11 Best Farming Games and Simulators for Android

Best Farming Games and Simulators

Farming games have been around for a while. This genre is not the most popular among Android games but it has a surprising number of fans throughout the globe. Get the best farming games with amazing graphics and fun farming simulations to find a lot of excitement.

With farming games, you can learn how to plant crops, raise animals, and earn money when harvesting plants and livestock. Most games come with easy gameplay and they typically don’t give you a faster heartbeat or headache. Playing farming games is nothing but fun!

Best Farming Games and Simulators for All Ages

Google Play Store is loaded with farming games and simulators. However, some apps come with more features than others so that you can find ones with the most complete features, the best graphics and sound effects, and also the most interesting gameplay.

1. Hay Day

Hay Day

Hay Day is a great farming game to play with your family. Showing over 100M downloads and counting, it is one of the most widely used farming games ever existed. Use this app to build a farm, raise animals, and explore your country’s paradise.

Building a farm on Hay Day is completely easy. Simply get plots, grow your favorite crops, and harvest after a little while. Repeat these actions and earn money as much as possible. You can also customize the farm to be a tiny piece of heaven.

In this best farming game, your crops like corn and wheat will never die. When harvest season comes, take the seeds and replant to multiply or use it to make bread. It also lets you raise animals such as cows, chickens, or horses and bring them to your farm.

Visit beautiful places on Hay Day. There’s a fishing lake to repair your dock, a town to fulfill orders, and a valley to play with your friends. When it comes to friends, you can start a neighborhood and trade crops with your in-game neighbors. You can also compete in weekly events to win rewards.

Hay Day comes with amazing graphics and a fun soundtrack. Many people find it is addictive so you might try hard to put it down.

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2. Farm Day

Farm Day

Building a farm is no longer a dream with Farm Day. Your parents bequeath a farm to you and since then you have a bunch of tasks to become a top farmer in the city. Learn how to manage your farm, grow crops, and raise animals to expand your farming business.

Farm Day is an offline farm game which makes you busy all day. Your daily activities will be cultivating your lands, planting and taking care of crops, harvesting, and selling goods to improve your farm. Besides, you have to manage farm animals like chickens, cows, and horses to make them thrive.

The whole game experience is designed to make you a happy farmer. What’s more, it allows you to décor the farmland to make it more attractive to visitors who come to buy your farm products. All these features are free to use without internet connection.

Thanks to amazing graphics and farm-themed soundtrack, you can feel an immersive gaming experience when cultivating your farm. This best farming game is easy to play so it can be a great alternative to play with your children.

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3. FarmVille 3

FarmVille 3

FarmVille is a classic farming simulator game with millions of enthusiasts worldwide. It takes you to an adventure in a fun world where you have to live a village life. Build your farm, raise animals, plant and harvest crops, and customize the farmland.

There are adorable animals you can nurture like chickens, cows, pigs, and horses. Choose the right habitat of the animal and expand it to your heart’s content. It also gives you the option to visit other farmers, say hello, and help them.

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On FarmVille 3, you can unlock hundreds of animals, even the weird ones like penguins. Breed your animals by matching and mating them so you can get new breeds. It also supports ranch home customizations with unique styles and skins.

How about turning your harvests into delicious dishes? This app allows you to unlock different recipes to make yummy foods, dairy goods, and bread that you can sell or trade—even you can team up with your neighbors to help you with the farmhouse.

Experience fun farming for free on FarmVille 3. Supporting offline mode, this is a great farming game on the go.

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4. Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

Are you in search of an online farm simulator game to play with kids and family? Big Farm: Mobile Harvest comes to be your best candidate to give you lots of fun. Featuring awesome animations, high quality graphics, and fun sound effects, it can steal your time.

Using this best farming game you can build your farm, grow plants, harvest crops, and raise various animals from goats to chickens and cows. You can also trade your harvest to get crops or farm products that you want.

When it comes to building a dream farm, you have so many things to do. For example, you can add windmills and vintage buildings in the farmland. It also lets you add decorations to personalize your farm. Once you’re done, start choosing plants to grow such as tropical fruits or organic veggies.

If you want a little adventure, Big Farm: Mobile Harvest allows you to participate in farming events and quests to discover missing items. These items can improve your farm, so do your best to find them. Just in case you want to escape the city crowd, take a break and enjoy the sun. 

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5. Farm Town

Farm Town

Enjoy your farming and adventure days with your family on Farm Town. This is a place where you can grow plants, take care of adorable animals, and play mini-game. Plus, you can expand your village by selling goods and earning coins.

The storyline will take you to a relaxing gameplay and escape the hustle and bustle of daily activities. Combining fascinating graphics and joyful soundtracks, Farm Town has everything you need to immerse and relax in a virtual village.

