12 Best Secret Messaging Apps for Android

Texting has become part of your life and no one can resist it. However, since cyber-attacks and other similar things can cause any harm to your privacy, why don’t you consider using one of these best secret messaging apps below?

Some people consider a secret messaging app as a perfect medium to cheat on someone. Not to be blunt but the phone’s default texting app is not a safe place nowadays. Thus, it is time for you to consider another texting app.

The Best Secret Messaging Apps for Android

Other than the advanced features and better security, the best secret text apps also protect your privacy multiple times higher. Can you imagine the damage it could cause if you share confidential data through an app and someone stole it? Well, this is why you need to pick a secret texting app. 

The good news is that you can find the best apps for texting on the list below. All of them are available on the Play Store and free to download. Meanwhile, some apps may charge an additional fee for their extra features.

More than anything, choose an app that works best for you and make sure that no one steals your data ever again.

1. Viber

Viber Messenger

Download on Google Play

Talking about secret text messaging apps, Viber always comes on top. This one is quite popular among many users nowadays. Besides its simple UI, this app provides a secure platform to change information with a speedy connection. 

To enjoy all features offered by this app, you don’t need to pay for anything – Viber is free! As long as you have wi-fi or data connection, you are good to use this app. Other than sending private texts, the app allows you to make international calls and group chats.

Some of Viber’s key features are, such as:

  • Super-secret chat with a self-destruct feature.
  • Group chat rooms consist of unlimited numbers of members.
  • Comes with a bunch of GIFs and stickers.
  • You can open the app on your PC and smartphone.
  • Chat Extensions feature.

2. Signal


Download on Google Play

Signal is also one of the most popular secret messaging apps available on the Google Play Store nowadays. It brands itself with the best private messenger platform anyone can use.

Using this app also allows you to communicate with anyone from anywhere without wondering about exorbitant SMS charges.

Even though it seems like any other chatting app, Signal comes with a robust system that ensures better privacy. Thus, you can share media and attachments effortlessly without sacrificing quality and privacy in the first place.

Signal doesn’t store any of your personal information. Of course, this makes the application highly secure.

Some of its best features include:

  • Excellent environment.
  • Improved security on your cell phone.
  • Encrypted conversation.
  • No personal data is being stored on the server.
  • Open-source protocols.

3. Wire


Download on Google Play

Meanwhile, if you are looking for the best secret messenger apps for professional needs, Wire will be a huge help for you. It is suitable to cover your daily communication with co-workers and other business-related people.

It comes with a robust system that provides safe communications and excellent security. While it comes with excellent encryption, Wire is also protected by the privacy regulations of Europe. By that, you can talk about anything without any fear and worry.

Its features include:

  • Logging in with several numbers of accounts.
  • You can make both voice calls and video calls securely and effortlessly.
  • An open-source app, audited by independents.
  • End-to-end encryption comes as standards.

4. Telegram


Download on Google Play

Telegram has been a popular messenger app for years now. Even lots of companies use this platform to accommodate their needs of communications. As a free secret messenger app used by lots of people, Telegram focuses more on speed and security.

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The number of users is getting bigger from time to time, making this app a popular choice regardless of their social background. Other than its end-to-end encryption, Telegram also boosts security with its Secure Chat feature.

You can sync the data on various platforms effortlessly yet securely. Other than that, it comes with a feature that allows certain messages to have a period to destroy themselves. Other key features include:

  • Encrypted with the 256-bit symmetric AES encryption.
  • Unlimited message and file sharing.
  • Useful photo and video editing tools.
  • You can use several accounts and Telegram offers assistance for it.
  • The ideal source for hosting internet communities, especially for coordinating teamwork.
  • Cloud storage doesn’t require physical disk space on your device.



Download on Google Play

LINE got its international recognition after the Tohoku earthquake in 2011. It was the only communication solution after the nature activity took place in Japan. Later, several Japanese engineers created this app so that everyone can talk to anyone else.

To secure the texts, the Letter-Sealing feature was introduced, which was easily available for all LINE users. However, you need to turn on the feature to utilize the function, and vice versa. If you are looking for secret messaging apps that look like games, LINE Messenger might be the answer.

Some of its best features include:

  • Auto-sync across devices.
  • You can chat with 200 users at the same time.
  • Video and voice calls are free.
  • A polling option.
  • You can call your family or friend even if they don’t use LINE.

6. Threema


Download on Google Play

Have you ever heard of Threema? This messaging app comes as one of the secret messaging apps for Android on the Play Store. According to the company’s claim, this app keeps your personal data at bay – even a third party cannot reach data in the first place.

