12 Best Teleprompter Apps for Android

Best Teleprompter Apps

Using teleprompter doesn’t mean you are incapable of giving speeches—that means you are well-prepared to give the best. And if you don’t want to invest in an expensive teleprompter machine then you can download the best teleprompter apps for Android.

Teleprompter apps offer a great way to remember each word and lines of your speeches. On top of that, it can be used for other purposes like social media streaming, presentation in a meeting, and many more. Enjoy the comfort of reading without losing focus on your audience.

Best Teleprompter Apps for Android

You might need to spend the whole day to find the best teleprompter applications. If you want to make it simpler, we’ve compiled a good reference for you. Let’s take a closer look at the following list and choose your favorite teleprompter app.



Download on Google Play

Get BIGVU and join millions of users from around the globe. This versatile app is more than a teleprompter—it’s also a video recorder that makes it a suitable option for content creators, streamers, and others. Launch the app, hit record, and read your script with improvisation.

BIGVU has everything you need to speak confidently in front of a camera. You can add subtitles in a simple tap, edit captions, and overlay titles with different themes. It also offers an option to crop videos to square for various purposes.

Developed to be one of the best teleprompter apps, BIGVU has many other features to present. Let’s mention the ability to replace green screen with image, add music background, and even add animation.

To encourage high quality audio, it has an audio booster—with just a tap you can remove background noise. Video trimmer is also featured to select the best part of your video.

2. Elegant Prompter

Elegant Prompter

Download on Google Play

You will worry less to speak in front of the camera with Elegant Prompter. The autocue app has helped millions of people with their performances like presentations, public speaking, and even live music.

Featuring mirror text, this application allows easier reading with front camera. You can make various adjustments like scrolling speed, text size, width of scrolling script, and even line spacing. Some keys can be assigned to perform various actions.

What’s more about Elegant Prompter is that you can find the Play/Pause option on the screen. When you’re finished with a script, it allows multiple selections to delete. Specific Settings comes in handy to adjust different settings to each script.

For a better user’s experience, the prompter app lets you import text from drive or storage—no need to type manually on this app. It also boasts easier control from Bluetooth remote.

3. Selvi


Download on Google Play

Tired of making bloopers in front of a camera? Get Selvi and save your time and energy. This teleprompter app is specifically designed for everyone who wants to get rid of bloopers or those who need to skip memorizing complicated text. It is also suitable for those who don’t want to write short hints.

This best teleprompter app offers a brilliant function to help you read prepared scripts in front of phone camera. That way, you can focus on your audience without losing words. Now recording a video or giving online speech becomes simpler.

The latest version is added with some extra functions, such as import text from device memory, easy settings for the script, and possibility to share video on social network. You can also change video resolution and camera type (selfie camera or rear camera).

For your convenience, Selvi features unique widget. This widget has moveable and adjustable text reflection. Move the text and change the size as you want.

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4. SpeechWay


Download on Google Play

SpeechWay is one of the best free teleprompter apps you can find on the market. This cool application is suitable for video bloggers, broadcasters, live-streamers, or anyone who makes speeches in front of a camera.

Coming as a 3 in 1 teleprompter, it can serve as a classic teleprompter with mirroring that is suitable for presenter. You can also use it as a camera teleprompter that helps you record video using your own device. Plus, it works as a floating teleprompter widget for live streaming.

There are so many features to find, making it one of the best options for your Android. In addition to 3 in 1 functionality, SpeechWay supports Bluetooth remote and on-fly navigation. You can import text from Google Docs and adjust text formatting.

For better visualization, this teleprompter comes packed with a set of configuration options. Whether you want to set the timer, mirroring mode, text size, font, or scrolling speed, this app has got you covered.

5. OratoryOratory

Download on Google Play

With top ratings on Google Play Store, Oratory is a key driver to your success in front of camera. Live streamers and video bloggers find it useful for delivering materials in their streaming, broadcasts, or video blogs.

This app is designed to help you read pre-prepared text or script while recording on social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook. It also works well with the phone’s standard camera.

A unique widget has been added, making it possible to enjoy applications in a unique way. It also supports various actions like change widget position and size on the screen as well as configure text sixe and scrolling speed.

For convenient reading, Oratory allows you to pause the text at any time. You can also change widget color and adjust the transparency of the background—making it visually attractive.

6. Teleprompter with Video & Audio

Teleprompter with Video & Audio

Download on Google Play

Next up, this is one of the best teleprompter apps for reading your script in front camera. Whether you are using rear or front-facing camera, this tool helps you keep track of the text with a nice visual. Recording a video has never been this easy!

