9 Best Apps Like Yubo & Alternatives for Android

Best Apps Like Yubo

Yubo is a powerful social platform on which you can find new friends, send instant messages, and livestream with strangers. But Yubo isn’t the only player on the market. If you’re interested in enjoying the new experience of making friends then you can look for apps like Yubo.

Coming with similar functionalities, Yubo alternatives allow you to meet new people and make a conversation with them. Some apps are even designed to help you find the love of your life. Can’t wait for the list? Just scroll through the page!

Best Apps Like Yubo for Android

There’s a set of alternatives to Yubo that allows you to meet people nearby or from all around the globe, such as Bumble, MeetMe, and Tinder which has millions of users. But there are many other choices to opt for, so you’d better check out the list below.

1. Tinder


Tinder is a top dating app that currently has millions of active users worldwide. It offers a convenient environment for people to find new friends and chat before meeting them in real life. No matter your sex preferences, it lets you find people with the same interests.

This popular app like Yubo is super easy to use. After signing up, you can share your interests and update your photo profile to make it stand out. You can also search for your matches by swiping left or right. Swipe left if you skip a profile or swipe right if you like it. If someone likes you back, start a conversation.

Tinder offers attractive stickers to make your chat more fun. Designed with a user-friendly interface, use this matchmaker app without spending much time learning how it works. The more you match the higher your probability to find true love.

Tinder app is free but you can purchase premium features to upgrade your experience. It helps you unlock advanced features, such as rewind to undo your last decision, unlimited likes, and monthly boost that puts your profile on top.

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2. Swipr


So, let’s say that Snapchat is your favorite instant messaging app but you’re bored chatting with friends on your list. How about making new friends? Swipr is an app similar to Yubo that helps you achieve the goal. Using this app, you can meet new people and make friends from different places.

Swipr simplifies your way to find a friend to share thoughts and dark secrets. Once you sign up, you can set your interests and discover new friends who have the same interests. Swipe to send a like and connect with your Snapchat account to enjoy the conversation.

In your chatroom, you can send messages, stickers, or photos to make your chat more interesting. It also supports quick add on social platforms that allows you to connect with your new friends on your favorite social media app.

This app like Yubo offers a real-time chat feature so you can make friends and enjoy conversation before your first date. Besides, it gives you an option to boost your profile to make it one-of-a-kind. No need to worry about data control as everything is at your fingertips.

Swipr is a social platform application that is completely easy to use. Making new friends and connecting with them have never been this simple. Download this app for free or buy in-app purchases for more features.

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3. Purp


If you love to try different friend-making apps then Purp deserves your attention. Providing a place to meet new people from around the globe, you can learn new culture, share thoughts, start a conversation, and visit new places for a date.

Using Purp, you can send a friend request by swiping right. You will get notified when your request is accepted. Then start a chat and figure out if your new friend is perfect for you. Feel free to express yourself without worrying about judgment!

Many other things can improve your experience when making new friends. For instance, this app like Yubo allows you to add photos or videos to customize your profile. You can also create a unique bio to make other users interested to send you a friend request.

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If you want to start swiping, you will need to earn gems. Do things such as sharing Purp with friends, check-in every day, or make new friends. Now that you already have gems, you can send a friend request to other users.

Purp is an attractive app to find a new friend in a different way. It is free to download but if you don’t mind spending a dime, it provides you with in-app purchases at different rates.

Download on Google Play

4. Hoop


Hoop is the other app like Yubo that helps you make more friends. Whether you want to befriend people in your area or those from other countries, it has got you covered. Millions of people use this app, so signing up your account can give you access to them.

Find millions of profiles either from your country or worldwide and make new friends. Once you find a profile you like, feel free to send friend requests and wait for their response—you will get notified when they accept your request. Next, you can add them on your favorite social media platforms.

To simplify your search, fill your search preferences so Hoop can provide the most relevant profiles. It helps narrow down the list so you can easily find users who meet your interests and preferences.

Similar to Purp, you will want to earn diamonds before sending friend requests on Hoop. It can also be used to customize your profile and view the previous profile. There are several ways to earn diamonds, such as sharing your profile, daily check-in, watching video, or buy a diamond package.

Coming with a simple design, using this app like Yubo is not that hard. With more than 5M+ downloads on Google Play, it becomes one of recommended friend-making apps on your Android device. Upgrade your experience with in-app purchases.

