10 Best Palm Reading Apps for Android

Best Palm Reading Apps

Palm reading or palmistry has been practiced for centuries. Commonly performed by psychics, it helps ones discover their future and life secrets. Nowadays, you don’t necessarily need to visit a psychic to have your palm read because you can simply download the best palm reading apps on your Android.

A number of developers launch palm reading applications to help you analyze and identify the palm lines right from your smartphone. Most of them mainly feature a scanner allowing you to scan your palm quickly and easily. Do you want to know more about your future? Here are possible apps to try.

Best Palm Reading Apps to Reveal Your Life Secrets

From Life Palmistry to AstroGuru, you have a bunch of options when it comes to palm reading apps. Some applications come with more features than others so you should be selective before installing one on your Android device. Let’s have a closer look at the brief review below.

1. Life Palmistry

Life Palmistry is a widely used palm reading app with more than 5M downloads on Google Play. It analyzes your palm lines, palm width, palm length, and finger length to provide a palmistry report so you can figure out the secrets of your life.

This app mainly features AI-based technology that promises a thorough analysis resulting in a reliable report and useful suggestions to improve your life. It also has the ability to take you to the future and see yourself in a more mature version.

In addition to palm reading, this palmistry app supports many other features like baby provision to see what your future baby would look like; gender changer to find out your face on another gender; and love counselor that provides you with daily love counseling.

What’s more, this best palm reading app also includes finger analysis and hand analysis to reveal the secrets behind your fingers and hands. Or if you don’t know what you want to be, it has a career counselor feature that will help you find a job that is good for you.

Life Palmistry is free with paid content. With an intuitive interface, you won’t find any obstacles when using this application. 

Download on Google Play

2. AstroGuru


Combining astrology and palmistry, AstroGuru offers astrology predictions to improve your life. Millions of people use this app to get their palms read and unravel their fates. Simply by scanning your palm, it explains anything you need to know about life.

This best free palm reading app helps interpret 3 major lines of your palm, including heart, head, and life. The heart line expresses your friendship, love life, and marriage while the head line explains your success, career, and wealth. Life line tells you about your health and energy.

How does it work? AstroGuru scans your palm and its cutting-edge technology will read your palm lines to reveal your fortune, fate, and personality. With this app on your smartphone, you don’t have to visit a psychic and waste a lot of money.

AstroGuru is more than a palm reading app, it is an astrology prediction app that offers personalized daily horoscopes to make your day. If you want to answer all questions on relationship, career, or fortune, this app has got you covered.

Need to find more content? This best palm reading app offers in-app purchases that you can buy for additional features.

Download on Google Play

3. Palm Reading & Fortune Teller

Palm Reading & Fortune Teller

Interpret your personal character, future, and fortune with Palm Reading & Fortune Teller. It works by analyzing your hands to reveal your hidden secrets and future. All features you can find on this app are free so you don’t have to spend a dime.

With this app, you can analyze various lines including heart line, life line, marriage line, head line, and more. Besides analyzing your palm, this app will ask a few questions according to the lines which allow you to get a personalized analysis.  

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If you want to get to know more about your health, career, work life, love life, and physical strength then this is the best palm reading app to install on your device. Many people successfully improve their quality of life with Palm Reading & Fortune Teller.

Designed with a user-friendly interface, this is a simple app that won’t make you feel overwhelmed. Simply get this application downloaded on your Android device for free and have your palm lines read for a better life. 

Download on Google Play

4. Palm Reader & Zodiac Horoscope

Palm Reader & Zodiac Horoscope

This is an awesome hand reading app to help you discover your future without visiting a psychic. Featuring a hand scanner, it reads your palm lines and reveals the hidden meaning of the lines. But if you want to perform manual palmistry, this app has got you covered.

It comes with a boast of a detailed and accurate reading based on astrology predictions. It also features actual astrology charts that promise detailed and accurate daily horoscopes. Reading your destiny is made simple and practical with this Android app.

Furthermore, you can enjoy other feature like crystal ball to obtain accurate predictions on the specific questions. It works based on spreadsheet to provide you with forecasting, predictive modeling, optimization, and simulation.

As one of the best palm reading apps, it also supports tarot card reading to guess your future with a set of cards. Combining tarot and palmistry is a great way to uncover the secrets of your life. Find answers to your questions and improve your life.

Palm Reader & Zodiac Horoscope is free to install. It comes packed with paid contents so you can experience more features than the default version.

Download on Google Play

5. Palm Reader Scanner Free

Palm Reader Scanner Free

Made with a simple design and attractive interface, this is a palm reader app to scan your palm lines and discover more about your future. Whether you want to figure out your love life, significant changes in your life, or mental attitude, this app can give you the right answers.

