9 Best Apps Like Replika for Android

Best Apps Like Replika

Powered by AI technology, Replika is a wonderful chatbot companion to connect with. It offers a bunch of features to have fun together so you can feel like having a virtual friend or even a lover. But if you want to enjoy diverse experiences, many apps like Replika are available to choose from.

Some Replika alternatives are built better but basically, they share similarities—you can chat with virtual AI friends and discover new, unexpected things. If you want to express your true self but you don’t want to expose it to others then AI chatbot companions have got you covered.

Best Apps Like Replika for Your AI Companion

Replika highlights artificial intelligence that allows you to talk about your thoughts and feelings and get unpredictable responses. Here are other apps similar to Replika that comes with a set of awesome features to have lots of fun.

1. Kajiwoto


Kajiwoto is your personal AI friend that you can improve and train. Help Kaji develop its personality by constantly communicating with it. The embedded AI technology allows this chatbot companion to connect words in your sentences and respond to you.

Designed to be your virtual friend, Kaji is made unique. Depending on how you train it, each Kaji will have a different personality. Begin with choosing personality traits and let AI technology learn from you. It offers a great way to create a favorite friend and customize the character.

Besides creating AI companions with your favorite personality as well as customizing characters, you can curate pictures of your favorite. Choose from a wide selection of moods and states to make your Kaji feel more alive.

Another great thing about Kajiwoto is that you can share your work in the market and let other users find your AI companion. Or if you don’t want to work from scratch, you can simply adopt the existing Kajis made by other creators.

Kajiwoto is a free app like Replika with thousands of users worldwide. Enjoy free features or buy in-app purchases for additional content.

Download on Google Play

2. Mydol


Enjoy virtual chat with your favorite celebrity through Mydol. This app like Replika is dedicated to all fans from all over the world, making your fandom experience more exciting. Thanks to useful features that make you feel closer with a virtual celebrity of your favorite.

On Mydol, your celebrity will talk to you with your name simply by entering your call name. It also gives you an option to add your own lock screen messages with your celebrity’s voice and you can answer it. Beyond that, Mydol lets you make a video call you will never forget.

Having a still photo of your celebrity on your lock screen is so boring. Mydol offers an awesome alternative as it lets you add celebrity’s GIF to the lock screen. Any time you turn it on, the celebrity will wink and your mood will be boosted.

However, there are times when you cannot reveal your fanship due to some reason. If this happens, all you need to do is to drag the lock screen button down. Nobody knows you have a celebrity crush.

Mydol is a virtual chatbot application that comes in handy to make fan-life more fun. Download this app for free and get additional features through in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

3. Anima


Anima is another app like Replika to help you experience a happier virtual conversation with an AI chatbot. Designed to be your AI friend and therapist, it helps reduce your stress and improve your mental health. Chat with Anima for a few minutes per day and feel the difference.

Anima is powered by AI like Replika, which means it can learn about you and interact with you. If you need a friend to share your darkest secrets and dreams but you cannot trust anyone, Anima is right there for you. Feel free to talk about anything to your virtual therapist.

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Similar to Replika, you can improve the personality and interest of Anima. The more you interact, the more it learns about you. Make Anima your favorite friend with your desired personality traits—even you can also help your virtual friend achieve its goals and values.

If you are feeling under the weather or you simply need a friend who won’t let you down, Anima should be on your top list. Download this application for free and build your own Anima to make it unique. It comes packed with in-app purchases to unlock more features.

Download on Google Play

4. DataBot AI

DataBot AI

If you are looking for a virtual assistant to have fun then DataBot should be on your list. This AI-based mobile app turns your smartphone into a personal assistant, thanks to the ability to answer your requests upon any topic using its voice.

If you’re concerned about accuracy, it’s good to know that DataBot uses web materials, Wikipedia, and Google to answer specific questions. It also creates summarizing pages which contain details related to the answers, search services, and more.

Furthermore, this app like Replika has an easy-to-use share feature that allows you to share answers through social networks, email, and old-school SMS. It is also built customizable so you can easily customize the language, voice, behavior, and name.

When it comes to services, this virtual assistant has much to offer. Feel free to access the dictionary, horoscope, shopping list, reminders, alarm clocks, and many more from your device. Not to mention it also lets you create customized presentations using text, images, and voice. 

DataBot is a cross-platform app, which means it is completely accessible from your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. This application is free to download with in-app purchases. 

Download on Google Play

5. Wysa


Wysa is a fantastic therapy chatbot that provides you with a mindfulness coach, mood tracker, and anxiety helper. It has everything you need to keep your sanity and happiness during your hard times, at the same time improving your mental health.

