10 Best Adventure Games for Android

Best Adventure Games for Android

Having an adventure game on your smartphone? Why not? Download the best adventure games for Android and it will take you to the most unique adventures of all time. Find various stories and interact with other players from all over the world.

Most games with adventure genre are suitable for users of all ages. However, some apps have multiple genres such as action-adventure or science-adventure that may require parents’ consent before downloading due to the potential harassment content.

Best Adventure Games for Android

Your gaming experience is determined by graphics, gameplay, story, and other factors. Choosing the best game for you or your kids can be an arduous task but it doesn’t mean impossible to do. Use the following reference of mixed and pure adventure games to play on your Android.

1. Ice Age Adventures

Ice Age Adventures

From the world’s renowned Ice Age movie, this adventure game app comes with a story you already knew. Scrat’s pursuit of acorn has led Many, Diego, and Sid to an unexpected adventure and it is your task to help these characters rescue animals before it is too late.

On Ice Age Adventure you can discover amazing environments like lush lands and snowy islands. High quality and beautiful 3D graphics make it addictive for all ages, not to mention it comes with easy gameplay that makes it hard to put down.

This best adventure game is loaded with mini games to save a variety of animals from extinction. You can also help Sid rescue the babies and the entire herd with his sled. As a plus, it is possible to earn big rewards by competing against your friends in daily or weekly challenges.

Things get better with multiple languages interface. Ice Age Adventure allows you to change language settings to one that you know, ranging from English to French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. Now you can enjoy your favorite game without language barriers.

Ice Age Adventure is free to play. If you want to experience more excitement, in-app items are available at various prices.

Download on Google Play

2. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

If you can’t get enough Harry Potter, download this app on your Android and help the characters reveal Hogwarts mystery. The witchcraft and wizardry game takes you to a unique experience of being Hogwarts student. Which house is your favorite? Feel free to decide by yourself.

On a magical adventure you have to discover a series of mysteries at Hogwarts, master spells with Dumbledore, or forge alliance with friends. Explore new things you never expect on this role-play game while learning new spells, seeing magical creatures, and enjoying interactive stories.

This Harry Potter game combines mystery and adventure. It requires your skills to discover truth and investigate mysteries under your nose. After entering the wizarding world, this best free adventure game gets you immersed in the journey.

School romance is also presented here. Fall in love with your friends and build unique relationships with your new friends to make your adventure more exciting. Your creativity matters, thanks to avatar customization support.

Use this feature to improve your avatars by choosing from a wide selection of clothing choices and hairstyles. You can also retouch your dorm to spice it up.

Download on Google Play

3. Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a unique adventure game to experience a surreal exploration. Featuring fascinating architecture and weird geometry, your major task is to guide a silent princess through the monument. Reveal hidden paths and unfold optical illusions as you do the mission.

This game app is designed with minimalistic 3D design that makes every monument one-of-a-kind. All the architectures are built with optical illusions to pamper your eyesight. Explore unique structures inspired by temples around the globe only on Monument Valley.

One thing you’ll like about this best adventure game is the user-friendly interface and easy gameplay. All you have to do is drag and twist to reshape the world so you can help the silent princess explore it. Thanks to the simple design, this app is suitable for users of all ages.

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Monument Valley supports your gaming convenience with cloud support. Synchronize across devices so you can play it on any device both tablets and phones. But if you are looking for a free adventure game, this paid app may not be suitable for you.

Download on Google Play

4. Botworld Adventure

Botworld Adventure

Introducing Botworld Adventure, a fascinating game app to explore a beautiful world called Botworld. During your exploration you have to discover new bots and collect treasures. Get ready to enter new environments and meet various characters and reveal the secrets in Botworld.

Virgin lush forests and barren land make your adventure more challenging. Your bot team must be strong to survive and prepare them for battle. Designed as an action adventure game, you have to battle your rivals with strategies.

Choose from 4 characters including buffalo, cats, dogs, and lizards. You can choose a distinct look to add to the character so you can represent your personality. Plus, it allows you to customize their power and ability to level up. What can be better than this?

Botworld Adventure is an open world game to experience unimaginable adventures. Collect scrap and treasures, create your team, and customize their power to create the most powerful bot teams.

Download on Google Play

5. BladeBound


If you want a little adrenaline spike from gaming then BladeBound should be on your list. Made to be the best adventure game for Android, it features legendary heroes with an epic quest to reclaim the legacy. Explore diverse environments from forests to marshlands and show your power.

As the last remnant, you are brought back to life by the Sentinel. The powerful goddess will help you regain peace. All you can do is craft fascinating gear and embark on a quest. Find the World of Ezura by exploring different locations until you bring back glory.

On BladeBound you can also compete with your rivals. There are champion contests you can take part to test your power against other players. You also have the opportunity to participate in various challenges and contests on a daily or weekly basis.

