10 Best Face Morphing Apps for Android

Best Face Morphing Apps

People normally love to see their beautiful faces in photos. But if you don’t want to follow the stream and you don’t mind experimenting with your face photos then morphing apps are worth trying. Discover the best face morphing apps that will make your face look totally strange.

Face morphing has been around for a while. The advent of technology allows Android users to transform their photos from smartphone into unique piece of art. With a little editing skill, you don’t have to be an expert photo editor to have fun with your pics.

Best Face Morphing Apps for Android

Plenty of face morphing apps are available to choose from, each of which offers different sets of features. Whether you want to morph into a celebrity’s face or animal, view your old face, or swap faces of people, you can count on the following apps. The good news, most of them are free to download.  

1. Reface


Reface is a widely used face morphing app to create funny faces. The top-rated application highlights advanced camera features that provide you with hilarious filters and effects. It also serves as a great meme and GIF maker so you can have fun with faces.

Face swap is one amazing feature you can find on Reface. It uses advanced technology to map your selfie onto another image in a realistic way, resulting in unique movement and facial expressions. Rather than just cutting and pasting photos, it morphs faces.

Use this photo morphing app to see your face in viral videos or favorite movies. It works like magic so you can prank your friends or family using this app.

There are many other things you can do with Reface, such as play with gender swaps, share amazing clips or memes on various social platforms, and apply different filters. You can also bring still images to life and make them sing or talk.

Featured in more than 100 countries, Reface has got 100M+ downloads on Google Play alone. You can either download this app for free and enjoy default features or upgrade your experience with paid content.

Download on Google Play

2. FaceApp


Face morphing is one of the AI products that let you transform photos and make it look totally different. And if you are looking for the best face morphing apps FaceApp must be on the list. Supported by artificial intelligence, it helps you edit your face in multiple ways.

One key feature you can find on FaceApp is face morph that allows you to morph a photo with a celebrity. This is a genius way to figure out what you would look like when you become your favorite celebrity. Alternatively, you can swap faces with your loved ones to create a hilarious photo.

FaceApp is more than a face morphing app, it is a versatile photo editor with tons of functionalities. In addition to face morphing and swapping, it includes a baby prediction feature with which you can see what your baby would look like in the future.

Weight filter is a feature you can’t find on every photo editor app. This unique tool makes you look bigger or smaller in photos. No more too small or too big as FaceApp has the right feature to help you out.

Share your funny photos on your favorite social networks. This face morph app has an inbuilt share feature that allows you to share photo edits directly from the app. 

Download on Google Play

3. FaceLab


Join millions of FaceLab users and see how creative you can be with this app. FaceLab is a top face editor that brings several key features such as gender swap, face aging, and face filters to redefine your photo. Have fun with your photo and share with your loved ones.

This best free face morphing app provides a gender swap that makes possible to see what you look like the opposite sex. Changing your gender made simple with just a tap of a button. It offers a fresh yet hilarious trick to prank your friends on social networks.

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FaceLab is powered by artificial intelligence that promises seamless results, making a great app to morph your face, look older, look younger, and apply filters. Simply choose a photo and start your creative process then share with your friends or family.

Not only is FaceLab the best face morphing app, but also it is a decent beauty app to retouch your selfies. You have a wide selection of makeup filters to choose from, not to mention you can remove acne and blemishes for seamless skin.

With so many features and functionality, FaceLab is a powerful photo editing app to install on your Android. This app is available for free with in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

4. FacePlay


Here’s FacePlay, a face swap application that comes in handy to change faces on video. Using this app, you can improve any video by changing the faces so you can see yourself or your friend on the video. This is a brilliant way to have fun and hone your creative skills at the same time.

FacePlay simplifies your video editing experience, thanks to easy-to-use tools it has. With just a few seconds, you can create an amazing video with any special effect you desire from your smartphone.

One feature you’d love from this app is short video templates. Just in case you don’t have a video to edit, this app has a few collections to choose from. For instance, you can use adorable traditional Chinese clothes so your friends will think of you in China. Or you can also edit the Cheongsam snow video.

Made with a user-friendly interface, this app is completely easy to use. It is also free to download so you can create as many artworks as you want without worrying about payment or subscription. Paid contents are available to improve your experience.

Download on Google Play

5. Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2

Having fun with this best face morphing app can really make your day! Face Changer 2 is a powerful photo editor featuring face morphing that offers terrific results. Choose from various face options such as alien, skinny face, fat face, or monster and see what your face looks like in life.

