10 Best Push-up Apps for Android

Best Push-up Apps

The best push-up apps are available mostly for free on the Play Store. While push up is not for everyone, this specific workout plan comes with a series of benefits.

Also, there are different poses or ways you can try to spice up your push-ups in the first place. And if your goal is to reach a specific body shape or percentage, you better try something like the 30-day press-up challenge app.

Since the app comes with programs, instructions, and many more, you don’t have to go to the gym or studio to get your exercise done. And of course, push-ups are an ideal workout plan for those who have limited space in their living area.

Best Push-up Apps for Android to Keep You In-Shape

Why does push up become a big deal? Is there any benefit from this exercise?

Well, by doing push-ups regularly, you may experience these several things, such as:

  • Strengthening your cardiovascular and improving your circulatory system.
  • Developing more muscle mass.
  • Helping with weight loss.
  • Teaching you to breathe properly.
  • Better endurance.
  • Improving metabolism.
  • Speed training for martial art enthusiasts.

In case this is your first time dealing with push-ups, you can start with the best push-up app for beginners. Below, you can find thorough information and reviews about several apps for push-ups. Most of them are free, though.

1. Just 6 Weeks

Just 6 Weeks

As its name suggests, this app comes with a 6 weeks push-ups plan. This app is not a paid program and it comes with several plans.

You can enjoy the free version under the name “100 Pushups Free” but if you want to try the advanced features, the paid one would have something to brag about. 

After downloading and installing the app, you can tap the start button and enjoy your workout. The screen will show you the number of push-ups you should perform and don’t forget to tap the “complete” button after finishing your session.

Just 6 Weeks won’t force you to deal with ads or in-app purMediachase, after all. You can set the reminder so that you won’t miss your training session.

Other than that, the statistic tab will inform you how far you’ve come. Just 6 Weeks is such a fun app to train yourself. It has other training options too – which is worth a try.

Download on Google Play

2. 0-100 Pushups Trainer

0-100 Pushups Trainer

And if you are looking for the best free push-up app on the Play Store, you have to try this app. 0-100 Pushups Trainer has been downloaded by millions of people worldwide.

And as its name suggests, the system will challenge you to do push-ups gradually. Don’t you worry because it comes with several levels which you can pick depending on your ability. 

Coming with a straightforward and user-oriented UI design, this app will give you the best experience on using a push-up app. It feels like you have a personal trainer while all you use is a smartphone app.

Connecting this app to your Facebook and Instagram accounts will be much more fun as you share your progress with the world.

All in all, 0-100 Pushup Trainer is an ideal app for you to tone and build your upper body at home. In 8 weeks you will see a significant difference.

Download on Google Play

3. 100 Pushups

100 Pushups

Do you think you can do 100 push-ups? At some point, this is such a journey and the 100 Pushups app will help you to reach that goal.

This one is a free app that helps you do a push-up workout at home. As mentioned earlier, this can be a journey so that you need to do the entire process step by step.

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Each week, the app will assign you a number of push-ups until one day you reach 100 push-ups a day. Other than that, you can pick a program depending on your goal.

Whether you want to tone your body, increase your strength, or anything, you can pick a specific plan or combine two programs at one. The app also allows you to set reminders – by that, you don’t need to be afraid to miss your routines.

Before starting a program, you need to make an assessment through a test. After that, the system will arrange the program according to your ability.

Download on Google Play

4. Push Ups Workout

Push Ups Workout

The Runtastic push-ups app might be popular, but this one is more popular for sure. As its name suggests, this app provides various options of push-up training. 

Other than that, you can count your push-ups directly on the app. All you need to do is to touch the screen with your chin, nose, or head. After finishing a task, you can get along or stop the task if you are exhausted.

The system will shout “great” after every approach you’ve made. And later, you can reach at least 100 push ups a day. Push Ups Workout comes with three skill options, such as easy, medium, and hard. 

Pick a mode that suits your current skill and enjoy the program to reach your goal. The system will record your history so that you can monitor how far you’ve come. If you follow the program thoroughly, you can see a significant result in three weeks.

Download on Google Play

5. 100 Pushups Workout

100 Pushups Workout

Talking about the best push-up challenge app, you should take a look at the 100 Pushups Workout app. This app is quite popular on the Play Store because it comes with a 10-minutes sesion each day.

