10 Best Land Survey Apps for Android

Best Land Survey Apps

The advent of technology has simplified the way people do their jobs including surveyors when performing land surveys. With the best land survey apps downloaded on Android, measuring buildings, structures, and lands becomes easier.

Some land survey apps are built better than others. While some apps majorly feature accurate measurements, others highlight easy conversion into a map. That said, all land survey apps are equally designed to make the process easier and faster.

Best Land Survey Apps for Android

There are a number of apps for land surveyors, especially for those using Android. These applications are handpicked based on their precision and functionality, allowing you to accomplish projects without hassle. Let’s have a closer look at the apps.

1. GPS Fields Area Measure

GPS Fields Area Measure

With 10M+ downloads and still counting, GPS Fields Area Measure is a useful app to manage the area, distance, and perimeter. It contains a complete set of tools to mark distance or area, share the mapped results with your partner, and many more.

A pack of unique features helps you get the job done. Besides quick distance marking that becomes the main highlight, it offers Smart Marker mode which promises accurate pin placement. You can also group, save, name, and edit measurements for easier identification.

If you accidentally make a mistake, an Undo button helps solve the problem so you can start over. This best land survey app also has GPS tracking feature for specific boundaries and supports auto-generated link to send to your clients or partners.

GPS Fields Area Measure is free to install. But if you want to unlock advanced and exclusive features, please upgrade to the Pro version. You can also choose an ad-free version and field navigator for a better experience. 

This app is suitable for town planners, construction surveyors, landscape artists, and even farmers. It provides in-app purchases for extra content.

Download on Google Play

2. Area Calculator for Land

When surveying an area, you need a dependable tool to calculate the perimeter or field on map. Area Calculator for Land is an easy-to-use application to estimate land dimensions on the map. Thanks to a variety of features, you can enjoy an easier and faster measuring process.

This mobile app features a cutting-edge GPS and location service that promotes reliable results and easy search. Simply by clicking on the map, you can define a field outline and calculate circumferential, superficies, and distance.

You can do many other things, such as estimating perimeter for outside of region calculation, approximating far distance, resizing and customizing area, and save your calculation. It also gives you an option to easily inspect and measure dimensions.

How to use this app is quite simple. Click the add point icon and then click on the map to create a point on longitude and latitude. Define marker points for area information and calculation. This best land survey app has various map type icons to choose from, such as hybrid, satellite, terrain, and normal.

Millions of people use Area Calculator for Land to support their surveys. Download and install this app for free or buy in-app purchases for additional features. 

Download on Google Play

3. GPS Area Calculator

GPS Area Calculator

Rated 4.5 stars out of 5 on Google Play with more than 5M downloads, GPS Area Calculator is a recommended option when it comes to land survey apps. Designed to help you measure area on the map with excellent accuracy, you simply need to place some points and calculate them.

GPS Area Calculator includes many features, fast distance mapping, smart marker mode that supports great pin placement accuracy, and measurement editing. It also provides you with 4 map modes including map, terrain, hybrid, and satellite.

This best land survey app is suitable for various purposes, such as land based survey, farm management, construction survey, landscape design, city planning, and any more. You can also add GPS tools like compass and speedometer for more functionality.

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The developer creates this GPS survey app with an intuitive and user-friendly interface which makes it easy to access. It is completely free to download so you can make the best out of this application without spending a dime.

Download on Google Play

4. Geo Area Calculator for Land

Geo Area Calculator for Land

Measuring distances and areas on the map made it easier with the Geo Area Calculator for Land. This smart tool comes with a variety of functions, such as area calculator, distance finder, and map saver. Plus it can efficiently serve as a route finder to find nearby places as well as favorite places.

Geo Area Calculator helps calculate distance between two places accurately. You can control the maps to the desired location, pinch and zoom, and drop a marker after adjusting point. On top of that, it supports various units for easier calculation.

As one of the best land survey apps, Geo Area Calculator offers many useful features to simplify area and distance measurement. For instance, it allows you to figure out the distance between points. If you are walking the location, this app is dependable to keep you on track.

There are still many other features to enjoy, such as finger tool for measuring path, area search facility, four map modes, and perimeter measure. Not to mention it is designed with a simple interface so you can use it effortlessly. If you are looking for a fast way to measure the distance then this app is just for you.

Download on Google Play

5. MapPad GPS Land Surveys

MapPad GPS Land Surveys

You can count on MapPad to calculate areas, distances, and perimeter. This application provides you with multiple mapping solutions so you can capture location and calculate the distance and area for the desired points on the map. Real time GPS tracking is also supported on this app.

MapPad is among the best free land survey apps that is suitable for various purposes, such as engineering, agriculture, real estate management, and forestry. Featuring easy-to-use tools and user-friendly interface, you can easily calculate area and manage your data.

If you need to share with your partners or clients, MapPad has an inbuilt share feature with which you can send waypoint location via email, SMS, or instant messaging apps. You can also group waypoints based on various categories.

