10 Best Habit Tracking Apps for Android

Best Habit Tracking Apps for Android

Building a good habit isn’t a piece of cake. Only with a strong commitment, consistency, and support you will succeed. Though it may sound daunting, a little help will ease everything. Get assistance from the best habit tracking apps and see how well they work.

As the name suggests, these mobile applications are designed to track your good habits. Whether you want to start drinking enough water, stop smoking, or begin eating clean, habit tracking apps monitor your progress and keep you on track.

Best Habit Tracking Apps for Android: Stay on Track

Some habit-building apps are combined with habit planner while others can also serve as productivity apps. No matter your preferences, you can always find a good app that works best for you. Use the following list as your reference before picking up an app.

1. Habitica


Habitica is a unique productivity app to help you build good habits you can find on the market. Using retro RPG concepts, it gamifies your tasks for some extra fun. This app is suitable for self-care, ADHD, household chores, fitness goals, and many more.

There are many features to find on this habit app such as automatic task repeat for your routines, flexible habit tracker, and traditional to-do-list. You can also find color coded tasks, a leveling system that visualizes your progress, and avatar customization.

Start with creating an avatar and then add your tasks and goals. When you do something from the list, check it on the app to receive gold or items that you can use for the game. It offers a fun and simple way to track your habit and improve productivity.

One interesting thing about Habitica is that you can participate to make it better. This open-source app gives you a chance to contribute in translations, pixel art, or bug fixes as a volunteer. Overall, this is a fantastic habit tracking app to try on your Android.

Download on Google Play

2. Rabit


Rabit is a nominee for Google Play’s Best App Award back in 2021. This is a habit tracker and planner to help you start good habits and focus on your routine. If you often make excuses for your daily chores, exercises, or other healthy habits, this app is made just for you.

This best habit tracking app gets your tasks organized. Get started by entering your tasks in various categories. Whenever you do something from the list, hit the button to label them as completed. Now you can focus on uncompleted tasks for the rest of the day.

Rabit helps you reach your goals by ensuring your consistency to do the routines. It also provides you with Streak feature that boost up your motivations. Count how many days in a row you do the habit so you can appreciate yourself after the hard work.

Focus and consistency are keys to your success. Rabit lets you stay focused on things that matter, allowing you to stay on the track. Each good habit you do every day is like a little seed that you plant—the more you do it, the bigger it becomes. Build your habit to build your future.

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3. Habit Tracker – Habit Diary

Habit Tracker – Habit Diary

If you want to build a good habit but don’t know where to start, begin with downloading Habit Tracker. This app is made to motivate you and ease your task of habit building so you can achieve a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Habit Tracker comes with five major features, including daily habits customization, 30-day challenge, time management, statistics, and to-do-list. Use these features to plan your habits, track your progress, and manage your to-do-list for the best outcome.

As one of the best free habit tracking apps, it allows you to customize habits and daily goals with a nice interface. You can also challenge yourself with a 3-stage habit building method to achieve your objective in 30 days. Plus, it has a built-in timer to boost your productivity.

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Analyze your progress with statistics feature that comes with an intuitive and detailed interface. Collect and use your achievements to motivate yourself so that you can keep moving on. Overall, this is a reliable personal coach for your habit-building journey.

Habit Tracker is free, simple, and fully customizable. Use this best habit tracking app for any purpose and bring your life quality to the next level.

Download on Google Play

4. HabitNow Daily Routine Planner

HabitNow Daily Routine Planner

HabitNow is a great app to keep your tasks and daily routines organized. Designed to help you build good habits, it comes in handy to manage your tasks. Feel free to keep track of your habits and record your progress at the same time.

With HabitNow you can create a variety of habits and to-do-lists from drinking enough water to getting exercises. It comes packed with reminders and alarms so you will never forget your schedule. As a plus, the reminder is highly customizable for improved user experience.

There are many other things you can do with this app, such as creating streaks of success, making a journal with daily notes, and analyzing your progress with charts and statistics. You can also choose from a variety of themes and icons to meet your style.

This habit building app helps you reach your goals and win medals. Being productive is made simple with this application on your smartphone. If you’re concerned about privacy, it is good to know that HabitNow protects your data privacy with a lock screen.

Download on Google Play

5. Loop Habit Tracker

Loop Habit Tracker

Maintaining good habits isn’t a simple task but Loop Habit Tracker makes everything easier. Loop lets you create strong habits, making it possible to achieve your goals. Thanks to detailed charts and statistics that show how much your habits improve over time.

Designed as an ad-free app, Loop Habit Tracker can be a great option to optimize your productivity. It comes with a simple, modern, and minimalistic interface that makes it super easy to use. All you have to do is follow the guideline and see how much this best habit tracking app enhances your life.

