8 Best Dream Interpretation Apps for Android

Best Dream Interpretation Apps

For centuries, studies have been conducted to reveal the secrets behind dreams. A variety of books and mobile apps are launched to help people decode their dreams and live better life. If you need to know the meaning of your dream, getting the best dream interpretation app is a brilliant solution.

Dream interpreter applications are designed to help you analyze and interpret dreams to provide meaningful insight into your life. A plethora of options come packed with different features that allow you to understand the meaning of your dream.

Best Dream Interpretation Apps for Android

The market offers an extensive range of dream interpretation applications, so picking the best one could be daunting. But with a little extra effort, you can find a good reference that will help you out. If you are fascinated with the subject of your dreams and what they mean, here is a list of applications to try.

1. Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Dream Meaning & Interpretation is a decent application that provides a brief elaboration of your dream. It allows you to reveal hidden meaning behind every dream that is triggered by burning desires and unconscious wishes.

This best dream interpretation app is packed with a bunch of features ranging from Dream Dictionary to Free Interpretation and from Music to Psychological Facts about your dream.

More than 1000+ dreams from the most common categories and their interpretation are available in Dream Dictionary. Search for your dream and quickly find the meaning of it with just a few simple taps from your Android smartphone.

Dream Journal comes in handy to add, track, and explore daily dreams effortlessly. You can easily keep a record of your daily dreams on your device and analyze every symbol before getting an interpretation based on your culture. People nowadays use dream analyses for self-reflection and entertainment.

On top of that, it helps you achieve a higher quality of night’s sleep. Thanks to relaxing music that helps to relax your body and mind and relieve stress. Set the music to the slowest tempo to quiet your mind.

If you need to learn more about psychological facts, Dream Meaning & Interpretation has got you covered. It reveals tons of facts you might have never heard before, allowing you to get to know new things every day. 

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2. Dream Dictionary & Dream Journal

Dream Dictionary & Dream Journal

Record, analyze, and find meaning of your dream with Dream Dictionary & Dream Journal. With more than 500,000+ downloads, this app allows you to find hidden meaning about your dream. Get better insights into your life and future by revealing the secret behind your dream.

This dream dictionary app highlights interpreters that make it possible to learn more about the meaning of your dream. Featuring a dream calendar, it lets you learn the significance of the date that may affect the dream’s meaning.

Whenever you need to note your dream, this app comes packed with an album feature with which you can record it in audio format. Creating your personal dream journal is so much easier so you will never lose track of them. Not to mention it supports quick track by duration, mood, clarity, and sleep quality.

Additionally, this best dream interpretation app lets you share your dreams with friends. Only with a single tap, feel free to let your friends know about your lucid dreams, sweet dreams, and wild dreams.

There are many other features you can find in Dream Dictionary & Dream Journal, such as Dream Analysis, Tracking Dream Patterns, Pinlock, and Backup to Cloud Storage. Use different dream books to analyze and find your dream’s meaning.

Use theme features to customize your dream book. A wide variety of themes are available to choose from, allowing you to pick one that suits your mood. And if you wish to improve night’s sleep quality, this app has relaxing sounds you can listen to before going to bed.

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3. DreamApp


DreamApp is a dream analyzer and therapy application with which you can catch the meaning of your vision. You can write them in a dream journal, analyze your thoughts, and achieve a better sleep through the night.

Supported by the experts, DreamApp helps you control your mind and body through dream interpretations. Your subconscious hides secret desires and fears that may cause anxiety. Using this app’s online therapy, you can discover the causes and find emotional support.

With more than 100,000+ downloads, this best dream interpretation app highlights three main features including Dream Interpretation, Chat with a Therapist, and Symbol Library.

Dream Interpretation provides you with dream analysis using reliable sources and references to figure out the meaning behind each dream. The interpretation and analysis are unique and based on the notes you have provided.

To dig deeper into the details and advanced analysis, DreamApp highlights a chat feature that lets you chat with an expert therapist. You can also simply talk about your life problems, self-confidence issues, or other matters in general.

If you want to know the meaning behind symbols, it has a wide collection of more than 500 symbols, with 50 new symbols launched every month. Every symbol is described by a seasoned expert so you can understand the meaning and improve your life.

DreamApp has more than 100,000 downloads on Google Play Store. If you want to enjoy some extra features, in-app purchases are available.

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4. Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation by KannaCorp has everything you need to discover the meaning of your dream. Using this app, you can interpret your dream, find the meaning of it, and even write dream journals. Plus, it allows you to store dreams and access them later.

Symbols are essential when it comes to dream interpretation. This best dream interpretation app contains more than 9,000 symbols which can be interpreted generally, so you can get a better understanding about your dream.

