10 Best Apps to Make Friends for Android

Best Apps to Make Friends

Your parents might constantly tell you to go out and socialize. But why would you go out while you can make friends from your cozy couch? All you need is to download the best apps to make friends on your smartphone and you will be ready to connect with new people worldwide.

Once connected, you can start a chat and enjoy fun conversation. Some people are lucky enough to find their love through these friend maker apps. Are you one of those lucky people? Check recommended friend maker apps below and figure it out!

Best Apps to Make Friends to Improve Your Social Life

There are a lot of applications to make friends nowadays. But since you are going to meet new people with different backgrounds, you will want to be careful when sharing your personal information. It’s also crucial to find apps that provide a safe environment to connect with global people.

1. Yubo


Looking for an app to make friends online not dating? If your answer is yes, Yubo is made just for you. It is a social platform that will help you find new friends through authentic interactions. Find people of similar interests and get connected.

Yubo highlights a number of key features, including YouTube stream to share fun moments, MV, or gaming content with your friends; lenses to start video chats with filters; chat to greet new people; and swipe to find people nearby or worldwide.

With Yubo, you can join a community of your interests. Whether you are into sports, music, travel, or manga, this platform helps you discover the right community where you can share your hobby, thoughts, and make more friends.

One more thing that you will find interesting about Yubo is that you can play fun games. From guessing pictures to challenging drawing quiz, this best app to make friends is absolutely exciting. You can also invite your friends to join this platform and earn rewards.

Download on Google Play

2. Skout


Skout is a great app to connect with people nearby and from all over the world. With the broadcasting feature as the main highlights, you can either see who’s live or broadcast yourself so other users can easily connect with you.

It has got 50M+ downloads and still counting, proving how awesome this app is. Once installed on your device, Skout gives you access to millions of people. Connect with them and start a conversation so you can get to know them better. The next phase, you can meet them in real life.

Many other features are available to upgrade your friend-making experience. For instance, it allows you to view who checked your profile. You can also save users of your favorite so you can quickly find them in the future. Plus, Skout sends you updates from people nearby.

If you need to garner more friends, it comes packed with in-app purchases that let you promote your profiles. This best free app to make friends doesn’t charge you for joining the community. Start Skouting and make new friends.

Download on Google Play

3. Bumble


Bumble is designed for dating but it is also the best app to make friends. With this social platform, you can meet new people and start a conversation with strangers. Or if you are single looking for a partner, you can go on a date and find true love.

There is a complete set of amazing features offered on Bumble. Video chat, for example, allows you to get to know your friends better before meeting them in the real world. It also lets you send videos and pictures for a lively conversation.

On top of that, Bumble is featured with snooze mode that helps you hide your profile while keeping your matches. Not to mention you can share your interests with friends by linking other social media platforms such as Spotify and Instagram.

Need more features? Bumble offers a premium version that unlocks several premium features to bring your experience to the next level. Once upgraded, you can see people who swiped you right, review with previous profiles, and extend matches by 24 hours.

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Download on Google Play

4. Wink


Wink offers a great place to make friends and connect with millions of people from all over the globe. Similar to most friend-making apps, all you need to do is to swipe right or left to pick a profile you would like to chat with. Swipe right means friends while swipe left means nope.

This app to meet new people is designed with powerful features to provide you with a memorable experience. After you match a profile, start chatting and share thoughts. Send ice breakers, pictures, text messages, GIFs, or audio for a fun conversation.

Wink also lets you express yourself and impress other users with your profile. Feel free to use up to 6 photos to personalize your profile and customize your bio. Make it stand out so other people will think you are unique. You can also share your hobby and passion to attract people of the same interests.

Furthermore, this best app to make friends requires you to earn gems every day. Use these gems to send friend requests or view profiles you skipped previously. Install Wink on your device for free and buy in-app purchases if you want.

Download on Google Play

5. Meetup


Meetup is a unique app you can use to find friends you’ll like and events you’ll love. Millions of members use this app to discover a community of their interests, build a network, and pursue their dreams. Find more than 100,000 Meetup events every week and bring your social life to the next level.

With Meetup installed on your smartphone, you can match with more than 330,000 groups from all over the world. From yoga to technology, science, game, music, and many more, you can share thoughts and experience with people of your interest and make new friends.

This awesome application also lets you explore events by category for easier search. You can either search by keyword or check out what people nearby are up to. Once you find good events, hit the save button and you can visit them later.

