8 Best Comic Apps and Readers for Android

Best Comic Apps and Readers for Android

Who doesn’t love comics? Since the virtual world is growing rapidly day by day, you can explore and find the best comic apps – which of course saves more time and energy for those of you who have busy days.

In your youth, you often spent summer holidays visiting the local state library and relishing the company of friends. Now you can dive into the past with some twists, even when you’re alone.

Here is our pick of the most pleasing apps for taking your e-comic collections wherever you go, without breaking your back.

Best Comic Apps for Your Android Device

Comics are a fantastic and fun medium for storytelling and learning for all ages. Furthermore, they have many choices for all ages. If you’re looking for a comic reader application that might suit you, so read along!

1. Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

What comes to your mind when you hear its name? Right, this android app is made for superhero fans, specifically the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Comics provides tons of famous superhero comics around the world, like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Bat-Man, Thor, Captain America, and many more.

The simple interface will give you an easier and friendlier browsing and reading experience. For instance, the ability to swipe in all directions and zoom in-out of pages as you read. Plus, the artistic interface will let you forget about your old comics–because it is just like physical comics.

All the comics you read will be backed up once downloaded, so you can read your favorite comics on any device wherever you are. So, don’t be afraid to lose a day without reading your favorite comic when your gadget might be left at home.

You need to sign up for a Marvel account on this best comic app. You’ll get access to over 13,500 superhero comics, either for free or for a fee (starting from 80 cents to 7.76 dollars per item).

Download on Google Play

2. Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited

It is one of the best comic apps for Marvel fans packaged in its digital subscription-based form. This app is available as both desktop and mobile apps.

Even though it is a paid application, you don’t need to spend plenty of money to become a member. The subscription cost just $9.99 per month or $69.99 per year, which is cheaper than buying individual comics or purchasing paper issues.

As what do you call it if you officially are a member, then you get to read as many comics as you like, aka “unlimited”. There are over 28,000 digital copies available to each subscriber. You can even download the copies to read offline anywhere and at any time.

Marvel Unlimited Comic App Features:

  • Synchronization to various devices
  • Hundreds of comics to read
  • Opportunity to catch up on a missed series

As good as it is, Marvel Unlimited still has some bugs. For example, sign-in difficulties for some users, offline reading is limited (maximum 12 titles), strictly available for Marvel Comics, and customer service response is not always on time as you would want.

Nonetheless, all in all, many users are satisfied enough with what this comic reader app provides. So, are you ready to explore the Marvel Universe with your favorite characters?

Download on Google Play

3. MangaToon


Unlike the previous apps, MangaToon is one of the best comic apps for reading comics, manhwa, manhua, and manga. This Android application comes in full color and in various genres, starting from romance, love, comedy, thriller, action, horror, to slice of life.

There is a good deal for you. If you are an avid reader, you will love MangaToon so much because of the weekly updates (even some comics are updated every day). You can also download comics to read later. Plus, the app provides a great reading experience due to smooth scrolling and HD-quality images.

You can’t speak a foreign language? Don’t sweat it, this app allows you to change to various languages, including English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Arabic.

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Most comics on MangaToon are free, but if you want to read exclusive chapters, this app also provides pay-per-view comics. Another interesting point is that you can become a reader, translator, creator, writer, and many more with this amazing digital comic application.

There are several problems that some users encounter. Such as GEMS being overpriced, lottery coupons being broken, daily check-in rewards changing frequently, and log-in count hold resetting to zero. However, all of these problems are still classified as minor problems.

Download on Google Play

4. WebComics


WebComics has become one of the most popular comic reading apps among youthful Asians with its official and exclusive works. For quality, there is no doubt. WebComics is the hardest contender among the best comic apps for the Android category owing to its mountain of features.

In terms of appearance, this app can guarantee the quality and proficiency of comic graphics. Its smart and sleek interface along with the auto-scroll feature will definitely provide all users with an excellent experience.

Even if you read comics in HD quality, WebComics doesn’t eat up your bandwidth. The innovative technology allows you to download comics quickly and easily.

With this app, you can get many choices of whatever genre you want to read. Furthermore, you will also get daily updates of more than 1,000 episodes every day.

This app is comparable to Webtoon, but fewer comics are being published, and fewer image quality. Even so, WebComics is still recommended, especially for teenage audiences.

Why is WebComics one of the best free comic apps on this list? WebComics lets you read chapters for free and for a fee (87 cents to 93.36 dollars per item).

Download on Google Play

5. Webtoon


Webtoon app is home to the world’s largest collection of web comics, such as epic sagas, short stories, manhwa, manga, superheroes, and daily comic strips. Thus, it lets you read comics from 23 categories, including romance, comedy, adventure, fantasy, horror, and thriller without limits.

