8 Best Spelling Apps for Kids and Adults

Best Spelling Apps

Spelling is an essential skill people commonly learn at a young age. Since mastering spelling can give a huge impact on reading and writing skills, it is crucial to find an effective method to teach and learn to spell. Luckily, the best spelling apps are now available to make the process more fun and easier.

Spelling apps are not only for kids. Some developers care about adults who are concerned with their spelling and grammar so they can create excellent writing. So, what spelling apps are good for you and your kids? Here’s the answer.

Best Spelling Apps to Install on Android

Spelling apps below are ideal for users with different needs. Whether you are adults looking for a grammar and spelling checker or parents trying to find a spelling game app for kids, you can always find the best choices right here.

1. Grammarly


Grammarly is a world-renowned spelling checker platform which helps millions of users worldwide to create a writing that is grammatically correct. Having this app on your Android smartphone is like having a personal writing assistant in your pocket.

Grammarly scans your writing meticulously and detects any grammatical and spelling error. It lets you know which parts are incorrect by giving red underlines so you can quickly edit and correct them. Once you are done, your work will be grammatically perfect.

This spell checker app is ideal for various purposes, from typing emails to sending a message, composing an article, and arranging an essay. You can also use it to improve your grammar, writing, and communication skills. If you are not confident with your writing, Grammarly has got you covered.

There are so many features to find on this best spelling app. Besides grammar and spelling checker, it also offers punctuation correction and synonyms. Not to mention it provides you with a brief and clear explanation for each correction so you can understand the mistake and learn from it.

Best of all, Grammarly is highly customizable. Feel free to choose between light and dark themes that suit your mood. You can also adjust dialect settings, including American, British, Australian, and Canadian English. Plus, you can personalize a dictionary by adding your own vocabulary.

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2. Spelling and Grammar by Eductify

Spelling and Grammar by Eductify

It is never too late to learn spelling. If you are looking for a spelling app either for your children or yourself, Spelling and Grammar by Eductify should be on your list. It transforms learning spelling into a fun and entertaining activity.

Providing different types of tests and quizzes, you can get rid of tedious and daunting learning processes. It also has a complete set of spelling and grammar learning activities such as spelling rules, irregular spelling, tricky words, and also commonly misspelled words.

Moreover, this best spelling app helps you focus on other aspects that support good writing such as capitalization, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. With this app on your device, you will feel like having a personal spelling tutor.

Spelling and Grammar is designed for all ages, which means it is suitable for young learners, high school students, and even adults. Have fun with the games and become an expert spelling bee. To track your progress, you can connect to Eductify Parent Connect.

This application is free with paid content. In-app purchases are available at different rates but basic features are good enough to improve your English spelling skills. Just make sure it is compatible with your Android version.

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3. Correct Spelling Grammar Check

Correct Spelling Grammar Check

If you are looking for a spell check app, make sure to Correct Spelling Grammar Check on your list. Similar to Grammarly, it comes in handy to help you write English effortlessly by checking and correcting your writing. This is a great app for improving your English writing skills.

This spelling and grammar checker is voice-based, which means it can check your grammar and spelling by voice. Without having to type your words traditionally, this app saves a lot of time so you can focus on other things that matter.

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When it comes to key features, this app has much to offer. Besides AI-featured voice-based spelling checker that becomes the main highlight, it corrects your speaking and pronunciation so you can improve your basic English skills.

There are many other things you can do with this best spelling app, such as finding difficult words to improve your vocabularies, find synonyms and adjectives, and many more. It also works efficiently to improve your lexicon so you can write like a native English speaker.

Good news, this application is free to download without in-app purchases. With a simple interface, correcting your spelling has never been this simple. If you want to write an English essay, homework, or message but you don’t want to use dictionary, this application has you covered.

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4. DoodleSpell


Designed for kids 5- to 11-year-olds, DoodleSpell develops their confidence and ability to spell words. It comes packed with a work program tailored to their individual levels so they can learn faster and more effectively. Featuring Proxima, it analyzes and builds a unique learning program for each kid.

Besides providing a personalized and motivating spelling program, DoodleSpell features educational professionals who conduct research thoroughly so it can offer the best program for the kids. It also highlights an extensive range of question styles to accommodate different types of learners.

Using this best spelling app, you can also add a weekly spelling list of your child. They will be rewarded for their effort instead of their ability to keep them motivated. Featuring accessibility options for all questions, kids can choose between audio dictation and colored overlays.

One best feature of DoodleSpell is offline mode that allows your kids to learn without internet connection. With just ten minutes a day, it helps improve kids’ ability and confidence to spell their words. Not to mention it is designed with an attractive interface.

