9 Best Fake Broken Screen Prank Apps

Best Fake Broken Screen Prank Apps

Are you in the mood for laughing? Playing a prank on your friends or family sounds interesting. The good news is that now you can play a trick using your phone. Simply download the best fake broken screen prank apps and everyone will think that your smartphone is broken.

Most broken screen apps provide you with realistic wallpapers that can be easily applied to your lock screen and home screen. Pick the most attractive wallpaper of your version and see how your family or friends react to it. No need to spend much time preparing for a trick!

Best Fake Broken Screen Prank Apps for Android

There is a wide selection of cracked screen prank apps to choose from. These apps offer different tricks ranging from broken screen simulations to realistic cracking sounds. But don’t worry, the following apps do not harm your smartphone.

1. Broken Screen Prank

Broken Screen Prank

Introducing Broken Screen, a prank app that highlights cracked screen simulations to trick your loved ones. You can easily play broken screen effects with your friends and get ready for the excitement. Thanks to the realistic effects, nobody knows it is just a simulation.

In addition to cracked screen effects, it comes packed with loud cracking sounds. Whenever you play the simulation, your phone will play broken sounds loudly so it will look like your finger cracks the screen. Everybody in your surrounding will think your phone screen is broken.

Realistic broken screen wallpaper is also available on this app. Choose a crack pattern and apply to your lock screen. When your friends try to unlock the screen, they will be scared with the realistic wallpaper. You can also find other effects such as electric screen and fire screen. 

This funny app has got 50M+ downloads on Google Play, which means millions of users have had fun with it. If you want to play a prank but you don’t have much time to prepare, this app has got you covered. Simply install Broken Screen Prank for free and have a good laugh.

Download on Google Play

2. Crack Your Screen Prank

Crack Your Screen Prank

Crack Your Screen is another best fake broken screen apps with millions of downloads. Playing a funny joke with this app is completely simple as it provides you with broken screen simulations that look real. No one knows you are just using an effect on the screen.

Make your friends or family scared in 3 different ways. First, the crack on shake option will simulate cracked screen with just one shake. Whenever you shake the phone, this app automatically shows the broken glass effect.

The second method is crack on touch. As the name suggests, it will simulate a broken effect when you touch the screen. Simply touch the screen and it will look cracked immediately. Oops! Be innocent when your friend starts to panic.

This cracked screen prank app also comes packed with a timer with which you can determine when the screen gets cracked. You can either choose 5 or 10 seconds before it simulates the effect. This method works best to play a joke on your friends.

Above all, the cracked screen effect won’t harm your phone and it will remain on its full functionality. Feel free to use your device as usual with the simulated broken screen on top. This application is available on Google Play for free with additional paid content.

Download on Google Play

3. Fake Crack

Fake Crack

Mainly highlighting broken screen simulation, Fake Crack is among the fake broken screen prank apps to play a joke. It boasts realistic graphics and sounds that will make everyone think your device is broken. If you are looking for a simple yet fun way to prank your friends then Fake Crack is worth trying.

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Once installed, it gives you access to different methods of phone cracks. You can choose either crack on shake, crack on touch, or crack on timer. Each method works differently so you will want to perform a good calculation to find out which one will create the most hilarious prank on which target.

On top of that, Fake Crack offers a number of realistic wallpapers to choose from. You can pick a broken screen with a hole, a massive crack on the corner, and many more. Combined with the right method, it allows you to create a basic yet unforgettable joke on your friends.

This fake cracked screen app also features other effects for more excitement, including fire screen and electric screen. Use these wallpapers alternately so your friends won’t expect it from you. And whenever you are enough, return to the app to repair your screen.

Fake Crack is a fantastic prank app that comes in handy to play a trick. There’s nothing to worry about phone damage because the effects won’t harm your device. Fake Crack is free to download without hidden costs.

Download on Google Play

4. Broken Screen Realistic Prank

Broken Screen Realistic Prank

If you are trying to find a free fake broken screen prank app then this one is worth the thought. It is a broken screen simulator that serves as a funny prank app to make a good laugh. Millions of people use this app to play a trick on their friends or family and you may join the crowd.

Broken Screen Realistic Prank allows you to show cracked glass wallpaper on your device. Whether you want to get rid of nosy friends or you want to prank on them then this app has you covered. Simply set the trigger to determine when the simulation will begin.

This fake broken screen prank app, similar to its counterparts, offers 3 options to activate the effect. Select either shake, touch, or timer method to show the broken glass effect. The last mentioned could be the best option to surprise your loved ones.

Using this app, you can access up to six broken screen graphics. These effects are made special which results in a realistic display. Once you set a graphic, it will be displayed on the top of all apps so it stays on your screen until you remove it.

Removing the effect is quite simple. From your notification bar, you can select the option to remove the broken screen. After being removed, you can enjoy a normal screen. This free app is completely safe to download and it doesn’t harm your smartphone.

