10 Best Meme Maker Apps for Android

Best Meme Maker Apps for Android

Sending memes is an instant but perfect way to share laughter with your loved ones. But what if you run out of stock and your friends or family have already seen your collections? Get the best meme maker apps and create your own memes for any hilarious moment.

With meme maker apps you can build a unique or distinct meme based on your mood or current situation. Make the most out of your powerful mind and creativity for the best result. Choose photos from your gallery, and write funny quotes or wording for the best outcome.

Best Meme Maker Apps and Become a Memesmith

Meme creators are basically photo editors that allow you to retouch photos by adding text and more. But if you don’t want to start from scratches, most meme makers provide you with templates to save your time and effort. Create your memes using these apps and share them with your friends.

1. Meme Creator

Meme Creator

Meme Creator is an amazing meme maker app for Android. With this app on your smartphone, you can choose from more than 600 meme templates. No need to worry about running out of ideas because it serves as a source of inspiration for you.

When creating your own meme, it allows you to add text and use over 20 fonts. Select a font that works best for your photos and unleash your creativity. It also gives you a chance to use photos from your gallery, making it possible to personalize your artwork.

If you have a vast collection of memes, this best meme maker app lets you create a distinctive comic by combining multiple memes saved on your phone. Enhance the visual attraction by adjusting size and text color so the entire elements look harmonious.

Finish your creative process by saving and sharing your memes. This application is integrated to Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms so you can share the project with just a single tap. Best of all, this app is completely free to use without in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

2. Memes.com + Memes Maker

Memes.com + Memes Maker

Do you have a vast collection of unique photos? Transform them into unique and fun memes so you can share a good laugh with your surroundings/ It has been enjoyed by millions so you may want to join the crowd and feel the convenience.

Memes offers a new way of creating memes. This meme generator app allows you to add captions to any picture with just a few simple taps. Once you are done, feel free to share with your friends and enjoy the laughter.

As a feature-rich application, Memes is suitable not only for memes but also video, and GIF. You can choose from trending frames to improve your artwork and import photos from the phone gallery. Plus, it has a set of tools to support your creativity such as fryer editing tools and speed adjuster.

Many other features to find on Memes include a vast collection of GIFs, tons of fun stickers, and distortion effects. You can also add free style fonts and words and backdrops for interesting creations. On top of all, it allows you to add your own watermark to personalize your masterpiece.

If you love to create funny pictures, Memes is a great app to help you create hilarious memes. Share with your loved ones to impress them.

Download on Google Play

3. Mematic


Find tons of meme templates on Mematic. This best meme maker app is designed with intuitive and nice interfaces, allowing you to operate the application without extra effort. From adding text to attaching stickers, it has got you covered.

Mematic made it simple to create memes with a large collection of templates. Whether you want to use your own pics or access pre-loaded ones, it is totally up to your preference. It also serves as a collage creator with which you can combine photos in different layouts and beautiful frames.

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This meme maker is simple, fast, and easy. Only with a few taps, it is possible to add funny texts to your favorite picture. Once you are done, share them with your friends and other meme enthusiasts on social media platforms.

Overall, Mematic is a meme generator you are looking for. Whether you want to build memes from scratch or be efficient with preloaded templates, this app can be the right choice for you. With more than 1M downloads, it is free to use with in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

4. Meme Generator

Meme Generator

If you wonder where those funny memes come from, Meme Generator could be the best answer. It is one of the best free meme maker apps to help you create awesome memes. Millions of meme enthusiasts and creators have used this app to explore their creativity.

Meme Generator has a bunch of features that support its performance in your Android. The most prominent is over 2,000 high quality templates coming along with funny examples as your sources of ideas. With these templates you don’t have to start from scratches.

This best meme maker app supports custom pictures and layouts, including specific layouts that allow you to create collages or demotivational posters. What’s fantastic, it is possible to create editable templates for a quick and easy editing based on your personal preferences.

Meme Generator includes tons of stickers to make your meme creation more hilarious. It also supports adjustable and customizable text along with 60+ fonts to choose from. Whether you want to make it modern or classic, this app has everything you need.

Another thing you’ll love about this app is the watermark-free feature. This means you can get clean memes for the final result. 

Download on Google Play

5. Easy Meme Maker

Easy Meme Maker

As the name suggests, Easy Meme Maker offers an easy and fast way to create memes. Only with a few taps, you can add stickers, captions, or anything to desired pictures. If you are done, feel free to share with your friends and family with a built-in share button.

This meme maker app comes packed with useful features. In addition to a simple interface that promises easy way to generate memes, it has tons of meme templates that you can search by name or tag. Make your memes more fantastic with attractive text and positioning.