MapPad has 3 base maps to choose from, including Open Street, Google Maps, and Bing Maps. It also supports 3 measurement methods which include GPS location, tap on the map, and Map cursor location. Feel free to change units to ease your measuring process.

Download on Google Play

6. GIS Surveyor

GIS Surveyor

This is your one-stop survey application to streamline land surveys. GIS Surveyor is a subscription-based app that comes loaded with useful features allowing you to perform environmental and field surveys without hassle. If you don’t mind spending a penny then this is the best land survey app to install.

GIS Surveyor is a versatile app that is not only functional for survey but also data collection, data handling, analysis, and planning. It helps surveyors collect accurate data in a determined time frame, in addition to serving as a remote sensing application for GIS Mapping.

To support its functionalities, this application is packed with features. Let’s mention GPS land area calculator that allows you to calculate the distance and area, GIS data collector to acquire relevant data, and various export file format supports such as KML, CSV, and GeoJSON.

Currently, it supports 4 data collection methods, including GPS location, GIS tracker, map cursor location, and point projection. Above all, backup management won’t let you lose important information so you can work worry-free. Use this app for field surveys, land surveys, highway road surveys, forestry, and more.

Download on Google Play

7. GPS Field Area Measure Tool

GPS Field Area Measure Tool

Here’s GPS Field Area Measure Tool, a comprehensive land survey application to measure area for free. Featuring a complete set of tools, you can measure fields easily and accurately by GPS. It offers two measuring options: pinpoint on map or walk on the border of the area to measure.

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This best land survey app comes loaded with features, among the main highlights are smart marker mode that offers accurate point adjustment, places search functionality, measurement edit, and built-in save button. It also has four basic map modes to choose from, including satellite, map, hybrid, and terrain.

Featured in many countries, this application supports multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, and many more. It also offers different units of measurements like meter, acre, foot, yard, and others.

Thousands of people use GPS Field Area Measure Tool for construction site, farm management, construction surveys, town planning, and other purposes. This app is free to download with in-app purchases for extra features.

Download on Google Play

8. Land Calculator

Land Calculator is one of the best land survey apps for Android smartphones. It is a comprehensive, powerful, and simple tool to survey and measure fields or distance. Not surprisingly, it becomes a must-have app among engineers, field workers, GIS students, and more.

Having this app on your smartphone allows you to enjoy a unique feature with which you can measure perimeter and area in any shape. There are no shape restriction, which means you can draw straight lines or curves as desired. Don’t worry about the result because the Land Calculator promises high accuracy.

Designed with an intuitive interface, this application is suitable to perform a variety of tasks such as field survey, point-to-point measurement, and perimeter unit conversion. It also lets you walk or drive the perimeter when calculating.

Whether you need to calculate equipment needs, measure property size, or estimate fencing supply then the Land Calculator app has got your back. Installing this app is completely free but you can discover paid content for more functionalities.

Download on Google Play

9. Geo Measure Area Calculator

Geo Measure Area Calculator

Before you measure an area, be sure you have a Geo Measure Area Calculator on your Android. It promises an accurate calculation using GPS which makes the process faster and easier. With two ways to measure, you can choose either manual or GPS-based record service.

If you prefer manual measurement, you will want to decide between distance and area options. Then you choose manual measurement before putting markers on the map. Since you put the marker manually, it is possible to put multiple markers on the map even with a single touch.

Don’t worry about making a mistake because this app for land survey comes with delete option. You can also adjust the marker with drag and drop feature.

On the other hand, GPS measurement allows you to record your current position. If you choose this method, you move around the area so this app can record and calculate the area or distance. Hence you don’t need to specify the location manually.

More other features are available on Geo Measure, such as different map view types, save button, and share with friends. You can also enjoy updated user interface that makes it easier to use. No in-app purchases are available so it is completely free to use.

Download on Google Play

10. Surveyor Tools Free

Surveyor Tools Freem

Transform your device into a professional survey tool with Surveyor Tools Free. This app utilizes the sensors of your Android smartphone to provide positional information of your surroundings, including altitude, longitude, elevation, azimuth angle, and more.

This awesome app has three screens including one main screen and two compass screens. These screens display various information from azimuth angle with bearing, magnetic field accuracy, elevation angle, horizon tilt angle, and many more.

Calibration button appears on the main screen which allows you to calibrate the app by selecting various objects, such as the sun’s shadow, moon, or sun. When it comes to the sun, it is recommended to calibrate when it is cloudy. You can repeat the calibration as often as you want.

This land survey application is available for free on Google Play. It is suitable for various purposes such as hiking, land survey, prospecting, and others. However, your survey experience might be distracted by pesky ads and it is not possible to remove them.

Download on Google Play

Measuring and calculating areas, distances, or perimeter are simplified with the best land survey apps. With GPS location service, they promise accurate calculation for various purposes from land survey to town planning, agriculture, and farm management.

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