an avid word game enthusiast, this app has everything you need to have fun.

This online game is designed to help you learn new words on-the-go. Gain new words every day and make your word library bigger so you can become a word master. Prove that you are better than your friends or family in mastering vocabulary.

Word Wars won’t let you get bored. It allows you to join as many matches as possible so you can move between opponents. Before you get started, broadcast your challenges and how many players are interested in it. Choose your opponent and reveal your word mastery.

This app is packed with social feature with which you can chat with friends and stay connected—even you can make new friends and play together.

Download on Google Play

The best word game apps vary widely on gameplay and operation but most of them are great to kill time. Whether you are into modern or classic word game, you can always find the best one for your Android.

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