If you are a beginner who wants to create your first meme, Easy Meme Maker will help you out. Or if you are a professional meme maker, you will find a lot of fun in this application. Unleash your creativity and share a good laugh with your surroundings.

Easy Meme Maker is integrated with Facebook and Instagram so you can share your creation only with a tap. Download this app for free and bring your funny ideas into reality.

Download on Google Play

6. Memasik – Meme Maker

Memasik – Meme Maker

Memasik is an open-source meme maker for everyone. Also serving as a meme editor, it lets you generate memes and enhance them with text, stickers, and emojis. Downloading this app also gives you access to meme community so you can find meme posts and discussions,

As one of the best meme maker apps, Memasik comes with several highlights. It comes loaded with a vast collection of memes that are constantly updated. You can also use your own photos or images if you have interesting ones. Simply add stickers and text and you’re done.

Adjust your memes to make it more attractive. You can move and rotate captions, adjust font style and size, and even make handwriting to deliver your messages. It is also possible to crop the image if desired.

Having fun with meme while maintaining your social life? Memasik has got you covered. Upon your joining the community, you will be able to publish your meme creation. Leave a comment and hit the like button on the post or follow your favorite users so you don’t miss their updates. 

Download on Google Play

7. Video & GIF Memes

Video & GIF Memes

Generate cool video or GIF memes using this random meme generator. With just a few simple steps, you will be able to create amazing memes from your smartphone. All you have to do is choose your file, add stickers, and add text so everyone can understand your message.

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This app has a few highlights. Among the main features are easy access to millions of GIF and video meme templates, hundreds of stickers, and editing tools. Enjoy every step of the editing process so you can create memes everyone can feel.

Video & GIF Memes give you access to multiple video settings such as frame rate, speed, quality, and repetition. You can also choose from 60+ fonts to customize memes to your heart’s content. If you’ve finished, either save or share the output file as GIF or video.

Watermarks can ruin your piece of art. Good news for you, Video & GIF Memes doesn’t put watermarks on your memes so they come out clean. Nobody knows you use a meme generator application to create such nice and funny memes. 

Download on Google Play

8. Meme Maker Studio & Design

Meme Maker Studio & Design

Featuring a quick designing tool, this is a great app to create memes on the go. It is smooth, lightweight, and suitable for sharing via social media platforms. It is also easy to use thanks to user-friendly and simple design.

Meme Maker Studio & Design supports high-level customization to personalize your memes. Once you choose a picture, feel free to add text art with various fonts, add text effects, and adjust text color and alignment. Your memes will look exactly the same as you want it.

On top of that, you can search images from millions of wallpaper images for free. No need to worry about losing your progress as this best meme maker app features autosave to keep your work in the draft.

Have you done with the project? Save and share your memes on your favorite social media platforms. It is not only suitable for social media posts but also ad posters and profile pictures.

Download on Google Play

9. Sandstorm


Sandstorm is a powerful meme maker that you need to create funny memes. Find trending memes and edit them before you share them with your loved ones. It has a set of editing tools such as drawing, adding stickers, changing colors, and overlaying text.

There are many fonts supported on Sandstorm. You can either use your own photos or search from thousands of templates before getting started. Once you make a choice, use your creativity to transform boring photos into funny memes.

A long list of popular memes from various categories are available here. From Minecraft to Spiderman and from SpongeBob to Naruto, you can always find meme templates that are ready to edit. Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface that promises easy operation.

This best meme maker app is completely free to use. You can buy in-app purchases with real money to get additional items for upgraded experience.

Download on Google Play

10. Thug Life Sticker Pic Editor

Thug Life Sticker Pic Editor

Thug Life is a famous quote for memes and everybody knows it. If you want to replicate this quote using your own photo, Thug Life Sticker Pic Editor is the best app to download. With this app you can add Tupac tattoo, shades, and iconic sunglasses.

This meme maker app is easy to use—all you have to do is add a variety of stickers to generate a brand-new meme. Post your creation on your favorite social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram and get likes from your friends.

Creativity is key on Thug Life Sticker Pic Editor. Use your creativity to retouch your photos to make it look tough, from gang face tattoos to gold chain in your hand, or big stacks of money. Modify your picture the way you want and see how your friends love it.

With more than 10M+ downloads, it becomes one of the most downloaded meme generators for Android. Get this app for free without a monthly subscription and enjoy making swag memes using your photos.

Download on Google Play

The best meme maker apps offer a simple and easy way to generate memes. Most of them provide you with preloaded templates so you don’t have to work from the scratches. But they also give you the option to use your own photos to personalize your memes.

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