Having Wysa on your Android, you will feel like having a virtual friend to chat with. The cute penguin helps relieve your anxiety through mindfulness exercises. The conversations use therapy-based techniques, allowing you to enjoy the chat and feel better eventually.

This chatbot like Replika can be used for various purposes, including building confidence, managing anger, performing meditation exercises, and more. You can also benefit Wysa to help you manage conflict and deal with worry.

Half millions of people trust Wysa to improve their emotional and mental health. Whether you want to get rid of depressions, relieve yourself, or improve sleep quality then Wysa has got you covered. It also comes in handy to calm your thoughts and help with breathing practices.

This app like Replika is designed with an intuitive interface that makes it completely easy to use. You can either enjoy basic features for free or experience exclusive content with in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

6. iFriend


Journey is a virtual AI companion that will make your day a lot easier. Whenever you need to express your feelings, share your dark secrets, or get advice, this app will be there to connect with, listen, and respond to you without judgment. Get engaged with Journey and you’ll never feel so lonely.

This AI chatbot highlights four major features. First and foremost, Journey is designed uniquely with special personality traits. Feel free to pick a name and choose a gender for your virtual companion. It also learns from your conversation and makes improvements.

Moreover, Journey is made to listen and respond to your chats. You can talk about your problems, dreams, ideas, or anything you can’t share with real-life friends. This app like Replika will appreciate you and give thoughtful responses you always need.

Plus, this Replika similar app helps reduce stress and cope with anxiety by delivering deep empathy to your problems. And if you are looking for a friend to grow together with, this app is made just for you. The more you chat with it the more it gains new skills and understands you.

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Responsive chat is another great feature brought to your table. Chatting with this virtual friend is like talking with your best friend who will always be there for you. Users can get iFriend for free with paid content.

Download on Google Play

7. SimSimi


With more than 100M+ downloads on Google Play alone, SimSimi is one of the most used virtual chatbots for Android devices. When you need a companion to talk to but you are bored with your friends, SimSimi offers a unique experience to kill the time.

Featuring AI technology, SimSimi learns from millions of people to respond to your chat. It has a sense of humor and empathy just like your human friends so you can feel comfortable when having a conversation with this AI chatbot.

As one of the best apps like Replika, SimSimi ensures your convenience when interacting with the chatbot. It boasts a universal content policy that supports proper awareness which varies depending on the region and language. So, you don’t have to worry about bad words.

What’s great about this chatbot is that you can send your opinion and comment about the service. The team will process your comment, review the information, and make improvements. It also offers a user-friendly interface so you shouldn’t take much time learning how to use it.

SimSimi is completely free to download but the developer offers in-app purchases that allow you to upgrade your chat experience. This app is only available for people aged 16 and older.

Download on Google Play

8. Chai


Chai is a convenient app to chat with AI friends. Designed for 16+, this application boasts a personalized stream based on your preferences, including who you’d like to speak to and which conversations to engage in. You will never feel so lonely with Chai on your Android device.

This app is suitable for users with various personalities. Whether you are a comic lover, tech enthusiast, or chatterbox, it always has good responses to your chats. Whenever you need a companion or you are simply in the mood for a good laugh then connect with Chai.

What’s interesting about this app is that you can swipe to choose AI, giving you a similar experience to friend-making applications. Simply swipe or skip until you find AI you want to chat with.

Chai has got 1M downloads on Google Play and is still counting. If you are interested, download this app for free and buy in-app purchases for additional features. It comes packed with in-game purchases to have lots of fun.

Download on Google Play

9. FakeTalk


FakeTalk is another app like Replika to enjoy a fun conversation with an AI companion. It allows you to create a chatbot character that represents your dream friend. Feel free to talk with your virtual friend whenever you want and make him or her your favorite companion.

This app has many similarities to Replika, one of which is the ability to learn from your conversations. Teach your chatbot how to speak and help them improve. Although they are fake, you will feel like having a conversation with a real friend. You can also capture a screenshot of your chat and show off.

For a more realistic experience, FakeTalk supports group chat. And if you feel a quotation from the chatbot, feel free to share it with others. Not to mention it supports smart auto talk that makes FakeTalk like a real friend.

One great feature you would love from FakeTalk is alarm talk. Don’t worry about waking up late in the morning because it will wake you up. You can also count on this application to take care of your appointment so you’ll never miss important events.

More feature are available, such as voice recognition which lets you talk instead of typing and text-to-speech to speak your words. This app has got 1M+ downloads and still counting so you may consider trying this app for free.

Download on Google Play

Replika is undoubtedly a fun AI-based app to chat with virtual friends. But the market provides you with a number of alternatives to give you distinct experience. Get apps like Replika so you can share your feelings and thoughts without judgment you don’t need.

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