8 Best CooMeet Alternatives & Similar Apps / Sites

Best CooMeet Alternatives

CooMeet is a powerful anonymous video chat app to get connected with thousands of strangers all over the globe. It is loaded with decent tools and features but you may want to find a different chat experience. Hence, you can opt for CooMeet alternatives that offer similar functionalities.

Talking to strangers in an anonymous chat room allows you to reveal your true self which can be therapeutic for your mental health. Feel free to express your feelings, thoughts, and secrets without being judged. And if you are lucky, you could meet the love of your life.

Best CooMeet Alternatives to Talk with Strangers

Tons of video chat apps are rolled out to the market these days. But if you are not careful enough you will end up installing a scam or even worse. If you need a little help, scroll through this page and save time to find the best alternative to CooMeet.

1. Holla


Meet millions of strangers with different backgrounds and cultures on Holla. This is a popular random video chat app that supports free video call, video chat, text chat, and voice chat. Make new friends with just a few simple taps on your screen.

Don’t let language barrier discourage you! Holla is featured with real-time translations that ensure easy communication with anyone. Use this feature to talk with strangers in your own language and let this app do the rest.

Before starting a video chat or video call, be sure to select a region and gender you want. You will never know who will be next showing on the screen so you have to be prepared. Learn new languages, exchange cultural knowledge, and make friends with strangers.

Similar to CooMeet, Holla promises a safe community and chat room so you can enjoy conversation at its most. The team build a 24/7 moderation system which helps protect all users. It also gives you authority to report any inappropriate act.

This free app has got more than 10M downloads on Google Play alone. You can buy in-app purchases for additional content.

Download on Google Play Website

2. Badoo


If you want to connect with a stranger to find a date, Badoo is a random video chat app that will help you achieve the goal. It is basically designed as a dating app but many people also use it to make friends and meet the world.

On Badoo, you will need to complete your profile so you won’t go anonymously. Raise your popularity and attract users who might match you. It also gives an option to discover new people nearby or from all over the world.

When it comes to video chat feature, this CooMeet alternative allows you to make real connection with your new friends. It helps you a lot before deciding to meet in real life.

This random chat app comes with many other features. For instance, it lets you apply special filters to break the ice and make video calls more memorable. You can also share pictures from other social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

If you’re concerned about security, Badoo is a secure dating app with a safe community. The system is equipped with a rude message detector and private detector to keep the environment convenient for everyone.

Download on Google Play Website

3. MeetMe


MeetMe is a free CooMeet alternative to meet and chat with new people. Using this app, you can interact with nearby locals and share your interest. You can either have fun with text chat, video call, and even live stream features. Finding a new friend made easier with MeetMe!

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Join a vast MeetMe community to meet new people with the same interests. Once you find them, send a text message to break the ice and continue to video call. What’s amazing about this app is that you can join other’s livestreams or broadcast yourself.

If you have the confidence, MeetMe lets you make your own livestream and build your own followers. During your livestreams, you can receive or give gifts, battle with other users, and go on dates. It also provides featured Live shows that last for hours.

This CooMeet alternative comes with a user-friendly design that makes it accessible to everyone. Whether you want to look for a date, make new friends, or find a lover, MeetMe makes your dream come true.

Live a better social life with MeetMe. Find this app on Google Play and download it for free. It comes with in-app purchases for more content.

Download on Google Play Website

4. Mingle2


Chat with millions of singles on Mingle2. Focusing on helping you to find a date, it comes in handy to connect with new people. Even if you just want to find new friends, Mingle2 can be a great app to make everything easier. Now you can save more time and effort.

With Mingle2, you can instantly discover people nearby or from different countries. Find who is online, make a quick scan and start chatting with a user of your interest. Filter your search by age or ethnicity to narrow down the list.

Mingle2 is a recommended CooMeet alternative for some reasons. First, it takes your privacy seriously and it doesn’t share your personal information with other parties. You can also enjoy a fun dating experience in a safe and secure chatroom.

