12 Best Speech Therapy Apps for Android

Best Speech Therapy Apps

According to research, 5% of first-graders in the US have speed disorders. While therapy with professionals is highly required, having the best speech therapy apps on your phone will help you big time.

Generally, speech problems do not only happen to kids or toddlers. Even adults may experience this issue, especially if they have gone through certain conditions, such as stroke. 

So, in this article, you can find various speech apps for Android – only the best – that may help you overcome speech issues. Using a decent app might be an excellent supplemental therapy other than getting one from professionals.

Best Speech Therapy Apps for Android

The presence of speech therapy apps for Android helps to support communications in any possible way. The good news is that there are tons of options you will find on the Play Store. Some of them are free but the pain ones offer something exciting.

1. Talkie Articulation

Talkie Articulation

Talkie Articulation is one of the most popular speech apps for autism on the market. It helps to overcome speech issues in kids. The app is specifically made for younger children to speak according to the sound they’ve listened to.

Parents can also use this app as an interactive tool at home or bring it when having a therapy session. The app will show a picture while an adult guides the kid about the right sound to call that picture. 

More than anything, Talkie Articulation is straightforward and easy to use. On the other hand, it allows kids to play and have fun. The only thing that is lacking from this app is its recording feature – there is none. 

Since the app is free, go try it yourself and find out whether this one is for you or not.

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2. Speech Blubs

Speech Blubs

If you are looking for a decent speech therapy app for kids that has gained the trust of more than 3 million of parents in the world, Speech Blubs is definitely it.

Featuring an intuitive and fun UI design, this app also comes with a voice control feature that allows kids to learn the sounds of every word. And of course, this stimulates their speaking ability.

Speech Blubs equips itself with more than 1500 interesting activities that help to increase kids’ speaking skill. Most of those activities are specifically designed for kids with apraxia, autism, speech delay, ADHD, and other similar conditions.

Another interesting thing about this app is that you can track progress. Your kid, on the other hand, can collect stickers every time a task is completed.

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3. Otsimo


Another app you can use to help your kids learn to speak is Otsimo. This one is a decent speech therapy app for toddlers and kids in elementary school too.

Other than understanding the sound of each word, this app helps your kids to communicate better by increasing their confidence. All in all, Otsimo delivers excellent service for kids with conditions, such as stuttering, apraxia, aphasia, autism, and speech delay in general.

The app offers a bunch of interesting categories you can pick. One of the most interesting sections is called the tongue acrobatics family. It teaches your kids new words along with articulation exercises – it enhances your kid’s pronunciation big time.

Want to make the learning section more fun? You can utilize those filters and stickers so that your kids won’t get bored.

Download on Google Play

4. Conversation Therapy

Conversation Therapy

If you are looking for a speech therapy app for adults especially for those who live with a stroke or autism, Conversation Therapy is an app that will get them to talk. But, of course, you can use this app for teens and kids too.

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This app works by improving social skills and the ability to speak through various practical lessons. Since the app is usable at home, you don’t need to hire a speech therapist in the first place.

The settings are adjustable and you are free to pick a lesson depending on your needs in the first place. Meanwhile, to practice your communication skills with others, the app’s one-on-one feature would be an ideal thing to try. 

The app, however, is not free. Still, you better give it a shot considering this app is top-notch in the class.

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5. Apraxia Therapy Lite

Apraxia Therapy Lite

Communication problems and speech disorders could happen if something in the brain got damaged. It can be due to accidents, medical conditions, and many more. Thus, speaking issues are also common in adult.s

So, if you are looking for the best speech apps for adults, Apraxia Therapy is what you need. Inability to speak may frustrate adults to the bits, which this app could overcome.

How does this app work to teach adults to overcome their speech issues? Well, Apraxia Therapy comes with a series of videos that show mouth movements. This is very useful to train both speaking and listening skills in one.

The best part is that you can replay the audio so that you can try to speak it out while looking at the visual supports on the screen. According to reviews, many adults have increased their confidence after having sessions with this app.

Apraxia Therapy is free to download and use. Other than that, it comes with a small-sized download, which won’t crowd your phone’s memory.

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6. Huni


Speech delays are sometimes found in early stages of childhood – it is always better to recognize this issue as early as possible. While going to a therapy session with professionals can be costly, downloading Huni is the same thing minus the costly part.

Huni is an excellent speech app for toddlers that also helps them to overcome other developmental disorders. It offers a wide array of features to enhance your kid’s communication skill through more than 50 word packs. It has various categories you will find in daily life.

