10 Best Snapdrop Alternatives for Android

Snapdrop has been around for a while helping people to transfer files from smartphones to the computer and other devices. In fact, there are so many similar apps that load similar functions such as ShareIt. This is why finding the best Snapdrop alternatives can be a bit of a task.

Just in case you want some fresh air, the market provides you with a long list of alternatives to Snapdrop. Featuring easy sharing, these applications offer a brilliant file sharing solution from your Android device. Let’s have a closer look at the apps.

10 Snapdrop Alternatives for Easy Sharing

ShareIt, Send Anywhere, and Smart Transfer are a few names of popular file sharing apps you may have known. The fact that the market has more names to mention means you need to be careful when choosing a good one. Here’s a reference to top alternatives to Snapdrop for your Android device.

1. XShare


XShare is a brilliant solution to transfer and share files quickly between devices. Compared to Bluetooth, it offers faster transfer speed up to 40Mbps. It also boasts ‘one tap to connect’ so you can easily share photos, videos, music, movies, or other files without scanning QR code.

XShare doesn’t require any network to transfer files from your phone. This means you don’t have to worry about security or privacy even if you have to transfer sensitive files. Not to mention it supports large files without limitations at various formats such as JPG, PNG, PDF, MP3, and more.

Transferring files made simple with XShare. With just two steps you can send files to other devices. From this app, select Files then choose Send. The receiver automatically scans the QR code so you only need to tap to connect. Now your files are successfully sent.

Do you want to enjoy hassle-free file management? This versatile app can serve as your personal file manager that allows you to view or delete files faster. Featuring intuitive interface, it provides new user experience during file transfer process.

If you are looking for a free Snapdrop alternative just make sure XShare is on the list. It is completely free to download without in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

2. ShareMe


Hundreds of millions of people use ShareMe to send files between devices and this number is still increasing. Presented by Xiaomi Inc., this app supports file sharing without internet connection so you can send important files anywhere anytime.

Featuring easy connect, simply link your device with just a tap. No need to worry about interruption thanks to a useful resume button. Tap this button and the sharing process will resume without having to start over. It comes in handy to share large files from your Android.

ShareMe is a wonderful Snapdrop alternative that supports various files from images to videos, music, apps, and file documents. Designed with a user-friendly interface, sending files is easy and simple. You can even sort files into different categories.

Have to deal with large files? No worries about it because ShareMe supports large files such as videos, music, and apps. Thanks to lightning-fast transfer speed up to 50Mbps that will get the process done in a matter of seconds. No more wasting time waiting for progress.

For the convenience of millions of users throughout the globe, ShareMe supports multiple language interfaces. More than 70 languages are included such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, and more. Get this app and enjoy free features to the fullest.

Download on Google Play

3. PhotoSync


Focusing on photo transfer, PhotoSync is a fantastic app to backup and share photos and videos between devices. Millions of happy users trust this application to transfer their pictures to and from computer, Android, iPhone, and cloud through a seamless connection.

PhotoSync contains tons of key features to help you with the transfer process. For instance, it supports a drag-and drop function with which you can easily pick photos or videos and drop them to this app. Using Wi-Fi, you can directly send files between Android devices.

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Moreover, this Snapdrop alternative features auto backup to make sure you don’t lose any photos or videos. Auto copy and share is also supported from Android devices with a few settings. Plus it gives you the option to transfer from and to cloud services like Google Photos and Google Drive.

This app is free to download but it offers a 7-day trial so you can enjoy different features. Paid content is available to improve your photo sharing experience.

Download on Google Play

4. EasyShare


With more than 100M installs, EasyShare offers a great way to experience convenient file transfer on Android devices. Enjoy seamless sharing without internet connection and pesky ads so you can focus on choosing the files.

EasyShare boasts super-fast transfer speed up to 40Mbps making it possible to handle large files. The fact that it works without internet connection means you can easily share files anywhere anytime. One good thing about this app is that it supports all Android devices and multiple platforms.

If you are thinking of migrating content to your new phone or sharing important files with friends, EasyShare comes to the rescue. What’s more important, it doesn’t have size limitation so you can transfer and share files of various sizes.

Never use this kind of app before? EasyShare comes with a simple and user-friendly interface that ensures its accessibility. This sharing app is free to download on Google Play and it offers in-app purchases for extra content.

Download on Google Play

5. Filemail


Are you looking for a file sharing app that offers hassle-free and ad-free experience? Filemail could be a hidden gem to your quest. Featuring up to 5GB per transfer, it supports a variety of files including music, pictures, videos, documents, and more.

This Snapdrop alternative works in a quite different way compared to Snapdrop but it can be a nice alternative to transfer files. Easy to use interface promises a hassle-free file sharing moment, allowing you to send files just like sending an email. Plus it lets you send folders or multiple files to save time.