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5. Wink


Making new friends is as easy as swiping your phone screen with Wink. This friend maker app offers a perfect environment to connect with strangers from all over the globe. Discover users of the same interests, start a conversation, and make friends.

Using Wink, you can swipe left and right as you see new profiles on your screen—right means you like it and left means nope. You also have access to check out each profile before deciding which direction it deserves.

As soon as you swipe right on a profile, you can start a conversation. Send a photo or sticker as an ice breaker and see how it goes. Many people enjoy their friend-making experience on this app like Yubo, which explains millions of downloads it obtains.

Moreover, this free app like Yubo provides an awesome place to express yourself. It lets you add up to 6 photos, customize bio, and add interests so other users can easily find you as per their preferences. What’s more, you can record your voice and change profile color.

You can also have fun by earning gems every day. Use these gems to send friend requests, see previous profiles, and buy a new background. Tons of gems await!

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6. Bumble


Meet new people, make friends, and find dates on Bumble. This dating app is designed to help you upgrade your social life, especially if you are bored with your old friends. Discover a new experience of getting connected to strangers and express your true self in your own way.

This Yubo like app is a game changer in virtual friend making, thanks to a bunch of features. For instance, it has 3 modes that help you discover what you are looking for. These modes include BFF, Date, and Bizz. Use a mode so you can experience a better search.

Other free features include video call with your new friend, unlimited chat to find the right match, and unlimited swipe. You can also link your Instagram and Spotify accounts to share your interests with your new friends.

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Furthermore, Bumble allows you to send pictures and videos for a fun and lively conversation. It also comes packed with snooze mode which lets you hide your profile without losing your matches. Bumble is available for free but you can buy subscription packages.

Upgrade your experience with Bumble premium. This app like Yubo offers exclusive features such as matches extension by 24 hours and second chance matches. It also allows you to see who swiped you right.

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7. MeetMe


Find people nearby or around the globe with MeetMe. This friend maker app allows you to share interests and find new friends who fit you perfectly. With a powerful chat feature, you can send messages and break the ice for free.

Connecting with friends is now simple with MeetMe. Not only can you chat with fun text, but also you can video call to get to know them better. Plus, you can broadcast yourself and people from all over the world can visit you on a livestream.

What’s interesting, you can receive and give gifts, go on date, and even battle during livestream. Get yourself recognized by the whole world and see how many people join your session. This makes MeetMe a great app for content creators.

When chatting with old friends makes you bored or you simply want to explore the outside world, MeetMe is the perfect chat app to download on your Android. Currently it has 50M+ downloads and still counting, which means millions of people are happy with it.

Need an experience upgrade? This app like Yubo offers in-app purchases that are available at different prices. Join this platform and redefine your social life.

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8. Ablo


Getting connected with someone made it simple with Ablo. It is a dating app and social platform just like Tinder that allows you to discover new friends or if you’re lucky, a love of life. Having a virtual conversation with strangers will give you a different sensation you’ll never forget.

Once you join Ablo, you can discover people from any place and background with similar interests to you. If you like them, start a chat and go with the flow. Use ice breakers for your first-time conversations to make everything easier.

Besides sending text chats, you can watch live stream shows from millions of users worldwide—be sure they meet your personal preferences. Join a livestream as a guest and enjoy the show. Or if you’ve got talents, Ablo lets you broadcast yourself and garner more people.

Furthermore, this app like Yubo supports video call that allows you to get to know your new friends better. After both of you have a nice conversation, having a video call can be a good way to build a stronger bond.

Ablo is a free app with more than 10M+ downloads. It comes loaded with in-app purchases for additional features.

Download on Google Play

9. Vibe


If you’re an avid user of Snapchat then Vibe is a friend finder you shouldn’t skip. This Android app is designed to help you make new friends on Snapchat so you can grow the community and bring friend-making experience to the next level.

Using Vibe, you can swipe left or right on different profiles. Swipe right if you want to make friends or swipe left to skip. If you’ve found your match, add them on your Snapchat and start a conversation. Now you don’t have to discuss the same topics with your old friends.

How if people swipe right on your profile? You will find push notifications which make sure you don’t skip any important message. Make your profile on Vibe attractive so people will be interested to know you better.

Ablo is an amazing dating app that is free to download. But if you wish to enjoy more features, in-app purchases are available at disposal. In-app purchases come with different price rates.

Download on Google Play

With so many apps like Yubo, you can find an application that suits your personal needs, such as chat feature, video call, profile customization, and many more. Despite the safe environment every platform provides, be careful when chatting with strangers.

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