11 Best Dialer Apps for Android

Best Dialer Apps for Android

There are a bunch of options when it comes to dialer and contacts apps. However, only a few of them are good and trusty. If you are trying to find the best dialer apps for Android, you are on the right page. You are about to find a list of recommended dialer apps that work well on Android devices.

Most dialer apps come along with contact apps and it is less likely to separate lists for dialer and contact apps. Simply put, if you install a dialer app, you will also get a contact feature in it. Can’t wait to find the best one for your Android smartphone? Keep scrolling and get inspired!

Best Dialer Apps for Android

The following dialer apps are available on Google Play Store and free to download. Enjoy a new calling experience without spending a dime—all you have to do is pick an app and install it on your device. Despite these apps are free, some might offer in-app purchases or Premium versions for more features.

1. True Phone Dialer & Contacts

True Phone Dialer & Contacts

Download on Google Play

True Phone is a dialer app and contacts app to take your calling experience to the next level. This app is easy to use and fully customizable, providing you with a convenient way to access call logs, contacts, groups, and favorites. It has tons of features that make it one of the best dialer apps.

This dialer app comes packed with different functionalities. Apart from its main function as a dialer, it can serve as a call recorder. It also supports Favorite feature that allows favorite contacts to be squeezed in one group. With this, you can text or call your friends instantly.

True Phone Dialer also has fantastic features, such as big size photo during a call, additional information like notes, upcoming birthdays, and customizable design. This dialer app comes with a modern and stylish design to make your calling experience more exciting.

2. Phone by Google

Phone by Google

Download on Google Play

If you are looking for dialer app that is packed with spam protection, Phone by Google can be a good bet. The official calling app from Google allows you to connect with friends and family, see who is calling, and search nearby places like restaurant, ATM, or shopping center. All is wrapped in this app.

Everything you need for a better calling experience is wrapped in a simple and intuitive design. The interface is user-friendly so you do not need to spend time learning how to use it. This app also enables you to switch to dark mode for a different look, aside from saving energy.

Phone by Google has a bunch of features to ensure your safety and privacy. It helps screen unknown callers and detect spammers without interrupting your activities. It also features visual voicemail that lets you check messages without the need for calling your voicemail.

3. Simpler Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts

Download on Google Play

Simpler Dialer can be a great app to replace your pre-installed contacts app. It claims to be the fastest dialer with tons of features that come standard, such as caller ID and spam blocker that allows you to know who is calling. It also has block calls feature that lets you block unwanted calls.

Other feature to benefit from this app is T9 dialer which lets you quickly search contacts by numbers and name. With a clean, intuitive, and user-friendly design, this fantastic dialer app makes your calling experience more convenient. As a bonus, it has more than 40 adorable themes.

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Favorites and call log makes this app more attractive. With these features, you can call favorite contacts in one tap. Simpler Dialer supports 15 different languages, such as English, Deutsch, Spanish, French, and many more.

4. Hangouts Dialer

Hangouts Dialer

Download on Google Play

Officially launched by Google LLC, Hangouts Dialer is a dialer app which enables you to connect to any phone number in the world. It does not use your cell plan minutes, even it supports free calling to US and Canada. This app comes in handy to make phone calls through Hangout Apps.

What does it offer? Besides making phone calls from Hangouts, it uses outbound caller ID so any people you call will be able to see your number—it does not appear as unknown. The app also lets make VOIP calls by connecting with your Google Voice number.

As it works over data, make sure your Android is connected with internet. Mobile carrier may apply for the data used during the phone call. This app has been installed over 10 million times on Google Play Store, so you might be interested to join the crowd.

5. Dialer +

Dialer +

Download on Google Play

Dialer + is one of the best dialer app to improve your calling experience. With this dialer, you can easily connect with friends or family. It also comes with block spammers which can block unwanted people. If you concern about privacy and security, this app is worth your consideration.

Thanks to Advanced Backup & sync that allows you backup contacts, messages, and call logs effortlessly. No need to worry about losing contacts or messages in the future because this app has you covered.

What makes it better? Dialer + does not share your contacts or information as it puts your privacy into priority. For an engaging phone calling experience, this app lets you customize themes and choose one that suits your needs. Install this app on your Android device and benefit from its features.

