10 Best Police Scanner Apps for Android

Best Police Scanner Apps for Android

Police scanner isn’t a popular app among Android users but it comes in handy to help you monitor neighborhood situations. Finding the best police scanner apps can be a bit of a task because available apps on the Google Play Store barely have significant features and user interface.

In general, police scanner apps keep you updated with criminal activity or emergencies in your surroundings by listening to the police or firefighters’ radio feeds. Whether you want to use it for fun or news purposes, connecting your phone to radio feeds can give you a unique sensation.

Best Police Scanner Apps for Android: Stay Alert and Informed

There aren’t many police scanner apps to find on the market. However, some developers have some unique releases in this category, so you may want to check these top picks out. Fun facts, they are pretty interesting to learn about criminal activities and emergencies in your neighborhood.

1. Scanner Radio – Police Scanner

Scanner Radio – Police Scanner

Integrated to more than 7,000 fire and police scanners, this is a great app to begin with. The cop scanner app allows you to receive the most recent information and alerts about fire, robbery, traffic accidents, and more directly from the first hand.

To make sure Scanner Radio works perfectly, you’ll want to connect with scanners nearby. View available scanners including top 50 and recently added so you can add them before listening to the feeds. For quick access, add them to your Favorites.

Once connected, turn on notifications so you’ll receive alerts anytime when major events happen and when the directory has over 2,000 listeners. Just make sure the scanner is within the distance of your location unless it won’t be able to reach you.

Do you need to access the scanner more quickly from your home screen? Take advantage of Scanner Radio widgets and you can launch it with just one tap. This app is free to download but you can upgrade to Scanner Radio pro for ads-free experience and access to multiple themes.

Download on Google Play

2. Police Scanner X

Police Scanner X

Police Scanner X should be on your list when it comes to the best police scanner apps. With this app you can monitor scanners of the police, fire department, and radio from all over the globe. The X means it is the cutting-edge version of police scanner.

Enjoy the latest features including a custom stream player that supports battery savings and faster playback. It supports radio streams that can be resumed, allowing you to listen to a radio band of your preferences. For understandable chatter, it comes packed with Police Radio 10-codes.

Police Scanner X may not have an interesting UI but it comes in handy to figure out emergency situations and unexpected events in your local area. It supports more than 1,000 scanners with top 50 feeds to choose from.

Operating this app gets easier with functional features. For instance, the built-in share button allows you to share your favorite scanner. It is also possible to sort scanners by location and choose the most popular ones. Add frequently listened scanners to your Favorite for easier access.

Download on Google Play

3. Broadcastify Police Scanner

Broadcastify Police Scanner

Broadcastify is your pool of scanner radio. Claimed as the world’s largest scanner radio stream source, it gives you access to Broadcastify network consisting of more than 6,700 radio streams from fire department, police, marine, rail, and even amateur.

The scanner radio app is loaded with features to ensure your radio streaming experience. Search option makes it possible to find radio feeds by name and location, in addition to nearby feeds that it shows to help you access more quickly.

Chosen among the best police scanner apps, Broadcastify gives you a chance to add radio feeds to your favorite list. Any streams added to the list can be accessed quickly so you don’t have to search for them every time.

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What’s more, this application offers real-time updated stats for all streams, helping you to find a radio feed that you want to listen to the most. It also has listing for feeds, push notifications, and upgrade option to enjoy full access.

Broadcastify has been used by more than 1M people around the world. Designed with a simple interface, using this police scanner app won’t be a difficult task.

Download on Google Play

4. Police Scanner – Live Scanner

Police Scanner – Live Scanner

Police Scanner is another good option when it comes to joining radio streams of police, fire, or emergency department. Using this app, you can listen live to radio scanner feeds with high quality audio. Simply choose from thousands of radio scanners from around the globe.

If you need to get informed about criminal activity, emergency situation, or public safety in your local area, the Police Scanner has got you covered. Selected as one of the best police scanner apps, it has numerous features to make sure you keep track of all the information.

One of the most useful features to find on Police Scanner is radio station listing. It allows you to find radio streams from various states. You can also see how many listeners are joining the station so you can decide which one is the most popular.

Do you have favorite radio streams? This app gives you a chance to add them to your favorite list. Once added, you will be able to access them quickly so you don’t have to search for the stations manually.

Police Scanner is a live scanner app that is free to download. Buy in-app purchases if you want to get more features and content.

Download on Google Play

5. Police Scanner 5.0

Police Scanner 5.0

Are you looking for the best free police scanner app to stay informed with current events in your local area and around the world? Police Scanner 5.0 is an app to take into consideration. It works well to listen to a long list of radio scanners live and for free from your smartphone.

Don’t worry about unclear chatters from the officer because it is powered by cutting-edge technology that promises crystal clear audio. Not to mention it has a standard yet simple interface that makes it easy to operate.

