11 Best Stealth Games for Android

Best Stealth Games for Android

Stealth genre often comes with action and adventure. The combination creates a unique experience and thrilling sensation that gives you a little adrenaline rush. Luckily, now you can get the best stealth games for your mobile device and enjoy immersive gaming on the go.

The market is flooded with stealth games from many developers nowadays. Each offers a different story, features, and game rules that make your experience more diverse. Whether you prefer ninja, horror, or combat, they are getting better when paired with stealth genre.

Best Stealth Games for Android: Unseen and Dangerous

As the name suggests, stealth games are designed with similar premises. No matter the characters you play or storyline it offers, silence is the key. You may have to sneak into a house, kill enemies, or steal precious items in deep secrecy.

1. Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja

Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja

Ninjas have been widely known for their ability to disappear. Inspired by Japanese ninjas, Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja is an amazing stealth game that offers tons of fun and excitement. The action-stealth game makes you prove your ability to infiltrate building silently.

You have a mission on Stealth master—get rid of gangsters after you take contracts. With the increasing difficulty, it demands your skills, speed, and stealth ability. Choose from a plethora of weapons from the traditional katana to powerful sniper rifles.

Further, you can train your hand for hi-tech robbery. As long as you stay in the shadow, no one can attack you despite the advanced security equipment in the area. Accomplish your robbery mission and find various brainteasers to have fun.

Having someone do your mission is the next level on Stealth Master. Work remotely by training your sights, giving you the opportunity to work from a distance. Make your strategy, aim your target, and be a pro sniper.

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2. Republique


Republique is loaded with a ton of features to upgrade your game experience. The newer version comes packed with free Episode 1: Exordium while the next episodes are available as in-game purchases you can unlock.

This app is picked as one of the best stealth games for some reason. It allows you to choose from 3 unique costumes for Hope to go incognito. You can also take advantage of the Runner feature to make Hope ultra-fast with a timer that reports your progress.

Designed with improved graphics and performance, Republique boasts amazing visuals across devices. Even it supports Bluetooth Gamepad that promises simple and easy control from your Bluetooth gamepad.

Help Hope accomplish the mission by guiding through a set of dangers. There are 5 exciting episodes to enjoy, each has strategic choices, easy one-touch gameplay, and translated subtitles in multiple languages.

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3. THEFT Inc. Stealth Thief Game

THEFT Inc. Stealth Thief Game

What about playing a little crime in your life? If you are bored with all sorts of good characters or heroes, try THEFT that makes you a part of a crime syndicate. Experience some heart-pumping missions to stealthily steal valuable items across the world.

As a new recruit, you must prove your ability to thieve. Unlock a variety of cool gadgets such as night vision goggles, stun guns, and electromagnetic pulse weapons to conquer the guard. With realistic graphics and beautiful animations, you can complete the mission while enjoying the visuals.

The key to your success is you need to operate in silence. Keep yourself undetected with sophisticated and modern gadgets plus digital map that guide you to the target. Sneak into the building, neutralize guards, and complete your mission.

Are you new to this genre? This best stealth game makes everything easier so you can master the tricks in no time. It comes with loads of tips that will help you become a notorious thief. Your organization is non-lethal so you must neutralize guards instead of killing them.

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4. Space Marshals 2

Space Marshals 2

In an outer space situation, embark on a wild west adventure as Burton who has to struggle against the criminals. Unlike an ordinary dual-stick shooter where you just spray bullets all around, it requires your plan and strategy to win. Take part in tactical combat while keeping yourself invisible.

Your approach matters on Space Marshals 2. You may use different approaches such as using distractions to outsmart opponents or use silenced weapons to conquer your enemies. You can even let your rivals fight against each other by luring their factions.

This good stealth game boasts brilliant HD graphics, providing you with a realistic adventure from your mobile device. Complete 20 different missions, each promises rewards based on your performance. It also lets you choose from a vast collection of weapons and gear to combat your opponents.

Space Marshals 2 is a stealth game designed for your convenience. It supports dual stick control and Bluetooth gamepad controller so you can play at its most.

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5. Agent #9 – Stealth Game

Agent #9 – Stealth Game

This best stealth game puts you in the shoes of a secret agent. As a newly recruited agent, your task is to ensure the security of the nation. The gameplay is quite simple—do your mission under cover so you won’t be detected. Tap a target location and use the move button to quickly move to your destination.

In addition to simple controls and easy gameplay, this app is designed with high quality graphics that make Agent #9 an addictive stealth game. Make no mistake and don’t get killed so you can accomplish your stealth operations.

Serving the nation comes with great consequences. Bid farewell to your normal life and you will start to live like a ghost who always hides from the public.

Agent #9 is completely free to play. As a new app, it hasn’t offered a plethora of missions yet so you can give feedback for future improvements.

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6. Ninja Assassin – Stealth Game

Ninja Assassin – Stealth Game

Ninja Assassin is an action RPG game inspired from ancient Japan during the Edo period. Every scene of ancient Japanese city looks realistic thanks to advanced 3D graphics. You can even witness Japanese properties like samurai sword and traditional weapons at their best appearance.

