9 Best Motivational Apps for Android

Motivation is an essential factor to achieve your goals. But when negativity and stress struck, you might lose hope. Fortunately, motivation apps are now available to help you find spirit and inspiration. Find the best motivational apps, so pursuing your goals becomes a lot easier.

Most motivation apps provide positive affirmation to turn on positivity inside yourself. Some apps are also loaded with additional features, such as tips, insights, and even relaxing sound to help you unwind. And of course, they come packed with powerful quotes that can serve as your reminders.

Best Motivational Apps for Android to Stay Positive

Android users have plenty of options when it comes to motivation apps. But you need to be selective when choosing one, otherwise, you’ll pick up a scam. If you need a good reference for trustworthy motivational quote apps then the following list deserves your attention.

1. Motivation


On the top of the list, here’s Motivation app that shows you the power of motivation. It optimizes your day with daily quotes, helping you to stay motivated to achieve your goals. You can also help others by sharing positive quotes on your favorite social platforms.

An extensive range of quotes are available, from self-improvement to healthy habits, and from wellness living to career and business. Simply choose a category and you will receive daily inspirational quotes to inspire you. Interestingly, these quotes are basically easy to adapt on the go.

This best motivational app has a powerful reminder that keeps yourself going through tough times. It also reminds you to love yourself and adds self-care to your daily routine, allowing you to stay positive even when time goes harder.

Motivation app is completely easy to use. It is designed with a user-friendly and attractive interface to boost your mood. Customize the theme and your daily quotes will be delivered in your favorite background and font.

This program offers a widget so you can read quotes from the home screen. Whenever new quotes come, they will appear in the Motivation widget. Simply tap on a quote you want to read and share with your friends or family with just a click.

Millions of happy users have this app on their Android devices. Sign up for free and enjoy default features to stay positive or buy in-app purchases for advanced features.

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2. Enliven


Enliven is a daily motivation app that offers inspiring quotes, meditation, life guides, and more. This modest app is free to download and it has more features than expected. For instance, you can access thousands of inspirational quotes besides daily motivational quotes.

Timing plays a key role in promoting the effectiveness of quotes. This is why Enliven allows you to change the notification time so you can decide when you need them the most. It also offers simple meditation that helps you achieve mindfulness.

If you need a little challenge, the Enliven app has Life Guides that come with simple tasks. Understanding quotes becomes so much easier with them. It also gives you the option to leave comments on quotes that hit you the most.

Feel free to change backgrounds and sounds to improve user experience. It comes loaded with a set of backgrounds, such as scenic landscape, monochrome gradients, and bright gradients, so you can pick one that suits your mood. A variety of sounds is also available to promote tranquility.

What’s interesting, Enliven has a couple of editions to choose from. Choose editions that suit your needs or you can also buy tailored additions, such as Go Get Success, Live Life Now, and The Sun Will Rise. Discover your motivation and make your journey to success more meaningful with Enliven.

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3. Always Positive

Always Positive

Always Positive is home to great quotes, both motivational and inspirational. Whether you want inspiration to guide your decisions or motivation to get through a difficult phase of life, this app has got you covered. It energizes yourself so you can be stronger and resilient.

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Being one of the best motivational apps, Always Positive brings some key features. It works rather differently than most apps that present daily quotes from the system. Instead, it encourages app users to share their positive thoughts and spread it to other users.

Either you need quotes or you want to share positivity, this app comes in handy to help you achieve your goals. Improve your quotes with images and customize them with your own style. This is how you can touch more hearts.

Or if you simply find quotes that hit your feelings, mark them as your favorite. Once you bring them to your favorite, you will be able to find them quickly. This app also lets you share quotes and pictures on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Always Positive is a free app so you can download them without charge. If you want, you can buy in-app purchases that provide you with additional features. Thousands of users are happy with this app, so the next might be your turn.

Download on Google Play

4. Mindset


Featuring motivational interviews from popular speakers, offline mode, and convenient playlists, Mindset is one of the best free motivational apps for Android users. Using this app, it’s like having a personal motivator at your fingertips.

Mindset makes it possible to listen to inspiring interviews and motivational speeches. Freely search for a speaker, motivator, or leader who comes to your favorite and get ready to change the world. Or if you want to discover a new life, listening to the helpful content creator can give you a chance.

Another key feature of Mindset is built-in share feature. Start with creating your own playlist and share it with your friends or family, so you can spread positivity and inspire others. For convenience, you may download and listen to your favorite speakers without internet connection.

This best motivational app is designed to help you improve your life through motivation, sophisticated ideas, self-care, and productivity. Millions of users listen to speeches and motivational audios in Mindset, making one of the most used motivational apps ever launched.