Many other features are included to bring your game experience to the next level. As one of the best farming games, Farm Town comes with various unique decorations to make your farmland visually attractive. Plus, it lets you help your neighbors with farming routine.

Farm Town is a free offline farming game with in-app purchases. Get some extra items to expand your business faster.

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6. Farm City

Farm City

Farm City is a great farm game app that presents excellent graphics, simple gameplay, and fascinating soundtrack. Whenever you want to enjoy some fresh air and slow suburban living, it provides you with an immersive village sensation on your mobile device.

On Farm City, you can build the city and farm by growing crops, feeding your livestock, and trading products. Choose farm animals to take care of and breed them. It also comes with a variety of veggies and fruits to plant on your farm.

There are many other things you can do with Farm City. Visit and help your neighbors from Facebook, meet up with citizens to deliver their orders, and collect rare minerals to earn more coins. You can also invest in the City Bank to secure your future.

What’s more, Farm City offers plenty of discount farming products that you can buy on the market. These features are available for free and it lets you play with or without internet connections.

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7. Family Farm Seaside

Family Farm Seaside

Family Farm Seaside offers fun and exciting farming simulation on your mobile. Designed with numerous features, it becomes a favorite among the best farming games on the market. Building your own farm is no longer a dream with it.

Raise your favorite farm animals, plant your favorite veggies, and harvest different crops to expand your farmland. It supports more than 300 unique products and allows you to prepare over 600 dishes in the kitchen. Not surprisingly it has got more than 50M downloads on Google Play.

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Various game features make Family Farm Seaside more attractive to play. For example, it has farm beauty contest in which you can compete with other farmers and win the prize. You can also take daily orders to immerse yourself in real country life.

Customization is one great feature to find on this app. It supports more than 500 unique and cute decorations to revamp your farmland. Plus, you can visit neighbors and help them with the farm. Play this game in a language you know, thanks to 21 languages supported.

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8. Village and Farm

Village and Farm

Join 10 million farmers on Village and Farm and experience unique farming in the Middle Age. It is one of the best free farming games loaded with fun features, making it hard to put down after a prolonged game session. Thanks to high-quality graphics and exciting gameplay.

On Village and Farm, it is possible to plant fresh crops of your favorite like wheat, corn, artichokes, and many more—even you can plant flowers and shrubs to make your farmland beautiful. When harvest time comes, trade with friends for products you don’t have.

This app gets more interesting as you can cook tasty foods. Greet kind neighbors, feed your pets and cattle, and complete missions if you dare the challenges. Things are just getting better with decoration feature that let you design a pretty farm.

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9. Family Island

Family Island

Featuring a modern Stone Age family, this is one of the best farming games that promises a unique gameplay. You are stranded on a desert island with your family and building your own village is the only way to survive. Have fun with different roles in yourself: trader, farmer, cook, and explorer.

You can start building a family farm—grow crops, harvest, and craft useful goods to trade. You also have to cook tasty and healthy food from any ingredients on the island. Build your little city and customize your farmland with pretty decorations.


The graphics and animations on Family Island are amazing, paired with soundtracks that sound just right. Immerse yourself in a whole new adventure and help the family survive.

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10. Wild West

Wild West

There are so many things you can do in the Wild West. It is a popular farming simulator game where you can build your dream farmland and thrive. As you progress, you can collect more resources, make various products, and grow cute animals.

Build your dream ranch and harvest various crops to sell to other farmers by train so you can earn valuable rewards. Plus, you can build farm workshops to produce various goods and get rich. There are also neighborhood races where you can compete with other farmers.

Wild West presents a beautiful location with a flowing river, allowing you to enjoy the peaceful feeling like in a real village. It also promises amazing quality graphics and animation that make it enjoyable to play. Get this app for free with in-app purchases.

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11. Farm Fest

Farm Fest 

Farm Fest could be your best option to cultivate and sell crops on your mobile. This farming game has everything you need to live a village life from building a farm to growing plants and cooking. Feel free to choose food products and start your mission.

In addition to growing crops, this addictive farming game lets you sell crops like tomato, potato, corn, wheat, and many more. If you love cooking, you can cook various tasty foods from your own products such as french fries, tomato juice, popcorn, etc.

This free app ensures an unforgettable farming experience thanks to awesome animations and sound effects. Besides, it is completely easy to use either with or without internet connections. If you need a game app to kill time at the train station or on the bus, Farm Fest got you covered.

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Playing farming simulator games is a great way to unwind. The best farming games present excellent graphics, allowing you to plunge yourself into a relaxing village life where you can grow plants, raise animals, and sell goods. 

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