12 Best Car Customization Apps for Android

Best Car Customization Apps

Car custom is not a new thing for car enthusiasts. While experts know exactly what to do when configuring their car, newcomers may end up being puzzled. If you belong to this group, take all the benefits of the best car customization apps to give you a hint on auto custom.

Car custom apps are designed for car enthusiasts who need clues on how to get their car customization done. They are loaded with features such as tuning simulation, repair game, virtual car modification, and more. Some apps also include auto updates, tips and tricks, and information about auto world.

Best Car Customization Apps for Android You Have to Try

There are numerous car custom apps available on the market but only few are legit. We’ve sifted through dozens of apps and found the most recommended tools to help you with car custom. Following apps are available on Google Play Store and free to download.

1. 3D Tuning

3D Tuning

Download on Google Play

Feel a distinct experience of configuring your car with 3D Tuning. The configurator app comes packed with over 1,000 photorealistic cars that will get you inspired. Whether you are seeking out tuning options or exterior design ideas, this app has got you covered.

3D Tuning comes packed with a vast library containing a large collection of grills, headlamps, wheels, bumpers, and many more. The instant access to the library allows you to get sparks of ideas for the upcoming automobile customization.

There are many other features to find in this app, including suspension level custom, exterior color change, and car painting. What’s great about 3D Tuning is that it is integrated with 3D tuning website that provides you with constant updates.

Do you think you have a cool garage with unique cars? Share with your community and let them know your car collections.

2. Car Mechanic Simulator 21

Car Mechanic Simulator 21

Download on Google Play

 Millions of people have trusted this app to hone their car tuning and car fixing skills. Car Mechanic Simulator 21 has everything you need for customizing automobile, repairing the engine, to repaint the car. Plus, you can even test the car on available track.

How to use this best free customization app is pretty simple. Find an iconic car through orders or in old barns. Repair the exhaust, engine, gearbox, and suspension before you test it on a track. Make it cool by repainting the exterior and it’s ready to sell.

Pimping a car has never been this easy, thanks to intuitive design and realistic graphic. Not to mention it supports multi language interface, thus you can enjoy the app at its best.

Car Mechanic Simulator 21 is ideal for car enthusiasts or everyone interested in auto mechanics. If you are looking for a reliable auto custom simulator then this app is surely for you.

3. NFS Heat Studio

NFS Heat Studio

Download on Google Play

NFS Heat Studio offers a virtual space to collect and custom the world’s coolest cars. The developer constantly drops new cars, allowing you to expand the collection in your showroom. And if you wish to unlock iconic cars, get ready to complete a challenge.

There are so many things you can do with this app. It has a workshop, a perfect place to show off your mechanic skills and express creativity. Go as crazy as you want with fantastic body kits, insane wheels and cool exhaust. Plus, it has a color selector that promotes the perfect finish.

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You will also love its showroom where your collection will be displayed. This could be the best feature to find in NFS Heat Studio as you can customize the showroom to match your preference. Don’t worry, you can add as many cars as you want.

Want to show off and brag about your car collection? NFS Heat Studio has a built-in share feature that lets you capture video and snapshot to share on social platforms. You can also save them to your gallery.

4. FormaCar


Download on Google Play

FormaCar is a full-featured custom car app designed to meet your high requirements for 3D configurator. With millions of downloads on Google Play Store, it is possibly one of the most used modification apps on Android.

Not only does it serve as a 3D configurator, it also brings some extra features to support your auto custom hobby. Find updated auto news, comprehensive info about car customization, and 3D kit spares catalogs to improve your experience.

In addition, FormaCar offers AR mode for easier car building. Thanks to a wide range of tuning custom opportunities, it makes you feel like a pro car maker.

There are tons of cars available in this app, ranging from trucks to sports cars and city cars. Pick any vehicle with any engine and build your dream car.

5. Fix My Car

Fix My Car

Download on Google Play

While most customization apps are hefty and memory-consuming, Fix My Car offers a brilliant solution. This app is pretty lightweight, allowing you to have fun with car mods without destroying your smartphone. Despite its relatively small download size, this tool offers amazing graphics.

You can do so many things with Fix My Car, such as discovering your favorite auto, improve mechanical skills, and learn about performance upgrade. It also provides you with insights on how custom car are built in the real world.

Are you interested in racing cars? Using this app you can run a professional body shop. You can simply find tools or order parts to upgrade your ride into a racing quality. It’s so much fun, entertaining, and beneficial for every car enthusiast.