6. Drupe: Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID

Drupe: Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID

Download on Google Play

Drupe has everything you need to make a phone call. Whether you need to see caller ID or block calls from unwanted people, this dialer app has you covered. It has been used by over 20 million users around the globe, thanks to the many features put into your table.

Drupe offers a fresh call screen that is specifically built for you. It ditches traditional phone book applications and makes your contacts accessible from all screens. Anytime you need to connect with a friend or family, simply swipe the contact to the app and get connected.

There are many other features brought to you by Drupe, such as built-in call recorder that allows you to record outgoing and incoming calls and smart caller ID tracker which helps identify who is calling. It also lets you add animated GIFs to outgoing calls and organize address book.

7. Facetocall: Contacts, Dialer, and Phone

Facetocall: Contacts, Dialer, and Phone

Download on Google Play

If you ever get lost in your contacts, Facetocall can be a helpful app. It comes with a boast of large dialer keypad, large contact images, and smart contact management for easier phone calling. Only with one click, you can call a friend, send an SMS, or even send an email.

This dialer app has several features that come standard, such as block calls that lets you block number from logs tab and get rid of unwanted people. It also features simple address book which allows you to find favorite contacts with smart algorithm as well as see call history.

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Additionally, it offers large interface for easier access. There is no way to call a wrong person as it provides you with large contact photos, large numbers, and large dialer. And, this app also features VIP contact that enables you to set volume to maximum so you won’t miss the call.

8. Phone + Contacts and Calls

Phone + Contacts and Calls

Download on Google Play

This is a simple dialer and contact app to personalize your calls. Not only does it come with simple interface, but it also has myriad features to level up your calling experience. This app helps protect your contacts, thanks to the integrated system backup that allows you to back up contacts easily.

Additionally, Phone + allows you to make customization. Thanks to different themes and options that make your dialer app more attractive. You can choose photo contact to display on the screen to ensure you never call the wrong people.

Other features to enjoy from this app includes backup call history, ID caller, and fast action with calls. This dialer app has been trusted by million users throughout the world, thanks to lightweight download size and convenient features to improve your calling experience.

9. Contacts+


Download on Google Play

This is one of the most popular dialer apps with over 10 million users around the globe. This is a simple yet powerful app that comes with tons of features ranging from caller ID to spam block. Everything you need to upgrade calling experience is here.

Contacts+ lets you easily connect with friends, thanks to all-in-one contacts and dialer. If you want to get rid of unwanted people or block unknown number, this app features block spammers that allows you to control who can contact you. It also lets you organize favorite people in one place.

Featuring dark theme, this is a great app to replace your boring dialer application. More features are available to make your calls more engaging, such as smart contacts sort, fast dialer search, and speed dial. You can also benefit from business card scans to add new contacts instantly.

10. Simple Dialer

Best Dialer Apps

Download on Google Play

Are you looking for a lightweight app to replace the existing dialer application on your Android? Simple Dialer is a great app to handle your calls. It comes handy with easy call log and simple call initiation. Featuring quick dial pad, it offers a better way to connect with friends and family.

Simple Dialer is a helpful app with intuitive design, allowing you to find contacts in no time. Coming with block spam feature, you can block phone numbers and get rid of unwanted calls. It also supports speed dialing that lets you call favorite contact and create shortcut on the home screen.

Unlike most dialer apps, Simpler Dialer comes with dark theme by default. It provides nice user experience with easy usage. More importantly, this app cares about your privacy and security so you can keep your contacts and information without worrying about data breach.

11. Phone Dialer – Contacts and Calls

Phone Dialer – Contacts and Calls

Download on Google Play

Replace your stock contact app with Phone Dialer. This app is brought to you by HD Production Team which has designed the app meticulously, allowing you to customize calling and manage contact. It provides you with convenient way to access call history, recent calls, and favorites.

Phone Dialer comes with contact manager that features easy search and smooth contact book. You can share contacts as text, show call history, and keep contacts organized with alphabetical suggestions. With a long click, it lets you copy contact info, copy phone number, and block contacts.

More other features are available, such as delete contacts, show duplicated contacts, and show blocked contacts. It is also packed with various themes, including dark theme to give a different look to your screen.

Finding the best dialer apps for Android is not as hard as it seems. Whether you need a simple, fully-featured, or versatile dialer apps, this reference should help you out.

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