10 Best Blue Light Filter Apps for Android

Best Blue Light Filter Apps

Using phones and computers is just part of human life now and it can cause a serious condition, especially for your eyes. This is why you need to consider using the best blue light filter apps.

The good news is that now you can find those apps downloadable on the Play Store. While some of them are free, a few names require you to buy the app to make use of it.

Mostly, you won’t find any issue when it comes to how to use blue light filter apps. Also, using a free blue light filter app may help reduce any issue with your eyes due to staring at the screen for too long, especially at night.

The Best Blue Light Filter Apps

According to research, blue light emitted by your smartphone and other gadgets from their screens may interfere with your sleep cycle. Generally, the light will put your focus on the screen only.

While it is good for a few things, your biological cycle could get interrupted. Some people would wear their glasses that shield your eyes from those blue light.

And if you don’t want to wear glasses, looking for a blue light filter app download will be a good idea. The filter will remove the blue light by turning your screen into a more comfortable setting for your eyes.

Other than enhancing your screen time experience, the filter will gradually reduce the negative effect of blue light on your sleep cycle.

Below, you can find a list of the best apps when it comes to filtering blue light. Find the one that appeals to you the most.

1. Twilight Blue Light Filter

Twilight Blue Light Filter

When it comes to a decent blue light app, Twilight should be part of the list. This app has been around for a while now. According to users, this is one of the best things that may fix your issue with blue light from your smartphone.

As mentioned earlier, blue light can interfere with your sleeping pattern and circadian rhythm. As long as you installed Android 9.0 and above on your phone, Twilight is usable.

Many users love this app due to the simplicity offered and you don’t need to pay for any subscription plan in the first place. Twilight will also adjust with your environment – it dims itself depending on the time around you.

Downloading and using Twilight is as effortless as you can imagine. You won’t be dealing with any ad or in-app purchase – simple, right?

Download on Google Play

2. EasyEyes


Have you heard about Flux for desktops? Well, EasyEyes was inspired by that app. You can dim the brightness and decrease blue light from the screen through this app.

As one of the best blue light apps for Android, EasyEyes comes with a pack of useful features. You can set the temperature and other factors to get the most comfortable setting for your eyes.

Later, the app will dim the light automatically after you set the sunrise and sunset – the app works as easy as it sounds. EasyEyes is free to download and use.

You might be dealing with several ads by using the free version of EasyEyes. However, feel free to upgrade your account into a premium one.

The premium version comes with no ads, options to set when to start or end the dimming session, and many more. EasyEyes is compatible with almost any kind of Android device.

Download on Google Play

3. Eye Care Filter Effect

Eye Care Filter Effect

Instead of looking for a blue light filter apk from untrusted sites, you better try this app in the first place. It comes with powerful protection for your eyes and this app is exclusively created and developed for Android smartphones.

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The app will reduce and even ditch the blue light so that users can have a seamless experience while enjoying screen time. You can adjust the temperature that suits your eyes.

Eye Care Filter Effect is such an effortless app to work with – everything is accessible through a tap. Other than adjusting the temperature, you can also set the brightness, screen tint, and many more.

Since this app is free, there is not much room for customization. Other than that, Eye Care Filter Effect works best at night. Still, you better give this app a shot.

Download on Google Play

4. Blue Light Filter

Talking about the top blue light apps that deliver excellent work, this app deserves appreciation too. Blue Light Filter is a popular app on the Play Store and many users have been using this app since the first launch.

Other than packed with a list of standard features, this app also allows you to adjust the brightness through a tap. You can even adjust the intensity in the first place.

If you love reading at night, this app provides a feature that shows warm light through the app. By that, you don’t need to deal with any eye strain anymore. Of course, your sleep quality is maintained too.

According to evidence, reducing blue light emission or adjusting the color temperature on your phone may increase your battery life. So, why don’t you try this app as soon as possible?

Blue Light Filter is a free app with ads. But you can upgrade whatever you need through the in-app purchase options.

Download on Google Play

5. Bluelight Filter by Hardy-Infinity

Bluelight Filter by Hardy-Infinity

So, are you looking for more than a decent blue light filter for Android? If so, Bluelight Filter by Hardy-Infinity should be on your consideration list too.

It comes with a pack of useful features and nicely done UI design. The filter also utilizes natural colors, which increases your reading and typing experiences much more enjoyable.

Once you activate the app, the system will detect your surrounding light and adjust the color of your display. Don’t miss this app’s scheduling feature too – you can turn the function automatically.

