11 Best Gangster Games for Android

Best Gangster Games for Android

Gangster games are closely related to explosions, weapons, shooting actions, and sometimes violence. If you are older than 18 years, there are several options of the best gangster games that come with challenges and missions.

Some apps require you to deal with mafia cartels while others challenge you with car race and weapon fights. Even some gangster games let you commit auto theft and combat other gangsters. Are you ready to fight for your life?

Best Gangster Games for Android: Live Like a Don

If you are daring to play gangster games, Google Play Store has a vast number of apps to enjoy different experiences. From committing crimes in Sin City to becoming a legendary mafia boss, here’s a list of the best apps to try.

1. Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

Taking place in Las Vegas, Gangstar Vegas is an RPG to play gangsters and mafia cartels. You will become a gang leader in the Sin City and you have a series of missions to accomplish. There are different adventures await, from fighting for the prize to boxing the mafia cartel.

This best mafia game offers various vehicles for racing challenges, collectible weapons to defend yourself, and clothes to show off. Do what gangsters always do such as driving beyond limits, shooting your opponents, and fight with the other mafia.

Gangstar Vegas comes with high quality graphics and immersive sound that make you feel like being in every scene. It also has fascinating gameplay for an enjoyable gaming experience. Accomplish every mission and combat your enemies to achieve the goal.

Interested in playing this RPG adventure game? Want to enjoy some street fight and night boxing? Gangstar Vegas is completely free to download but virtual items purchases are welcome, just in case you want more features.

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2. Gangstar New Orleans

Gangstar New Orleans

Gangstar New Orleans is an open-world action game which takes place in New Orleans, a fascinating city that has everything you need as a gangster. If you love explosions, remarkable arsenals, and vehicles then you will find this game interesting.

This best gangster game lets you experience different missions in New Orleans’s city districts. Every district has a unique thing to discover from the downtown to the slums. Fill your days with the hustle and bustle of crimes in the city.

Featuring stunning graphics and impressive sounds, Gangstar New Orleans has easy gameplay especially for open-world gangster enthusiasts. All you have to do is defend your gang from crime opponents and save free resources for the future wars.

It is possible to customize your gangster on Gangstar New Orleans. You have a variety of options to have fun with your gang. Don’t hesitate to personalize your character, evolve guns, and modify vehicles to meet your preferences.

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3. Crime Coast: Gang Wars

Crime Coast: Gang Wars

Crime Coast is the best free gangster game to know how it feels to become criminal bosses. When a city has no laws, the kingpins rule. What if all hoodlums are gathering, forming alliances, and turning cities into their paradise? This is what you’ll get on Crime Coast.

There are so many things you can do, from raiding your competitor, raising cash, teaming up with alliances, and putting yourself on the top of the leaderboard. Collect your troops and build your team to fight against your rivals.

Crime Coast supports multiple players that allow you to share henchmen skills, plan strategies, and combat your competitors. It also gives you the option to claim your rewards such as big amounts of bucks, gold, cash, and more.

Crime Coast is an online game, which means your device requires a network connection to run this game. Get this application for free on the Google Play Store or buy additional items with in-app purchases. Thanks to intuitive design, you can enjoy gaming experience from your smartphone.

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4. Mafia Empire: City of Crime

Mafia Empire: City of Crime

How does it feel to become the leader of the mafia? Mafia Empire lets you know the indescribable feeling of being the best mafia boss of all time. The multiplayer RTS is one of the best gangster games that offers an immersive gaming experience with amazing graphics and interface.

In the Mafia Empire you are responsible to expand your mafia. You have to plan various criminal missions, decide the best strategy to face different situations, and attack other gangs or team up with them. Your strategy will determine the future of your gang.

Besides growing your mafia, there are so many other things you can do on the Mafia Empire. For example, you can find friends and trade with them to form a powerful syndicate. There’s also an opportunity to recruit legendary mafiosi to support your mission.

Get financial support to manage your mafia and recruit new members by selling drugs and ammunition. You can also show up in regular events to get more resources so your mafia can grow faster.

Mafia Empire is one of your best options when it comes to gangster games. This app is available for free on the Google Play Store but you can buy in-app items with real money.

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5. The Grand Mafia

The Grand Mafia

The Grand Mafia is an exciting mafia game for Android. Featuring an amazing story and impressive graphics, it offers a fantastic game experience for all users. Find unexpected plot twists and thrilling life as a mafia leader presented in realistic 3D animations.

On The Grand Mafia your task is to find a strong leader to unite all gangs. You have to recruit talented individuals from underworld society such as businessmen, athletes, and thieves. This is your only way to strengthen your crew before you fight and rule the world.

As you are searching for the next leader for your gang, you will meet powerful families in the city. You can also continue your mission to reveal the secret of your father’s death and take revenge for the previous legendary mafia boss.

There are a few things that set The Grand Mafia from other gangster games. Featuring auto translation, it allows you to make friends worldwide and join the community. It also gives you the opportunity to join Faction and get Faction gifts.