There are different topics to choose from, including self-improvement, spirituality, workouts, mental health, business, and even morning routine. Pick a category where you need motivation the most and let this app do the rest. Download this app for free or upgrade to premium subscription for more features.

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5. ThinkUp


Positive affirmation can affect your self-confidence and motivation. Incorporating positive affirmation in your daily life also plays a key role in improving your life quality, allowing you to achieve your goals in the most efficient way. Not to mention it keeps you happy.

ThinkUp is the best motivational app that delivers daily affirmations in a personalized way. It encourages you to level up self-confidence by recording positive affirmation in your voice. This method is considered 10 times more effective than using other’s voices.

It uses the power of “I am” mantras that provide you with positive suggestions. Make it more attractive with background music from ThinkUp or your own playlist. You can also set up an alarm for daily affirmation so you can stay positive.

ThinkUp is suitable for anyone who needs daily affirmation and positive manifestation for self-care, anxiety and stress, self-confidence, mindfulness, and many more. Find thousands of motivations and record with your own voice.

This app is free to download and use. But if you want more features, you can buy a one-time purchase for the Premium version.

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6. Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes

Find tons of motivational and inspiring quotes to achieve your goals in Motivational Quotes. Whether you are losing faith or you want to easily forgive others, this app can help you out. Or if you need motivation to respect yourself, it has got you covered.

Motivational Quotes helps you change your mind with meaningful quotes. After signing up, you will get daily quotes with beautiful images. You can download and share them with anyone on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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What’s more to do in this inspirational quotes app? You can take benefits from the breathing exercises, especially if you have anxiety issues or sleep disorders. Plus, you can find useful life tips to make your days better.

If you have some favorite quotes, this amazing application allows you to make your own collection. Once they are in, you can easily find them whenever you want. Becoming a better version of yourself is possible with Motivational Quotes.

It has more than 5M+ downloads to date, which means millions of users read their daily quotes and get inspired. Though it is a free app, it gives you full access to all features. No premium version is available.

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7. Fabulous


If you are concerned about your mental health then Fabulous could be the best app for you. Picked as one of the best motivational apps for Android, it helps you optimize the power of healthy habits and routines. Whenever you need an app to help improve your life quality or start healthy habits, Fabulous will do.

This app does several things to bring you closer to your goals. Not only does it help you build healthy habits, but it also guides you to concentrate on your tasks. You can also join the community and meet other members from around the globe.

Do attractive things with Fabulous, such as listening to daily coaching, creating journals of your thoughts, writing to-do-list, and listening to daily affirmations. Meditation is also available to bring calmness and tranquility. Featured in many countries, it has over 10M+ downloads.

Fabulous is free to download but an upgrade is supported. Once upgraded, you can enjoy cool additional features such as coaching series with different categories, unlimited habits to build, and Al

Overall, this is a top mental health program you can download on Android devices. Whether you need motivation or you have mental health issues, Fabulous deserves your attention.

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8. Make Me Better

Make Me Better

Make Me Better is another best motivational app to develop yourself and better your personality. It provides you with powerful daily motivations in the form of articles, podcasts, and mental wellness videos. You can also find motivational quotes and positive affirmations for improving your mood.

This app doesn’t come with long and tedious articles. Instead, it offers short, summarized articles and videos so you can remember them easily. With this app, you will feel like having a personal coach on your device.

When it comes to daily motivational quotes, Make Me Better has plenty of them. It meticulously selects only strong ones so you can become stronger after reading. Besides powerful quotes, you can also find love quotes, inspirational quotes, and even love quotes.

Unlike most motivational apps, Make Me Better stands out with daily life hacks. This feature allows you to make your daily activities become easier and more enjoyable. Among useful life hacks are finance tips and relationship tips.

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9. Habitica


Game lovers who need to build healthy habits can try Habitica. This free app incorporates RPG elements that make it similar to your favorite games. Accomplishing your tasks and achieving your goals become so much fun.

This app is designed to help you with a variety of tasks, such as household chores, creative projects, and fitness. Even it works well to handle self-care and ADHD.

How to use Habitica is completely simple. Upon signing up, you will want to create an avatar and add your works or tasks. When you do something that helps achieve the goal, check the task in the app. You will receive gold and items to use in the game.

Tons of features are available to improve your experience. Among the main highlights are flexible habit tracker, to-do-list, avatar customization, color coded tasks, and many more. You can also find widgets that allow easy access from your home screen and customizable themes that make it look attractive.

Download on Google Play

Motivations and positive affirmation can come from anywhere. And if you are an avid Android user, downloading the best motivational app is the best way to have a personal digital coach and improve yourself. Upgrade your personality, self-care with a motivation app that fits your character.

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