Huni has a clean yet straightforward UI design while also delivering a good service to overcome autopilot SLP. This app can be your speech trainer and has a 24/7 virtual assistant. Learning new words will be much easier with Huni.

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7. Speech Therapy for Kids and Babies

Speech Therapy for Kids and Babies

Several free apps for toddler speech delay on the Play Store offer excellent service to help kids with speech disorders. One of those apps is Speech Therapy for Kids and Babies.

As its name suggests, this app is specifically designed for kids and babies according to their natural stages. It is loaded with features that address speech delays in kids. Meanwhile, kids with dysarthria or apraxia can also learn by using this app with their parents.

Other than an app in general, it comes with exciting games that your kids would love to play. 

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8. Language Therapy for Children with Autism

Language Therapy for Children with Autism

As its name suggests, this one is an excellent speech therapy app for autism and speech delay. The app also utilizes the MITA approach that has been used by lots of kids with autism. 

According to evidence, MITA is quite powerful in delivering progress when it comes to language training for kids with autism. Other than features specifically designed for speech training, this app has lots of educational activities that will be useful for kids.

And of course, those activities support language skills in your kids. It supports a wide array of language options. Regardless of where you are and what language you are speaking, this app is an excellent choice.

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9. Buddo


Buddo is such a unique app that helps kids with stuttering. Also, this one is part of the best speech apps for babies and older kids too. Other than dealing with the speech issues, this app also encourages users to take care of anxiety and fear.

This app comes up with interesting meditation exercises – while calming, these exercises are exciting for sure. You can say that Buddo is an app that helps to alleviate speech disorder through mindfulness.

All techniques offered by this app helps to gain better fluency in speaking and general while increasing the confidence in your kids. You can try its 90-day course that comes with several sessions. You better not skip the practice to complete all lessons.

After finishing the course your anxiety and stuttering may decrease significantly. And at the same time, you have better mindfulness too. Isn’t it amazing?

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10. Stamurai


If you are looking for speech therapy apps free for Android smartphones that will be suitable for both adults and kids, Stamurai might be the answer. It helps to overcome stuttering and hone communication skills as well.

The app supports home practice while the courses are adjustable, depending on your needs in the first place. Considering stuttering requires regular practices and persistencies, this app will help to maintain your motivation, confidence, and also engagement.

You might be able to speak fluently and confidently after completing the plan in the first place. The best part of this app is its monitoring feature. You can keep track of the progress, checking out counselling strategies, and make evaluations out of them.

Download on Google Play

11. SpeakEasy


SpeakEasy is an app developed to help toddlers and babies to get through their language learning stages. Other than that, this is part of the best speech delay apps you can find on Play Store.

The app offers a series of excellent activities that helps to accelerate your kid’s language learning. And of course, those activities are fun and exciting for them. Not only does it help your kids to improve their language ability, but this app also helps them with daily activities.

By finishing or completing each designated task, you will earn points to unlock new features on the app – it also supports better UX too. This app is free to download and use but it has in-app purchase options if you want to.

Download on Google Play

12. Language Therapy 4-in-1

Language Therapy 4-in-1

Tactus Therapy comes up with various programs that overcome speech problems. One of those programs is Language Therapy 4-in-1. As its name suggests, this app contains four elements that will help patients with aphasia or other conditions due to brain injury.

This app is designed for clinicians, after all. And of course, Language Therapy is an excellent speech therapy app for stroke patients too. Those four elements are such as:

  • Writing therapy, that will help you to write expressions. The task comes with structured spelling too.
  • Reading therapy.
  • Naming therapy, that will be useful to strengthen your language skills by calling each object’s name.
  • Comprehension therapy that helps your auditory skill.

The lessons are fully customizable, depending on the patient’s needs in the first place. You can also monitor the progress and gather the data to keep track of how far the patient has come.

Download on Google Play

Nowadays, there are many cases that highlight speech delay in kids and the inability for speaking both in kids and adults. Of course, having therapy sessions with professionals is the ultimate way to overcome the issue.

While back then you can only rely on professionals, today you can use apps exclusively designed to overcome speech issues. The apps mentioned above are the best you can find on the Play Store.

Some of them are free, which you can give them a shot. However, if you are interested in using the paid ones, they also offer excellent features to take care of speech delay and other similar issues.

Regardless of your choice, make sure you pick one from the best speech therapy apps that deliver the services you need the most.

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