12 Best Hunting Games for Android

Best Hunting Games

Hunting game apps let you hunt a wide array of creatures from ducks to zombies and dinosaurs using your smartphone. The best hunting games offer realistic simulations and excitement in addition to an immersive experience and high-quality graphics.

There are numerous hunting game apps launched to the market but not every product is the same. One app might have excellent sound effects but others might boast superior graphics and animations. This is why you need to set your preferences before picking out.

Best Hunting Games from Ducks to Dinosaurs

Analyzing every single hunting simulator app on Google Play to find one that suits you can be tedious and time-consuming. If you don’t have time for this part, take a closer look at the following references. There are 12 hunting games that are handpicked for Android users.

1. Deer Hunter Classic

Deer Hunter Classic

Deer Hunter Classic is a top hunting game with hundred million users worldwide. Featuring stunning visuals with awesome graphics and animation, this simulator brings you to the wilderness in Savannah of Central Africa to the Pacific Northwest of North America.

During your epic journey, you have to hunt exotic animals. There are more than 100 animal species in diverse environments including cheetahs, deer, wolves, and bears. Immerse yourself in every scene and accomplish your mission.

Make your hunt more exciting by joining club hunts—you can work together with friends to complete your objectives. As you progress, this best hunting game allows you to enjoy endless customization. You can upgrade magazines, barrels, or scopes to upgrade your hunting experience.

Each day is open season on Deer Hunter Classic. This game is free to play but you can buy some extra items with in-app purchases.

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2. Hunting Clash

Hunting Clash

Are you ready to hunt? Play Hunting Clash on your smartphone and hone your aiming skills to shoot an array of exotic animals from deer to grizzly bear and duck. Prepare your gun, travel to the wilderness, and become the best hunter this season.

On Hunting Clash, you can choose your own weapons from sniper rifle to bow and gun. Though gun is more popular than bow, a surprising number of old-fashioned hunters commonly use it during a deer hunt. But again, your weapon is completely your personal preferences.

This deer hunting game boasts realistic graphic for immersive hunts. It comes loaded with dozens of nature-based locations, all of which are inspired by real locations in Africa, USA, Australia, Poland, and more. Grab your guns, shoot your target, and enjoy nature.

Did you think of hunting with dogs? This app allows you to train a hunting dog to be your best company. Not to mention you can get points and bonuses by training a dog.

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3. Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt is here, which means it’s time to dust off your gun! Wild Hunt is among the best hunting games that has everything you need to bring hunting to the next level. From realistic locations to different modes and various weapon choices, it provides amazing hunting simulation on Android.

Before starting a hunting session, decide what animals you want to shoot. Find real locations and real animals that naturally inhibit the area. For example, you can visit Yellowstone Park to hunt a bear or a deer. If you want to shoot a rhino, the Nile should be your travel destination.

Furthermore, you can pick your favorite hunting gear on Wild Hunt such as rifles, shotguns, or bows. Fix your weapon if necessary or regularly upgrade so you can perform better. With excellent 3D graphics, this shooting game really gets you.

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4. Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores

Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores

Time travel to a million years ago when dinosaurs ruled the world with Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores. Located in Jurassic Island, this monster hunting game lets you kill the ferocious beasts from the horrifying T-rex to the fierce triceratops.

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Despite the terrifying monsters you have to beat, Dino Hunter allows you to enjoy exotic Jurassic locations. Let’s mention lush tropical jungle, shipwreck strewn coast, and dinosaur boneyard. Thanks to amazing graphics that set this game apart from competitors.

This best hunting game is equipped with powerful, destructive weapons like shuriken crossbow and rocket launcher. This arsenal helps you kill the dinosaurs with just one shot. As you progress, you can also get more weapons such as rifles and shotguns.

Dino Hunter is a free hunting game that comes with in-app purchases. This means you can buy some extra items for an enhanced experience. Please note that Dino Hunter is not intended for kids.

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5. Deer Hunter

Deer Hunter

Here comes the most exciting hunting game for your mobile device. Deer Hunter brings you to the wilderness where you can pursue and hunt wild animals. This best free hunting game lets you line up your sights, aim for target, and hone your skills.

Travel to different locations across the globe from Africa to Alaska and join 3 weeks of seasonal events. It also gives you options to choose from multiple game modes from Historical Hunts, Spear Fishing, and Target Shooting. The best part is that you can hunt the most exotic animals.

Satisfy your inner hunter by collecting hunting trophies. You can compete to earn the biggest trophy animals and rank up on the leaderboards. Plus, it allows you to collect firearms, upgrade magazines, and add scopes as your hunting arsenals.

This app is free to play but it comes packed with auto-renewable subscriptions via in-app purchases. Either use a free version with default features or unlock extra items with renewable subscriptions.

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6. Hunt Royale

Hunt Royale

Here’s Hunt Royale, adding to the list of the best hunting games for Android that provides you with a thrilling hunting sensation. This action RPG battle is constantly updated—currently, it has more than 50 characters to unlock as you progress. There are also 5 different games to choose from.

