12 Best Flashlight Apps for Android

Best Flashlight Apps for Android

Most Android smartphones are equipped with flashlight feature. It uses built-in camera LED flash or white screen mode to provide bright light for any purposes. Make the most out of your device flashlight with the best flashlight app for Android.

Google Play Store is flooded with tons of flashlight apps that boast different features and functionalities. While choosing the best one can be a real struggle, you are about to find a huge help to find the right flashlight apps for your Android device. So keep reading!

Best Flashlight Apps for Android

The following are trusty flashlight apps with thousand to million users worldwide. These apps receive positive feedback from users, which means they can work well on Android devices. Here is the list for you:

1. Flashlight by Lighthouse, Inc.

Flashlight by Lighthouse, Inc.

Download on Google Play

This is the best flashlight app to light up your space. It uses rear camera flash and screen to produce powerful and bright light for various purposes, be it outdoor and indoor. With this app, you can read a book at night, find things under your bed, walk in the dark, or simply light the room when sleeping.

The flashlight tool highlights several features, such as color screen flashlight for party or entertainment purpose, Morse code for SOS or emergencies, and compass for an adventure. It also lets you adjust the light to blinking mode or strobe.

2. Flashlight by Splend Apps

Flashlight by Splend Apps

Download on Google Play

This torch app is free and easy to use. It provides bright light to illuminate your surroundings by using camera LED flash or white screen mode. Flashlight is made intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to access the app quickly from the status bar buttons or widget.

The app is ready to use anywhere and anytime. Whether you are walking in the dark or in electricity blackout, it can convert your Android smartphone into a useful torch. Having a flashlight app on your device is always helpful.

Flashlight has been installed for more than 10 million times. The small file size makes it suitable for earlier Android devices, as long as it runs Android 4.1 version or above. This app offers in-app purchase if you need to enjoy more features.

3. Flashlight by ArtLine

Flashlight by ArtLine

Download on Google Play

This is another flashlight app to add more functions to your Android smartphone. Flashlight by ArtLine offers a set of features to help illuminate your surroundings, such as instant start that allows you to turn on camera LED quickly. You can also take benefit from its widget for faster on/off.

It has bright and soft light which can be adjusted to your needs. If you are walking in the dark or going to the basement, bright light gives you a better visibility. Soft light mode can be chosen if you need not soft illumination such as to find something under the bed.

Additionally, Flashlight also offers stroboscope mode that lets you blink light fast. More importantly, this app highlights privacy-safe that gives you some peace of mind. No need to worry about data breach as it does not steal your data.

4. Flashlight by RV AppStudios

Flashlight by RV AppStudios

Download on Google Play

Next on the list, Flashlight by RV AppStudios is one of the most popular torch apps for Android. It comes with a boast of fastest and brightest light to give you a new experience of using flashlight on mobile device. No need to worry about blackout or walking in the dark with a flashlight in your pocket.

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The feature-rich app comes with built-in compass, clapper, and magnifying glass in a package. Not to mention it has SOS feature that will be helpful during emergencies. You can also take benefits from strobe light effect which will make your mobile device like a real stroboscope.

What’s more? Flashlight app comes with phone battery indicator that allows you to monitor battery level. With the ability to change screen light color, this app has more to put into your table. Thanks to the small file size that makes it friendly to your phone’s memory.

5. Flashlight LED-Universe

Flashlight LED-Universe

Download on Google Play

If you are looking for a torch app with beautiful design, Flashlight LED seems nice to pick. This is a unique LED flashlight app that comes packed with beautiful design and widget. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also functional to lighten up your space.

Flashlight LED-Universe features a stroboscope that allows the built-in camera LED flash blink with different frequency. It also offers two light modes—bright and soft modes—that can be used for different purposes. Bright mode is great for a dark environment while soft mode is suitable to fall asleep.

Since the LED flash is part of the built-in camera, you need to give permission to access the camera. No need to worry about data breach as it prioritizes your privacy. This app is available for free on Google Play Store with a small file size.

6. Flashlight – LED Torch Light

Download on Google Play

This app comes in handy to turn your Android smartphone into a powerful flashlight. This free application is made quick and efficient—you can turn on/off flashlight in a second. Whatever you need to lighten up, Flashlight has you covered.

As with other torch apps, it uses built-in camera LED flash to produce powerful and bright light. It also supports strobe function that lets you blink the LED light fast just like a real stroboscope. It is suitable for different situations, be it during a party or even in emergencies.

