11 Best Trucker Apps for Android

Best Trucker Apps

Are you a trucker? Do you need help on the road? Get the best trucker apps for your helpful assistant. These applications are created to maximize the function of your Android smartphone for navigation, shift logs, finding nearby parking lots, and more

With tons of trucker apps out there, finding one that meets your preference can be mind boggling. If you don’t have the whole day to scroll through internet pages then you’ve come to the right page. Let’s take a look at useful trucker apps below.

Best Trucker Apps for Android

In this post, we’ve done the most difficult part for you—we sifted through a bunch of apps for truckers. Now we provide you with hand-picked applications that can make your life better on the road. Here’s the list for you.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps

Download on Google Play

Google Maps is a leading navigation app for everyone, including truckers. Featuring more than 220 countries, you will never get lost with this app installed on your Android. Millions of businesses and places are added so you can easily find your destination.

This app allows you to get real-time navigation and information about traffic. Discover new places and write reviews so other users can figure it out. Create your own list of favorite places and share with your friends.

There are many other things to experience in Google Maps, such as offline mode to navigate without internet connection and Street View that provides imagery for the road. Plus, it can be integrated to Google Earth for a better user’s experience.

This truck driver app gets more than 5M+ downloads on Google Play Store, making it one of the most used navigation apps ever created.

2. TransParking


Download on Google Play

Finding nearest parking lots for truck is easier with TransParking. This free app allows parking lots to report their occupancy and show vacant spot so drivers can plan their route. You can also get detailed description of facilities such as Wi-Fi, toilet, shower, and restaurant.

What’s interesting about TransParking is that it has a community that works on an ongoing basis, allowing users to share information about new car parks, comment on the existing parking lots, or rate them. Users can receive points for doing these actions.

Currently TransParking has more than 60 thousand active users with nearly 30 thousand car parks in in its base. Whether you want to find car parks with specific facilities, guarded car parks, or parking with accommodation, this app has got you covered.

Want to join the community? You can help other truckers by sharing newest report of the car parks. It also lets you edit information in the app.

3. CoPilot GPS Navigation & Traffic

CoPilot GPS Navigation & Traffic

Download on Google Play

Built for drivers, CoPilot is a navigation app to encourage safe driving on the roads. Millions of drivers worldwide have trusted this tool to make their life on the road more productive and enjoyable. Suitable for all vehicle types, it could be the best trucker app that meets your needs.

The traffic and navigation app helps you avoid truck-restricted roads and low bridges. It also provides you with driver-friendly guidance, allowing you to focus on the road. What’s more, you can find optimized plan trips based on your vehicle.

Using CoPilot you can choose the best way from 3 available routes. Even if you are out of range, it is possible to use the app—thanks to automotive grade offline maps. The tool also helps you avoid delays with automatic rerouting.

Using smartphone while driving is not a good idea. To help you concentrate on the road, CoPilot is designed with a simple and user-friendly interface.

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4. Cargolink


Download on Google Play

Looking for a truck stop app that can be your assistant on the road? Cargolink is made just for you. This free trucker app helps you choose the best truck stop and avoid disturbance on your tachograph. With the help of reviews and photos from other drivers, finding the best place to stop is quite simple.

There are few other things you can do with this app such as add and modify objects, get directions, mark visits, and upload photos. Even it allows you to add comments and tell other drivers about your experience in parking lots you’ve visited.

Cargolink has helped millions of truck drivers choose the best parking lot from thousands of places. Featuring a simple and intuitive design, using this application won’t consume your brain and energy.

Best of all, this trucker app runs on most Android devices. It also has a small download size, making it friendly to your phone’s memory.

5. EzLogs


Download on Google Play

EzLogs is one of the best trucker apps that offers a management solution. This easy-to-use app lets you take control of daily log such as change duty status with just a click of a button, attach diesel receipt to the logbook, and avoid form errors.

This application has inspection mode that streamline inspector’s tasks—your logs are presented in a popular form that makes it easy to inspect. It also has electronic signature that comes in handy to simplify your work.

You can find many other features in EzLogs such as violation alerts, time zone settings, cycle settings, document scan, and HOS recap calculation. You will worry less when you’re out of range because this app supports automatic offline mode.

For your convenience, this app comes with multiple language interface including English, Spanish, Russian, and French. A built-in sharing button is also featured, making it possible to share via email.

6. Next Trucking

Next Trucking

Download on Google Play

Get a better experience to find and book loads with Next Trucking. On a mission to provide you with painless freight, this trucking app has tons of features to streamline your work and of course, increase your earning.