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6. Idle Mafia – Tycoon Manager

Idle Mafia – Tycoon Manager

Experience mafia simulation from your smartphone with Idle Mafia. With more than 5M downloads on Google Play Store, this best gangster game can be a great option if you are seeing a game with a vast community. Be part of the community and get your problems solved.

On Idle Mafia you can manage the underworld businesses and gather talented crooks to occupy your new territory. It also lets you do what typical gangsters do in real life such as stealing, robbing, fighting on the streets, and anything you like.

Run dark businesses to make a lot of money. You can build casinos, set up men’s clubs, and anything that will give you tons of cash. Use your money to grow your gang into a renowned crime syndicate and expand your territory in the city.

You play a role as the boss here. This means you can just relax and your minions will handle the dirty work. Get your money and make the best tactics to grow your mafia.

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7. Mob Wars LCN

Mob Wars LCN

Introducing Mob Wars, one of the biggest mafia games with easy gameplay and addictive graphics. The RPG game will take you to a world of mafia wars and crime. The only rule in Mob Wars is fight as many players as you can to be on the top rank.

There will be a series of missions you have to complete to prove your power. Discover the secrets of the underworld and build your own crime empire in this gangster game. Even you can be the next Godfather with all your worth and achievement.

You don’t have to be rude to all people. Mob Wars LCN allows you to chat with people and make new friends. You can also ally with other gangsters and build the most powerful syndicate in the city or in the world. But be careful when choosing your friend.

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There are tons of weapons, vehicles, and armor that resemble gangsters in real life. What’s great, the developer constantly updates new content so you can always get something fresh. This app is free to play without ads but you may purchase a variety of in-app items. 

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8. Downtown Mafia

Downtown Mafia

Are you looking for a classic multiplayer RPG to challenge your strategy skills? Downtown Mafia must be on your list. The text-based mafia game lets you become the Godfather in the society with the help of Jane, Marco, Luke, and Big Jim. Together, you can reclaim your dominance in the city.

This best gangster game is among the most feature-rich mafia RPG you can find on the market. Players can enjoy realistic graphics, immersive sound, and intuitive interface on Android devices. It is also compatible with other devices for convenient gaming from anywhere.

On Downtown Mafia you can unlock new missions, lucrative businesses, and powerful weapons as you progress. Recruit your members and buy new weapons, vehicles, or other special items with your cash. It is also possible to earn skill points and upgrade your power.

One interesting thing about Downtown Mafia is that you can customize your avatar with Gravatar. Even it lets you synchronize your account with Google and Facebook for extra convenience.

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9. Gangster Mafia City

Gangster Mafia City

Being a legendary mafia boss starts here. Gangster Mafia City is your starting point to grow your own gangster. Begin with recruiting talented crooks from the underworld society to support your crew and fight to show your power.

Becoming a criminal mastermind isn’t an easy task. With so many gangsters out there, you must do your best and create a remarkable strategy to rule over the city. On Gangster Mafia City you can visit Gangster City and take your best revenge with a fight.

The role-playing game is a free open world game that has been trusted by millions of players. You can complete different missions, fight with mafia cartels, and play various crimes to rule the city. New missions are added, making it more addictive with high quality graphics and an attractive story.

If you need a crime and mafia simulation, Gangster Mafia City has got you covered. Learn to control your gangster and earn money while ruling the city.

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10. Real Gangster Crime

Real Gangster Crime

Real Gangster Crime is an action game to simulate a mafia boss. Available for free on the Google Play Store, it lets you join the adventure to become the Godfather of mafia city. Your skills and strategy are highly required to earn success.

The RPG game is designed with impressive animations for an immersive game experience. Get ready for the adventure and face the dangerous world while you discover the secrets and complete the missions. If you love fighting, Real Gangster Crime gives you a chance to eliminate your rivals.

Weapons are a must in all gangster games and this app is no exception. Chosen as one of the best gangster games for Android, it provides you with a plethora of arsenals at your disposal. Combat gangsters with your favorite weapons from small knives to machine guns.

The unique thing about Real Gangster Crime is that you can visit a store to buy first-aid kits. Body protection and health restoration items are also available.

Download on Google Play

11. Mafia City

Mafia City

Do you have a strategy to compete with other players to be the Godfather? If you do, download Mafia City for your Android and show your best tactics to rule the gangster city. Prove that you are worthy by stealing from banks, fighting with other gangsters, and date cute chicks who support you.

Mafia City is an RTS game that demands you to ally with other players. Manage your crew members, get tons of cash, and improve your weapons and vehicles to build a powerful criminal syndicate in the underworld society.

Be careful when recruiting members! You are only allowed to recruit four types of members including the human weapons, the shooters, the bikers, and the modified vehicles.

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Committing a criminal is your only way to be a mafia boss on gangster games. Get the best gangster games based on your personal preferences and rule the virtual mafia city.

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