Unlike CooMeet which allows you to chat anonymously, you will want to create a profile before starting a chat on Mingle2. Once you create a profile that only takes 30 seconds, you can start searching for a new friend or a date.

This app is free to use and works across platforms. Subscription is optional and it also offers in-app purchases for a better experience.

Download on Google Play Website

5. Omega

Omega currently has millions of active users throughout the globe. This is a random chat app that lets you connect with strangers and make friends via video calls, voice calls, and text messages. This application is featured in more than 100 countries so it offers a great chance to open the world.

This CooMeet similar site highlights live video chat and live call so you can instantly find a match. It also features region and gender filter that promises a convenient search. Set the filter based on your preference and you can easily meet people you like.

Gift is a fantastic feature to express your affection. In Live, you can send and receive gifts from other users. Not to mention it comes packed with interactive games to have fun with strangers. This is a brilliant way to break the ice and get closer.

Omega provides you with a safe, healthy, and fun community to meet new people. If you want to get connected with strangers without worries, Omega should be on your list.

Similar to other CooMeet alternatives, this app is free to use without subscription. In-app purchases are available to enjoy more features.

Download on Google Play Website

6. RandoChat


RandoChat has everything you need to chat anonymously with strangers. It doesn’t require you to create an account or profile before getting started. After installing the app, you can meet new people and start chatting. This is a very simple, safe, and convenient way to connect with others.

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This app takes your privacy seriously. To make sure nobody knows your messages, it will be deleted after being sent. No need to worry about nosy friends or family breaking into your apps. Not to mention it doesn’t store your connection data or IP address.

Furthermore, RandoChat is designed with a simple, attractive, and user-friendly interface that ensures easy access. It will show a nickname instead of your real name and an avatar instead of your real photo. Other personal information you share also include age and search preferences.

Searching for new people made easy with RandoChat. You can set the filter based on age and gender so this app can find suitable people for you. When you find one, start a chat. This app comes with emojis to make your conversation more fun.

Download on Google Play

7. AntiLand


If you are looking for an anonymous chat app with a vast community, AntiLand is worth your consideration. This random chat application offers a great place to share your secrets, weird story, and feelings with strangers. No need to worry about others’ judgment.

This app highlights self-destructing messages which make sure nobody knows what you’re talking about. Meet new and cool people from different countries and learn their languages or cultures. No more hiding behind a mask because you can reveal your true self with this app.

AntiLand has become a popular random chat app for some reasons. Not only does it allow you to get connected with strangers and make new friends, you can also find people with the same interests. Thanks to the filter feature helps narrow down the list.

Whether you want to meet locals or total foreigners, this CooMeet alternative has got you covered. Break the ice by sharing funny memes or photos anonymously in the chat room. You can even play in-app game for having fun with your new friends.

AntiLand ensures a secure, safe, and friendly environment for anyone. Thanks to more than 500 automatic filters that block bullying, annoying, or trolling. This app is free to download and to use. Buy in-app purchases for more content.

Download on Google Play Website

8. Chatous


Chatous is a convenient app to chat with locals and strangers from many countries. Build a unique connection with new people and talk about anything you want from hilarious jokes to world conspiracies without being afraid of how others would think.

Enjoy a distinct experience of chatting with real people instead of bot on Chatous. Find people with the same interests by using hashtags. Once you find a friend you would like, start a fun conversation with video chat. Plus you can easily share photos to reduce the tense.

Before getting started, build your own profile so you can find people or be found. Mention your interests with hashtags to help people discover you. Write a brief description about yourself to make your profile more attractive compared to others.

However, similar to CooMeet, this app gives you the option to go anonymously. Whether you are an introvert or you want to protect your information, Chatous lets you chat through anonymity. Alternatively, you can also change your display name.

Made with a user-friendly interface, this anonymous chat app is free to download. Millions of happy people use this application to connect with the world and it’s your time. It provides in-app purchases for any users who need additional content.

Download on Google Play

Video chat apps like OmeTV, AntiLand, and Badoo are designed to help you open the world. These CooMeet alternatives come packed with abundant features aside from video chat, such as video calls, text messages, photo sharing, and a safe environment.

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