12 Best Gardening Apps for Android

Best Gardening Apps for Android

Gardening may seem simple but there are countless tips and tricks you possibly don’t know to grow plants successfully—that’s why you always end up killing the plants. If you’re a gardening beginner who wants to be a good plant parent, the best gardening apps will be useful to help you out.

These apps have everything you need to know about gardening from planting tips to calendar and plant identifiers. With all the information it has, you can improve your knowledge and become a master gardener—even these apps are suitable for green-thumb professionals.

Best Gardening Apps for Android

Many applications are available out there, so finding one that meets your needs and preferences can be energy-draining. Good news for all, we’ve compiled a list of the best applications every gardener will be happy to download. Check them out.

1. PictureThis


Download on Google Play

You’ll never know how to take care of plants before you know what they are. That’s why you need PictureThis, a versatile plant identifier that allows you to identify all sorts of plants from trees, flowers, succulents, and many more.

Discover new plants in your neighborhood and use this app to identify their names. You can also create your own plant collection and share with your friends. What’s interesting is that you can discover unique plant pictures captured by other users from all over the world.

PictureThis highlights advanced IT technology that provides you with accurate and fast plant identification. And if you need some plant care tips then this app has you covered—now you can better grow plants without killing them.

You will have a quick access to horticulture specialists who are happy to share suggestions and planting advice. Featuring a nice and easy to use interface, this best gardening app is suitable for professionals and noobs.

2. PlantSnap


Download on Google Play

PlantSnap is another plant identifier that boasts a vast collection of plant types. No less than 600,000 types of plants can be identified, be it flowers, succulents, mushrooms, trees, cacti, and many more.

Not only can you get detailed information about plants, but you can also learn how to take care of them. That’s why millions of new gardeners use this application to grow plants successfully. Currently it has a vast community consisting of 50 million of plant lovers in different countries.

Using PlantSnap is completely easy. Simply take a picture of the plant using this app’s camera and their database will search the information through their library. It provides you with comprehensive information about plants, including their taxonomy and description.

Want to know unique plants from around the globe? PlantSnap has SnapMap that lets you explore different species of trees, flowers, mushrooms, leaves spread worldwide.

3. Moon & Garden

Moon n Garden

Download on Google Play

Want to grow organic veggies in your garden? Need to use biodynamic to get the most yields? Moon & Garden is surely for you. This best free gardening app lets you know what to do based on the lunar calendar.

Only a few of us know that plants naturally depend on the lunar phase to grow, from sowing and transplanting to harvesting. That’s why Moon & Garden shows you the current phase so you can decide what to do best following the phase.

Using this app you can also find weather forecasts before starting your project. There are some other things to do, such as take notes or take pictures of organic garden. Just in case you want to share with friends, Moon & Garden has a built-in share button.

What’s more, it has a reminder feature that helps you schedule gardening tasks. With this reminder on your Android, never forget your daily tasks.

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4. LeafSnap


Download on Gogle Play

Identify plants in your surroundings with LeafSnap. Coming with a boast of large collection of plants and trees, this is a great app to discover nice wildflowers or shrubs that catch your attention. No need to browse through the internet or ask your friend.

LeafSnap is able to recognize almost 90% of known species from all over the world. Thanks to advanced AI technology, identifying plants is made fast, easy, and simple. It’s like having a personal botanist in your pocket.

As one of the best gardening apps for Android, LeafSnap is loaded with features. Besides identifying a large selection of plants, you can create custom collections of your plant snaps. Not to mention there’s a possibility to track your tasks with reminders.

Overall, LeafSnap is a basic application to bring out your inner gardener. Whether you’re a gardening beginner or seasoned gardener, you will find LeafSnap useful not only for identifying plants but also for growing baby plants.

5. Garden Design Ideas

Garden Design Ideas

Download on Google Play

Gardening apps are not always about planting tips or plant identification—even you can find a garden design app that will flood your brain with inspiring garden design and decoration. Get this app before revamping your garden and find tons of ideas inside.

Garden Design Ideas is a modest app that provides you with various types of garden decoration and designs. Whether you need to redecorate the backyard and front yard or balcony and terrace, this app has got you covered.

Hundreds of ideas mean endless creativity. You can combine some ideas to make a one-of-a-kind garden in the neighborhood. All you have to do is find your favorite picture and save it to a memory card. You may also share with others.

For your convenience, Garden Design Ideas is made with a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy to use. It is also lightweight and compatible with most Android devices.

6. From Seed to Spoon

From Seed to Spoon

Download on Google Play

The idea of growing your own herbs, veggies, and fruits is a great way to save dollars and stay healthy at a time. You can eliminate the use of chemicals to encourage healthier food products for daily consumption. If you agree with this idea then From Seed to Spoon is made just for you.