Some interpretations, however, will fit differently on different users. It may fit well on your dream but rather less on others. There are several factors that should be taken into consideration, such as gender and age, life situation, feelings and thoughts during the dream, and experiences on the previous day.

Writing dream journals offers a great solution to keep track of your dream. Dream Interpretation app has a convenient feature that allows you to write and add dream journals. Simply add the dream date, title, and what it is about. Now you will not forget the details of your dreams.

Finding dreams made simple with a built-in search feature. Type the keyword in the provided space and you will be able to find your desired dream journal with just a tap and share it to your friends.

What’s more, you can use either dark or white theme that meet your preferences. Dark mode comes with all-black background and white fonts that make it suitable to use at night or in the dark environment. Meanwhile, light mode combines white background and gray fonts that look modest.

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5. Biblical Dreams

If you are looking for a dream meaning app that is based on the Holy Bible then Biblical Dreams are made just for you. This Christian dream interpretation app is packed with over 1,600 dreams and their interpretation, so you can understand the meaning of your subconscious thoughts.

Biblical Dreams incorporates the symbols in the Bible and their examples that will help you interpret the dreams. All you need to do is recall the dreams, find any symbols, and try to find the meaning. This is how you can improve the quality of your life through subconscious dreams.

As one of the best dream interpretation apps, Biblical Dreams uses the Bible as your reference. Almost every dream definition refers to the holy book, not to mention you can receive daily verses that will motivate yourself.

This versatile app supports quick and easy search feature, with which you can find dream interpretation by typing the keywords. It will also show suggestion keywords for practical searches. Each symbol comes with detailed interpretation to help you discover the meaning.

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For user convenience, Biblical Dreams provides dark mode and light mode. When you set it to dark mode, it will display a dark background with contrast fonts and functional buttons. This allows easier access in the dark without hurting your eyes. Light mode is also available with white background and black fonts.

This dream interpretation app has more than 100,0000+ downloads on Google Play Store. In-app purchases are available for users who need to enjoy more features.

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6. Lucid


Sometimes, you want to interpret your dream but you cannot remember it clearly. Lucid is a dream journal that will help you solve the problem. This app is designed to improve dream recall, make it vivid, and allow it to stay longer so you can figure out an accurate meaning.

Lucid lets you write your dreams quickly in the morning so it stays fresh. It also lets you learn lucid dreaming, a unique skill to recognize if you are in a dream. This allows you to make each dream an open playground for easier interpretation.

This interpretation app has a bunch of features, including reality check reminders, voice memo, tags, and PIN lock. It also has free cloud backup that lets you keep a dream journal and get stronger dream recalls.

For easier access, it features search and filtering. Now you can easily find each dream and get the interpretation you need.

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7. Somnio


Somnio is one of the best dream interpretation apps that include easy-to-use features to bring your subconscious dreams to another level. With a modern dream journal as the main highlight, it allows you to store every dream so you can clearly recall it.

Using this app, you can quickly record dreams and easily find them. Feel free to sort your dreams into different categories for a faster search. Whenever you want to recall a dream for interpretation, use a search tool by typing the keyword.

Alternatively, you can use calendar to browse them. Thanks to the calendar view that lets you quickly browse dreams by date. Furthermore, it also supports export feature with which you can move the journal to other applications.

What’s interesting about this app is that you can use hashtags to link the same topics. This is how you can connect similar dreams to create a better interpretation. Plus, you can seamlessly edit the content, date, and tags of each dream,

Somnio has a sleek and intuitive night mode with a user-friendly interface. With a dark background, it is much more convenient to access the app right after you wake up without hurting your eyes. If you want to get rid of nosy friends, Somnio is featured with PIN to secure your dreams.

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8. Dream Journal Ultimate

Dream Journal Ultimate

Track and analyze your dreams with Dream Journal Ultimate. This is a vast dream database that allows you to enter dreams as many as you want. Without limits, you can keep your dream secure without worrying about forgetting it.

This app keeps your dream private because your privacy is a priority. Or if you want to share with others, feel free to share your favorite dreams to the Dream Wall. It is a social network that allows you to share and get feedback from others.

Dream Journal Ultimate is a decent app that lets you get a cool experience. Whenever you have an interesting dream, it will analyze your dream to find the best theme. It also shows similar dreams from around the globe.

Using this app, you can synchronize dreams across devices. It comes packed with a PIN to secure your dreams on each device. Plus, this app lets you add tags to every dream for easier search.

In order to build a better social life, Dream Journal Ultimate offers an option to comment and like others’ dreams. Set a reminder so you do not skip adding new dreams to your journal.

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Make the most of your dreams with the best dream interpretation apps. These apps are designed to help you find the meaning of subconscious thoughts that may change your life. From Dream Meaning & Interpretation to Dream Journal Ultimate, find your favorite Android app.

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