This stealth game app is loaded with features. Besides brilliant graphics and animations, it presents 20 stealth kill motions using katana. With a boast of easy controls, let your ninja character swim, climb, or execute the enemies without being detected.

Adopted from beautiful Kyoto, the city on Ninja Assassin has a castle, shrine, temple, river, and farm. When paired with amazing graphics, the design and graphic will hypnotize you in no time. It also comes with ancient Japanese background music that relaxes your mind.

If you are looking for the best free stealth game with a unique story, Ninja Assassin is made just for you. Level up as you progress and find amazing things about Japan.

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7. Card Thief

Card Thief

From its name, you know what this game is about. Card Thief is an exciting stealth game where you must be a stealthy and cunning thief. Stay undetected by sneaking in the shadows so you can outsmart guards and steal priceless treasures.

To help you complete the mission, this best stealth game provides equipment cards you can unlock with items you’ve stolen. Collect 3 equipment cards in each heist so you can become a notorious master thief in solitaire-style gameplay.

Card Thief lets you explore 4 heists, each has different obstacles and enemies. It also gives you the opportunity to unlock and upgrade equipment cards to improve your skills. What’s more, you can find deep tactical planning specially designed for fans.

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8. Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper

If you like anything about secret agents, Hitman Sniper is a must-have. Playing a role as agent 47, show off your shooting skills in silence to become a deadly assassin. This game combines stealth and shooting genre, allowing you to experience thrilling sensation on-the-go.

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You are not only a secret agent on Hitman Sniper but also a zombie hunter. Take part in non-stop shooting action and enter the battlefield to prove your skills. There are over 150 missions you can complete with 10 diverse contracts.

Hitman Sniper boasts amazing graphics with smooth movement and simple gameplay, making an addictive stealth game for Android. Take part in the thrilling story and collect unique sets of weapons. If you are competitive, it’s possible to fight against your friends and climb up on the leaderboard.

Good news for you, Hitman Sniper is completely free to use with in-app purchases. It has been trusted by over 10M players, giving you access to compete with millions of players all over the globe.

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9. Ninja Assassin: Stealth Hunter

Ninja Assassin: Stealth Hunter

Despite the similar name to the previous game, Ninja Assassin: Stealth Hunter is a completely different game. This is a fun app where you can be a real ninja hero, presenting attractive visuals with high quality graphics. Combined with easy gameplay, it is suitable for players of all ages.

The rule of the game is quite simple on Ninja Assassin. Stay hidden and escape the guard without being detected. When the time is right, fight them to prove your power as a ninja. Of course, you will get gems as a reward for conquering the target.

These gems can be used to collect powerful ninjas, in addition to collecting keys to unlock more content. Do your best to stay invisible such as staying in the shadow or moving to the rear of your enemies.

Overall, this is one of the best stealth games you can play with everyone in your family. It is completely free to play but you can make in-game transactions to get more items.

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10. Cyber Ninja – Stealth Assassin

Cyber Ninja – Stealth Assassin

Cyber Ninja is a unique action-themed stealth game adopting ninja character. Instead of taking you to the ancient Japan era, it brings you to a cyberspace where a war causes chaos. Villain cartels are behind this pandemonium and the world only depends on you.

Step into the shoes of the Cyber Ninja, an assassin who can save the world. Wear your combat suit, take your katana, and arm yourself with a powerful arsenal. Choose from machine guns to explosive revolver to vanquish your enemy.

As a ninja, you must work in silence. Use stealth booster whenever you are in trouble and stay undercover. Having that said, it is your responsibility to choose the right battles. Think smart before everything is too late.

What’s interesting about Cyber Ninja is that you can discover diverse locations around the world. All beautiful places are presented in amazing visuals ranging from construction sites to the countryside. You can even expand your own assassin business to defeat the cartels.

Additionally, it gives you a chance to unlock a vast collection of gear. When you are working your way to become a powerful Cyber Ninja, you will need powerful gear to help you smash the villains. Try ballistic rifles, laser guns, jammer, and anything cool.

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11. Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor

Stealth games are not only about ninjas, heroes, or other powerful characters. If you need a refreshing option while keeping invisibility a must, Hello Neighbor has got you covered. The app combines horror and stealth that will give you a heart-pumping terror.

On Hello Neighbor you must sneak into a house next door. The suspicious homeowner has something fishy in his basement and your mission is to unravel the hidden secrets. What makes it attractive is that you must play against AI that learns from your move.

You can run but you can’t hide. Plan your strategy to enter the house without being captured. Don’t think about climbing the window as he might put a bear trap. Of course, the front door is the silliest option as it has a camera. Which way would you go?

Try your best to escape the neighbor and figure out the hidden secrets. This stealth horror game has got over 10M downloads which means millions of people enjoy it. Play this game for free to enjoy default features or upgrade with in-game purchases.

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Stealth games are always a great choice to play in your spare time. Coming with different stories and high-quality graphics, the best stealth games make you hold your breath during the operation. Whether you prefer action, horror, or adventure, select a game that suits your preferences.

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