10 Best Green Screen Apps for Android

Best Green Screen Apps

Have you ever tried the best green screen apps on your Android smartphone? Just so you know, almost every online activity that involves visual things will get better if you use a green screen.

Today, the presence of green screens is not merely for shooting a fantasy movie. You can use this technology to enhance your online meeting experience, video editing, and many more.

If you create lots of videos and other visual content on the internet, using a decent green screen app is more than an option: it is a must. Thus, you better read the list below and find out which one works best for you.

Best Green Screen Apps for Android You Should Try

So, what is the best green screen app on the market? Generally speaking, there are tons of options you will find on the Play Store. Each of them offers similar main features but incorporate various technology advances to deliver those features.

Below, you can find a list of various apps for Android phones that provide green screen technology. Some of them are free to use and some others provide their best through paid services.

1. Chromavid


Download on Google Play

When it comes to the best green screen background app, Chromavid is definitely it. It works excellently both for editing videos and photos. Other than that, it works on Android 5.0 and higher, which is pretty much almost all Android phones in the first place.

Even though Chromavid doesn’t come for free, the pricing is fairly low – only USD 2.99. This app also comes with world-class Chroma Key effects. You will get image merge functions, unlimited time for recording, and more options of Chroma colors by purchasing this app.

In case you want to release your work out in the world, there are several social media buttons you can tap anytime you finish with your video. Some other interesting things about this app are such as:

  • Chromavid promotes simple UI design and easy-to-use features.
  • Signing up to its plus plan allows you to delete the watermark.
  • Other than sharing on social media, you can save your work directly on your phone.

However, it is worth noting that Chromavid only works in real time videos and photos. Signing up for its paid plan requires lots of personal details as well. Still, if you are fine with those things then you are good to go with this app. Besides, Chromavid is one of the excellent apps when it comes to green screen stuff.

2. Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor

Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor

Download on Google Play

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a straightforward green screen for Android, this app should be part of your consideration list. However, Green Screen Wizard does its best on photo editing instead of other tasks.

This app is quite costly if you use it on your PC, which costs nearly USD 200 for a license. Fortunately, you only need to invest USD 4.99 to use all features offered by this app. Green Screen Wizard’s most notable features include:

  • Correction features for both background and foregrounds so that you can create stunning work.
  • Its Chroma Key features are top-notch.
  • Each paid plan comes with in-depth tutorials that are easy to follow.
  • Suitable for all editing levels, whether you are first-time users or experts.

The only thing that is lacking from this app is the resizing feature even though this one brands itself as the best green screen for photo editing. Still, give this one a try.

3. PocketVideo


Download on Google Play

If you explore the Play Store, you will get tons of green screen options on the market. While many of them only provide their best services through paid plans, PocketVideo comes up with a green screen app free to support your editing work.

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Disclaimer, this app is only compatible for editing photos and videos. Still, PocketVideo would be a great addition to your YouTube content-making, especially when it comes to blogging. Despite its free service, this app delivers excellent green screen technology.

PocketVideo doesn’t have numerous features like other paid apps on this list. Still, it has tools you need the most from a green screen provider. Whether a beginner or expert would be grateful with this free app. Another interesting thing about this app includes:

  • Ability to record Ultra HD videos and edit them up with duration up to 10 minutes.
  • PocketVideo comes with a self-explanatory UI design.
  • A vast collection of free PNGs, stickers, and GIFs – all of them are free.

While everything seems simple and straightforward, there are no training tutorials to follow. You must figure out every step you need to complete your project.

4. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio

Download on Google Play

Is there any Android green screen app that delivers a robust service for both photo and video editing? Of course there is that kind of app you will find on Play Store.

Stop Motion Studio is an app that delivers green screen technology to your Android smartphone. With this app, you can export tons of edited videos directly to YouTube. 

Other than that, editing on videos from your phone has never been this easy – you can record and edit 4K Ultra HD videos too. Once you activate the Chroma Key feature, the background is automatically changeable with various pictures you imported from wherever – you decide. 

Other prominent features you will get from Stop Motion Studio include:

  • This app enables better video quality even though you use transitions or give some touches to background and foreground.
  • Stop Motion Studio has an inbuilt music library, which may also enhance the sound quality when you are using the green screen mode.
  • Every video you make can be as unique as possible – thanks to the app’s Rotoscoping feature.
  • Beginner-friendly. 