Police Scanner 5.0 comes loaded with new features, including search function that allows you to browse more than 7,000 stations of the police or fire department. There’s also top 200 list of recent police stations that promotes faster and easier search.

More features to find on Police Scanner 5.0 include daily updates, favorite list, and access to police bodycam video. It also supports easy customization with diverse theme settings to meet your preferences. As a plus, it comes with a countdown timer to shutdown automatically.

Download on Google Play

6. Police Scanner – Scanner Radio

Police Scanner - Scanner Radio

Police Scanner becomes one of the best police scanner apps for listening to fire alarm, traffic accidents, and live events. It helps connect you with the police’s radio to keep yourself informed of emergency and danger in your neighborhood.

There are so many things you can do with Police Scanner. For example, you can browse through thousands of feeds from your area or from around the world. Find tons of stations to join which spread across states. It also gives you a chance to access the top 100 most recent live feeds.

Can’t decide which radio to join? This police scanner app helps you make decision with listener count. It provides you with information about how many people join each station, so you can join one with the most or the least listeners.

With the ability to show feeds near your location, you can keep updated with recent activities. If you have favorite stations, make sure to put them in your Favorite list. This way, you can stay up to date with the latest activity in your neighborhood with quick and easy access.

Download on Google Play

7. Police Scanner Radio Pro: USA

Police Scanner Radio Pro: USA

As the name suggests, this is an app to listen to feeds of police or fire throughout the US. This app boasts high quality and clear audio to make sure you catch the information precisely. From early morning to late night, you’ll always catch information on the street 24/7.

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The latest version has been added with features to improve your monitoring experience. Choose from thousands of stations from police to fire station and emergency department. Top 50 list allows you to figure out the most popular stations with the most listeners.

In addition to audio, this best police scanner app supports police bodycam videos with which you can directly monitor the field. Police vloggers and breaking news are also available to give you more insight into what’s happening out there while you’re sleeping on your couch.

More basic features are available on this app, such as Favorite button, color theme, shutdown and sleep timer, and MediaPlayer control notifications. There’s also recording option that allows you to make recording for playback later.

Download on Google Play

8. Tru Blue Police Scanner Radio

Tru Blue Police Scanner Radio

Listen live to radio stations for free with Tru Blue. Built with sophisticated technology, this police radar detector app works great on your Android devices. Not to mention it supports most Android versions even to the latest one.

Tru Blue makes it possible to access more than 7,000 stations with top list of current stations. Whether you are seeking news or simply you want to know what’s happening out there, this app has got you covered. Listen to your favorite station and stay up to date.

Although it is designed for catching radio stations, you can enjoy its visual. Thanks to customizable theme that allow you to change themes to your heart’s content and choose a color that suits your mood. Daily updates are supported with minimum battery use.

If you are new to police scanner apps, using Tru Blue won’t make you overwhelmed. Once downloaded, search for a desired police station and listen to the chatter between officers.

Download on Google Play

9. Police Scanner Live

Police Scanner Live

Police Scanner Live is another app you can use to listen to police station radio nearby and from all over the globe including US, Canada, and some European countries like UK and Germany. More scanners are added for more coverage in the future.

You can count on this app to monitor the street, emergencies, and rescue activities. Stay up to date with 24/7 information from the officers and be prepared in case of disasters. This app supports over 8,000 radio feeds sent to your mobile phone.

Being one of the best police scanner apps, it has a set of useful features. While the search option allows you to find radio stations by country and state, favorite function makes it possible to list frequently listened stations. You can also categorize them for easier search.

Police Scanner Live is free to use and download. It doesn’t come with in-app purchases, which means you don’t have an option to improve its content and features. If your goal is just to keep informed with the latest street news, this app is more than enough for you.

Download on Google Play

10. Canada Police Scanner Radio

Canada Police Scanner Radio

Focusing on police station radio in Canada, this app is your best option to listen live to police scanner feeds from your smartphone. Be the first to know what is up out there from fire emergencies to disaster and criminal activity from the first hand.

New features have been added to this app, including thousands of stations support, top 50 list containing current police stations, and breaking news. You can also check the field situation through police bodycam video and police vlogger option.

Make your favorite stations more accessible by adding them to your Favorite list. It also gives you a chance to make recording of your station for playback later. Shutdown and sleep timer makes sure you don’t waste battery while you sleep. But if you want to stay awake, you might find good news at night.

Overall, Canada Police Scanner Radio is a great option when it comes to police scanner apps. More features can improve your experience, such as daily updates, customizable theme and color, notifications for media player control, and cutting-edge technology.

Download on Google Play

If you are bored with mainstream apps for Android, downloading police scanner applications can transform your smartphone into a useful monitoring device. Keep yourself updated with the newest activities directly from the officer with the best police scanner apps.

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