You don’t need to doubt the quality of the stories on Webtoon because some comics have been adapted into Netflix series, major TV, and streaming formats with millions of viewers around the world. For example, True Beauty, Sweet Home, All of Us Are Dead, A Business Proposal, Tower of God, Hellbound, Nevertheless, and so on.

Webtoon Platform Categorization

There are two types of platforms in this app, i.e. Webtoon Originals and Webtoon CANVAS. When you log in, you will immediately see abundant new content. Comics that have joined Webtoon Originals will be updated every week or even every day.

If you want to read or publish a unique story, you can do both on CANVAS. It is home to thousands of independent comic creators who can update at will. The main difference between Webtoon Originals and CANVAS is in publishing and financial support.

The big difference between Webtoon and the other best comic apps is that it is carefully planned and well-designed. Therefore, the interface looks user-friendly and doesn’t strain your eyes due to smooth scrolling.

Particularly the auto-scrolling feature which allows you to read without manually scrolling the screen, of course, you can also adjust the speed. To support the community, Webtoon allows creators and readers to connect on and off the platform. Therefore, Webtoon is not only a comic reader but also a social media app.

Then, you can also continue reading your favorite comics anytime and anywhere without an internet connection. It means that you can download it when you’re online. Then, read it later when you’re back offline.

You can access most of the comics on Webtoon without charge. Regardless, you can support the author by purchasing paid chapters or premier chapters at various prices, starting from 30 cents up to 200 dollars per item.

As of now, there are around 72+ million monthly active users and 16.5+ million daily readers. What do you think? Are you interested in joining the Webtoon community?

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Download on Google Play

6. Astonishing Comic Reader

Astonishing Comic Reader

This best comic app is created for reading comics from third-party publishers, particularly in CBZ, CBR, PDF, and jpg file formats. Therefore, you can also open Astonishing Comic Reader on a Windows PC system as a web version and as a Chrome extension.

Below are the reasons why you should try Astonishing Comic Reader (ACR), whether on your Android or PC:

  • Most of the comics on ACR are free. Still, there are some paid comics but very affordable as you only need to spend $0.99 to $2.99 per item.
  • Although there are in-app ads, they are including to non-invasive. It’s no surprise that many users think that ACR is a 100% ad-free app.
  • ACR has an intuitive and simple interface. So, you won’t be bogged down with many confusing features and at the same time, you can navigate it easily without any quirks.
  • The search feature is equipped with an intuitive suggestion system that leaves finding the comic book you are looking for only a breath away.
  • Explore the virtual world and read your favorite comics on ACR again and again without limitations and without internet connections.
  • The most exciting feature of ACR that makes it one of the best comic apps is its ability to cast your digital comics onto your TV.

All too easy! You only need to find your favorite comic → download → sync → open the comic from your cloud storage provider on all of your devices.

Download on Google Play

7. Tapas


This is a diverse and unique webcomic application. You can easily find the stories you crave here, such as novels, comics, short stories, manga, manhwa, and on and on – with new stories released every day and free episodes every three hours.

When you download the Tapas app to your smartphone, you’ll turn your phone into a digital library full of stunning artwork, realistic characters, and compelling storylines – all from your fingertips.

On top of that, you can also chat with 10 million other subscribers and fans by commenting, connecting, and engaging the moment you enter your Tapas account. It is one of the reasons why Tapas has become the best comic app for you.

Tapas allows you to download and read later offline as well, whether series in the form of short episodes or one complete comic story – just adapt to your personal preference. To read paid chapters, you need to prepare 87 cents to 94.27 dollars to purchase an item.

Nevertheless, Tapas is only a mid-level application which is simpler than Webtoon. The most important thing is you can enjoy numerous light to touch stories in a simple application.

Download on Google Play

8. Manga Plus

Manga Plus

Shueisha Inc. has released one of the best free comic apps for Android. The best part about downloading the Manga Plus app is that all the manga collections published in Shonen Jump and the rest of the publisher’s magazines simultaneously with their release in Japan are completely free.

This app allows you to consistently be up to date with Boruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia, and Jujutsu Kaisen OR reread modern classics like Death Note, Dragon Ball, and Naruto.

Currently Manga Plus has 56 active catalogs with regular updates once a week for several weeks. Furthermore, some of them are available in Spanish.

You can post comments on the manga you’re reading, chit-chat with others in the FAN community, and simply support creators by sending them motivational and lovely messages. Finally yet importantly, the price per item on Manga Plus isn’t that expensive – it only costs $1 – $180.

Download on Google Play

As you have read, there are tons of the best comic apps that you can try on your Android smartphone. This list only helps narrow down your choices by pointing out the pros and cons.

All of the apps are definitely the “best” in their particular situations. So, the buck finally stops with you–the list only serves as a guide. Choose, thoughtfully, the application that suits your needs. We hope that this article was useful for you and helped you find what you had been looking for.

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