This best gardening app helps you grow over 100+ foods from vegetables to herbs and fruits. Whether you want to grow arugula and asparagus or basil and peppers, this app has detailed guiding tips to follow.

Comprehensive information like growing seasons, sun requirements, and time to harvest makes this app your virtual gardening assistant. You can also filter plants based on their health benefits, just in case you’re on a mission for your health.

What’s great about this app is that you can view varieties and purchase seeds. You will also be able to identify and eliminate garden pests naturally.

7. Blossom


Download on Google Play

Here’s Blossom, a plant identifier and plant care app that makes you a good plant parent. Using this app you can identify all sorts of plant types such as trees, succulents, and flowers as well as find useful tips to take care of plans.

Watering is essential to keep your plants fresh and healthy. Blossom has reminder function that allows you to set reminder to water your green babies on time. You can also figure out the best way to use fertilizer and repot your plants.

This gardening app has tons of features. Besides accurate plant recognition and reminder, it has useful information and tips to make your plants grow. Moreover, there are tons of articles about plant care that are constantly updated.

You will also like the journal feature that lets you monitor plant growth and development. Make sure you jot down the first bloom and describe your garden routine so you can use it later.

8. Planter


Download on Google Play

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Planter is a garden planner app that helps you learn how to grow fruits and veggies in your garden. Unlike most apps with a similar function, it provides you with comprehensive information about companion and combative plants. You will also learn how to arrange plants to make your garden visually attractive.

Using this app you can learn how to plant more than 50 fruits and veggies. If you have your own preference, feel free to add custom plants to your list. Both beginners and seasoned gardeners find this app helpful to have fun with soil and greeneries.

What’s impressive about Planter is that new features are constantly added to improve your experience. You will also find organic and non-GMO varieties to grow in your garden, a function you can’t find elsewhere.

There’s one more thing Planter can do—it automatically determines planting zone and frost date so you don’t have to do it by yourself. Save your time and start growing your fruits and veggies.

9. Garden Manager

Garden Manager

Download on Google Play

Brought to you by LemonClip, Garden Manager is an essential gardening app that can act as your personal reminder. It’s equipped with plant alarms that make sure you don’t skip essential tasks such as watering, fertilizing, and spraying pesticides.

Besides alarm, this best gardening app lets you keep track of plant growth. Take pictures of your plants and make notes about their progress from sowing to harvesting. When you do it right, you can harvest seeds and write fun experiences about it.

Want to brag about your ability to take care of green babies? Garden Manager has a sharing feature that allows you to share plant photo log on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Or you can share photos to get some help in the event of withered plants.

This app is getting more fun since it has the possibility to find nearby florists. Whether you want to buy new plants or try to sell yours, you can easily find them.

10. Sowing Calendar

Sowing Calendar

Download on Google Play

Make your sowing and harvesting easier with Sowing Calendar. Designed for beginners and experienced gardeners, this app lets you learn how to grow popular veggies in your area.

See what nearby people sow and choose a plant that you want. If you just can’t decide when to sow, this app will help you make the right decision. You can also check the progress of plant growth, make a daily diary, and more.

There are many other features to find in Sowing Calendar, such as pests and diseases, moon and sun, customizations, and reminders.

11. Urban Veggie Garden

Urban Veggie Garden

Download on Google Play

Small space issues shouldn’t discourage you to grow your own veggies. Urban Veggie Garden comes in handy to help you decide the right vegetables to plant on your terrace, balcony, or elsewhere in your urban house.

Not only does it help you choose the right plant, but it also tells you when to prepare seeds, transplant, and harvest. Featuring related videos, you will learn many things from this best gardening app.

What’s interesting is that you can ask questions to other urban farmers. There’s also comprehensive information about fertilizer, organic remedies, and even plant diseases. Now you are ready for urban gardening with Urban Veggie Garden.

12. Plant Care Reminder

Plant Care Reminder

Download on Google Play

Whenever you need assistant for caring of your plants then Plant Care Reminder is made just for you. This convenient app helps you set reminders for essential tasks like watering and fertilizing.

There are many other functions to find in this app, such as creating widget on your device, set notifications, and load a list of your plants. You can also set report format and choose dark mode for convenient use at night.

Plant Care Reminder is designed with a simple and nice interface, making it suitable for all users. If you want to be a good parent for your baby plants then get this app on your Android.

Finding the best gardening app helps you bring out your inner gardener. Since they provide essential information about plant types, caring tips, and many more, you can grow healthy and happy plants at home.

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