When it comes to features, this app has much to offer. In addition to a simple interface, it has detailed graphs and statistics to help you keep track of your progress. It also comes with an advanced formula to calculate how strong your habits.

One advantage of Loop Habit Tracker is that it supports flexible schedules, even the complex ones such as once every other week, 3 times a week, and many more. It also has beautiful and colorful widgets that let you track your habits from the home screen.

Download on Google Play

6. Routinery


If you need to build routines and habits, Routinery has got you covered. Time management becomes a lot easier with this app, making it possible to enjoy a more relaxed life. Made based on behavioral science, it offers a lot of things to do to achieve your goal.

This application helps you arrange productive plans and routines that strengthen good habits. You can get habit recommendations, add your habits, and customize scheduling. It is suitable for exam preparation, healthy lifestyle, and many more.

Routinery is equipped with powerful timer that minimizes your chance to put off your habit. Use timer to check your time spent on the habit and verify your progress. You can also view routine activities and get feedback from each habit.

With Routinery on your smartphone, make your days more productive. No more postponing your schedule because you have everything on track. This best habit tracking app is completely free to download but it offers in-app purchases for additional items.

Download on Google Play

7. Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker

Organize your life with Habit Tracker. Selected as one of the best habit tracker apps, it works efficiently across platform including your Android smartphone. It is made to keep track of your days and help you build strong habits for a better future.

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Habit Tracker is fully customizable that makes it perfect for any purposes. Measure and track anything including starting good habits to cutting bad habits. Whether you want to start a routine yoga exercise or you want to cut your nail-biting habit, it is easier with this app.

Features that set Habit Tracker apart from its competitor include multi-device synchronization, Google Fit integration, and built-in button to export to CSV. You can also have fun with cool features like widgets, motivational images, dark theme, and inspiring quotes.

This best free habit tracking app is super easy to use. Start with setting up a habit and jot down your progress in this app. At the end of the day, you will be able to review your daily improvement and streaks. Best of all, this app is free to download.

Download on Google Play

8. Forest: Focus for Productivity

Forest: Focus for Productivity

Looking for a productivity app to stay focused? Forest is the best habit tracking app to take into account. It has helped millions of people to improve their productivity and you are the next to experience its convenience.

Awarded as Google Play’s Top Productivity App in 2018, Forest makes task management so much fun. When you stay focused on doing your to-do-lists, the seed you planted will grow into a big tree. But if you are not consistent, the tree will wither.

The sense of satisfaction comes as you see your lush forest, showing how much effort you’ve given to stay focused and keep yourself on track. And eventually you will notice that you have made a long way to build a good habit.

Forest has everything you need to maintain time management, including multiple focus modes, personalized experience, and gamification. It also gives you the option to upgrade to Forest Premium that offers more features like statistics, allow lists, and plant real trees.

Download on Google Play

9. Avocation Goal & Habit Tracker

Avocation Goal & Habit Tracker

Sticking to a new habit or building a new one requires your effort. If you need help from your surroundings, download Avocation on your smartphone and you are ready to enjoy the fun experience. It is an offline habit tracker that will help you become a better version.

With Avocation, you can pursue your dream and achieve your goal. Make your habits and organize in routine plans. Your habits will be visualized in circles, providing you with a quick overview for the entire to-do-lists. Besides, viewing your progress is so much easier.

Thanks to statistic screen that allows you to view daily and weekly progress. The statistic is pictured as a water bottle that fills up whenever you make a good habit. Use the water to grow your plants and see them grow happily.

Need to learn more about habit development and productivity tips? Avocation has got you covered. It comes packed with a collection of enjoyable habit lessons created just for you. You can discover the science behind habit, learn how to analyze them and set your mind.

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10. StayFree – Screen Time

StayFree – Screen Time

StayFree focuses on phone addiction control, making it a suitable app for adults and kids. This app limits your screen time and app usage to help you control yourself so you can spend more time with your work or loved ones. With this app, no more wasting time!

Cutting screen habits can be daunting without help. StayFree is an app designed to assist you in overcoming phone addition and staying focused on your work. It also reduces screen time and distraction as well as boost productivity for a better life.

Use app usage history to show how long you’ve been on your phone. You can also use a reminder feature to notify you when you spend a lot of time with the gadget. Use block mode to block application temporarily so you are not tempted to access them.

There are more features to find on StayFree, such as focus mode, sleep mode, inspiring quotes, and lock mode. Besides, it has interface customization with 5 different themes so you can customize your app. Widget is also available for easier access and control from the home screen.

Download on Google Play

Building good habits or cutting bad ones need your consistency and strong will. Use your phone as your personal coach to help achieve your goal. These best habit tracking apps are ideal for various purposes from getting rid of smoking habit to starting a healthy lifestyle.

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