10 Best Ear Training Apps for Android

Best Ear Training Apps

Training your hearing ability is crucial. While people back then only had a manual tool to train their ears, now you have the best ear training apps in your pocket.

Especially if you grow as a musician, want to be a musician in the future, or work as an audio engineer, ear training becomes more paramount than ever. Since there are options of the ear training app Android out there that showcase their ability to train your hearing ability, not all of them deliver brilliant results.

Thus, we have a list of ear training apps review which you can take a look at and give a try directly. 

Best Ear Training Apps for Android

Working with music and sounds will require one to have a decent ability when it comes to differentiating and identifying voices. The good news is that it is trainable as long as you know how to pull things right.

While back then people still used traditional methods, such as drilling intervals, sitting in front of a piano, and other similar things, today you can use  the ear training app for Android you can download on Play Store.

Of course, music students or everyone who learns in a serious institution still implement the traditional approach. But why don’t you check out these apps and enjoy a more modern approach to train your hearing?

1. Piano Ear Training Free

Piano Ear Training Free

As its name suggests, this app incorporates the sounds and the interface of a piano. Also, the app is free but comes with ads.

You will find useful training programs, such as chord distinction, interval training, pitch training, scale identification, and many more. To enjoy the training more, you can try the inbuilt games of Piano Ear Training. More than anything, this is one of the excellent ear training apps for beginners.

While the content is great and the chord identification games are addictive, the ads can be annoying. There is no option to upgrade this app into a premium or pro version. Still, Piano Ear Training is more than enough to train your hearing ability.

Download on Google Play

2. The Ear Gym – Ear Trainer

The Ear Gym - Ear Trainer

Talking about the best ear training software for Android, it will be unfair without including The Ear Gym on the list. This one helps you to focus more on identifying and understanding intervals, figuring out harmony, listening to chords, and a lot more.

The interval section also provides a wide array of options to enhance your listening ability. Other than that, it has programs to study about ascending and descending intervals – other apps on this list don’t have this feature.

You would love The Ear Gym for various reasons, such as:

  • Interesting and well-designed UI.
  • Comes with lots of content but focusing on intervals, harmony, and chords.

The only drawback about this app might be the size of additional tabs. Yet, The Ear Gym incorporates easy-to-use UI and is an excellent app to train your ear, all in all.

Download on Google Play

3. Perfect Ear Trainer

Perfect Ear Trainer

What is the best ear training software? Perfect Ear Trainer is definitely it. This app comes with tons of ear training programs, rhythm lessons, and drills along with articles about music theory. Despite the main features that are dedicated for ear training, its additional tools suit every musician.

Other than learning about intervals, scales, and chords, you can learn specifically about chord progressions, absolute pitch, sight reading, and note singing as well. Perfect Ear Trainer also comes with a fretboard trainer for all aspiring guitarists.

While you can create your own exercise schedule, the app allows you to use its guitar or piano interface, depending on your needs.

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To sum up, here are things you would love from Perfect Ear Trainer:

  • Tons of essential features and additional exercises for all aspiring musicians.
  • Creating schedules is possible and fully customizable.
  • Comes in piano and guitar interfaces – pick one.
  • Pleasingly varied.

However, many beginners might be a bit overwhelmed to use this app considering lots of features are offered. Still, you can start with ear training while trying to understand which thing to hit in the future.

Download on Google Play

4. Complete Ear Trainer

Complete Ear Trainer

More than anything, training your ear will determine how good you are as a musician. This is why you need the Complete Ear Trainer on your phone. As a free ear training app with in-app purchases that will help you nail any exercise.

Complete Ear Trainer is suitable for all ages, even kids will benefit a lot from this app without struggling using it. It comes with 4 different skill levels, more than 150 drill exercises, 24 interval options, and many more. You should give this app a try.

While you can download this app for free and enjoy its general features for free, you can invest USD 2.99 to unlock all features offered – it is a worthy one-time payment. So, you will love this ear training program due to:

  • Tons of exercises and great content in general.
  • It has a structure like a video game so that you can enjoy each exercise to the most.
  • Each section comes with tutorials.
  • Excellent UI design, easy navigation, beginner-friendly.
  • There is a score system so that you can compare yours with friends.

All in all, the Complete Ear Trainer is an excellent choice for anyone who learns to be a musician. Try its free version before committing, though.

Download on Google Play

5. Functional Ear Trainer

Functional Ear Trainer

You can say that mastering relative pitch is a useful skill for any musician. And if you want to do better with this skill, you need to give the Functional Ear Trainer app a try.