This flashlight app has a bunch of features, such as small file size that makes it friendly to your phone space. It also has the ability to adjust strobe frequency and brightness to meet your needs. Not to mention it highlights low battery consumption and HD interface.

7. Flashlight by GOMO Limited

Flashlight by GOMO Limited

Download on Google Play

Whether you are bored with the built-in flashlight on your Android device, it is time to download Flashlight by GOMO Limited. This app boasts the brightest and fastest flashlight to get the best out of your camera LED flash. It comes in handy to bring a powerful flashlight into your pocket.

This app is packed with a bunch of features, such as a strobe function that allows you to blink LED flash fast. You can also change the frequency for different purposes, such as for party or emergency use. Aside from using camera LED flash, this app lets you use white screen mode.

In addition to features, Flashlight by GOMO comes with a widget which gives easier access to turn on/off the light. With elegant design and various colors, this flashlight app is free to download. If you are interested, install this app and join millions of users worldwide.

8. Bright Flashlight App Free

Bright Flashlight App Free

Download on Google Play

This is a simple flashlight application with minimalist design. It comes in handy to enlighten any space and it can be a great partner for indoor and outdoor activities, such as home repair, hiking, backpacking, or camping. If you forget to bring a flashlight, installing this app on your phone will give a huge help.

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The best torch for Android device features battery indicator and on/off icon that offers a faster access to the flashlight. It is also equipped with strobe light that is suitable for parties or emergencies. Without the need for unlocking the screen, it works well on locked screen.

So many reasons make this app worth choosing. Besides a variety of features it offers, this app boasts low battery consumption so you have more time before the next charge. As it uses camera LED flash, this app will ask for permission to access your camera.

9. Super LED Flashlight

Super LED Flashlight

Download on Google Play

Light up your space with Super LED Flashlight. This is one of the best flashlight app and a practical also powerful torch tool with the brightest flashlight to illuminate your surroundings. It suits best for indoor and outdoor as well as any purposes, such as reading in the dark or finding something under the bed.

This tool has a bunch of features like quick start with stylish widget, smooth operation, and beautiful interface. It gets much better with Morse code that allows you to send SOS codes, as well as strobe function that works well for emergencies—blink frequency can be adjusted.

More other features to enjoy include compass that will be useful for an adventure or outdoor activity and bright light-soft light mode. Bright light is suitable in the dark or for outdoor activities while soft light works well to light up your room while sleeping.

10. Bright Flashlight, Screen Torch and SOS

Bright Flashlight, Screen Torch and SOS

Download on Google Play

Enjoy the brightest flashlight from your Android smartphone with this torch app. The tool comes in handy to turn your mobile device into a powerful flashlight with many other features such as battery power and current time display on screen. It also features colorful light for a better experience.

This torch app uses camera flashlight to light up space. But if your device does not support LED flash, take benefits from screen torch that is available in different colors such as white, red, blue, green, and many others. Pick a color that suits your mood.

For easier access, this tool enables you to customize the settings. You can choose to start flashlight in one click or you want it to start automatically when you run the app. This app is suitable for most Android devices as long as it runs version 2.0 and above.

11. Flashlight by Axiomatic Inc.

Flashlight by Axiomatic Inc.

Download on Google Play

Axiomatic Inc. has released a simple torch app that allows you to enjoy the brightest flashlight. This tool is super easy to use and lightweight so you don’t need to worry about phone resources. Despite its small size, Flashlight has many features to light up your space.

Flashlight by Axiomatic is optimized for energy-efficiency. With simple, minimalist, and intuitive design, it gives not only function but also personalized look to your mobile device. Turn your smartphone into a flashlight with this app.

If you are interested to this device, visit Google Play Store and install the app on your smartphone. It has a small file size that makes it friendly to your old smartphone. Be sure it runs Android 4.1 version and above.

12. Flashlight by FreeApps

Flashlight by FreeApps

Download on Google Play

Farewell popup ads! This flashlight app highlights popups-free that allows you to make the most out of the app without intrusive ads. It has important features to help you light up the space, including flashlight widget and gesture support that enables you to turn on/off the light by shaking the device.

This app boasts simple design that makes it easy and fast to use. Even when your device is locked, you can access the flashlight. Not to mention this torch tool is super lightweight so it is friendly to your phone memory.

The best flashlight apps for Android above help turn your Android mobile device into a fantastic torch with the brightest flashlight. Whether you plan to use it for indoor or outdoor, these apps work well to light up your space.

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