Booking loads that fit your driving preference is a key driver to a happy and safe freight, not to mention it’s a great way to minimize stress at work. With a full control to your schedule, living on the road has never been this exciting.

In this app you can find a trip bundling technology that helps you reduce empty miles and make you stay close to home. Booking and delivering loads made simple, which means you can get paid without endless effort.

What’s interesting about Next Trucking is that you can use help desk feature to find the most common issues. You can get support either via chat or voice call. This best trucker app is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Chinese.

7. Tachograph


Download on Google Play

Here’s Tacograph, an assistant trucker that helps you monitor work and rest mode of international drivers. It provides you with detailed tips on all operation modes and timers. Featuring a simple interface, this is a great trucker app for every driver.

When used right, this best free trucker app doesn’t allow work and rest schedule violation. It also has much to offer, such as convenient journal to record all your shifts—no more old-school notebook to record shifts.

Tacograph allows easy switch between work and rest modes. There are several buttons corresponding their names such as Driving, Work, Rest, and POA. Just in case you need some hints then you can press the question mark (?) symbol.

This trucker app supports most Android versions. No matter where you come from, Tacograph is completely easy to use thanks to multiple language support. This app’s interface is available in various languages, such as English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

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8. FourKites CarrierLink

FourKites CarrierLink

Download on Google Play

Drivers need to communicate with their partner. If you want to feel an intuitive, hassle-free communication then FourKites CarrierLink is surely for you. Designed with a simple design, drivers can easily use this app when they’re on duty.

Not only does it support effective and efficient communication, but it also serves many other functions. Whether you want to send automatic location updates or avoid manual check-in calls then FourKites CarrierLink could be the best partner.

Thanks to turn-by-turn navigation, it can be a routing app for drivers. This functionality is featured with voice guidance—making it possible to focus on the road. Besides, it allows you to discover nearby facilities, find truck stops on your route, and parking lots.

Just in case you need a management solution, FourKites CarrierLink has got you covered. Using this app you can upload POD, BOL, invoice, and even receipts for initiating the payment process. Best of all, the latest version is added with new languages, including Bulgarian and Thai.

9. Intruck


Download on Google Play

Intruck is among the best trucker apps for Android smartphone. Coming with a boast of powerful site finder, you can easily search new places for your truck including truck washes and truck parks. Filter the site according to your location so you won’t spend a lot of time.

With so many sites available in this app, saying the least can be overwhelming. But now you can filter sites by countries, allowing you to open a new road for thousands of young people out there. Filtering available sites is getting easier.

There’s an interesting thing about Intrack—it has tons of features to help improve your trucking time. Although it is available for users who have been booking, it offers simple cashless payment and available space update into in real time.

How to use this application is quite simple. All you have to do is find details and make a prebook at exclusive parking system by SNAP. Not to mention you can pay directly through the app.

10. Truck GPS Navigation

Truck GPS Navigation

Download on Google Play

Drivers can use this application to navigate safety. Especially designed for truck drivers, it provides you with easy and dependable truck routing.  That’s why it becomes one of recommended truck route apps for Android device.

In addition to providing a free navigation system, this app helps calculate kilometers and fuels so you can save money. It is also possible to choose a profile configuration depending on truck height, length, width, and max weight.

Being a navigation app, Truck GPS Navigation is equipped with maps on board. That means the maps are stored on your device so you can use it without internet connection.

Before downloading the app, make sure your Android device runs version 5.0 and higher. Thanks to the small size, it won’t slow down your device performance.

11. Trucker Path ELD Pro

Trucker Path ELD Pro

Download on Google Play

Do you need an intuitive logbook for trucker? Trucker Path ELD Pro has everything you need to keep track of your service. Using this electronic logbook, tracking Hours of Service becomes simple, easy, and convenient.

Whether you’re new to electronic logbook or you’re simply a new CDL driver then you won’t find difficulties using this app. Featuring a clean and easy to use design, it can be a reliable and affordable option to keep you FMCSA.

Truck Path ELD Pro supports a variety of features, such as HoS tracker, violation alert, roadside inspection, and GPS tracking. You can also use this application for trip planner, driver switching, vehicle diagnostics, and fleet management system.

You will also like IFTA fuel tax reporting feature that helps save your time in fuel tax calculation. Overall, this is a great and convenient trucking app for every driver.

With the best trucker apps installed on your Android device, you can live a good life on the road. There are so many kinds of trucker apps that offer different functions so it is possible to find one that meets your needs and preferences. Be sure they are compatible with your Android version.

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