Through this app, you can learn various musical skills, one of them is identifying the scale degree of a specific key. For instance, you will learn to identify the 4th degree of the D major instead of recognizing a G note without any context. Once you’ve mastered a scale, you can move on to the next thing you want to learn.

This app comes with an excellent UI design. It makes the navigation quite easy and simple. Other things you would love about the Functional Ear Trainer are, such as:

  • Simple navigation, beginner-friendly interface.
  • No need for sight reading.
  • Honing relative pitch is easy with this app.

Despite some limitations, the Functional Ear Trainer is an excellent app you can try to train your ear. The in-app purchase options start at USD 0.99 – feel free to give it a try.

Download on Google Play

6. EarForge

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an Android app to enhance your sense of pitch, EarForge might be it. It comes with tons of features that support the premise along with lots of chord lessons.

Your ability to identify chords will increase significantly with its 30-level program in the app. It is no wonder if EarForge is a music ear training app suitable for everyone. Also, it has a quizzes section where you can study with fun games.

Generally, you can enjoy many exciting yet useful features from the free version. However, the pro version offers a wider option of features, such as training for specific chords in the first place. 

More than anything, give its free app a try and see if you are ready to upgrade for the paid plan. All in all, EarForge is an excellent choice for all musicians regardless of their age.

Download on Google Play

7. Progression Ear Trainer

Progression Ear Trainer

Progression Ear Trainer is part of the top ear training apps on the Play Store, especially when it comes to chord progression training. It has all features you need to recognize and identify chord progressions from scratch.

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Other than that, this app also allows you to change the number of chords, disable any particular sound, testing on progression regardless of the modes, and so on. To ease up the process, you can use its toggle inversions and looped playback. Interesting, right?

Progression Ear Trainer also shows all possible chords from a specific scale. Thus, you can test the quality of each chord in the first place. This app is free and undoubtedly useful for your ear training about chord progression.

Download on Google Play

8. Ear Training

Meanwhile, if you are into a free training app for your sense of hearing, Ear Training is the one you should take a look at. This is a pitch ear training app that also comes with about 100 training lessons on its program.

The lessons are divided into three different sections and each section comes with exciting exercises you would love to try. More than anything, this app is one of the simplest ones on the market but provides comprehensive lessons to improve your skill.

However, you can find something else on this list if you hope for more sophisticated features an ear training app could offer. Ear Training only offers basic features about recognizing chords. 

Download on Google Play

9. Audio Training

Audio Training

Audio Training brands itself as the best music ear training app for Feedback and EQ. Even though it sounds very specific, this app is suitable for all levels of musical skill and experiences. 

Other than that, it has a series of various methods when it comes to train your sense of hearing, which is beneficial for all users in the first place. To train your ear as fast and accurate as possible, Audio Training provides the support of melodic dictations.

To track your progress, there is a section when you can read detailed statistics about how far you’ve come. Thus, if you are looking for an excellent ear training app that boosts skills and efficiency, Audio Training is definitely the winner.

Other than that, it comes with features that help you use beats and recognize each sound of them better. Audio Training is free and worth every shot you could give.

Download on Google Play

10. Hearing


Another app you should consider when it comes to an interval ear training app is Hearing. It comes with several options of instruments, such as piano, guitar, bass guitar, violin, and so on – you can spot the options on its home screen.

Once you have chosen the music instrument, you can start your training right away. Other than that, the app allows you to create musical notes to take a look at it later if needed. Hearing is designed for everyone, regardless of their ages, musical preferences, and so on.

You can say that this app is a fundamental tool to increase your hearing skill. In the long run, your music sense will improve significantly too.

Hearing is a free app with in-app purchase options. It will not hurt if you give this app a try and enjoy how practical yet amazing this app is. All in all, Hearing is a decent app to start your ear training journey.

Download on Google Play

Growing up wanting to be a musician is such a brave dream. As the process goes, musicians often wonder whether or not they can guess the chord or pitch of the music correctly.

Beginners will find it complicated, after all. Yet, for musicians, this aspect is crucial for their career and daily life as a person who knows music very well. The good news is that you can train this aspect. As long as you know the right ear training app for musicians, you can tackle this issue effortlessly.

But, what is the best ear training app? A decent ear training app should contain these essentials, such as:

  • Functional pitch recognition
  • Interval training
  • Chord recognition

The apps mentioned on the list above are simply the best ear training apps you can download from Play Store. Give them a try and find the one that helps your training in the first place!

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