11 Best Plant Care Apps for Android

Best Plant Care Apps

Collecting and taking care of houseplants have become a trend, especially after the Covid-19 hit the entire country. The presence of the best plant care apps, on the other hand, becomes a crucial thing.

Not all houseplant enthusiasts would need these apps for sure. Meanwhile, if this is your first time becoming a mother of so many plants at home, having a personal assistant would sound very relieving.

This is why you need to read this article thoroughly and find out the best app for plant care available on the Play Store.

Best Plant Care Apps for Android to Keep Your Plants Alive

What is the best plant care app on the Play Store? Well, you can find out on your own through the list below.

Most of the apps mentioned on the list come with various interesting features that will help you take care of your plants. Some others also offer some identifications so that you know what plant you are taking care of.

Using the app allows you to know how much light, water, and fertilizer needed for each plant. Other than that, you may find specific information for an issue. 

1. Planta


Planta is such a popular app and can be touted as the best free plant care app for Android. It comes with a series of features that make this app the best overall when it comes to an app that helps you nurture them properly.

Before bringing home specific plants, you can find out your skill levels and Planta will recommend some plants that suit your skill. And if you are curious about your plant’s growth, you can use its built-in journal. Adding pictures for each stage is also possible.

Planta is such a convenient app. It comes with thorough step-by-step instruction to take care of your plants along with reminders for watering, cleaning, fertilizing, misting, and even repotting. This is why this app suits various skill levels, from beginners to intermediate gardeners.

This app has an identification tool that you can use to identify any plant you find outside. While the basic features are available for free, you need to upgrade your membership for USD 7.99 per month or USD 45.99 annually to get all advanced features.

You better try Planta’s free version and find out if the premium plan is for your money.

Download on Google Play

2. Blossom


Talking about the top plant care apps, Blossom should be part of the list. This app is free to download and use but the advanced features are available through in-app purchases.

Blossom is a platform that comes with ample knowledge about plants. Whether you are looking for the details for individual plants or suggestions for specific rooms in your house, this app keeps everything covered.

According to reviews, Blossom has accurately identified at least 10,000 types of plants along with trees, flowers, and succulents too. Other than that, you can find essential tips to care for your plants.

Just like any other similar apps, Blossom will give you notifications when it is time for watering, fertilizing, weeding, and so on. Keep in mind that the free version only covers the basics.

If you are interested in using Blossom’s advanced features, you can pay its premium subscription from USD 6.99 per month.

Download on Google Play

3. Picture This

Picture This

Having house plants is fun and they make your house look more inviting. However, taking care of those plants is another thing. Picture This, on the other hand, is one of the best apps for plants care you can download from the Play Store.

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Other than providing an excellent service to identify any plant, you can also learn new information: some plants are toxic for pets. By knowing the information, you can now put the plants at the right spot.

Also, you can become a professional gardener or a botanist by using Picture This. Feel free to try this app’s free version and find out whether you like it or not.

Picture This utilizes the AI engine that could provide 98 percent of accuracy. And of course, you can get reminders when it’s time to water your plants.

This app has a clean interface and straightforward features. As mentioned earlier, Picture This’ free version is enough to cover the basics. More advanced features only come through if you update your plan by paying USD 2.99 per week. Other options are available too.

Download on Google Play

4. Gardenia


Sometimes you forgot to water your plants. Unfortunately, some plants require daily and routine watering. In this case, Gardenia will be a perfect buddy for you.

This app is mainly about reminders and might not tell you about the details of your plants. Still, you can use Gardenia as your best buddy who will tell you when to water and fertilize or give a hint if your plants are ready to bloom.

All you need to do is to add your plant to the database. After that, Gardenia will show several indicators, such as the blooming seasons, minimum temperature, ideal soil conditions, sun exposure, and many more.

Other than reminding you to water and fertilize your plants, Gardenia will also keep you posted about harvesting, pruning, sowing, and even putting in pesticides as well as repotting.

If you are looking for a plant care app free that doesn’t contain in-app purchases or even ads and limits, Gardenia is definitely it.

Download on Google Play

5. Vera


The presence of some plant watering apps on the Play Store might be for newbies or beginners who just start to enjoy their life as plant parents.