Download on Google Play

5. Broken Screen Wallpaper by Easy Apps

Broken Screen Wallpaper by Easy Apps

Find a vast collection of broken screen wallpapers to set on your lock screen and home screen. High quality wallpapers with realistic graphics can be a unique option to improve your smartphone, not to mention it can be a powerful weapon to prank your friends.

This best fake broken screen prank app includes a number of features, such as a collection of wallpapers for a unique screen, simple design, and easy to use interface. It also boasts frequent updates to keep your screen one of a kind.

Brought to you by Easy Apps, Broken Screen Wallpaper supports online and offline mode. This means you can set wallpaper with or without internet connection. Not to mention it is easy to download and to use across devices.

Unlike broken screen simulators, it comes packed with still wallpapers. Though you cannot expect live broken glass, it doesn’t make this app less attractive. Thanks to HD wallpaper that looks realistic.

Broken Screen Wallpaper is free to download. Upon installation, you will want to grant permissions for photo, storage, and network connections for optimum performance.

Download on Google Play

6. Broken Screen Prank Wallpaper

Broken Screen Prank Wallpaper

Broken screen pranks made it easier and more fun with this application. Designed with high quality cracking effects, it comes with a boast of a new version of realistic cracked screen. You can play a snake trick on screen with this version.

With cracked screen effects, you can enjoy funny reactions from your friends or family. What’s more, the broken glass simulation comes together with loud breaking sounds for additional shock therapy. Simply choose from three different methods, including touch, shake, and timer.

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As one of the best fake broken screen prank apps, it contains a bunch of features. Besides providing up to 15 broken screen effects and cracking glass sounds to choose from, you can also decide to show the simulation by touching or shaking. Not to mention 3 timer options are available.

It won’t be fun anymore if you already use broken screen pranks on your friends. The good news is you can try snake pranks on screen game. Determine the size, sound, number, and speed to make your trick more realistic.

Laugh together with your friends with the Broken Screen Prank Wallpaper app. Available on Google Play, you can download and install this application for free without paid content.

Download on Google Play

7. Broken Screen Wallpaper 4K

Broken Screen Wallpaper 4K

Select your favorite collection of cracked screen wallpapers and surprise your loved ones. Broken Screen Wallpaper 4K is an awesome app that offers a wide selection of fake broken screen themes and wallpapers to display on your Android smartphone.

Built with a simple UI, this best fake broken screen prank app is completely easy to use. Install the app, get your favorite broken screen wallpaper, and apply to your home screen or lock screen by clicking the screen icon. Now you can show it to your friends or family members.

Designed with fun and creativity in mind, this app can be a powerful tool to prank anyone. You can download it either to your own phone or friends’ phone, set the wallpaper, and let them experience a funny shock therapy. If you want a hilarious yet harmless joke then this application is made just for you.

Plus, it includes a built-in save feature that lets you save the image to your gallery so you can share with others via social networks and instant messaging apps. Whenever you want to set it as a wallpaper, you can easily access the picture from your gallery.

This crack phone prank is easy and free to download, which means you can enjoy full features without in-app purchases. As a bonus, it has a small file size that doesn’t slow down your phone performance.

Download on Google Play

8. Broken Screen Prank

Broken Screen Prank

Broken Screen Prank is a cracked screen simulation for entertainment purposes. Using this app, you can simulate a broken screen without harming your phone. Play with your friends or family members and surprise anyone you want.

This app features realistic crack wallpapers that can be easily applied to your screen. Combine with breaking glass sounds to make it look like a real broken screen. When someone touch your phone, the screen will crack and the sound will be played.

Besides cracked glass effects, it comes loaded with electric screen and fire screen. You can also find the break LED bulbs effect which is uncommon on similar apps. Surprise your friends with multiple effects and have fun.

Do you want to save these images? Broken Screen Prank has the right feature for you. It comes with a save button that lets you save cracking effects and share with your friends.

Download on Google Play

9. Prank Broken Screen Wallpaper

Prank Broken Screen Wallpaper

Next on the list, you can count on Prank Broken Screen Wallpaper to play a cracked screen trick on your friend. This app is loaded with exclusive and unique wallpapers to scare everyone who accesses your phone. Or if you are simply bored with regular wallpaper then this app has a good alternative.

Featuring 4K graphics, you can enjoy realistic image on your screen. In addition to the broken screen, it comes packed with many other effects such as cracked screen and error screen. Whenever you want to prank a friend, borrow his phone, download this app, and set the wallpaper.

What’s great about this broken screen wallpaper app is that you can discover many wallpapers from various categories, such as floral, cartoon, vintage, and many more. This is a combo app to upgrade your phone screen for everyday mood.

Download on Google Play

Playing a prank on your friend and family is fun as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. If you are looking for a harmless alternative to trick your loved ones, simply download the best fake broken screen prank apps. Discover broken screen simulations and wallpapers to startle everyone.

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