More than anything, Stop Motion Studio is an excellent app for green screen. However, it doesn’t have any free plan – even no free trial (it costs USD 4.99). So, either you are ready for such a commitment, you better find something else on the Play Store.

5. Kinemaster


Download on Google Play

At some point, you might look for a green screen app without green screen. Does it make any sense? Of course it does because Kinemaster is a robust example.

Generally speaking, Kinemaster is an excellent app for your Android phone and comes with a bunch of powerful tools that promote effortless video editing in the first place. And of course, it has Chroma Key features too.

Once you activate this particular feature, you can use it to overlay photos, videos, and texts. It also comes with the alpha mask feature, which you will never find in other apps.

While most features are available on its free plan, you can join its premium plan subscription to unlock all features – one of them is to remove watermarks and export 4K resolution backgrounds with no limitations. Kinemaster also comes with other exciting features, that include:

  • Various EQ presets, preview features, and speed controls to edit your video content.
  • You can create videos with multiple layers at once, effortlessly.
  • The app updates its library regularly, including music clips, transitions, video clips, backgrounds, and stickers.
  • It comes with several buttons that allow you to share your work directly on various social media platforms.

Even though some users reported that a few features didn’t work as claimed, you should give its free plan a try. Or feel free to join its low-cost subscription, though.

6. PowerDirector


Download on Google Play

So, how do you get the green screen effect? The first thing you have to do is to download a powerful app that delivers the green screen effect. PowerDirector is an app that will give what you need in the first place.

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If you want to produce professional-like videos, this app will be an ideal partner for you. It comes with a series of excellent features that help you create spectacular movies on your smartphone.

You can replace the background by choosing colors available in the library. At the same time, the app comes with a feature that helps denoise the value to enhance the video quality. In the end, the video is available to export into 4K resolution.

Upgrade your account into premium and you can remove the watermark. Other noteworthy features include:

  • Lots of beginner-friendly features to enhance your video content.
  • Featuring straightforward UI design and simple green screen app.
  • PowerDirector has a free version.

After all, give this app a try. The free version of PowerDirector is enough to try almost all of its exciting features. But of course, it won’t hurt if you buy the premium plan.

7. Motion Ninja

Download on Google Play

Another free green screen app for Android you can give a try is Motion Ninja. While this app provides free services, you can unlock all the features by paying USD 20 one time.

This app is an excellent one especially for those who look for a video editor packed with a bunch of useful features. Other than several green screen resources, Motion Ninja also provides excellent options when it comes to blending and styles.

While the free version comes with ads, you only need to pay for USD 20 to unlock all premium features offered and clear the ads. More than anything, you must give Motion Ninja a try.

8. WeVideo

Download on Google Play

In the last few years, the use of Zoom has increased. Using a virtual background is possible but the results are poor, most of the time. To handle this issue, you can utilize a green screen app for Zoom in the first place.

One of the free options you should take a look at is WeVideo. While it serves well when it comes to video editing, you can create an excellent background for the Zoom green screen too. 

In case you don’t want to download anything, you can access this app through its website. However, all features are only available on its web version if you have the Mobile Pass in the first place. Regardless of your preference, WeVideo is an excellent green screen solution, both for video editing and Zoom things.

9. Chroma Key

Chroma Key

Download on Google Play

So, what is the best green screen video app for content? Chroma Key is definitely the ultimate answer. Other than providing an excellent platform to make a green screen, this app also offers VFX effects that will enhance your video editing experience.

There are tons of VFX effects you will find on this app’s database, uploaded by the users around the world. Once you find a suitable effect for your video, all you need to do is to download it and apply the effect directly to your video.

Disclaimer, according to the developers, the copyright goes to the respected owners. Make sure you check the copyright before applying anything on your work, after all.

10. Green Screen Live

Green Screen Live

Download on Google Play

On the other hand, if you are looking for an AI green screen app that allows you to edit the background during live, Green Screen Live is what you need. This app is free to download and use while the features are more than enough to support your work.

With AI technology, you can figure out which part to remove from the content you are recording. It also comes with various special effects to enhance your video.

Back then, green screen technology was only used by filmmakers to create sophisticated works. By incorporating this technology they can apply various interesting backgrounds and other effects. The same technology is also used for weather forecasting.

Today, you can make a similar thing happen by using your Android phone. By incorporating a green screen app online, it is possible to create and edit spectacular video content. More than anything, being technology-literate is crucial to survive in today’s world.

So, which one of the best green screen apps above do you prefer? Always pick the one that works best for you, after all.

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