Inspired by the ancient tradition of Chinese palmistry, it allows you to discover many aspects including your personal character, future, and way of being. It identifies and analyzes 3 main lines on your palm: love line, life line, and head line.

What’s interesting, it combines old tradition and modern computer algorithms to detect the lines and provide you with accurate predictions. Not to mention it is completely easy to use. All you have to do is to take a picture of your left palm and wait for the app to analyze.

To make sure this app works optimally, you will want to grant some permissions including camera access and storage. It is also important to note that it doesn’t provide predictions based on astrology or horoscope.

Download on Google Play

6. Kismet


Are you looking for a fortune telling app with multiple functionalities? If the answer is yes, Kismet should be on your list. It is a versatile fortune teller that offers palm readings, daily horoscope, tarot readings, personality test, and birth chart. Now you can have your fortune read without getting a psychic.

When it comes to palm reading, Kismet analyzes your palm lines and reads your fortune. It helps you discover unknown secrets of life, allowing you to make improvements for a better life quality. When combined with angel card reading and tarot reading, you will get more insights into your future.

Palm reading life line using Kismet is completely simple. Take a picture of your palm lines, wait a few seconds, and it will provide you with everything you need to know about your life.

Moreover, Kismet comes packed with quizzes and games that will enhance your experience. Never get bored when using this app because you can have fun with all the features. You can also benefit from daily affirmation feature that help you with daily life.

Coming with so many features, Kismet is available for free. But if you want to experience additional contents, please buy the in-app purchases.

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Download on Google Play

7. Astrobot


Combining palmistry and tarot card reading, Astrobot is one of the best palm reading apps to get predictions about your life. It offers a bunch of astrology predictions, including birth chart and zodiac signs to transform your Android smartphone into a unique fortune teller.

This free app is a comprehensive astrology app that combines various disciplines. It helps answer your questions and curiosity about your future in several aspects such as love life, health, career, and personality. Use the answers to improve your life quality.

Astrobot is built with a simple interface that makes it easy to use. For palm reading, you can upload an image of your left palm. This app will analyze the 3 main lines and offer detailed predictions. Just make sure your image is clear.

Do you want to know more about your friends? Astrobot features a birth chart that allows you to analyze the birth date of your friends and put them on a list. It helps you understand more about them so you can easily decide if they are good for you.

Download on Google Play

8. MagicWay

No more hidden secrets of your fate with MagicWay. This is a dashing app that helps you read your palm and tell your fortune, providing more insights into your life. It collaborates with expert astrologers to give you accurate results.

With this app on your device, you can get a comprehensive zodiac report daily. Start your day with motivation and inspiration to improve your whole life. It also lets you reveal hidden personality in you so you can understand yourself better.

MagicWay offers 5 kinds of palmistry including head line, heart line, fate line, life line, and sun line. Each line represents different aspects of life. For instance, the heart line represents your love life, marriage, and how people would like you. Meanwhile, the life line covers your health.

On top of that, this app provides you with zodiac compatibility that includes 12 zodiac signs. Find detailed individual horoscope report based on your birth date, planets, and more.

MagicWay is one of decent apps to read your palm lines. Simply take a photo of your left palm using this free app and find the hidden meaning of your life.

Download on Google Play

9. Kasamba


If you are looking for a fortune telling app that gives you access to the best psychic advisors then Kasamba is just for you. It is a top provider of psychic reading that gives you a 3-minute trial of chat with psychic, allowing simple, easy, and quick palm reading anywhere anytime.

Whether you need love advice or career guidance, Kasamba can help. This app collaborates with the best psychic advisors to read your tarot card, palm lines, and astrology. You can use crystals, angels, and zodiac reading to get more insights.

This best palm reading app offers a 3-minute trial with which you can find an online psychic or fortune teller to help uncover your hidden secrets. It also gives you access to a community of experienced psychic readers. Get advice on your questions of the future, love life, relationship, and more.

What’s great is that Kasamba is available 24/7. It also protects your personal identity because it won’t be shared with the psychics.

Download on Google Play

10. Palm Reading – Real Palmistry

Palm Reading – Real Palmistry

Enjoy advanced palm reading with this palmistry app. Made with a simple design, it works just great to reveal your future. Take a picture of your palm and get hand lines analyses for free. Without using your phone camera, all you have to do is answer questionnaires to help the app identify your palm.

When you choose Advanced Results, you will get a comprehensive hand interpretation. Get more insights into your life and do your best to improve it. This app analyses at least four lines, including heart line, head line, life line, and luck line.

With this app, reading your hand is so much simpler. It is available for free without limits so you can get the most of it.

Download on Google Play

Overall, the best palm reading apps provide you with guidance and insights into different aspects of life, from health to career and love life. Download these palmistry apps on your Android and know more about your life.

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