One amazing feature on Filemail is that you can share files using a download link. Simply generate a link, share it, and your friends can easily download it on their device. This feature works efficiently for receivers who don’t have the app.

Filemail is basically free to download but you can upgrade to paid version for exclusive features. They include limitless file size, unlimited transfer session, and faster transfer speed.

Download on Google Play

6. ShareIt


ShareIt is undoubtedly a Snapdrop similar app that will give you the best file sharing times. Trusted by millions, it works amazingly to share apps, games, photos, videos, and many more. Super-fast transfer speed up to 42Mbps provides a fantastic experience anytime.

In addition to file transfer, this versatile app offers many other functionalities. It can serve as a phone cleaner that helps you free up space, file manager to manage files on your Android, and battery saver to cut your time on the wall. It also helps speed up your phone performance.

If privacy becomes your main concern, ShareIt has got your back. Your privacy is a priority, that’s why this app always improves their system to provide maximum protection to users’ data security. Hence, you can enjoy not only a quick but also secure file transfer.

This Snapdrop alternative comes with annoying ads that pop up anytime. Having that said, it remains a wonderful application to share files between devices. With more than 1B downloads, ShareIt becomes one of the most used file sharing applications for Android. 

Download on Google Play

7. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere

Do you need an app that offers unlimited file sharing? Send Anywhere is a decent app that should be on your list. It promises a quick and easy solution to transfer files to your PC. Supporting any file types, it’s not necessary to alter the format before sending.

Send Anywhere doesn’t require internet connection to work. Instead, it uses Wi-Fi Direct to move various files from videos, photos, music, and more. Even if your file has a large size, this app can easily tackle it. This is a smart solution to transfer large files without internet.

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What’s more, this Snapdrop alternative is the perfect app to share files via a link. This useful feature allows you to share files to multiple people, especially if they don’t have this app. Of course, it offers an efficient solution to send files at once.

Just to make sure the app works at its most, you will want to grant permissions so it can: write and read internal storage; access location; write and read external storage; access camera; and read contacts. With over 10M downloads, this is a file transfer app that deserves your consideration. 

Download on Google Play

8. Smart Transfer

Smart Transfer

Built with a simple yet intuitive interface, Smart Transfer is a cross platform file sharing app to get your tasks done. It provides secure sharing from phone to phone even if you are working with the large ones. Experience a quick and easy process to transfer music, photo, calendar, contacts, and more.

Other file transfer applications might only give you a headache but Smart Transfer is an exception. Using this app, you can choose a network to share data such as cellular network, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi hotspot. It offers flexibility to meet your specific needs of data transfer.

If you need to clone data from your old phone to the new one, Smart Transfer can help you out. Simply move everything you want to transfer from your old phone and bring it to the new one. For easier access, this app supports multiple languages—English, Chinese, Spanish, German, and more.

Interested with all features? Smart Transfer can be downloaded for free. It supports paid content just in case you need to upgrade the functionality.

Download on Google Play

9. Smash


Simple file transfer is a great benefit you can get from Smash. This Snapdrop alternative offers ease and flexibility to send your videos, photos, music, and other types of file from your handheld device. Whether you want to transfer holiday pics or favorite music videos, this app has got you covered.

Without registration, you can start transferring files upon joining. Simply select desired files on your screen and start transfer on Smash servers. At the end of the process, it will generate a link which can be sent to multiple people via messengers, SMS, or email.

Smash comes in two versions—free and paid. The free version comes with default features, including up to 2GB file transfer, no file compression, 7-day file availability, and encrypted data. This version also comes with access to your last transfer.

Smash Pro, on the other hand, is a paid version that unlocks some exclusive features: unlimited file size; 30-day file availability; customization for transfer design; data encryption; files are stored in close areas. No matter your preference, Smash is an incredible file sharing app for your Android.

Download on Google Play

10. Xender


If you think 50M downloads is not enough, you should check Xender out. This sharing app has got more than 100M downloads on Google Play alone, which means millions of people trust this application to transfer their files.

Xender is one of the best sharing apps that come with abundant features. Besides sharing different types of file that becomes the main highlight, it supports a variety of file types from PDF to word, zip, MP3, JPG, and many more. Whether you want to share music, videos, or photos, this app gets the task done.

Designed as a cross-platform app, Xender works well on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Once downloaded, you can enjoy fast transfer speed up to 200 times Bluetooth speed. This is why it can easily handle large files.

You will also love the Play feature that lets you play music and video after receiving them. Plus it supports social media downloader to save videos from Instagram and Facebook.

Download on Google Play

Snapdrop is arguably a convenient app to transfer files but the market has many other choices. Abundant apps with similar features allow you to compare one another so you can find the best one—an app that fits your preference. Get your favorite Snapdrop alternatives and send files securely.

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