9 Site & Apps Like Pinterest for Endless Inspiration

Site & Apps Like Pinterest

Are you hunting for sites or apps like Pinterest to explore ideas in a particular genre? Hold your position because we will bring some first-rate options for you.

Pinterest is an excellent image-sharing social media platform that comes up with content from various categories in the form of pinboards. You can use the feature as marketing and branding media. Despite Pinterest being a one-size-fits-all generalist app, you may need an alternative platform that focuses more on a specific niche.

Best Sites & Apps Like Pinterest

If you want to know what it’s like to use some of the other apps with as much equal functionality or maybe much more. Have your attention to our list and make your choice.

1. Ribblr


Ribblr is generally a place to buy and sell various patterns of crochet, knitting, and sewing, but more than that. It allows you to keep a journal relating to each pattern you have created.

The journal usually contains notes about the essential journey of pattern making, such as what yarn and hook you used, how much time it took you to make each pattern, and the valuable experience behind making it. Furthermore, you can share it with the public or keep it for yourself.

There is an interactive pattern marking feature, which is very useful when you want to continue patterns if you take a break. In Ribblr, you freely decide which pattern you want to choose; free or paid. You can have both creator and designer accounts as well–this feature not many other apps like Pinterest have.

One word that can describe this app and website is “modern”, as you can easily find digital pattern tutorials, universal templates, and automatic language translations.

However, this digitization also often confuses beginners. Some new users shared their biggest complaints around difficulty understanding and navigating this application. From frequently running slow even on a solid internet connection, stolen patterns, to the inability to download and print patterns.

The bright side is that app developers are always listening and implementing changes. The problems are being resolved progressively and the app is getting better and better with time.

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2. Sidechef


The current Pinterest similar app is focusing on recipes and meal plans. You can utilize 18,000 recipes and photography ideas for your household or even business needs. It assists you to fix what to cook and to buy, together with how to cook it.

What makes the Sidechef app different from other apps like Pinterest? You don’t need to look at your device and its screen will stay on. There are automatic instructions and demonstrations like your own instructor helping you cook.

Furthermore, there are masses of ready-made recipes to suit your typical preferences to try (diet, allergies, tastes, and available ingredients). If you like them but aren’t ready to put them into practice, you can add the recipes to your “cookbook” and open them later.

Plus, the app encourages you to add your own recipes, so you’ll never lose your holy-grail recipe. The timer and voice control features are useful to prevent your device from getting dirty.

So far, many users feel that one of these apps like Pinterest exceeds their expectations. The design looks neat and the features are very comfortable to use. They merely discovered some minor issues like a crash in the video or the loss of saved meal plans.

The Sidechef website is more comprehensive and less buggy, whereas the mobile app is full of flaws. In conclusion, the free version is good enough for everyone, but the Premium version is recommended for beginners. For $4.99/month and $49.99/year, you can access 800+ cooking classes and unlock locked recipes.

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3. Tasty


Talking recipe apps that are similar to Pinterest can never be separated from the Tasty app. It is an amazing food recipe application generated by Buzzfeed. All the recipes are varied and well organized, rather than nearly identical recipes.

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What’s more, you can use the innovative search tool, which is useful to help you filter recipes by variety, ingredients, difficulty, occasion, and so forth. Each recipe comes with a short, to-the-point, and customizable instruction video.

You also don’t need to frequently touch your smartphone screen so it doesn’t turn off, because the Tasty app will keep it on during the cooking session. This app merits being on your Android smartphone–it really contains entire information. Moreover, there is a tab that has the ability to convert all measurements to cups or grams.

What really makes Tasty unique from other apps like Pinterest is the integration with Walmart. You can buy all kitchen needs at your fingertips and then they will automatically deliver your order.

Sad to say, this feature cannot be used by everyone outside America, especially if there is no Walmart in there. Share all your complaints or compliments directly within the Tasty app as it’s proclaimed for worldwide community interaction.

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4. Unsplash


We know how hard it can be to find royalty-free photos, if any, there aren’t many. Good news! One of the best free apps like Pinterest will stop your long journey.

Unsplash is a high-resolution (4K) visual content platform that you can use for free. It’s supported by their largest community as well, which presents more than 3 million original photos to encourage your creativity. All stock photos are under the Unsplash license. So, you are free to use it for any purpose without attribution.

Unsplash doesn’t put any restrictions on who can be part of their community. Because it is a place for anyone who wants to be a source of creativity for others. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, your photos are sure to be welcome here.

What’s most impressive about the Unsplash app set side by side with other apps like Pinterest is that their photo quality is no joke–everything looks high quality, professional, and artistic. Besides, you can download them in different sizes and formats.