What if you already know the basics? Is there any app that provides novices about plants?

Of course, there is and Vera is the right app you should refer to. This app is like a blank canvas – you will find nothing on this app. It is more like a journal for those who want to keep track of their plants.

Vera is a perfect app for those who want to start mindful parenting about plants. You can start with taking a snap of your plant and identify it. Feel free to write any details so that you can walk the journey.

You are also in charge of setting the notifications about watering, fertilizing, and many more. This is why Vera is different from other gardening apps.

So, if you are a plant parent who already understands the basics and wants to get closer to your kids, you should try Vera.

Download on Google Play

6. Plant Snap

Plant Snap

Whether you are looking for outdoor or indoor plant care apps, Plant Snap is the right choice. This app is a plant ID that gives you enough information about how to take care of your green kids.

One of the app’s best features is to identify over 600,000 plant types all over the world. You can find out about flowers, leaves, and even mushrooms by using Plant Snap.

To use this feature, you need to upload a picture of the plant. The app will suggest how to take a picture properly before uploading it to the Plant Snap’s database.

Plant Snap is simply like a mini encyclopedia about plants which you can have in your pocket. Feel free to download and give this app a try.

Download on Google Play

7. Plantnote


You might be familiar with various things about plants which makes a plant care app Android has no use for you. If this is the case, you should give Plantnote a try.

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As its name suggests, this app is like a note. Other than providing information about various plants, Plantnote also comes with a customized diary or journal. By that, you can keep track of your plants’ growth.

However, you have to enter all basic information about your plants and put it into the database. After that, the system will keep you posted based on your journal.

The UI design of Plantnote is sleek and clean – even beginners can navigate the app effortlessly. So, if you are up for some mindful things about taking care of your plants, Plantnote is an app you should take a look at.

Download on Google Play

8. Plantiary


There are plenty of good plant care apps on the Play Store. Plantiary is one of those apps that will help you look for your plants properly.

The app comes with reminders and various tips about your green kids. By that, you won’t miss any crucial step in the first place.

First thing first, you have to add your plant to the database. Later, the system will show you a series of important information about the species. It allows you to understand the ideal environment, sun exposure, proper temperature, and many more.

And of course, Plantiary will notify you when it is time to feed your kids. This app is such an effortless way to start your journey as a plant parent.

Download on Google Play

9. PlantIn


PlantIn is essentially one of the plant identification and care apps that deliver excellent services. This app is designed for a passionate planter.

Other than identifying the plants based on the snaps you added to the database, PlantIn can also help with identifying the problems on your plants. Of course, it comes with the solutions too.

Besides providing guides and tips, this app features some information about tools and equipment to care for your plants. You would love this app in many ways, especially if this is the beginning of your journey of caring plants.

Download on Google Play

10. Waterbot


Waterbot is an app that reminds you every time you have to provide water to your plants. The main concept of this app is to tell you to keep your herbs drink enough liquid.

This app comes with a nice UI design and straightforward features to operate. Even though Waterbot is a standard reminder app, you would find lots of benefits by using this app, especially if you often forget to water your leafy buddy.

Before sending reminders, you need to record the watering routines in the first place. Later, the system will send you notifications when it’s time for showering your herbs with water.

Download on Google Play

11. Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition

Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition

Meanwhile, Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition may suit those who are looking for a decent app for plant care. This app is simply the informant that will help you to take care of your plants properly.

Thus, you can water, pot, plant, and give proper nutritions to your plants comprehensively. Other than that, this app comes with a glossary that contains a wide database of horticultural things. 

And if you need something to help you get to know your plants a little better, this app is the right answer. It costs USD 2.99 and is worth the money for sure.

Download on Google Play

Some people don’t need to use these apps to take care of plants. However, if you are a busy individual and have to take care of your plant kids, those apps mentioned above will be a great addition.

Other than that, you don’t need to purchase a new device because the app is available on your phone. So, every time you forgot to water your plant or put in some fertilizer this month, the app will send you a direct reminder.

All in all, using the best plant care apps gives you a lot of conveniences. Which one of the apps above is your favorite?

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