13 Best Apps to Learn Italian for Android

Best Apps to Learn Italian

Learning another language is such a fun thing to do, yet quite challenging if you don’t have any native friends in the first place. Today, these best apps to learn Italian will be your best friend when it comes to learning Italian.

There are quite a few names of apps you can download and try when it comes to learning foreign language. Many of the apps on this list also allow you to connect with natives, which will be a huge help.

Best Apps to Learn Italian for Android

Below, you can find the best apps to learn Italian grammar and the language in general. Instead of being a dictionary, these apps will help you to get through the Italian language effortlessly.

Other than providing excellent online courses and resources, the apps mentioned below also come up with fun yet engaging activities.

1. Busuu


Busuu is among the apps to learn Italian that focuses on speaking ability. Besides teaching you tons of real-life conversations through each session, this app also requires you to practice your speaking skill.

Another interesting thing about this app is that you can pick a specific topic depending on your needs in the first place.

While the free version is quite decent for learning the basics, you better upgrade the app to its paid plan. Once your account is upgraded, you will learn a lot more than you may have expected before.

The subscription starts from USD 9.99 and is available as in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

2. Duolingo

If you love learning foreign languages through your phone, Duolingo is not a stranger at all to you. As an excellent app to learn Italian Android, Duolingo offers lots of interesting features that will enhance your learning process.

This app offers various languages to learn. While the Italian section is quite robust, some other apps might offer something better. Still, you can enjoy a bunch of features from the free version alone – of course, upgrades are available.

Duolingo’s free version still allows you to practice speaking. Other than that, there is a section where you can listen to a podcast story with a text. You will be asked to fill the blank to test how far you’ve come in learning Italian with Duolingo.

Give this app’s free version a try and feel free to upgrade it later if it suits your learning style.

Download on Google Play

3. Italki


Italki, on the other hand, offers various interesting features through an Italian language app you can download on the Play Store. This app is simply a super large community of potential teachers.

Through this platform, you can get quality teachers and tutors to learn Italian from the experts while they won’t charge you expensively. Italki is available both on smartphone and desktop.

Other than teaching you Italian, this app also offers proof-reading service. The only thing that may annoy you a bit might be the payment method. You have to load your funds before starting your journey.

There is no subscription option, however. Yet, you have to pay the lesson per hour, depending on how much your teacher charges you.

Download on Google Play

4. Learn Italian Words Free

Learn Italian Words Free

As its name suggests, this is a free Italian language app you can download and use on the Play Store. You can pick your language level from A1 to C1. Other than that, you need to determine how long you will spend for each meeting or every day.

Learn Italian Words Free will teach you 14 Italian vocabs in each lesson, depending on the theme you have picked in the first place. Regardless of the topic, those words are relatable for daily conversations

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Do you want to learn something more unique? This app also provides a section where you can learn Italian slang as much as you want. It is not a common lesson but you would love it, surely.

Meanwhile, this app also allows you to interact with natives too. Check out Learn Italian Words Free and enjoy the features.

Download on Google Play

5. Memrise

The right learning method for one might not be suitable for another. Memrise offers learning sessions where you can memorize various words and expressions in Italian by using spaced repetition.

Other than that, you can use audio and video clips to learn various vocabularies from natives. Other things you would love from Memrise include:

  • A fun way to learn Italian.
  • Various methods are available to test your Italian ability.
  • Set the daily reminder so that you don’t miss any session.
  • An app to learn Italian language that won’t cost you a penny.
  • Beginners-friendly. 

Even though this app’s free version might be enough for you to learn the basics, you can upgrade your subscription for more features to enjoy. More than anything, Memrise is worth your dollars.

Download on Google Play

6. Learn Italian – 50 Languages

Learn Italian - 50 Languages

Meanwhile, if you are looking for the best free app to learn Italian that also works offline, Learn Italian – 50 Languages is definitely it. Before starting your journey, you need to pick your native language so anything you learn will be translated into your language.

This app comes up with 100 lessons that suit beginners and newbies when it comes to learning Italian. The level itself is up to the A2. 

However, you may need to find other apps if you are looking for an app for a higher level, after all.

Download on Google Play

7. Babbel


Learning Italian is way more interesting with Babbel. The app comes up with interesting yet interactive UI design. Each session will help you to learn new vocabs and dialogues in 15 minutes.

Babbel is simply the best app to learn Italian language daily. Other than that, you would love how this app also teaches you about words that fit informal occasions.

