17 Best Red Eye Remover Apps for Android

Best Red Eye Remover Apps

The red eye phenomena can happen due to various things. Other than using a good flashlight app on your phone, you can also take advantage of the best red eye remover apps available on the Play Store.

Your photo may come up with red eyes due to low light surroundings. Besides, some consider that you need excellent photography skill to get right of red eyes while taking pictures under low light.

The good news is that you can use the red eye remover app for Android available on the Play Store. Some of them are free while others offer more exciting features through in-app purchases.

Best Red Eye Remover Apps for Android

In this article, you can catch several apps for Android that will help remove those red eyes in only a few steps. Check out the review of each app and find the one that works best for you!

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

You can say that Adobe Photoshop Express is the best red eye remover app on Play Store. As part of Adobe big family, this app delivers excellent services when it comes to photo editing stuff. From crooked images to blemishes, this app can do anything through a few taps.

Thus, if all you need is a decent photo editing app that allows you use all creativity on the go, Photoshop Express is a great one to bet on. Other than correcting red eyes, you can also have fun with memes generators, sticker makers, and so on.

Whether you are a professional photographer or Instagram enthusiast, having this app in your pocket helps you, big time.

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2. Photo Editor by Axiem Systems

Photo Editor by Axiem Systems

Are you looking for a free red eye correction app that delivers other basic tools too? Photo Editor by Axiem Systems is an interesting option to check out.

It comes with a pack of exciting yet useful features. Other than getting rid of red eyes, you can apply some touch-ups and other adjustments. If you are not happy with the sharpness of the picture, its feature can use some work too.

After you finish the editing, you can directly share the work to various social media platforms. Interesting, right?

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3. Fotogenic


Many apps on the Play Store can remove red eyes effortlessly. Fotogenic is one of those apps you can use to handle the issue. Other than removing those red eyes, this app also comes with color adjustment tools.

So, if you need to upgrade your picture, Fotogenic will be happy to do the magic for you. One of the features also allows you to put tattoos on your body, make your skin appear like bronze, and remove objects in the background that don’t contribute much to your pose.

Of course, you will get basic editing tools with Fotogenic, such as frames, vignette, lens flare, and so on. Other features include live brushes, digital signature, and artistic brushes. Give this app a try, though.

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4. Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor

Some apps require the users to be professionals when it comes to using their services. Meanwhile, not all users are on that stage yet.

So, if you are looking for an effortless red eye remover online you can use on your Android smartphone, Fotor is an excellent choice to make. Of course, you can remove those red eyes in the first place. And after that, you can perform further steps of editing.

Fotor has some interesting features to enhance the look of your photo too, such as making collage, adding texts, putting a frame, and many more. You should try it yourself, after all.

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5. YouCam Makeup

As its name suggests, this app is something that will make you look like you’re wearing make-ups while you don’t. The UI is straightforward and easy to understand while the features will spoil you.

More than anything, this app helps a lot to enhance your photo. Other than that, all features are free to enjoy.

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6. Photowonder


Talking about an excellent remove red eye Android app, Photo Wonder is another thing you should check out. It comes with a pack of excellent tools to edit and enhance your photos.

Other than removing red eyes, this app also allows users to apply filters, effects, stickers, and many more. It has some options of brushes you can use to put some creativity on the screen.

All in all, Photo Wonder is a decent app to help you with photo editing. In case you need a perfect photo day but you have no time to do it manually, this app will do the magic for you.

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7. FaceTune


Some photo editing apps come with a big size that could be a burden for your smartphone. FaceTune, on the other hand, offers a small-sized app that helps you edit pictures effortlessly.

Its small size doesn’t decrease the quality, which makes FaceTune a great app to remove red eye instantly. Other than removing red eyes with its AI, this app also comes with various effects and retouching tools.

Photoshop, for instance, is an excellent photo editing app but some people find layers, curves, and other tools a little bit confusing. Thus, if you are a beginner, FaceTune will be a suitable alternative.

Even though it seems simple and straightforward, the result is superb. You must give FaceTune a try for sure.

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8. BeautyPlus


BeautyPlus is one of the most popular photo editing apps out there while delivering an excellent red eye editor, on the other hand. Most of the time, users incorporate this app to take a selfie – BeautyPlus is basically a camera app for selfies.

However, there are tons of tools and features that you will find useful for editing as well as retouching photos – easy-breezy. Those tools allow you to get rid of red eyes, dark circles, blemishes, and so on.