There are more things you can do on BladeBound such as mastering different elements of nature, learn unique skills, craft gear. Besides, you can challenge yourself with diverse difficulty levels. Pairing high quality animations and an attractive story, this is a great adventure game for you.

BladeBound supports multiple languages such as English, Korean, German, French, Japanese, and more. You can enjoy the immersive story for free or buy in-app items for more content.

Download on Google Play

6. Bermuda Adventures Farm Island

Bermuda Adventures Farm Island

Not many adventure games are suitable for the whole family. If you are looking for one, Bermuda Adventures Farm Island should be on your list of the best adventure games for Android. This is a free farming game where you can unwind and enjoy slow living in a village.

The story is about a big family that celebrates Grandma’s birthday on an island when a plane land in an emergency. The family members are all over the directions. Help them survive on a tropical island and find their relatives.

This adventure game comes loaded with features. You can find so many characters with unique behaviors and personality in the family. Not only can you learn to cook, but you can also learn how to farm animals and plants and build a village. You may also have guests!

Great customization support is a plus for Bermuda Adventure, allowing you to customize the appearance of each character of the family. You can also join unique events and embark on quests during your adventure. And of course, a little humor is good for you.

Adventure genre isn’t always about exploring a lush jungle or discovering treasures. Even a simple thing like farming can be a fun adventure for your idle.

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7. Goodville


Goodville is another farm game adventure to play with your family. Inspired by classic farm game, it is designed to help players deal with mental health issues by pairing scientific approach and gaming industry. Surprisingly, it has collaborated with the WHO to launch such a unique farm game.

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Jane, the main character of Goodville, has to revamp her farm. She needs your help to get the project done while revealing the secret of the city. Find a ton of characters who will help you decide during the journey while feeding animals and exploring the neighborhood.

On Goodville you can build your own shelter and be ready for the next adventure. The fun part is that you can harvest crops and feed animals. You will also want to solve quests and tests to measure your psychological and cognitive condition so you know what to do to improve your life.

However, this best adventure game requires a high speed internet connection. Your gaming experience heavily depends on your internet quality so make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi or high-speed networks.

Download on Google Play

8. Dragonscapes Adventure

Dragonscapes Adventure

Dragons are mythical creatures often featured in adventure games. If you love any game with this beast, you shouldn’t miss Dragonscapes Adventure. Here you must embark on an adventure to mysterious islands to discover dragons. Are you ready for the quest?

Help your best friend Mia and her crews to collect new dragons and build a haven for them on an island. This exploration game allows you to explore the mysterious island and discover various dragons with unique traits.

You will receive various orders of craft products so you have to do your best to fulfill it. Can you accomplish the project while joining Mia’s adventure? Get this app for free and see how far you can handle it.

Dragonscapes Adventure is a free adventure game that requires internet connection. Buy in-app purchases if you want more items.

Download on Google Play

9. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Awarded as the Best Mobile Game, Pokemon Go is a unique adventure game to explore the world around you. Discover new Pokemon in your surroundings and battle with other trainers. Pokemon are scattered in unexpected places so prepare yourself.

Your Pokedex can’t get enough Pokemon, allowing you to explore the world of Pokemon at any time anywhere. Your Pokemon grows stronger as you continue the journey, not to mention you can earn rewards for it. Move and explore your neighborhood to catch rare Pokemon!

Do you want to fight? Pokemon Go features epic gym battles to show your power. Team up with your friends to get legendary Pokemon or challenge other trainers to win a competition. You can also make a dream team consisting of your favorite Pokemon.

This best adventure game offers more than 500 Pokemons to collect. From the cute and nice one to the most powerful and legendary Pokemon, you can always find creatures that suit your personality.

Pokemon Go requires internet connection to work. It is free to play but you can optimize the function by purchasing additional items.

Download on Google Play

10. Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light

Your adventure to find home begins here. Sky: Children of the Light is a fascinating adventure game to unwind, suitable for you who are enough with actions and thrills. Bring the lost stars back home by exploring a beautiful kingdom.

On Sky you will be guided by Spirits to their peaceful world with 7 realms. Use the light in your heart and your compassion for humanity to get the star spirit home. Designed as an open world MMORPG, this app allows you to meet other players to reveal the secrets of Sky.

The social adventure game comes packed with a bunch of features. For example, it takes you to a journey through 7 realms and uncovers the stars’ mysteries. You can also explore the world to save spirits and free them.

New characters and unique stories are available. Plus, it provides you with seasonal stories depending on events and seasons. Enjoy the adventure with your friends and team up with other players to start a journey into dark realms.

 Download on Google Play

The best adventure games are typically addictive with immersive graphics, fantastic sounds, and easy gameplay. They also come with a ton of unique stories, allowing you to pick one that comes to your favorite. Make your choice and get yourself immersed in unexpected adventures.

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