However, it would be hard for you to find illustrations and vectors. Sometimes, the search tool does not return valid results according to the keywords entered.

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5. Etsy


Etsy is an online marketplace with diverse products from approximately 2 million sellers worldwide. It is indeed in favor of handmade products, but there are still other products that you can enter into your basket. Take, for example, vintage goods, custom goods, and visionary goods.

This app won the customer choice award in 2018. Therefore, many novice entrepreneurs are enlightened to start their businesses with Etsy, both as a pool of creativity, the main source of buying and reselling products, or the main destination for finding business ideas.

Not only that, the Etsy company is renowned for its impressive customer service, even during Pandemic Covid-19. This one of the similar apps like Pinterest has a clear interface and does not cause any difficulties at all.

From user reviews, they have difficulty accessing their own favorite or anyone else’s favorite lately. Moreover, when they like something on the seller’s page, it brings them back to the top page so they have to scroll all the way back down to continue their hunt.

For the rest, Etsy is very suitable to accomplish the line one of the apps like Pinterest with thinking of the diversity and uniqueness of its products.

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6. 500px


500px is a photo-sharing and social network site and app similar to Pinterest, where amateur and professional photographers share their work. You can find many photos conforming to various subjects, join groups, or follow your favorite photographers.

There are 15 million more photos from 195 countries for your art and creative content references. After that, save photos you like to your collections.

The community in this one of the finest apps like Pinterest always supports you to improve insights into photography and photo performance. That way, your ability continues to grow and develop. In the 500px app, you will not be burdened by a complicated interface.

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Nonetheless, most drawbacks are found in slow response customer service and high prices. You have to pay around $0.99 to $29.99 per item. What do you think?

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7. Wepik


Launched at the end of last year, this app is able to catch up with the earlier version achievements, that is the Freepik app. Freepik developed an application with a similar name to be an intuitive online editing tool.

Are you not a reliable graphic designer? Don’t worry, there are thousands of ready-to-use and creative templates for free forever, even without any design skills.

Various templates help you to handle multiple purposes for both individuals and businesses, such as logos, flyers, brochures, social media, education, posters, schedules, and many more

Wepik is the only one from the list of apps like Pinterest most helpful to small businesses. You don’t have to worry about marketing funds or expense reports that hurt your business. Thereupon, here’s all you have to do:

  • Choose a template that fits your purpose.
  • Edit it to give your personal touch.
  • Use it as your source of inspiration. Then, start designing from scratch and unleash your limitless creativity.

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8. Dribbble


The Dribbble web version has been around for a long time, but the cellular version has recently started to be developed. It has long been trusted as a daily design inspiration. It also makes a great resource professionally.

Most users consider the app’s functionality a bit of a revamp, which started out to promote designs and build a portfolio and is now a monetized design platform. Therefore, this app feels like a social media platform to make it easier for users to stay connected with their largest design community.

As a result, it is one of the many apps like Pinterest that you need to try, especially if you want to focus on discovering ideas and community. Dribbble’s UI design is very clean–you don’t need to put much effort into it.

Likewise, you don’t have to write a long biography or description if you don’t want to. And then, you don’t have to write a case study for every work or photo you upload. Dribbble has great features like a job board and a pro playbook, which are useful for building your portfolio there.

Weaknesses that you might encounter in this app are bugs and design issues. Modern style does have a lot of positive impacts, but there are also not a few negative ones. For example, users lean towards design trends.

Over time, the platform will be filled with similar things, people with unique work will be pushed aside, and many people will lose their identities. If you’re more into trending things, then this Pinterest similar app might be for you.

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9. Pixiv


The last best recommendation from this list of apps like Pinterest is the Pixiv app. This app isn’t well-known to many people–you might be one, but it’s a great source of creative inspiration.

If previous apps mostly featured photos, now you get a loyal anime inspiration platform. There are many comics, novels, books, fan boxes, etc., which come from many artists around the world.

It hasn’t any complaints about huge slowdowns or unresponsiveness. You could say, it is the easiest-to-learn app and it has high-quality images. All the features and services are very delightful for all users but have bad limitation rules.

Sometimes trending content out there is free, but paid here. Also, sexual violence content goes too far, despite age warnings.

If you want to minimize distractions while enjoying work on Pixiv, you should choose one of these two payment options. Firstly, the Pixiv Premium subscription costs between $4.99 – $45.99, and secondly, in-app purchases are around $0.99 – $4.99 per item.

Download on Google Play Website

In the end, everything is about the inspiration you find and not about the platform. Pinterest is never getting old but these apps like Pinterest are fun to try–especially if you have a hunger for something different. So, which one is going to be your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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