Even if you are using this app, you don’t need to use your phone number a.k.a. anonymously, which will make all activities highly encrypted, including voice calls. This app is excellent for those who look for an advanced texting app that comes with a bunch of security features.

Besides mobile use, you can install Threema on your PC with the same security features. A few of its best features are, such as:

  • Multifaceted file formatting.
  • Sending text and voice messages securely yet anonymously.
  • Effortless poll feature.
  • Various sharing options.

7. CoverMe


Download on Google Play

You better not encourage yourself to do some unfaithfulness but CoverMe scores as one of the best apps when it comes to cheating secret messenger apps.

Using this app allows you to make calls and send texts without being worried about security and privacy. You can also set a password to lock your photos and videos so that only you and the recipient can see them.

You would love CoverMe for texting and making calls for various reasons, such as:

  • Free phone calls with high-security features.
  • A self-destructing feature to make a duration for each text you’ve sent.
  • All sensitive information and passwords are kept in the Vault.
  • Feel free to invite other users through your social media.

However, you better hold your password securely. Once you lose it, it seems impossible to retrieve what you’ve stored in the Vault.

8. Dust

Download on Google Play

Talking about the secret texting app for Android that comes with an encrypted messaging feature, Dust is one of those that apply the feature properly. It comes with lots of options users can pick to delete the texts.

Some of its key advantages include:

  • Safe messaging, since no information is stored. All messages will disappear.
  • You will get notified if your text is a screenshot from the other party.
  • It can be a social media platform too.
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However, there are no advanced communication options. It means that you cannot make calls, both video and voice calls. Meanwhile, Dust’s competitors almost have it all. Since the app takes security seriously, your texts will disappear after a certain period. 

It also means that you better not use this app for long-term conversations. Besides, the popularity is still way below other messenger apps on Play Store. Still, you can give Dust a shot just to feed your curiosity. This app is free, after all.

9. Silence

Download on Google Play

Silence is a good texting app that comes with encryption to keep your privacy secured. However, it is not the most popular app on the market.

According to some reviews, this app comes as a better option than your phone’s default SMS app. You can also enjoy its end-to-end encryption while texting with other Silence users. Some of its key features are, such as:

  • Simple and practical UI design.
  • Take privacy seriously.
  • The app is free and will benefit those to still use SMS.

However, the app doesn’t provide any live customer support – which is a bump. Still, Silence is a nice app for those who need a texting solution that comes with excellent security services.

10. Wickr Me

Wickr Me

Download on Google Play

Wickr Me is considered as one of the secret messaging apps that look like other apps. It sure looks like something else but a texting app.

Coming with encryptions for voice calling and voice notes, this app helps you stay connected with your friends from different groups instantly. Since you don’t need to register any mobile number or email address, no one can find out about the contacts in your account.

And once you make an address book, the server won’t save it to remain safe and secure. Wickr Me is an excellent texting app for those who need extra assurance and security in many ways. Some of its key features are:

  • Latest end-to-end encryption.
  • Versatile termination timer.
  • Secret group chat options for a limited number of members.
  • Deleted content is overwritten.
  • Open-source.

11. ringID

Download on Google Play

Let’s say that now you need a suggestion about a secret chat app for lovers. What kind of features do you wish for? An exclusive user ID like a media social account? Or flexible friend permission?

Well, ringID comes with a bunch of features offered by most social media platforms while staying to be a private texting app. Thus, it will be a good alternative for you who needs a secure place to talk to your lover while having fun with its features.

Other than that, you can enjoy music and other entertainment options through this app. Some of its key features cover:

  • Individual friend permission.
  • Adjustable timer to destroy the text messages automatically.
  • Sign in with an exclusive user ID so that you are in control of your social media account.

12. Snapchat


Download on Google Play

Even though it is not a totally secret chat app, Snapchat comes with a feature that will make your messages disappear after 24 hours. This app is also a good addition to hone your creativity skill. Some of its features are such as:

  • Various customization options for texting and making videos.
  • Adjustable security settings.
  • No third-party servers.
  • Messages will disappear after 24 hours.
  • No data backups.

The presence of technology is surely something lovable. You can do the impossible by using technology. However, some people might use advanced technology for something that could put other people in danger. While it sounds nothing, the lack of security in texting apps may cause huge damage to someone.

Thus, why don’t you try the best private messaging app from the list above? Other than keeping in touch with people you care about, any information you share through the platform is safe.

Keep in mind that not all texting apps are created equally. Always use the best secret messaging apps especially if you exchange documents a lot with others through the platform.

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