Many other things can enhance your Meetup experience, such as hosting your own events, creating your own community and seeing it grow, personalizing your schedule, and others. Download this app for free and enjoy all its features on it.

Download on Google Play

6. LMK


Which app works best to make friends near me? Most friend-making applications allow you to discover new people nearby and LMK is no exception. Using this social platform, you can connect, chat, and hang out with people near you who share similar interests.

LMK uses a swipe method that helps you choose friends you’ll like. Swipe right if you want to make friends or swipe left if you want to skip a profile. It also features drop-in audio rooms with which you can perform a call to a group of people. Sending gifts in an audio room is also possible with this app.

Customize your profile and make it stand out. You can add your hobbies and interests in your bio so you will look interesting to people with the same interests. You can also express yourself by posting to the community you joined.

LMK provides a positive and safe environment to connect with people nearby and from all over the globe. This best app to make friends is free with in-app purchases. No premium version or subscription is available.

Download on Google Play

7. Ablo


Making new friends and meeting them for the first time is incredible. If you love the sensation, Ablo is a great app that will let you feel this moment. Thanks to a set of features that allow you to meet new people and connect with them. 

Even if you’re an introvert who hates socials, Ablo makes everything easier. Simply download this platform on your Android device, sign up, and you will be ready to meet new people or be discovered. Once connected, make your first-time conversation fun with ice breakers.

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Plus, this allows you to discover millions of livestreams and watch ones that suit your mood. When you join the shows, you will be a guest. What if you have talents or something to share with others? Start broadcasting yourself and new people will join your show.

To get to know your new friends better, Ablo supports video calls. This meet friends app also provides paid content for additional features. More than 10 million people use this application to get connected to the world and this time may be your turn. 

Download on Google Play

8. Hoop


Hoop should be on the list when it comes to making friends. Designed with basic features, it helps you connect with new people nearby or from all over the world. Upon joining, it gives you access to millions of profiles with different backgrounds, hobbies, and interests.

To get connected, this best app to make friends allows you to send friend requests to any profile you like—other profiles may also send you friend requests. If you accept them, you can start a conversation and even add them to your social media apps.

Though your opportunity to find new friends is wide open, Hoop makes sure you can control your socials. To avoid unwanted things, decide what to share with who.

One fun thing about Hoop is that you can collect diamonds to send friend requests and level up your profile. If you have enough diamonds, you can also check on the previous profiles. Among things to earn diamonds are daily check-ins, sharing your profile, watching a video, and buying a diamond pack.

Download on Google Play

9. MeetMe


Meet people nearby with similar interests with MeetMe. This app lets you connect with locals, thanks to easy-to-use features that allow you to send text messages, pictures, and videos for fun conversations. If you want to make friends with local strangers then it has you covered.

MeetMe supports a live streaming feature with which you can join people’s shows. Or you can even broadcast yourself and let people come to join your live streaming. Video chat is another cool feature to meet new people and make friends with strangers in a better way.

To improve your live streaming experience, this application lets you give and receive gifts or battle. Moreover, if you match a profile, you can go on dates and find your love. Millions of people use this application, which means you have millions of possibilities to connect with people.

This best app to make friends is designed with an intuitive interface so you can enjoy your MeetMe experience. Hanging out with friends is so much fun. Install this app for free or buy in-app purchases for additional features.

Download on Google Play

10. Badoo


Find virtual friends on Badoo and you will never get bored anymore. This platform is built for dating but you can simply make new friends with it. Find people who share similar interests, chat with them, and make friends. Go on dates if you are comfortable with them.

To get started, you will want to complete your profile and make it stand out. People with send you friend requests or you can also send friend requests to people you may like. Once you find your match, start chatting and arrange a meeting in real life.

Text message is not enough to get to know your new friend. Luckily, Badoo supports video chat that makes it possible to see what they look like. You can also add them to your social media and share pictures. Free chat feature comes standard on Badoo.

This app allows you to do many other things, such as record yourself, share your mood, and invite friends to Badoo. Thanks to safety and security features, you can get rid of unsolicited images, sexual messages, insults, and anything that trigger discomfort when you connect with people.

Download on Google Play

The best apps to make friends help improve your social life. Whether you are bored with your old friends or you want to feel the sensation of meeting strangers, you have a lot of options to choose from. Use these apps wisely.

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