This application is free to download but you can upgrade to premium subscription, either one-month or annual subscription. All application downloads give you access to DoodleEnglish and DoodleConnect to support spelling mastery and progress tracking.

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5. Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

Learning English words is so much fun with Spelling Bee. Designed for young learners, it encourages them to draw the missing letter rather than typing. Not only does it help them improve spelling skills, but also it strengthens their capability in recognizing different shapes of letters.

Moreover, this best spelling app works effectively to improve kids’ grammar using words from basic to advanced level. Pronunciation is another aspect you can improve with Spelling Bee, thanks to audio hints for words your kids can listen and write.

How about some vocabulary updates? This application includes more than 5,000 words from over 40 topics that will help your kids enhance their vocabularies. Whether you want to start from numbers to animals, family, human body, or cartoons, simply pick a favorite topic and you are good to go.

If you are preparing your kids for a spelling bee competition, this app offers a huge help. It includes a list of top misspellings so they can practice and learn more from the mistakes. This surely helps them perform their best at any spelling contest.

Spelling Bee app is free to download on your Android device and it offers a 3-day free trial. You will want to choose a subscription plan to continue using this app, including weekly, monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription. Subscription will renew automatically.

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6. Spelling & Phonics

Spelling & Phonics

Kids love having fun while learning. And if you are looking for a spelling game app that will help them learn in a fun way, Spelling & Phonics is going to be an ideal choice. It has everything your kids need to upgrade their English spelling skills.

This application comes loaded with multiple spelling games so you can pick one that fits best for your kid as per their levels. There are so many things young children can learn from these games, such as spelling, phonics, and picture-letter association.

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Each game is designed to help children achieve the goal without realizing they have learned. With a combination of pictures and letters, children can match the letters and place them in the correct order into a word. This process is so much fun and works effectively to encourage children to recognize words.

Spelling & Phonics also feature fill in blank game mode that requires children to fill in the blank with the correct letter. Blank spelling is also available, allowing kids to complete words without a clue, in addition to CVC mode that includes another 5 additional learning modes.

Other features to find on this app include educational activities for toddlers and kids, attractive graphics and animations, captivating sounds to promote phonics learning, and report cards to track children’s progress. You can also collect stickers to celebrate achievements.

Spelling & Phonics is completely free without ads. It doesn’t contain in-app purchases or premium subscription so you don’t have to spend a dime.

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7. Learn to Spell & Write

Learn to Spell & Write

Learn to Spell & Write is among the best free spelling apps to improve spelling for kids. Not only that, it is also ideal to help children enhance their writing and reading skills. Though this application is made for kids, the whole family can enjoy the game.

Featuring funny and colorful pictures, this game can easily attract kids’ attention. It is designed with a simple gameplay as kids and parents only need to drag the colorful letters into the right slots. Kids earn coins for each correct word which allow them to unlock other word collections.

This best spelling app for kids has tons of features, such as word collections from various topics including animals, foods, and clothes; hundreds of words to spell in English and Spanish; and 3 difficulty levels that can be adjusted to each individual. You can also use clues to help kids solve the problem.

One convenient feature is voiceover that assists kids to say each letter correctly. Needless to say, this application has an intuitive and simple design so your children can easily use it.

Good news for all parents, all content on this app is absolutely free. However, it also provides paid content so you can enjoy more advanced features. Millions of happy kids use this application to learn spelling and other basic English skills which means it is worth trying.

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8. Spelling Shed

Spelling Shed

Learning to spell words made simple with Spelling Shed. Specially made for children, this game is featured in several countries and it helps more than 2.5 million kids to improve their spelling skills. Professional teachers are behind the effectiveness of this spelling game app.

Spelling Shed has been used in schools for its ability to provide an enjoyable and accessible spelling learning process. Not only does it improve spelling, but also it brings positive impacts on vocabulary acquisition, typing speed, and also reading ability.

This application encourages young learners to achieve their spelling goals. As their confidence grows, they can get into the harder levels for more rewards and more points. The more points you get the higher your class position both in school and world league.

It has built-in word lists that cover national curriculum. With more than 500K words lists, learners can search for words to improve their vocabulary—even they can customize their own word lists to make learning easier.

What’s more, Spelling Shed features a unique phonics spelling system that allows you to spell words with letters and graphemes. Learners who need support for phonics learning can use this app to help them out.

Spelling Shed game app is not a free app so you have to spend a penny to download this app on your device. Designed with a simple and beautiful interface, children would be happy to spend hours playing the game. Without they realize, it helps improve their spelling, vocabulary, and reading skills.

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All in all, the best spelling apps vary widely from adults’ favorite Grammarly to kids’ must-have app Spelling Bee. Both kids and adults can discover an application that meets their needs and use the list of spelling apps above as a good reference.

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