How to use this teleprompter app is completely simple. Once downloaded, launch this app and press a record button. Import a pre-prepared script from your phone memory and you will be ready to go live. You will worry less about losing words.

With the script scrolls near the camera, your audience won’t realize that you are using a teleprompter. Get yourself accustomed to moving text and you will be fine.

The teleprompter app is everything you need to avoid endless recording. You can eliminate bloopers and make a professional video recording for various purposes. Happy with the result? You can either save or share the recorded video.

7. PromptSmart Pro

PromptSmart Pro

Download on Google Play

PromptSmart Pro could be the smartest teleprompter you have ever had. Featuring speech recognition technology, it automatically follows your voice in real-time. This VoiceTrack feature ensures more efficient video production.

The free app gives you a 3-minute limitation without creating an account. You can subscribe to get the app’s full experience such as video recording, mirroring, and remote control. This is the perfect app for vloggers, YouTubers, content creators, podcasters, and more.

Need more features? You can upgrade to pro version that provides you with tons of cool features including voice track, the possibility to import from cloud services, and side margin adjustment. It also supports display customization with 14 different fonts.

What’s interesting about this app is split-screen feature that allows multitasking. Adjust the prompter position near your camera and you’ll be ready for the show.

8. SingerPro


Download on Google Play

As the name suggests, SingerPro is a teleprompter app designed for singer. Unlike previous teleprompter apps that are suitable for various purposes, this tool is specially made to help you sing and play music instrument.

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The prompter allows you to configure each point where you start/stop singing or play instrument. At these specific points, you will find the screen stop. The animation will resume from the last point so you can get complete control to every song you play.

Using this Android prompter you can either create lyrics or paste a lyric from other sources. Feel free to put as many songs as you want and play them anytime anywhere.

SingerPro is featured with a clean and nice interface. With set up timers and other features, it can be the perfect tool to have when jamming out with friends.

9. Teleprompter


Download on Google Play

Teleprompter offers a great way to speak in front of the camera without endless bloopers. The autocue app lets you read the pre-prepared script, making it the perfect application for presentation, live streaming, broadcasts, and more—even singers and musicians can take benefits from it.

Using this teleprompter you can read a scrolling text so you can focus on the camera. The text can be created in this app or imported from other sources. With a nice and clean interface, this app is completely easy to use.

There are so many things you can do with Teleprompter, such as manage unlimited scripts and import text from file storage. If you find some typos or need to correct some words, Teleprompter allows you to edit text directly in the app.

Configuring text is made simple—you can easily change text size, change the width, adjust line spacing, and even change scrolling speed as you want. Plus, it has a Play / Pause button to use while previewing.

10. Teletoto


Download on Google Play

Giving your best virtual performance in front of an audience is not a simple task. With so many things to prepare, it’s more likely to forget your words. Before this embarrassing incident happens to you, use Teletoto to make everything easier.

This best teleprompter app is designed to help you with your public speaking performance. Without the need for memorizing each word, you can read the script and speak fluently. That’s what you need to perform without forgetting something.

How to use Teletoto is quite simple. Once your text is ready, launch the app and add a script you want to read. Click the record button and start your performance. The script will scroll so you can easily read the text during the video.

The teleprompter app is suitable for various purposes. Whether you are a vlogger, YouTuber, teacher, or even student, Teletoto helps you crush public speaking.

11. Sufler.Pro


Download on Google Play

Eliminate the hustle and bustle of memorizing your speech with Sufler Pro. The convenient teleprompter app allows you to focus on your performance so you can deliver the message in a better way. Prepare your script, read the text, and amaze your audience with your confidence and fluency.

This is one of the best teleprompter apps that use voice recognition for mirror mode—you will never lose track of phrases. It also lets you control text speed and font size on the screen.

What’s great about Sufler Pro is the possibility to customize settings. You can configure scroll speed, text padding, font size, and text alignment as you want.

12. Parrot Teleprompter

Parrot Teleprompter

Download on Google Play

Last but not least Parrot Teleprompter is an easy-to-use application that transforms your smartphone into a professional teleprompter. Designed with convenience in mind, it has a bunch of features to improve your public speaking experience.

Using this app you can scroll the script either in landscape or mirror mode. Configuration settings make it possible to adjust text size, scroll speed, and background color. This is important to get the best visual for easier reading.

Parrot Teleprompter supports an unlimited number of scripts so it’s not necessary to delete each script after your performance. To simplify video recording, it also offers loop script settings.

Teleprompter is commonly used to speak fluently in front of an audience. Get the best teleprompter apps to transform your Android smartphone into a professional prompter and improve your public speaking experience.

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