Plus, Fix My Car is a useful app that provides a wide range of jobs, from basic maintenance to performance modifications. Whatever your goals, this app helps you achieve it.

6. Suspension Master

Suspension Master

Download on Google Play

Some auto enthusiasts are obsessed with low vehicles and Suspension Master is a great app that meets the criteria. With this app you can virtually adjust the height of vehicle. Designed with a simple and easy user interface, you will find it is an exciting tool to run during your idle.

Besides adjusting vehicle height by deforming the body, it also creates speed effect by blurring the background and tires. And if you wish to try a new color, use this app’s color mode before repainting your auto.

Suspension Master also highlights wheel synthesis function with which you can change wheels of the car. Using this best car customization app you can modify a ride in a simple operation. So, how low will you go? 

7. 3D Car Tuner

3D Car Tuner

Download on Google Play

Next on the list, there’s 3D Car Tuner that helps you build your dream car. This car mod app has the ability to configure a wide range of vehicles, allowing you to excel your tuning and mechanic skills. Thanks to a simple interface and nice graphics, using this app won’t be a struggle.

With 3D Car Tuner it is possible to experiment with a variety of visual tuning options. There are 10 vehicles to choose from and the developer promises more cars to come in the future.

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If you are looking for a car customization app that is straightforward and easy to use then 3D Car Tuner could be the perfect answer. Best of all, it comes with lightweight download size so you don’t need to concern about phone memory.

8. Idle Assemble

Idle Assemble

Download on Google Play

Idle Assemble is a fantastic simulation tool to build your dream car from scratches. This app is suitable for anyone interested in automobile and want to figure out how to build a powerful car. Constantly upgrade your collection of vehicle components and achieve your goal.

Different vehicles are available in this app. In addition to cars, Idle Assemble allows you to unlock other vehicles like motorcycles and even yachts. Collect as many rides as you want and hone your car mod skills.

There are so many ways to upgrade your vehicles. You can start with reinforcing the engine, modifying chassis, and replace gearbox. With unlimited modification, you are getting closer to your dream vehicle.

With a lot of collections in your show room, it may be a little harder to keep it for yourself. Feel free to show off your cars to your friends and brag about your mod skills.

9. Car Master 3D

Download on Google Play

This mechanic simulator has been used by millions of people to create their dream car. Join the crowd and find cool features like a wide range of car repair, car tuning, painting, and many more. Know how it feels to run an auto body shop and offer your best services.

This car modification app offers lots of fun. In your garage, you can feel the satisfaction of transforming an old rusty car into a shiny ride like it’s new. The best part is that you can become a car master by earning cash to upgrade your auto body shop.

Car Master 3D offers eye-catching and colorful 3D graphics that will enhance your experience. Are you ready for the challenge?

10. Car Design

Car Design

Download on Google Play

Everything you need to configure a vehicle is here. Car Design is a unique 3D car configurator that helps you design a new car or modify existing car from the gallery. Be like a professional mechanic and get the most out of this simulator.

This app supports a variety of vehicles, from city cars to sports cars to trucks. Whether you want to perform 3D tuning or discover impressive car engine sounds, Car Design has got you covered.

Furthermore, it highlights realistic driving simulators. This feature is getting better as you can pick a driving mode like parking, drift, stunt, or race track.

11. Tuner Z

Tuner Z

Download on Google Play

Tuner Z is a car tuning and racing simulator that comes packed with a complete set of features. It allows you to customize your ride, modify the engine, upgrade the drivetrain, and many more. If you are more into racing, simply choose your favorite race style.

This tool has a variety of sections, including garage that displays your car collections. You can also take all the benefits of its simple interface that promises a better user’s experience. This app is compatible with most versions of Android.

12. Car++


Download on Google Play

Delivering jaw-dropping 3D rendering technique, this car custom app is worth your thought.  You can find more than 80 beautiful cars with constant updates every week. It also has a unique collection of tuning parts as well as wheels.

Using this app you can pick a car of your favorite. Customize your choice and upgrade its visual by changing colors, wheels, lights, and even body kits. Plus, it enables you to improve car performance with easy to use configuration tools.

Do you need a car mod app that is simple and interesting? Look no further. Car++ could be the perfect option to take into your consideration.

The best car customization apps are designed to simulate car tuning and configuration so you can learn how it works in the real life. Find your favorite app and improve your skills.

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