By following the program, you will do at least 100 push ups in a few days at a time. The app will notify you three times a week, which is enough for training yourself at home.

If you are serious about the program, you better follow the instructions thoroughly. Other than that, the reminder will avoid you from missing your workout routine.  More than anything, an excellent app won’t work if you don’t provide commitment and dedication while doing the entire program. 

When it comes to an app that comes with a series of pushup challenges, the 100 Pushups Workout app is definitely one of the best names.

Download on Google Play

6. 21 Days Push Up Challenge

21 Days Push Up Challenge

At some point, you have to be challenged to reach the goal. Even better, the challenge comes with room to record your progress so that you know how far you’ve come.

If you are looking for a daily push up challenge app that delivers excellent work, you have to check out the 21 Days Push Up Challenge app. It is available for free on the Play Store and has been downloaded by millions of users worldwide.

This app will act as your trainer and push you to do the entire challenge for 21 days. Do you want to know the best part? It has a push-up sensor that will automatically count your movement.

As mentioned earlier, your task is recorded and you can see how far you’ve been making progress. And if you are confident enough, you can create your own plan for the entire 21 days to reach a specific goal.

More than anything, this app is versatile and effortless to use. It also covers everything you need, from a bunch of useful features to robust functionalities.

Download on Google Play

7. 200 Push Ups

200 Push Ups

When it comes to the best push up workout apps, 200 Push Ups is definitely an app you have to take a look at. It comes with a series of personal workout plans and all you need to do is to spend 15 minutes doing push ups a day.

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Other than providing a series of relatable programs, you will maintain your strength and muscles at home – there is no need to hire a personal trainer in the first place. Once you download the app, your trainer is in the pocket.

Even though the system will arrange a personal workout that suits you, everything is based on your conditions. In case you don’t have much time for running an exercise, you can always take a short session.

As long as you run regular training, your strength and stamina will increase gradually too. More than anything, the 200 Push Ups app is suitable for anyone who wants to stay in shape and improve strength without going to the gym.

Download on Google Play

8. Gym Fitness Technology

Gym Fitness Technology

Sometimes all you need is a proper push up tracker app so that you know the progress you have made this far. Thus, if you need a decent app that could track your progress while keeping on the right track, the push up plan for Gym Fitness Technology is what you are looking for.

It even feels like you have a personal coach that trains you to push up from day one. Each day, you only need to spend five to ten minutes and you can train your muscles.

This app also supports you to lose weight and burn calories. In the end, you will be able to do 100 push ups at a time. Isn’t it amazing?

Before starting your journey, you can pick the difficulty level in the first place, from beginners to advanced users. Regardless of the plan you pick, the app will show you a series of instructions to follow.

As long as you follow the rule, you will notice a significant change in three weeks. Give this app a try and enjoy the benefits.

Download on Google Play

9. Push Ups Workout at Home

Push Ups Workout at Home

Training your body at home is not even an issue anymore. As long as you have the equipment and know what to do, home workout will do great for you.

But what if you don’t have any equipment and all you need is a workout program at home? Well, Push Ups Workout at Home will help you to achieve your goal.

Some people are not into push ups for various reasons. Meanwhile, there are tons of pushup variations people can try that suits their physical ability.

This is why you need this app – it comes with a series of programs you can do at home and you can adjust it with your conditions. Other than providing programs, this app is one of the best free push up challenge apps you can find on the market.

Doing a workout with challenges will be much more fun. And of course, your daily movements will be recorded too.

Download on Google Play

10. Push Up Counter

Push Up Counter

As its name suggests, this one specializes in the push up counter app. Other than counting your push ups, the app will record your daily exercise so that you know how many push ups you can do at a time.

Push Up Counter is such a versatile app. It has a sensor that will count your movement every time you put your face close to the screen.

Download on Google Play

So, you have read the best apps that provide push up programs whether for beginner or advanced users. As long as you follow the instructions, it is possible to see a significant result within at least a week.

And if you are not sure to commit to a paid version, you can find a free push-up workout app download in the first place. You might deal with ads in the first place but this method is worth a shot.

Once you’ve found what you like from a particular app, you better follow the rules and instructions thoroughly. Keep in mind that even the best push-up apps still need your dedication and commitment to get a proper result.

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