If all you need is a flawless photo along with unique editing for your Instagram Feed, BeautyPlus is an excellent choice.

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9. Eye Lens Color Changer

Eye Lens Color Changer

Eye Lens Color Changer focuses its features on adjusting the eye colors on your photo. This is why this app will make the best red eye remover app free you can try.

The color options are realistic and beautiful at the same time. Other than changing the eye color, you can adjust the size of those eyes and give special effects on it.

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10. PicShop Lite

PicShop Lite

PicShop joins the hype of the best red eye app names on Play Store. Other than the ability to remove red eyes effortlessly, this app equips itself with a bunch of features to enhance your photo.

The UI is beginner-friendly that makes all tools visible and easy to use. Thus, whether you want to get rid of those red eyes or enhance the photo in general, you can do that by using this app.

It is also possible to remove acne and blemishes, scars, whiten your teeth, and other effects with this genius app. It also means that PicShop Lite is an excellent tool you can use for leveraging your pictures on Instagram.

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11. Eye-Color Changer

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a free red eye remover for Android, Eye-Color Changer is one of those apps you should consider. Even though this app looks kind of basic, it has an excellent AI that detects pupils magically.

That technology allows you to remove those red eyes effortlessly – let the app do the magic. Other than that, Eye-Color Changer is excellent for all ages.

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12. Cymera


Cymera can be touted as the other red eye remover software that can perform powerful things when it comes to photo editing. Besides removing red eyes, you can use this app to edit your photo in general.

If you are a cartoon creator and need some help to put your work into life, Cymera will be a useful hand for sure. While the free version comes with basic editing tools, you can try its paid plan to enjoy more features.

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13. Eye Color Studio

Eye Color Studio

As its name suggests, this app consists of a series of eye colors. But what should you do with those eye colors?

Well, the easiest way to get rid of red eyes is by changing the eye color in the first place, right? Eye Color Studio incorporates an excellent AI service to detect eyes in a picture. Later, you can change the eye color and make adjustments as you like.

The eye colors are pretty realistic and you don’t need to purchase a contact lens for a photo in the first place. If you need basic tools for editing and changing your eye color as well as getting rid of red eyes, Eye Color Studio is worth trying.

Download on Google Play

14. Pixlr


At some point, all you need is a powerful tool to correct red eyes. If this is what you are looking for, Pixlr is definitely the app. Not only is this app great as a red eye removal app, but it also delivers excellent services on other aspects, such as distortion, exposure, color, and so on.

Pixlr is also an excellent buddy if you need to post a perfect picture but you are struggling with blemishes or not confident enough with your teeth. All in all, this app is an excellent photo editor for those who have to show up as perfect as possible on Instagram.

The best part is that you don’t need to master any skill in the first place. Pixlr utilizes a straightforward UI design which is a great beneficial point for all beginners on earth.

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15. Visage


Visage Lab is an excellent tool to get rid of acne scars, blemishes, under-eye dark circles, and many more as well as removing those red eyes. You can smoothen the appearance of your skin and give some touch-ups too.

This app is such a fun thing to use. While you can download the app for free, the in-app purchases allow you to enjoy more. Give the free plan a try, for sure.

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16. PicsArt


When it comes to how to remove red eye, you may need to go through a step-by-step process manually. But if you can find an excellent app, the process will be much simpler and automatic.

PicsArt is a great app to remove red eyes on your photos. Other than that, it comes with a pack of tools to enhance the picture without dealing with complicated things in the first place.

From applying filters and lots of effects to erase backgrounds and remove objects, PicsArt allows you to do all of that editing stuff effortlessly. In other words, this app will be a good friend for you to enhance your Instagram Feed.

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17. AirBrush


Are you down for a photo editing app that focuses more on portraits? AirBrush is the right app you should take a look at.

While erasing those red things on the eyes, you can create other exciting effects on your skin. This one is an excellent app to create a flawless portrait for your social media feed.

The only thing that is not so pleasing about this app is its plan. You can only use the free plan for seven days and then you have to sign up for the annual subscription to continue.

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Red eyes are quite annoying and may require the entire look of a perfect photo. While doing the entire thing from scratch and manually would take time to master, using the right app will cut the slacks.

So, which of the best red eye remover apps above is your favorite? Have you tried all those? Pick the one that suits your needs in the first place, after all.

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