On Hunt Royale, you have to hunt powerful beasts in a competition. Pick your favorite characters and learn their skills so you can earn XP and win the battleground. There are powerful skills you can use and master to explore different dungeons.

What’s more interesting about Hunt Royale is that you can find unpredictable challenges and special events on a daily basis. On top of that, it lets you customize your characters with a wide collection of skins. Unlock new skins as you level up and upgrade your character.

Hunt Royale promises endless variety for endless fun. Experience your own adventure into different dungeons and hunt unbelievable monsters to win.

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7. Zombie Hunter

Zombie Hunter

Zombie Hunting is thrilling and challenging at the same time. If you are in the mood to shoot zombies and save people then Zombie Hunter is made just for you. Featuring a complete selection of weapons such as bazooka, sniper rifles, and gunship, lock your target and shoot on their head to kill them.

How to win this best hunting game is quite simple. After downloading the app, you can start playing dozens of levels in different layouts. During your game, Zombie Hunter allows you to improve your arsenals and become the best sniper.

In addition to zombie hunting and weapon upgrade, this app offers a special surprise in every level. Unlock dogs that will help you hunt and fight zombies. They also help you localize the undead so you don’t have to fight alone.

Do you need better rewards? Zombie Hunter will give you extra coins if you can make headshots. Collect as many coins as possible to upgrade weapons and improve your stats.

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8. Wolf Game

Wolf Game

Wolf Game is a quite different hunting game to play on your Android device as it provides the opposite point of view. Here, you will become an alpha wolf and you have to team up with powerful wolves worldwide to fight other packs, avoid hunters, and hunt prey.

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As the leader, you have to control your pack to battle and move with strategy. You can also direct your wolf clans to help your alliances who are under attack. Use the wild map to show you the march route but be careful as it has various terrains.

Win every battle so you can conquer the world and build your own kingdom. With your skills, survive the wilderness and become the alpha wolf who rules the world. The combination of stunning graphics and attractive gameplay makes Wolf Game the best choice to enjoy an immersive experience.

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9. Duck Hunting 3D

Duck Hunting 3D

Hone your shooting skills with Duck Hunting 3D. This is a fun duck hunting game that allows you to search for wild ducks and shoot them without being cruel to the wildlife. Plus, you can shoot them anytime anywhere without having to wait for the open season.

Duck Hunting 3D promises realistic wild duck shooting so you can experience the real duck shooting outdoor. Thanks to awesome 3D graphics and realistic locations it offers. You can aim and shoot the ducks as many as you want without harming anyone or feeling guilty.

Find 6 duck hunting seasons and call yourself a wild duck hunting master. This app wraps all those years of experience, allowing you to ace all hunting seasons and improve your aiming and shooting skills. Two game modes are also available, including timed game and championship game. 

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10. Wild Hunter 3D

Wild Hunter 3D

How about upgrading your hunting skills with a unique hunting game? Wild Hunter 3D is one of the best hunting games that provides you with unique gameplay—it lets you hunt wild animals both on foot and on a moving vehicle. Your aiming and shooting skills are required here.

On Wild Hunter, you can hunt various animals with powerful guns. Your skills are highly required here so that you can kill the animals such as zebras, cheetahs, bears, and lions—even you can hunt escaped dinosaurs. Use your strategy to trap and kill the beasts.

What’s interesting about Wild Hunter is that you can use a vehicle to chase your target. This makes the game more challenging, not to mention it helps improve your hunting skills. If you want to be recognized as a virtual hunting legend, try Wild Hunter.

There are over 200 hunting missions to accomplish. Featuring excellent 3D graphics and powerful sound effects, you can experience realistic hunting from mobile device.

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11. Horror Hunt: Until Daylight

Horror Hunt: Until Daylight

Horror Hunt is a multiplayer game from the horror genre that gives you a unique yet horrifying hunting sensation. The world is now conquered by monsters and it’s your task to fight them. Banish these monsters from the Earth without being killed.

In this horror game, you and 3 other hunters must kill a monster by destroying the totems that become its source of strength and power. The monster, on the other hand, must kill all hunters to accomplish its mission to rule the world. This is what makes Horror Hunt extremely challenging.

Featuring amazing graphic, you can feel the immersive experience and thrilling sensation of hunting and being hunted. Get this app for free and buy in-app purchases for more items.

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12. Carnivores: Ice Age

Carnivores: Ice Age

Carnivores: Ice Age offers a unique winter hunting and realistic ice safari to your mobile device. It highlights unforgettable exploration in a 3D world where you can hunt ancient animals like saber-tooth and wooly rhinos. Use 5 maps to help you explore different landscapes.

A wide selection of weapons and hunting accessories is available to use for smart hunting. Use your strategy to hunt and kill aggressive animals, not to mention it requires excellent skills of aiming and shooting. You just don’t have much time to think!

Carnivores: Ice Age is designed with HD graphics and addictive gameplay that keeps you playing for hours. Get this app for free on Google Play or add some extra items with in-app purchases.

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Hunting games are all about skills and strategy. The best hunting games above come from various genres, providing you with different gaming experiences on mobile device. Whether you are into a fun duck hunt or a challenging monster hunt, these apps got you covered.

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