The best part of this app is that the color will remain when you take a screenshot. Bluelight Filter offers 7 different colors you can pick that suit your needs the most. And make sure that this app always starts every time you turn on your device.

Bluelight Filter is a free app but it has some ads here and there. If you want to get rid of those apps, feel free to make an upgrade through the in-app purchase section. This app works best in almost any type of Android device.

Download on Google Play

6. Blue Light Filter & Night Mode

Blue Light Filter & Night Mode

Generally, by adjusting your screen temperature and brightness, the blue light emitted by your screen eventually decreases too. And several anti blue light apps on the Play Store do a great job on delivering that feature.

One of those apps is Blue Light Filter & Night Mode. It comes with 5 different anti-glare filters combined into one. One of the main effects created by this filter is reducing eye strain. Other than that, you can enjoy a better experience during your screen time.

Blue Light Filter & Night also features a scheduling option. By using that option, you can dim your display automatically. By turning on this app, your battery consumption will decrease, big time.

So, as long as you have at least Android 4.1 installed on your phone, Blue Light Filter & Night Mode will work fine. Give it a try, though!

Download on Google Play

7. Darker


Generally, the best blue light apps on the Play Store have a lot of similarities. The difference might be on each UI design while the rest can be pretty much the same.

Darker is another app you should be checking out, after all. It has a feature called color filter that helps you to adjust the display depending on a range of colors. Other than that, you can adjust the display whether you want to read at night or get to sleep faster.

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The best part is that you don’t need to pay for using this app – there is no app either. But afraid not, it has in-app purchases in case you want to get more than standard features.

Darker might not be a perfect app to dith the blue light from your screen but it surely delivers great work for the function.

Download on Google Play

8. Night Shift

Night Shift

Night Shift is undoubtedly part of the top blue light apps you have to try. It comes with solutions to lower the blue light from your display and save your battery life, big time.

Another interesting thing offered by Night Shift is that you can pick specific filter colors for your display. Thus, customization is possible in many ways.

Just like other similar apps that make it to the top-10, Night Shift also gives you a timer feature so that you don’t need to do the same thing every day.

While making your display much more enjoyable and reducing eye strain possibility, you may fall asleep faster by using this app. Night Shift is a free app with ads. And unfortunately, there is no in-app purchase option either.

Still, if you are looking for an app that enhances your screen display, reduces blue light, and improves your phone’s battery life, Night Shift is the ultimate answer.

Download on Google Play

9. Blue Light Filter Pro

Blue Light Filter Pro

Another way to minimize the blue light effect is by using Blue Light Filter Pro. As its name suggests, this app is not a free one. However, the price tag comes with tons of benefits and powerful features.

Other than a freedom to control the dimming, you have extensive options to customize depending on your needs. For instance, the app allows you to apply a specific setting to particular apps only – not the entire phone.

To enhance your experience, you can add this app as a widget so that you can turn it on and off as quickly as you need it to be. Once you’ve purchased the app, you don’t have to deal with ads, in-app purchases, and other things that show up randomly on free apps in general.

It is a paid app but the price tag is highly affordable, especially if you compare it with such features. So, why don’t you give this app a try?

Download on Google Play

10. Screen Dimmer

Screen Dimmer

Are there blue light apps that actually work? Of course, there are and Screen Dimmer is one of those apps. You can download this app for free and enjoy its free services too.

With a super-basic UI design, you can control the display of your screen much more easily. Keep in mind that this app only allows you to dim your screen without the option of choosing the filter color and so on.

Some other features include:

  • The app is upgradeable, in case you don’t want to deal with ads.
  • Screen Dimmer promotes simplicity and effortlessness.
  • You can control the app without going to your phone’s setting tab.
  • Suitable for night-time reading.

Regardless of the features, Screen Dimmer is not as feature-rich as other apps on the list. Sometimes you may also feel like it gets too dim.

But if you are up for simplicity and functionality without other accessory features, Screen Dimmer is a perfect app for you. So, why don’t you try this app now?

Download on Google Play

Do blue light apps work? Of course, they do by changing the temperature color and dimming the light on your screen. It maintains a comfortable screen time experience too.

Even though insomnia may have a lot to do with your psychological state, your screen time should be evaluated as well. Your gadgets emit blue light that may lead to lots of issues that you don’t realize.

Besides giving you a hard time to sleep, it can cause tiredness and soreness to your eye. If you have glasses with blue light shields, you better use them, though. 

However, if that is not even an option you should consider using the best blue light filter apps mentioned on the list above.

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