You would love this app more due to:

  • Learning languages and cultures.
  • You get accurate content because the app will ask you lots of questions when you get started.
  • Affordable.
  • Clean interface and beginner-friendly layout.
  • Available video and audio clips to enhance the speaking experience.

Some people call Babbel the fancy version of Duolingo. More than anything, you better give this app a try and decide whether or not you like Babbel.

Download on Google Play

8. Mondly


Mondly is an excellent example for the best app to learn Italian words regardless of your level. Other than that, this app provides AR, VR, and chatbots that will help users to learn Italian as well as other languages.

Mondly is such an excellent upgrade for those who enjoy using Duolingo and Babbel. So, why would you love this app in the first place:

  • This app supports various language preferences.
  • Unique lessons are available daily. The content is always updated from time to time.
  • Checking pronunciation is easy too.
  • Suitable for beginners.

Mondly is free to download and use. However, the free version might not be adequate for those who want to learn Italians seriously. Since the app involves chatbots a lot, some conversations may sound artificial and too stiff.

You better give Mondly’s free version a try before jumping in to buy the subscription.

Download on Google Play

9. Learn Italian Phrases – Bravolol

Learn Italian Phrases - Bravolol

Bravolol might not be the best app to learn Italian while driving but you can learn various basic words in Italian. This app is very beginners-friendly considering it uses lots of basic phrases that relate to daily dialogues.

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Other than that, you can learn various vocabularies according to specific situations. You had no idea how to pronounce a word? This app comes with an audio feature that helps you with pronunciation in the first place.

Bravolol also promotes straightforward yet fun UI design. However, various advanced lessons and features are only available for those who pay for premium versions.

Still, this app is worth considering. You can try its free version before deciding to make commitments. 

Download on Google Play

10. Mosalingua


Using the best Italian vocabulary app alone won’t make you a master of Italian. Meanwhile, Mosalingua can do something for you. You can learn Italian regardless of your topic in one place.

If you need repetition to master a language, this app is definitely it. Other than that, you can customize what you get from this app. It also comes with flashcards that will help you memorize names of objects more easily.

Here are some other things you would love from Mosalingua:

  • It comes with 10 different levels.
  • You need to take an assessment test so that you get accurate class placement.
  • Various categories to explore.
  • Audio clips and flashcards will make the learning process more fun.

This app is not a free one. You need to buy a package to get started with Mosalingua. The most basic package costs USD 4.99.

Download on Google Play

11. Lingodeer


Meanwhile, if you are looking for an app to learn Italian for free, Lingodeer might be it. The method is close to something you will find at courses. You can learn grammar thoroughly and understand why this is that.

Other than that, Lingodeer will make your learning process much more fun with flashcards, cultural stories, tests, and also quizzes. 

Even though this app is free to download, you need to pay for a package to continue learning with Lingodeer. Some advantages of using this app include:

  • Simple and neat UI design.
  • Grammar enthusiasts would love the method.
  • Suitable for beginners but might be too easy for intermediate users.
  • Various categories to learn.

You better try Lingodeer on your own and decide whether this one is for you or not.

Download on Google Play

12. Polygloss


Polygloss is one of the newest players on the Play Store. However, this app has come up with various interesting features to offer. You can enhance your Italian by playing games provided by this app.

While other apps use similar methods to teach Italian, Polygloss focuses on games to practice your fluency and production of your Italian. It works by pairing you with other users and then you two should interact with each other.

You would love this app due to:

  • Suitable for intermediate users.
  • Prompts talk are available to bridge your conversation with your studying partner.
  • Since the system randomly generates your partner, you will listen to various accents. You get to meet new people too.
  • Bookmark anything you need to learn for later.

As mentioned earlier, Polygloss is suitable for intermediate users – a good app to learn Italian for travel and other topics, for sure. Thus, if you are a beginner, it might not be what you look for. Today, you can enjoy this app for free with ads.

Download on Google Play

13. LingQ


When it comes to the free apps to learn Italian, LingQ is one of those apps you should consider. This app is suitable for those who prefer something more than conventional.

LingQ provides interesting lessons for intermediate learners. Other benefits include:

  • New lessons every day.
  • Various topics are available to choose from.
  • Suitable for intermediate users.

You can enjoy the app for free but it also has a premium package that costs USD 12.999 per month.

Download on Google Play

Learning Italian shouldn’t be difficult nowadays. Instead of going to a course or submitting for a course, you can simply use these apps mentioned above.

So, which are the best apps to learn Italian mentioned above? Have you decided the perfect one for you?

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