Face Changer contains several key features to help you with photo editing. Using your phone camera, you can take a selfie from the application. Alternatively, choose a photo from your phone gallery or social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

Another main feature to find on Face Changer is face swap that lets you swap faces between photos. Feel free to swap your face with your friends, famous celebrities, or even the US presidents. If you have finished, share the artworks with the loved ones.

In addition to face morphing and face swap, this best face morphing app comes loaded with stickers. More than 600 stickers are ready to make your masterpiece more amazing. On Face Changer 2, you can also change the background of the photo using your own image or preloaded backgrounds.

Basic editing tools are also available to bring your photo to the next level. You can manually draw on the photo, add text, and even add makeup.

Download on Google Play

6. FaceMagic


Make your Instagram posts more fun and different with FaceMagic. This AI face swap application is your perfect tool to change or add faces on video. It helps improve your face morphing experience as it comes loaded with powerful features to edit photos.

AI-based deep fake face swapping is a fantastic feature to swap your face on digital content such as photos and videos. With this functionality, you can easily make memes or even make still photos dance or sing. Making yourself appear in movies or TV shows is also possible with FaceMagic.

This face merge app offers an easy share option that lets you share funny faces and videos on social media. Posting a unique content can easily attract the attention of your friends so it is more likely to get likes. Besides, you can make a hilarious prank with this app.

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More other features are brought to your table, such as celebrity face changer, new face editor features, and constant updates for short videos so you can always create fresh content. This best face morphing app is free to download for Android users.

Download on Google Play

7. Cupace


Cupace is a simple app to transform your basic photo into awesome artwork. You can easily create memes, face swaps, or funny photos simply by copying and pasting faces on a photo. Even if your editing skill is nearly zero, this app makes everything easy for you.

On Cupace, you can find cut mode that lets you draw a path on a face to cut it. Magnifying glass or zoom mode comes in handy to help you cut accurately on the photo. Any cropped face will be saved in your gallery so you can use it later.

Once you are done with cutting, you can start to paste your face to a new photo. Tap the desired photo and paste it to the new one. This is a simple yet traditional way to change your face. But if you enjoy the process, you will find this app so much fun.

Download on Google Play

8. Face Morph by Hamsoft

Face Morph by Hamsoft

Do you want to know what your face would look like as an animal? Face Morph is an app that will make your dream come true. Morphing your face made simple with this app—with just a tap of a button, you will get surprised by the transformation.

Face Morph comes packed with key features, including face switch that allows you to switch face to face, automatic face detection to apply face morphing accurately, and face blending to blend faces from multiple photos. And you shouldn’t miss animal face morphing that becomes the main highlight.

With more than 1M downloads, this is one of the best face morphing apps you should have on your list. Installation is free without hidden costs or in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

9. Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth

If you are looking for an app to change face then Face Swap Booth is worth choosing. The ability to swap multiple photos makes it a great choice to level up your creativity. Choose photos from your phone gallery and you will be ready to swap faces.

For user convenience, this face morphing app saves your faces unless you delete it manually. You can use these faces to swap on different photos so you don’t necessarily need to start over. Once you are done swapping, continue to edit the picture with advanced tools.

This application has advanced editing tools for seamless results. These tools help blend the image perfectly so no one will notice that it is fake. Furthermore, advanced auto detection and New People features make this app more powerful that it seems.

On Face Swap Booth, you can discover tons of celebrity photos and celebrity faces that you can use for face swap. Show your masterpiece to the world with a sharing feature.

Download on Google Play

10. Celebrity Face Morph

Celebrity Face Morph

Swap your face with your favorite celebrity using Celebrity Face Morph. Featuring image recognition technology, it automatically detects faces and allows you to swap faces in a matter of seconds. No editing skills are required.

This celebrity face morph app uses your phone camera to take a selfie. Once you have the picture, select a pre-loaded celebrity face and let this app do the rest. You will be surprised at how amazing it works with technology to transform a regular photo into a piece of art.

Besides face swap and face morphing, this app comes with other functions including face blending with algorithm, face mixing, and face averaging. You can also create movie posters or Instagram posts using this smart app. Get this app for free and have fun with your photos!

Download on Google Play

Face morphing offers a creative solution to redefine your pictures. Discover the best face morphing apps that fit your mood and transform your Android into a photo editing device. If you are happy with the result, you can either share it on social media or send it to your loved ones. 

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